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Sextant input

 There are some rules for entering sextants, but any relatively rough description will work.

 OK example
 12o12'S 12o12'W
 12o12S 12o12W
 12 12s 12 12w
 12.12n 12.12e

 NG example
 1212s 1212e
 12 12 12 12

 It suffices if there is something other than a number between the large and small numbers. Any case may include lowercase or uppercase letters such as N or S, E or W. about it.

 When using sextant input, be sure to be in the target facet or switch to the target facet display.
 This is because, for example, when specifying TF, the position of the marker overflows when small vertical and horizontal facets are displayed.
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