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Unable to connect to location sharing server

We do not accept questions about not being able to connect to the location sharing server.

The reason is that it's not a software problem.

Please check the following.

【Host side】

・Do you have a single global IPv4?
 If you have a shared global IPv4-only line or only IPv6, you cannot host.

・Port not free or UPnP failing
 If you use UPnP and it does not start correctly, you need to manually open the corresponding port on the router.
 This is general networking knowledge, so search for "port opening" to find out.
 UPnP is not accepted by some routers, but this is also a problem that depends on the environment.
 In addition, lines that only offer shared global IPv4 are not authorized to do UPnP in the first place.

・Using private network addresses
 The IP starting with 10.*.*.*, 172.*.*.*, 192.168.*.*, is a private IP address (connection destination in the network up to the router in your home).
 If you do not specify a single global IP address, you cannot connect from the outside.

【Guest side】

・Access failed and temporarily blocked
 Wait for a while and try to reconnect.
 If you hit repeatedly, the block time will be extended extra.

・Source IP is blacklisted
 Please contact your host.
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