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Required items for XP / Vista

 The digital signature used was GlobalSign's until 0b39, but since then it has been changed to Certum.

 The new digital signature has a root certificate (indicating a certificate authority), but XP and Vista do not have the root certificate installed by default, and even the correct signature cannot be confirmed.
 Therefore, in XP and Vista, you need to download the root certificate from the following URL and manually import it into the OS.
 It washttps://www.certum.pl/CTNCA.crt (Certum Trusted Network Certification Authority)

 Since this root certificate is not automatically imported, XP / Vista users are requested to check it at their own discretion and import it manually.

 The new correct signature will have a common name of "Gakuto Matsumura", an issuer of "Certum Code Signing CA SHA2" and a subsignature of "Certum EV TSA SHA2".
 If there is no other signature, invalid signature, or signature, please do not execute it.
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