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Automatic DEAD confirmation & display

Automatic DEAD confirmation & display function

 In 0b24, the DEAD flag was set for each character, and an automatic DEAD confirmation & display function was introduced on a trial basis.
 This is whether HP and stamina are 0 for 2D clients. The SA client is automatically determined by whether the backpack is open and will have [DEAD] in its name.
 If you want to turn off this function, set it on and off in "Automatic DEAD confirmation & display" of "Display switching".

 In rare cases, depending on how you die with a 2D client, you may die even though your stamina is not 0, but if for some reason it does not become 0, even if you actually die, you will not get [DEAD]. there is.
 In the SA client, the [DEAD] notation is displayed immediately after login or for a short time after logging out, but this is because the first layer of the backpack is not open, so far it is a specification, not a bug.

 If you turn off this feature. Or, if you cannot get the information, you can switch the [DEAD] display by pressing the D key in the window as before.
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