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Treasure Map Analyze

Trehan map analysis function

 This function, which was added in version 0b7, is a function to analyze the most similar places by image matching the Trehan map with the whole map.
 Executing this will take a long time with a high CPU load and is not a reliable hit.

 If the previously selected facets do not match, it will of course be a false positive.
 The analysis will fail unless you open the map in the default position (do not move the window).
 Due to the complex scale of UOSA clients, the hit rate is lower than that of UO2D clients.
 UO2D generally refers to the place where it is, but UOSA is slightly off.

 During the analysis, the image of the analysis source and the progress bar are displayed. The analysis ends when the black bar reaches the right side of the map.

0b13 - treasure hant map analyze Improvement - https://youtu.be/yQiagw_6hsU

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