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AMD_RC2t7 implementation project and behavior

Loading AMD_RC2t7 in the project

AMD_RC2t7 will first check for the existence of AMD-RAID's driver etc when it loads and has an initialization call.
No correct AMD-RAID target driver. Or if it's not installed, AMD_RC2t7 doesn't do any further processing or fetching, returns a status of "no targets" and stops.

This confirmation process does not take much time, and basically if you load it in an environment where the AMD-RAID driver is not installed, it is okay to recognize that "do nothing".

Possible traffic

AMD_RC2t7 uses a code signing certificate.
Therefore, access to certum, which is a CA (third-party organization), may occur, but this is a behavior on the system that checks the revocation of certificates, and there is code in the program that generates arbitrary traffic. It is not included.
AMD_RC2t7 does not contain any code to send or receive traffic and does not print any files or modify the registry.

Support in the CrystalDiskInfo project

Support is not unlimited, but since AMD_RC2t7 was originally intended to be used in the CrystalDiskInfo project, problems caused by AMD_RC2t7 in the same project will be addressed.
However, if you want to receive support, please be sure to contact the developer directly by e-mail.
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