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 UO Mapistro (uovmc) is a map application that can track the coordinates of UO clients and widely grasp nearby facilities and topography.
 Developed as a successor to UOAM and UOC, this application has no client impact and can be used without relying on any tools.
 Since it was created from the ground up in a unique way, it does not belong to any tool group and does not compete with it.

 Both UO2D and UOSA clients are supported as standard, and UOA or UOA compatibility mode (Razor etc.) is also supported.
 Extremely fast and accurate positioning and sharing.
 It supports 34 languages.

 This app is an unofficial tool and was developed with the goal of being on the newly updated list of approved third party tools in 2020.
 However, Mesanna of EA (Origin) has not adhered to what she publicly said at the 2019 Dev&Meet, and the official tools will not be re-elected in the future.
 So this project failed.

 There are still things that can be done, such as unimplemented "Linux CUI version server", "Hardware acceleration by DirectX11", "IPv6 support", "Semi-P2P location sharing", but UO Mapistro is different from other projects is an incomparably large deficit project, and the developer himself has retired from the game, so it will not be actively developed.

 However, since we received your request on Discord, i will soon conduct a questionnaire asking whether it is acceptable to pay for these developments (whether there is enough demand to pay for them).
 The survey will be conducted from "Important notice notification" added in 0b46.


 If you provide a public server of UO Mapistro, it is a license violation to ask for money for commercial purposes, except for server fees.
 For example, if your server costs $5 a month, don't ask for more than $5 a month total.
 Commercial use of UO Mapistro is prohibited.

 UO Mapistro does not assist scripts, bots, etc.
 Requests, questions, and indirect use that correspond to these are prohibited.


●Major update including location sharing bug fix 2023/01/29
 In 0b46, we made a major update, including a fundamental fix for the location sharing bug.
 This includes dark theme support, updated updater, added test channel selection, added ARM64 native version, and more.
 Fixed many issues with location sharing.
 Location sharing bug reports and fixes tested by "Cork and Friends" on Discord .

●[Important] Regarding the problem that it does not start on Vista, XP 2021/09/10-2021/10/08
 Since the attached digital signature (code signing certificate) expires in April 2021, the problem that the program does not start on OS (Vista, XP) with old certificate specifications will be resolved on 2021/10/ Fixed in 0b40 Rev.1 released in 08.
 Read the readme for details.

Name:UO Mapistro
Code Name:uovmc
Creator:Gakuto Matsumura
Digital signature:Gakuto Matsumura
Operating environment:Windows XP Vista 7 8 8.1 10 11 / Windows Server 2008 2012 2016 (2019 2022)
Development environment:Windows 10 Pro 64bit / Microsoft Visual Studio 2022
Development language:C++ Native
Newest version:0b47 (2023-02-01)
Things necessary:Ultima Online Classic Client(UO2D Client),
or Ultima Online Enhanced Client(UOSA Client)
Other measures:In UOA-TP mode.
OrionUO, UO Outlands, ClassicUO.
Remarks:I aim for the cleanest possible software development,
Please feel free to ask any questions. It doesn't matter if it's in English.
Contact address:uo.mapistrogmail.com

UOA-TP mode is a compatibility feature for UOA or UOA compatible clients.

 0b40 Rev.1 also supports "map*.mul" format.

Demo video 0b3 Rev.2 Beta3

Demo video 0b6 - UO2D SOS waypoint

0b13 - treasure hant map analyze Improvement

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