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Can no longer be operated
Find the task tray icon and right-click it.
I want to cancel the window display on top.
You can switch by double-clicking on the window or by selecting "Switch display" or "Front display" from the menu.
I want to choose Japanese or English.
You can switch to any language by opening the menu and selecting "Language".
In addition, you can switch the label between Japanese and English using the display switch - ON / OFF and the Japanese label - ON / OFF.
Most strings are displayed as [■ LANGUAGE ERROR ■]
The resource file 「 uovmc.dat.t7p 」 file is not in the same folder. Or broken. Or it may happen if the versions are different.
To resolve the issue, please re-download and re-install using an updater.
Client operations become more difficult
If semi-transparent display is turned on, a drawing request will be sent to the underlying client when UO Mapistro is updated. Therefore, client processing may become heavier than when it is not used.
Please note that this load is caused by the display processing on the Windows OS, and UO Mapistro does not have any direct impact on the client.
The added map file is garbled.
Please resave the map file as Unicode-16LE.
UO It appears that the folder cannot be found.
From the right-click menu, select 「Change UO Folder」 and specify the folder containing UO .
Everything is black except Felucca
For some reason, the map conversion may stop midway and the file that should have been created up to 05 may not be created.
Please delete the facet**.2d file and try converting again.
Will it update automatically?
Versions 0b4 Rev.1 Beta and later will automatically update to the latest version thereafter.
This update feature requires that the hash of the downloaded update package is correct. The version information in the same package and the latest version information must match.
If it is not confirmed that the digital signature (regular code signing approved by CA) of the updater and the new program deployed is correct and that it is my signature, it will stop midway. Masu.
If you downloaded an older non-beta version, you do not need to download it again to update.

Originally, automatic updates were also available for UOAM, etc., and the update logic used for UO Mapistro is similar to that used in my personal application that has more than 10,000 users actively updating. Therefore, a certain level of safety is ensured.
Does UO Mapistro read client communication packets?
no. UO Mapistro does not read or interfere with any client packets.
Does UO Mapistro read encrypted information?
no. UO Mapistro only reads integer values, such as coordinates, that it can read out of the box, and text in the window's title bar.

Regarding map data, UO2D reads part of the ".mul" and ".uop" files during the conversion process.
UOSA reads the ".dds" file at startup.
No other files are accessed.

Analyzing SOS and Treasure Hunt only handles the screenshot image that is displayed on the screen at the time.
Can I publish screenshots and videos of UO Mapistro ?
There are no restrictions on publishing screenshots or videos of UO Mapistro .
However, at this stage, uovmc is not yet an approved 3rd party program, so i am not responsible for any troubles that may occur due to them.
What are the benefits of being digitally signed?
UO Mapistro has an official digital signature (code signing).

Advantage 1: Before opening the UO Mapistro program, you can check the properties of Explorer to confirm that UO Mapistro is an original and legitimate program and is not a tampered program with a virus or malicious code mixed in. You can.

Advantage 2: The official digital signature (code signing) contains data such as my real name, and the official third-party certification authority that certifies it has a legitimate program that has not been tampered with. You can legally sue me if I engage in legally illegal activity (such as collecting user login information).

Advantage 3: UO Mapistro has built-in self-diagnosis logic to prevent easy tampering. In addition, diagnostic logic is built in to check whether the update program or the updated program that will be executed afterward has been given an official digital signature (code signing).
Crashes when converting characters with IME
Since the OS is corrupted, please try the following.

1. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges.
2. Run the following command and repeat until there are no errors.
chkdsk c: /f
fsutil resource setautoreset true c:\
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
sfc /scannow

Position not followed when using Razor with unofficial clientPlease try using the UOA-TP mode.
Orion UO Test mode operation is unstableIf the operation of Orion UO in Test mode is unstable, it may be improved by using UOA-TP mode.
I can't see the name of the player I'm sharing my location with.When sharing your location, only the name you set will be displayed. For privacy reasons, player names will only be displayed when offline.
UOA-TP Cannot run with administrator privileges in modeThe connection destination of UOA-TP and UO Mapistro must both have the same authority.
For example, if window UOA-TP has non-administrator privileges, data cannot be exchanged unless window UO Mapistro also has non-administrator privileges.

This does not mean that UO Mapistro in UOA-TP mode cannot be run with administrator privileges, but if the target UOA-TP window has non-admin privileges, it must be run with non-admin privileges.
It will not work properly if multiple and disparate permissions are mixed.
Has the author retired?He will retire in the spring of 2022.
I still have a billing account, so I can handle light workloads, but I don't think I'll play it again.
The general reasons for retirement are as follows.

As a result of the fabricated and erroneous image of me that has taken on a life of its own, even 10 years later, there are still people who have misunderstood me and are directly making slanderous comments about me that I have no recollection of.
I kept quiet for 10 years, but these things never got better, and the malice towards me never went away.
I don't know the details, but the source of the malicious intent is coming from a place that has nothing to do with me, and it's being fabricated, so I can't resolve these issues myself.
My philosophy of action is to "help as many people as possible," so it would be unproductive to continue providing value to a community that hates me.
I decided that.

By the way, these problems seem to be limited to the Japanese-speaking world, so even Japanese people who don't know about them at all don't know about them at all.
I personally don't go out of my way to see it, so I don't know much about it.

Answers to the following questions

Where should I write my requests and opinions?
Project UO Mapistro has failed and is no longer in active development.
If there is any request, the client needs to pay a reasonable fee for "hiring a freelance engineer."

If you would like to contact this app or me, please use the email address uo.mapistroPlease email to gmail.com.
I do not look at other communities or bulletin boards, so I cannot respond.
Also, I will not say anything or reply to anyone where I cannot prove my identity.
If I ever find myself in a situation where I have to speak out, I will definitely do so on this site and post the URL.
I want to extract the coordinates within UO Mapistro
UO Mapistro does not assist with scripts, bots, etc.
Requests, questions, and indirect uses that fall under these categories are prohibited.
Custom UI Usage Guidelines for UOSAHave you cleared it?
I don't have a clear answer as to whether it has been cleared, but uovmc does not use any custom UI or collaborate.
Do you have any plans to create a public large-scale server?
Considering the number of downloads, there is no demand for it even if it is made at the moment, and uovmc's current position is that it is treated the same as a cheat or an unauthorized tool, so I have no intention of making at least a public network system until it is officially recognized. .
Register 100 SOS at the same time!

Automatically register SOS in secure and back!
To avoid any confusion, uovmc is not a tool for automation.
It was created and developed to aim for the official recognition of broadswords, and the method of acquiring SOS is just image matching (no gray means). This is because an equivalent function (creating waypoints) exists.
It is merely an auxiliary function to bridge the gap between clients, and is not intended for automation.
Do you support non-official clients?
uovmc's primary goal is to become an official approved application, and i will not respond to non-official clients.
Additionally, uovmc does not include any functionality that supports the use of other illegal tools.
Is it possible to automatically record and update the location of my house?

Is it possible to display characters within the client?
These are possible with the UOA-TP mode after 0b40, but since the UOA-TP mode is designed as a sub-feature, the features that depend on it will not be incorporated into the mainstream.

UOA-TP mode will be backward compatible mode.
Don't track all players!
The location sharing feature is only shared between guests who voluntarily attempt to connect to a host created by the user.
I am not included in that sharing.
I can't trust this program!
This program has a legitimate digital signature to prove your identity. In other words, it is an activity in which the real name is made public, and if there is a fact that malicious code is intentionally included in the program, the signature will be invalidated and it will become permanently unusable by filing a complaint with the certification authority.
At the same time, if there is a criminal nature involved, you can easily sue me. This is because my personal information held by the certification authority will be presented to the appropriate parties if there is an incident.

And there are many people, both professionals and amateurs, who can analyze a program's network traffic and behavior on and off the PC.
If you don't have the skills to investigate anything, try asking a security software company to do an inspection.

If you still don't trust it, please don't use it.
Not approved!
The list of approved third-party tools that was supposed to be updated in 2022 was not created.
Therefore, this project failed.
It probably won't be approved, so don't use it unless you still want to use it.
Can I download this app and use my computer as a server for free?Server functions can be provided free of charge, or if the costs associated with server operation are invested as joint assets, no reporting is required and the service can be used free of charge.
Demand compensation that exceeds expenses. Alternatively, if you wish to use it commercially, you must enter into an additional license agreement.
Currently, there are no targets that have signed this additional license, so all servers that require payment for use are illegal servers (illegal in the real world).
Why not open source?
This program contains the results of my analysis of the UO client.
If this program was never approved in the first place, you shouldn't be releasing the source data for something like that.

It's a shame that UOAM and UOC were stopped in closed development, and I can understand the fear that this will happen again, but the reason why their development stopped was because people started writing malicious complaints without even looking at the contents. Probably because there are too many people.

If you had not taken sides with such unproductive people and the product had been successfully approved, development would not have stopped, but unfortunately that did not happen.
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