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UO Mapistro points

● Both UO2D and UOSA can track coordinates by themselves without any auxiliary tools or special settings.

● Do not perform any write actions (rewriting or operation) on the client in terms of both programming and operation.
 (However, since we have not obtained official permission, we do not completely guarantee the security of the account when using it.)

● Almost everything including most drawings is calculated by yourself (* native language), so it is strong in real time, fast and quick to respond (it may be slow if you use translucent display).

● If you start multiple clients at the same time, all clients in the same PC will be tracked and displayed in real time (up to 10) (players unrelated to you will not be tracked).

● When the installation destination of the UOSA client is found, the map data of drawing is read directly from there to the memory, so it is not necessary to take the time and effort to convert and generate the intermediate file every time it is updated (in the case of UO2D only). Has a conversion)

● UO Mapistro can also be used with non-administrator privileges when starting from client.exe or UOSA.exe (administrator privileges are required when starting from uo.exe or uopatch.exe)

-Reproduce the traditional UI that allows you to move the location where you see the map by dragging the screen or moving up, down, left, or right. Also, zoom from 0.1x to 32x with the mouse wheel.

● You can freely change the rotation angle (minimum 1 ° unit), so it is safe for those who say, "The map cannot be read unless the direction of travel is up!". Furthermore, it is equipped with a car navigation view that always makes the direction of travel upward!

● The load is minimal because no drawing process is performed unless the displayed contents are changed due to the movement of coordinates.

● Very fast and accurate real-time location network sharing

● You can hit multiple temporary markers and delete them arbitrarily (nearest SOS, etc.)

● Ability to open the current coordinates in the map on the vm site

● Several options as an unobtrusive desktop accessory, such as hiding the window when you hover your mouse over the map

● Digitally signed

● If you copy the .map file used in UOAM or UOC to the same folder, you can use it as it is.

● You can create labels unique to each shard you are logged in to, as well as common to all shards.

● Faster and lighter, 64-bit version included

● Supports high DPI such as 4K

● Supports multi-channel
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