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Why location sharing is fast

 As a prima facie explanation, I will write a theoretical explanation of why uovmc location sharing is so fast.

 First of all, the main premise is why uovmc's position tracking is so fast before sharing.
 Since the existing map tool had to be mediated by UOA, there was a time lag of going to see if UOA updated the coordinate information at specific intervals and copying and applying it further. And simply because the program didn't focus on speed.

 There is no such time lag in uovmc, so uovmc can pick up its real-time numbers when needed.
 As I personally develop it, I have been studying to make fast and light programs for many years by myself, so the fact that the maintenance rate of speed against the display and various loads is very good, as a result, all the reactions It leads to fast things.

 Next, all existing map tool network location sharing sends the location to the server at some synchronization timing (such as every 1 second) and also receives the location from the server at the synchronization timing.

 In other words, if it takes 0.125 seconds to move, it will take about 0.5 seconds to be reflected on the map? It took 1 to 2 seconds for the update to be sent to the server.
 Even if the communication status was good, I should have been there about 5 or 6 steps ago. I can understand that.

 On the other hand, uovmc is not a method of synchronizing at regular intervals.
 The guest sends only the location information to the host when it senses the move, and the sent host propagates the copy to guests other than the sending guest without a time lag.
 Since it sends and receives only what is needed when it is needed, when location sharing is turned on like a conventional map tool, the communication lamp keeps blinking even though no one is moving. There is no such thing.
 (In Version 0b5, the reflection speed of sharing is almost doubled compared to the previous version due to the improvement)

 Last but not least, I didn't create this map tool for the purpose of supporting interpersonal (PvP).
 The quality of what I made with my technique and sense just happened to match the demand for interpersonal play, which emphasizes speed and accuracy.

 Just because the quality is too different, what you are doing is no different from UOAM.

 I heard that the third party tool will be reviewed in Pub100, so if there is a possibility that it will be recognized as an official tool, I decided to try my skill test.
 If you like it, please push it to the official tools as much as possible.
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