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If you find a problem
 If you find a probrem. You want to fix this. The opinion that You want to do this is
Please be sure to contact us via the official website forum (https://thilmera.com/project/UOMapistro/?page=forum&lang=en) or email (uo.mapistrogmail.com).
 It is also a good idea to post on the official Discord channel (https://thilmera.com/project/UOMapistro/?page=discord).
 If you write a bug report elsewhere, it won't reach the developer never.
 The developer is retired from the game and may not make costly fixes.

Include thilmera project technology
 This software is made with the technology cultivated in the thilmera project.
 The main product, "thilmera 7", is a versatile, lightweight system monitor for Windows that has been vigorously improved over the course of more than 20 years.
 Please feel free to touch the main product.


[version 0b47 / 2023/02/01] (* Hash & Virus Check)
2023-02-01 14:20:32UTC
2023-02-01 14:20:16UTC
2023-02-01 14:20:48UTC
2023-02-01 14:23:54UTC

  Change location sharing rule version.
  Location sharing
  Addressing the problem where a crash due to a buffer overrun in some packets was theoretically possible.
  Added a number such as "#2" to the player name of the second and subsequent clients for visual recognition.
  [Guest] In the error when the sharing rule version is different, added notation such as whether the guest side or the host side is older, and the confirmation of the release channel.
  [Host] Added which of the guest side and the host side is older in the error log when the sharing rule version is different.
  Dealing with the problem of unintentionally changing third-party UOA-TP hashes in location sharing
  Changed the player identification to "source number + client number" and changed not to use the old hash.
  Significant reduction in packet size.
  Fixed a bug where the list of supporters in the menu was not displayed correctly when switching languages or selecting some languages.
  As a countermeasure against json decoding errors, regardless of the language specification, changed to specify ".UTF8" or "en" for Win10 1803 or later as the internal locale.
  Speeding up some processing.
  Added channel 2, which distributes the previous sharing rule version, to the release channels.
  Since 0ch, 1ch, and 2ch may have different sharing rule versions, please be careful to match the host and guest versions.
  In addition, upgrades are automatic, but downgrades must be downloaded from the updater.

[version 0b46 / 2023/01/29]
  Change location sharing rule version.
  Updated core parts.
  Correspondence of the dark theme. You can choose from system, dark, and light.
  Apply DPI (v2) for each monitor.
  Redundancy of configuration files
  Added rotation backup to save settings file.
  If the setting file disappears during writing due to an OS problem, etc., it resumes from the previously saved data.
  Changed the 32bit version compiler to VS2017 and c++17.
  Added a notification function for important notifications.
  Changed so that test channel 0ch can be selected by switching the release channel.
  Added a link to online help to the menu.
  Added a link to the forum as an inquiry to the menu.
  Added a link to Discord to the menu.
  Addition of Windows ARM64 version build.
  Changed to start arm64 instead of x64 when running the 32bit version in an ARM64 environment.
  Location sharing
  If the self-name is blank, change it so that it is substituted with a single space.
  Changed to reset the ban list when the host is terminated and restarted.
  Fixed the IP list and member list windows to display all correct information and update in real time.
  Fixed a bug where the chat window was not displayed correctly when there was a remark in chat.
  Fixed so that the content does not disappear when the chat window is closed.
  Fixed an issue where JOIN and RENAME were not displayed correctly. Change JOIN to LOGIN.
  Changed to display what RENAME has become.
  Changed to display guest connection and disconnection as server messages.
  Changed so that chat messages from the host can be sent even without a UO client.
  Changed to use cache data instead of resolving the host name each time in the access log output process.
  Changed the default server port to 60000.
  Slight packet size reduction.
  location sharing - Fundamental response to the problem that unintended players are deleted
  Fixed a bug that may initialize areas that are not linked to the guest when the guest disconnects.
  Fixed a bug where the guest side was not flagged as data from itself when "Share only main" was on.
  Changed the packet that registers players to the list to a dedicated one.
  Changed so that the host mode side and guest mode side only register the corresponding list once.
  Added the slot number of the connection source to the player's identifier, and changed it to match with "hash + number".
  Changed the management of the connection source slot number on the host side so that the same slot is not reused for 30 seconds after disconnection.
  Improved exclusion processing so that the transmitted data is in the correct order without interruption.
  Several updates related to underlying socket communication.

 [Updater / 2023/01/28]
   Changed so that test channel 0ch can be selected.
   Dark theme support. (Depends on system settings)

 [Updater / 2023/01/22]
   Fixed a crash caused by a stack overrun that occurred in some environments.
   Fixed a bug where web communication was determined to have failed inappropriately.
   Added Hebrew to the display language.
   Added silent mode. "/s"
   Add return code.
   Added "Extract to current folder".
   Added options for creating shortcuts.
   Compatible with ARM64 version distribution.

[version 0b45 Rev.6 / 2022/09/12]
  Added Hebrew to the display language.
  Chat window
 Window size restore
 Follows the window's topmost display setting

[version 0b45 Rev.5 / 2022/05/04]
  Fixed a bug that the position of the window to be restored shifts after Rev.4.

[version 0b45 Rev.4 / 2022/04/24]
  Speed up reading of configuration files.
  Fixed a heap corruption that caused a crash when generating map data.
  Added an option to start with minimization.
  Reduce the number of traffic by combining version confirmation requests into one.
  Fixed an issue where the size of the window to be restored was corrupted when exiting with minimization.

   When starting a single unit, change the end of the program to be updated from before selecting the UI to after selecting it. Necessity of administrator authority and promotion are performed first.
   Supports color schemes in dark mode settings.
   Stopped the front display and added a minimize and close button.
   The executable file alone supports 34 multilinguals. You can manually select languages other than the automatically selected languages.
   Speed up the reading of the setting file.
   Reduce the number of traffic by combining version confirmation requests into one.

[version 0b45 Rev.3 / 2022/04/19]
  Fixed a problem on the host side that some IPs are rejected regardless of the FW setting. (Update host side required)
  Introduction of new multilingual specifications (space saving, high speed).
  Added an option to write a firewall log (Connection Accept / Reject).

[version 0b45 Rev.2 / 2022/04/15]
  Changed so that the host side can set whether to allow multi-channel.
  Added a message notification when a channel specification is rejected or a specified channel is entered.

[version 0b45 Rev.1 / 2022/04/14]
  Fixed a bug that the same channel name may not be correctly combined into one hash.

[version 0b45 / 2022/04/14]
  Updated core parts and fixed some bugs.
  Full maintenance related to socket communication
  Fixed a bug that crashes when the number of guests exceeds 8 while the host is running.
  Changed to dynamically secure the data area of ​​shared members from fixed 1000.
  Deleted 8 bytes that are no longer needed from most location-sharing packets.
  Fixed a bug that the window size information disappears when exiting in the minimized state.
  Changed so that the waiting time for reconnection is not required when a normally connected guest disconnects.
  Changed the translated language so that sentences start with capital letters.
  Addition of multi-channel function
   Unique channels can be specified by adding ":channel name" to the end of the connection character string.
   If you specify only the connection string passed from the host, the general channel will be used.
   In the guest chat column, only the remarks of the same channel are displayed, and the remarks are sent only to the same channel.
   Host location sharing can be switched by checking the channel to be reflected in the display from the menu.
   In the chat column of the host, the remarks of all channels are displayed, and the remarks are sent to all channels.

[version 0b44 Rev.5 / 2022/04/02]
  Fixed some bugs.
  In the process of fixing a crash while the host is running.

[version 0b44 Rev.4 / 2022/02/14]
  Fixed a bug that an unintended load was generated at the time of host in 0b44 Rev.2-3.

[version 0b44 Rev.3 / 2022/02/13]
  Fixed a bug that guest connection after XP was not possible in 0b44 Rev.2.

[version 0b44 Rev.2 / 2022/02/13]
  Windows XP location sharing
  Responding to the problem of not being able to connect as a guest.
  Since the host function cannot be realized on XP, the settings have been changed to gray out.

[version 0b44 Rev.1 / 2021/12/17]
  Improved Auto Dead judgment during non-UOA-TP.
  Fixed a bug that the task tray icon is not displayed correctly.

[version 0b44 / 2021/12/11]
  Addressed an issue that could freeze when creating a task tray icon.
  Fixed a bug that does not start in some environments such as Windows 11.
  Create a function to reload .map data with the F5 key. Looking for .map editors.

[version 0b43 Rev.2 / 2021/11/17]
  Added a list display of IPs connected to location sharing on the host.
  Fixed a bug in the mutex.
  Fixed a bug that the supporter list may not be updated correctly.

[version 0b43 Rev.1 / 2021/11/14]
  Fixed a bug that the latter half of the icon referred to an inappropriate file.
  Update of COPYRIGHT.
  Moved the development environment to VS 2022.

[version 0b43 / 2021/10/30]
  Reconstruct data such as icons and move to the package file.
  Addition of display magnification of 0.05.
  Changed the map screenshot save to PNG format and added it to the menu.
  Update of program icon.

[version 0b42 / 2021/10/24]
  Added a program to participate in development support by PayPal.
  Supporters are listed in the UOMapistro menu, and if you register with t7boost after support, you can apply for a display name and URL.
  Fixed a bug that the data in the connection dialog disappears when the connection fails after 0b40.
  Fixed a bug that ghosts remain when switching "Main only position sharing".
  Fixed a bug that menu grayout becomes inappropriate when connecting and disconnecting.
  Reduced the amount of memory allocated for the language list. Fixed a part that may freeze when changing the language.
  Fixed that the link from the program referred to the old URL.

[version 0b41 / 2021/10/20]
  Supports UOA-TP mode for multiple clients.
  Both UO2D and UOSA have renewed the recognition method for multiple clients.
  Changed so that the number of connections and entry / exit are displayed even if the host is set not to draw the map.
  Fixed a bug that JOIN is repeated when switching when "Main only location sharing" is enabled for multiple clients.

[version 0b40 Rev.3 / 2021/10/19]
  Fixed a bug that the directional arrows of multiple clients locally are all those of the main window.
  Fixed a bug that the tile number display of the temporary marker disappeared.
  Fixed a bug that commands such as temporary markers and chat windows collided with the language selection command added in 0b40.

[version 0b40 Rev.2 / 2021/10/10]
  UOA-TP mode
 Correction of facet designation when logging in using genuine UOA.
 Supports acquisition of shard names with genuine UOA.

[version 0b40 Rev.1 / 2021/10/08]
  Fixed a bug that the setting file was not output correctly with 0b40.
  Supports the old map format "map * .mul".

[version 0b40 / 2021/10/08]
  Migrated 64-bit version to C ++ 20 compliant. Renewal of the core part.
  Alleviation of the problem that the network and threads are not terminated properly.
  Reduced the problem of vmc losing clients due to PC freeze / petit freeze.
  Fixed a bug that shared markers are not sent to users who log in later.
  Reconstructed location sharing related and added firewall function to host.
  In the "uovmc.allow.ini" file, permission or disapproval can be specified for each IP.
  Continuous access and a large number of connections can be restricted by 3 types of numerical values.
  Please refer to the online help for detailed specifications.
  Most of the UI supports 34 languages.
  Addition of UOA-TP mode.
  It is a mode to operate for UOA or UOA compatible function.
  During this mode, information is obtained from UOA-TP, not from the client.
  It does not support multiple clients.
  Switching digital signatures
  [Old] on GlobalSign (2007-2021). Life end of Apr / 2021.
  [New] on Certum (2021-2024)
  Due to this switching, security may overestimate this program as dangerous (false positive) until the number of downloads exceeds a certain level.
  XP / Vista requires importing the root certificate.
  Please refer to readme.html for details.

[version 0b39 / 2021/02/07]
  Migrated the development environment to VS2019 and fixed some problems and vulnerabilities.
  Added the setting of "Do not draw map (for host)".
  Changed location sharing connection password transmission from plain text to challenge response hash.

[version 0b38 Rev.5 / 2020/10/25]
  Fixed a bug that the update is not executed when the latest version of the updater is already available.

[version 0b38 Rev.4 / 2020/10/25]
  The official name was changed to UO Mapistro because the name was difficult to understand. uovmc is left as the code name.

[version 0b38 Rev.3 / 2020/09/25]
  Fixed for problems that cannot be started on Windows XP-7.

[version 0b38 Rev.1~2 / 2020/07/27]
  Fixed a bug that the position of the window shifts when it is started if it is not the topmost display.

[version 0b38 / 2020/07/14]
  Added "Connect to Host" and "Disconnect from Host" to the main menu.
  Added an option to connect to the host at startup.
  Changed to record the status of Treasure Hunt View and Car Navigator View.
  Fixed an unintended display on the topmost or moving windows on old OS.

[version 0b37 / 2020/07/03]
  Added test mode.

[version 0b36 Rev.2 / 2020/03/23]
  Fixed the problem that the function to restart with administrator authority did not work properly after 0b36.

[version 0b36 Rev.1 / 2020/03/18]
  Correction of the problem that the process at the time of shutdown was not correctly performed at the time of shutdown or restart.
  Changed network timeout from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
  Fixed a bug that sometimes received broadcast data before confirming a response in the location sharing handshake.
  Adjusted the problem that the display of the list etc. becomes strange at high DPI.

[version 0b35 / 2019/12/30]
  Fixed the problem that the added part is not displayed correctly when the list of user labels is displayed after adding the label.
  Changed to open the edit window of the selected target on the user label list.
  Changed display magnification to be saved and maintained at the end.
  Added an item to reset the display magnification to x1.0 in the menu.
  Added an item to delete all markers in the menu.
  Changed the dialog so that it can be confirmed with the enter key.

[version 0b34 Rev.1 / 2019/12/25]
  Fixed the bug that the character just before the double slash of the comment is not displayed on the map.
  Added pet and resource icons for broker labeling.
  Fixed some spelling mistakes in the English menu.

[version 0b34 / 2019/11/20]
  When sharing rules are violated in sharing, re-access for 5 minutes is refused.
  If you re-access within 5 minutes, 5 minutes will be updated at the time of re-access.
  This correction will not be issued as long as both parties use the regular uovmc.

[version 0b33 / 2019/11/03]
  In 0b31 to 0b32, there was an environment that caused problems when the development environment was changed to VS2015,
  so the development environment was returned to the previous one.
  Fixed a bug that the rightmost character may be missing in 2D client SOS image analysis.

[version 0b32 Rev.1 / 2019/10/30]
  Fixed a bug that map generation is started at startup if 2d format disappears after creating 0b32 2d2 format.

[version 0b32 / 2019/10/30]
  In 2D client map generation, the new 2d2 format is output from the previous 2d format.

[version 0b31 Rev.1 / 2019/10/09]
  Fixed a bug that caused malfunction when 0b31 connection with the host side had a problem.

[version 0b31 / 2019/10/09]
  Changed development environment to VS2015.
  Since the main menu is too long, the items that can be divided into sub-menus were classified.
  Changed the local IP acquisition method required for UPnP setting on the host.
  Corrected the cause of an infinite loop when there was a problem with connection with the host side,
  and properly disconnected.
Bug fix 1 for UO2D's Treasure Hunt Map Image Analyze's Malas that results in strange results when space tiles are included.

[version 0b30 / 2019/08/19]
  Supports high DPI such as 4K.

[version 0b29 Rev.4 / 2019/07/05]
  Fixed the message box for debugging being displayed.

[version 0b29 Rev.3 / 2019/07/05]
  In "0b29 Rev.2", fixed the bug that was not recognized multiple clients.

[version 0b29 Rev.2 / 2019/06/29]
  When switching the active window, fix the cause of the problem that JOIN and QUIT might occur.
  Fixed a bug that the color of the host player could not be applied.

[version 0b29 Rev.1 / 2019/06/07]
  Fixed the bug that the user with "Share Only Active Client" option turned on may be left on the list unintentionally.
  In the label edit, fixed the problem that the check of "Shard Unique" flag is not carried over.

[version 0b29 / 2019/05/31]
  Added option of "Share Only Active Client". If this is on, only active clients will be shared. It can be set for each profile.

[version 0b28 Rev.2 / 2019/05/21]
  Fixed the problem that the lightness of character background such as user label does not decrease especially after rebooting after 0b27.
  Changed the list of common labels to refer to English labels when Japanese label display is turned off.
  Corrected the common label that did not have English notation.

[version 0b28 Rev.1 / 2019/04/11]
  Fixed a bug that renaming command refers to wrong target in location sharing.

[version 0b28 / 2019/04/04]
  Made it possible to send shared markers by location sharing.
  Fixed the problem that JOIN was RENAME on the host side on the guest side.

[version 0b27 Rev.1 / 2019/03/26]
  Fixed an issue that caused problems in operation when opening a window for adding or editing labels.

[version 0b27 / 2019/03/25]
  Add some icons to the label.
  Added some rules for writing .map files. (Compatibility from UOAM and UOC has not changed)
  In maps other than user.map, changed so that the character color can be specified by RGB per map file.
  Changed to be able to specify character size (10% to 1000% of specified size) in map file units for maps other than user.map.
  In the list of common labels and the list of user labels, double-click to move to that point.
  Common labels starting with commom. Will be updated separately from the program version.
  We added one person as a common map file editor and made a large-scale repair.

[version 0b26 Rev.1 / 2019/03/12]
  Completely recreate the exchange at the start of location sharing. Please note that one of the previous versions will result in an error such
  as "not a server of uovmc" or "data is incorrect".
  Added confirmation of some errors on the network to almost all data exchange of location sharing.

[version 0b26 / 2019/03/11]
  In the common labels list, only the labels that are actually displayed are changed so that they are listed on the list.
  Label display Change to be able to select from the maximum magnification (old All Range and 2 patterns up to 1 time) up to the specified magnification.
  Fixed a problem that only the first specified one was not applied at restart by switching label display.
  Fixed some problems on the host side of location sharing that became unstable at program termination.
  Change the shape of the reported part as error occurs in location sharing.

[version 0b25 Rev.3 / 2019/03/05]
  Fixed the problem that the program was judged to be packed image (not good for security) due to old compile option.
  Several updates of connection rules for position sharing.

[version 0b25 Rev.2 / 2019/03/02]
  Fixed a bug that the Japanese label was not turned on by default in the Japanese environment at the initial start without the setting file.
  In order to check the log of position sharing, changed to send the initial name (self name) to the host when connecting.
  Fixed a problem that the logout log does not remain when forcibly disconnecting from the guest on the position sharing host side.
  Corrected a problem that the correct self-name of logged-out object might not appear in the log on the host side of location sharing.
  Changing the location sharing host to log the server start and stop.
  Added notation of current connection total usage number in connection log of location sharing.
  Changed the version check of position sharing to the recognition ID when changing the Network communication logic (transmission / reception method), not the main program version.
  As a result, the host side does not need to perform a version upgrade regardless of Network communication every time.

[version 0b25 Rev.1 / 2019/03/01]
  Hash check of both guest and host is added to the process at the time of connection start of location sharing.

[version 0b25 / 2019/02/20]
  Changed the host side to display the current number of connections.
  Change the maximum number of connections and the maximum number of characters for location sharing from 100 to 1000.
  Added champion, teleporter red, treasure box icon.
  Fixed a bug that sometimes incorrect coordinates might be initially entered when adding labels with separate facets displayed.

[version 0b24 Rev.1 / 2019/02/17]
  In the automatic DEAD check on the 2D client, the DEAD flag erroneously appears during battle, and some other fixes.

[version 0b24 / 2019/02/07]
  Fixed a problem that the DEAD flag and the PANIC flag are set on a per client basis, and are added all together at the time of multi-client.
  Introduction of automatic DEAD check & display function test. On by default. If you want to turn it off, set it from display switching. At the present time, the SA client judges whether the backpack is open or not.
  Fixed a bug where you could see yourself as a character name when using SA client when location sharing is online. When sharing a location, only the self-name specified for both you and the share is used.

[version 0b23 / 2019/01/07]
  Map conversion of only UO2D client (environment where UOSA client is not installed), reproduces the shade by height to some extent, to a more beautiful map. UOSA is the same as it reads directly.
  Added function to manually rebuild map of UO2D client to display switching menu.

[version 0b22 Rev.1~3 / 2018/12/06]
  Fixed bug in common label list.

[version 0b22 / 2018/12/06]
  Fixed a problem with same color notation even when facet other than active client differed at multiple client activation.
  Fixed a problem that was the same color expression even when the direction triangle of the direction guite was another facet.
  Added a button on the user label list that allows you to directly select the selected item as a temporary marker.
  Added a function to sort the order by icons and facets in the user label list.
  Add common label list.
  Change the name of "Add / Edit User Label at Cursor Position" to "Add / Edit User Label at Mouse Cursor Position".
  Improve the line drawing of the server boundary line and 8 × 8 grid and change it so that it does not become a dotted line even if it expands.
  Fixed a bug that sometimes got out of the screen while using multiple monitors with polygons.

 □ Requests not receiving replies Two unimplemented.

[version 0b21 / 2018/11/12]
  Added a guide display in the direction of travel to the pointer of the player.
 * This indicates the direction of movement, not the direction the character is facing.
 You can turn it on and off in the Display Changes>Move Direction Guide Display setting.
  Changed so that the initial position of the window does not go out of the monitor screen.

[version 0b20 Rev.2 / 2018/10/31]
  Fixed a case where a problem occurred in "Restart with administrator" with 0b20 Rev.1.

[version 0b20 Rev.1 / 2018/10/30]
  Added a mutex because there is a possibility that the client may be adversely affected by multiple activation.

[version 0b20 / 2018/10/30]
  Fixed a problem that shared [JOIN] etc may remain all the time when operating for a long time.
  When sharing a location, be sure to display the share name rather than the character name.
  Temporary removal of information on official application.

[version 0b19 Rev.2 / 2018/10/20]
  In 0b19 Rev.1, since the location are not 0,0 at the time of re-logging in the UOSA client, the problem that the account name is displayed has been fixed.

[version 0b19 Rev.1 / 2018/10/20]
  The account name is displayed in the window text (general information of Windows) of the UO client that is acquiring the name. When the location are 0,0, the name is not updated in the first place.
  In addition, although it will be repeated, position sharing will not send anything other than the name specified by self-name.

[version 0b19 / 2018/10/19]
  Displayed [JOIN], [QUIT], and [RENAME] of connected users in the chat window and chat log so that they can grasp who they are.
  The main window also conforms to this and changes so that it can be distinguished whether it is a name change or a new one.

[version 0b18 Rev.3 / 2018/10/19]
  Fixed a problem that process termination did not complete correctly and daemon process would remain when program terminated (2)

[version 0b18 Rev.2 / 2018/10/19]
  Fixed a bug that caused blackout when using 2D Client map with 64bit of 0b18 Rev.1.

[version 0b18 Rev.1 / 2018/10/19]
  Fixed heap damage bug when 2D Client map was used.
  Fixed a problem that process termination did not complete correctly and daemon process would remain when program terminated (2)
  Display information on official application.

[version 0b18 / 2018/10/12]
  When communication is started or stopped while running as a host, it is changed to be output as a log in the access_log folder.
  Added option to start host server "Run with startup".
  Fixed a bug that process termination did not complete correctly, and daemon process would remain when the program was terminated.

[version 0b17 Rev.2 / 2018/10/07]
  From 0b17, fix the problem of storing self color information.

[version 0b17 Rev.1 / 2018/10/06]
  Fixed a problem that old color information breaks on updating.

[version 0b17 / 2018/10/06]
  10 share profile switching. The profile includes self-name, self-color, connection destination information.
  Fixed a bug that sometimes the logout transmission may not be sent correctly when the program on the guest side ends.

[version 0b16 / 2018/09/26]
  Fixed a bug that N was handled as S with sextant input.
  Changed so that shard specific display is applied even if user.map is renamed and treated as common.
  Added a function to switch on / off label display on a map file basis.
  Fixed a bug that the guest side crashes if the host side program is terminated first while continuing the connection by position sharing.
  Changed chat log to be output to "chat_log/(day).txt" below the program folder.
  Update common label.

[version 0b15 Rev.3 / 2018/08/31]
  When dragging a map while moving on a ship, change the drag position so that the drag position temporarily takes precedence.
  After moving the map, move yourself back to the center and add "Display player in the center".

[version 0b15 Rev.2 / 2018/08/13]
  Added setting "lock target client as current active" for multi client use.

[version 0b15 Rev.1 / 2018/08/02]
  Process may not terminate correctly Fixed problem Test 2
  Added choices of 50 W 75 W 100 W for each stage of speed → detail in Treasure hant map. The larger the value, the wider the judgment area and the lower the speed.

[version 0b15 / 2018/08/01]
  Added setting to display lines of 8×8 grid which is management unit of resource etc.
  Added map of 200 x 200 to the choice on Treasure Hant map.

[version 0b14 Rev.1 / 2018/07/31]
  Fixed a problem that the program stopped when it was a server that was not responding when disconnecting the server.
  Fixed a problem that UO folder could not be found in 32bit OS.
  Fixed a problem where display was not automatically switched after map conversion in some environments (mainly old OS).
  Improve the line feed code of chat.
  Fixed a bug that speech was not displayed in some environments of chat.

[version 0b14 / 2018/07/31]
  Fixed a bug that name was not applied until reboot if user label was added when Japanese label was off.
  "Add / Edit User Label" is divided into "Add User Label at Center Location" and "Add/Edit User Label at Cursor Position".
  Added chat window and added chat function with location sharing member.

[version 0b13 / 2018/07/31]
  Fixed a bug in memory leak correction due to start / stop of sharing, and sometimes the program might not terminate properly because the communication processing was not closed on the host side.
  Change the window of the shared member list to modeless (do not lock the operation of the main window).
  Fixed a bug that map conversion was not executed if "Force UO2D Map" was selected when the map image of the UOSA client was found.
  Improvement of treasure hant image analysis logic.

[version 0b12 Rev.2 / 2018/07/29]
  Change the OS language judgment from GetSystemDefaultLangID () to GetUserDefaultUILanguage ().
  Changing the name at the time of location sharing to be limited to the designated self name (as account name may appear depending on the timing)
  In later versions, the shared name is only those specified in the self-name, and the character name and account name are never included.

[version 0b12 Rev.1 / 2018/07/28]
  From 0b11 change, it was judged that the screen size was changed each time, and the problem that load and unnecessary redrawing always occurred was fixed.
  Fixed a problem that my coordinates are not updated when I become the guest side in the shared member list.

[version 0b12 / 2018/07/28]
  You can select and switch the language to be displayed from the menu arbitrarily from Japanese and English, and save the setting.
  * uovmc had a bug where the menu was fixed in Japanese when it was in beta, but it was designed to be compatible with Japanese and English from the early development stage, and in the environment setting "Japanese" as OS regional setting On the PC everything was made automatically to be written in English.
  However, it is said that it is caused by lack of a place of language selection like the conventional application, even if it is told that "This application is displayed only in Japanese, it can not be used" and it was not even confirmed.
  So if you can make any switching at any time, anyone can understand, so you can switch languages arbitrarily.
  Fixed a problem that a blank part will be formed when starting with the forefront display from 0b11 change.

[version 0b11 / 2018/07/27]
  With location sharing, list shared members and trace the position of one of the connected members. Or you can arbitrarily display markers from yourself.
  Bug Fixed a problem to re-create the drawing area every time when updating everything when using it in the state that it is not the topmost window in 0b3 Beta 3 and later. Eliminate unintended unnecessary high load and operation instability.

[version 0b10 Rev.1 / 2018/07/25]
  Fixed a bug that location of server password is fixed as "password".

[version 0b10 / 2018/07/25]
  Treasure hant Improvement that there are many cases where it is not possible to detect points of SA by image matching.
  UOSA's Treasure hant map image matching, and Trellhan View, it turned out that the scales differ for facets other than Trammel and Felucca, and it corresponds.
  Responding to problems that crash when specific conditions are set by image matching on Treasure hant map. 

[version 0b9 / 2018/07/20]
  Fixed a bug that shard specific to user labels could not be switched correctly for multiple client use.
  Correct and adjust the problem that the icon was not displayed when the drop-down menu was closed in the Add User Label dialog.
  Reduction of problem that window display of add user label dialogue is slow.
  Display the list of user labels, move to label position and delete selected. Added "List of user labels" that can simultaneously switch shard specific.

[version 0b8 / 2018/07/19]
  Change the message when the UO folder can not be found. Added a reference button to display the folder selection dialog in "UO folder change".
  Add shard name to position display. (From the client window's string)
  Changed to be able to attach the unique label of the current shard (hidden in other shards) when adding / editing user labels. If not checked, all shards are common.

[version 0b7 / 2018/07/17]
  Added "Treasure Hant Map Image Analyze" to analyze Treasure hant map by image matching. However, execution of this will take CPU load for a while, and it is not something to be hit hardly.

[version 0b6 Rev.2 / 2018/07/16]
  Added "Edit Self Name" which arbitrarily designates the player name to be reflected on the map. This also applies when sharing. can use other than English.

[version 0b6 Rev.1 / 2018/07/15]
  Fixed an issue that could not detect the installation destination of the current distribution version of UO2D.
  Changed UO client's directory handling so that it is automatically added when the end is not \.

[version 0b6 / 2018/07/13]
  The minimum unit of drawing update (position acquisition interval) has been improved to 20/sec to 60/sec. (If there is no update, it will not be rendered unchanged)
  From the SOS text of the UO2D client, experimentally create a function to extract coordinates by image matching. Use from "Sextant input".
  Fixed a problem that occurs when the marker point reaches part of the edge of the screen.

[version 0b5 / 2018/07/11]
  Changed to be able to specify self color (your character and pointer color).
  Update location sharing
  The set self color was applied.
  Fixed various disadvantages caused by disconnection and connection.
  Fixed a problem that the display of the player who closed the client will remain.
  Fixed a problem that crash occurs when the guest disconnects or terminates the program after the host first disconnects.
  Changed so that when the host side or guest side disconnects, state change is correctly reflected on the screen. However, when a failure or the like occurs and forced disconnection occurs, the timing remains until the timing at which transmission / reception occurs.
  Reduced time to reflect (approximately doubled, up to about 0.05 seconds) by coordination adjustment from actual movement to transmission
  Press key P to change panic declaration. Multiple people can be declared and shared. You can also specify a hot key.
  When the panic declaration appears, the following display will be added.
  List up on who is panicking on the upper left. (In my case it is surrounded by parentheses)
  The screen is surrounded by red lines.
  The line up to the person who is presenting the panic is displayed.
  Change key so that you can attach [DEAD] at the beginning of the name by pressing key D. This information will be shared.
  Login logout display with location sharing
  When a new login of the client (the character name of the window changes), the name [Login] in green is displayed in the upper left for 30 seconds.
  If logout is not detected but the client is terminated, [Logout] name is displayed in green on the upper left for 30 seconds.
  When someone of the guests is disconnected, all the guest's names are displayed as logout.
  Fixed a bug that sometimes the first facet was not correctly applied when starting multiple clients and logging in with another client.
  Added a button that allows you to add markers directly to the coordinates you specified consecutively, without closing to sextantial input once.

[version 0b4 Rev.1 Beta4 / 2018/07/10]
  Added automatic update function. From this point onwards, if you have the latest version, it will be automatically updated and will be activated after approval of the digital signature.

[version 0b4 Beta4 / 2018/07/10]
  Changed to show distance (number of tiles) from the current position to all temporary markers.
  Added a function to display the line for the closest marker.
  【Important】 Fixed a bug that the menu string did not correctly refer to English when the OS was a locale other than Japanese.

[version 0b3 Rev.1 & Rev.2 Beta3 / 2018/07/09]
  Fixed a bug that if you put a .map file other than common.map or user.map in a folder, it will be reset rather than added, and only the last loaded item will be hidden.
  Fixed a problem that some of the display disappears when you delete the temporary marker under certain conditions.
  Fixed a problem that all icon types could not be selected by label editing.

[version 0b3 Beta3 / 2018/07/09]
  The UOSA client fixes the problem that the login account name will be on uovmc as a character name during login.
  Fixed a bug that Trammel had become Felucca in map conversion of UO2D. (Please erase facet**.2d file and reconvert)
  Added Treasure Hant View, a mode for displaying according to the measure of the treasure hunt map at UO2D, UOSA clients.
  The angle of rotation can be changed by right clicking on the arrow on the upper right.
  The size and position of the map display area are prevented from fluctuating when the window is displayed at the front.
  For SOS etc., it is possible to move coordinates by entering coordinates in a Sextant form.
  Added joker function car navigation view that are displayed so that the direction of travel is always above.

[version 0b2 Beta2 / 2018/07/05]
  Added selection of facet displayed on menu.
  Increased the display of the player's point position.
  Icon display can be individually turned on and off.
  When the icon display is on and the label is off, labels are added and displayed when the cursor is placed.
  When copying the .map file used in UOAM or UOC to the same folder, it is recognized as a standard label.
  Added a setting that allows you to manually change folders when UO folder can not be found.
  User labels can be arbitrarily added / edited / deleted and saved.
  Add faster and lighter, 64bit version uovmc64.exe.

[version 0b1 Beta / 2018/07/04]
  Beta Version 1
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