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thilmera project - forum (English)
The main forum for the Windows application thilmera.
Japanese forum is here

Problems, requests, reports, questions, etc., anything related to thilmera is OK except advertisements.
Can I request something like this? If you are worried about it, please feel free to tell me anything. Although it is not always possible to realize it, each one is a valuable idea, and the current thilmera is made of such ideas.

As with the mail form, you can contact the administrator (developer) as soon as possible.
If you complain about something other than here, it will not be communicated to the developer.
When you report a bug, the developer will test the modified version and respond with additional information, so please do not just write that there is a problem.

Excerpts of the content posted here can be tweeted as a bot on Twitter @thilmera, and you can also check updates via RSS. increase.
The developer's personal Twitter account is @thilmera7.

Discord - thilmera community

Discord community about thilmera.
There are threads for Japanese and English.

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* Bug and problem reports may take less time to respond if you attach the configuration file "thilmera7.ini" and screenshots of the state in which the problem occurs. Problems that cannot be reproduced on the developer side are often created and tested in a test version for the environment where the problem occurred, so there are cases where just reporting the problem does not lead to a solution.
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