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About the handling of information of UO Mapistro

 UO Mapistro will not illegally acquire or collect any personal information or login information.

 Below, i will explain how to handle information in UO Mapistro in Q & A format.
 As a result, this commentary completely denies allegations of fraud.

 Q1. UO Mapistro Isn't it software that cheats on the handling of information?
 A1. There is no fact of committing any misconduct that is questionable or anxious.
    First, to verify that your program is correct, follow these steps to verify your digital signature.

    1-1. Right-click uovmc.exe to display the properties window.

    1-2. From the "Digital Signature" tab, check the digital signature, "Gakuto Matsumura".
      If you can verify the digital signature, your program is safe and distributed by the correct distributor.
      It has been proved to be a thing.

     This digital signature cannot be confirmed if the program has been modified by a malicious third party.
     In that case, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of fraudulent activity will be carried out, so please do not do it.

 Q2. I was able to confirm that the software was correct with a digital signature, but isn't it a proof that the program itself is secure?
 A2. Traffic (packet information) on the network can be confirmed by many various means.
    It means that you can check the timing of sending and receiving and its contents.

    As an example, i will introduce security software called ESET.
    In this security software, by selecting interactive, the server, port, related to sending and receiving,
    You can monitor the timing of transmission and reception for each program and approve / reject it.

    If you suspect that you are really handling unauthorized information, you can check it by using such security software.
    You can deny that suspicion.

    As a further example, I will introduce Windows NetSpider and wireshark.
    By using these, you can check what kind of communication UO Mapistro is doing, and you can confirm that it is not making unauthorized communication.

    All traffic that UO Mapistro makes is listed on the Connect to the Network page.

 Q3. Is there any other commentary to prove that it is not a malicious program?
 A3. The following contents can be mentioned.

    3-1. UO Mapistro does not monitor or modify the packets sent or received by the UO client.

    3-2. UO Mapistro does not do anything called Hook "against other programs".
      It does not interrupt the operation of "other programs" and does not interfere with the operation.

      When setting hotkeys for UO Mapistro's Panic feature,
      Use the "From UO Mapistro to UO Mapistro's own dialog" keyboard hook.

    3-3. UO Mapistro looks in the registry to find the UO directory, but does nothing.
      The data exported by UO Mapistro is the same directory files uovmc.ini and user.map. And only the 2d map data to be converted.
      If you don't find any fraudulent information in it, it's proof that you haven't saved the fraudulent information either.

    3-4. If UO Mapistro stores, sends and receives incorrect information, it is easy to prove.
      If proven, the digital signature will be stripped and the unidentified developer can quickly be the subject of a criminal case.
      It is clear that there is no merit in doing such a detrimental act.

 Q4. In previous versions, the account name was displayed in UO Mapistro. Isn't this extracting the "login information"?
 A4. No, it doesn't have the ability to hack your login information.
    The reason why the account name was displayed is when selecting a character after selecting a shard during the login process.
    The account name is included in the window text of the UO client in the same format as the character name.
    It is simply acquired as text data using the standard Windows API.
    This includes the account name in information that is rather easily visible from any program on the Windows OS.
    I think it's a problem for UO clients, but if you're worried about this problem, please send this fact to Broadsword.
    By the way, of course, passwords are not included in this.

 Q5. Why did you develop such a program because it was not intended to illegally obtain or manipulate information?
 A5. Since the development of programs such as UOAM and UOC has been discontinued and it is practically difficult to use, we created a successor map software.
    I created it from the hope that more players will be able to enjoy the game UO more enjoyably.
    Also, I would like to take on the challenge of creating official software by making the best use of my own technical capabilities.

 Q6. There are other doubts and suspicions
 A6. Please ask on the bulletin board or email. I will answer all.
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