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UO2D-SOS Waypoint

UO2D SOS waypoint creation compatibility function

 Added in 0b6, this feature scans the image against the default position where SOS is opened in the UO2D client (does not move the opened SOS window) and extracts the coordinate numbers and directions.
 The extracted sextant string is inserted in the text box, and if you press "Add marker" as it is, you can mark the map with a few steps like creating waypoints in UOSA.

 This feature must have an SOS window in the initial position of the 2D client as a condition of scanning.
 Be sure to log in again if even one dot shifts, and return the SOS window to the initial position of the 2D client.

 For reference, the image in the middle of the work of what kind of analysis is done is as follows.

Demonstration video of usability 0b6 - UO2D SOS waypoint -https://youtu.be/JTmJs4Nf0cc

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