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Connecting to the network

About access to the network

Uovmc works as a basic standalone.
No software other than client and uovmc is needed, no server is needed.

Uovmc accesses the network in the following cases.

At startup
OS confirms digital signature expiration status
Connect to GlobalSign (Certificate Authority) or Certum (Certificate Authority)
At startup
Make a request to the repo. thilmera .com server to see if it matches the latest version. At this time, only the Get request to download the text, no information is sent.
If not, go to uovmc.upd.exe and try an automatic update. Even at the time of automatic update, it is only a Get request for downloading data, and no information is sent.

The version of the common map data is also retrieved at the same time, and if there are any changes, download the .map file from repo. thilmera .com.
Press "Open Map URL of Current Coordinates"
Open the map page of uovm.info in the default browser (uovmc itself is not accessed, only the default browser)
Press "Connect" in "Network Sharing Settings"
Start sending and receiving shared data of location information to the host described in the copy destination.
If you disconnect, access will be closed.
The data to be transmitted is "64-bit hash value as unique key, specified self-name, X, Y, Z, facet, panic flag, dead flag".

The unique key is temporary data for determining which client's update data is, for example, if the window handle ID of the client changes, it will change to a hash value that is completely dissimilar, so it is not used for personal identification. ..
Also, since it is intended for small-scale use so far, collision of hash values ​​is not considered.
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