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Drive goes to 100% and PC freezes

Hardware (SSD) troubleshooting

 The drive is at 100% utilization with almost no read or write activity.

 In this state, the PC may freeze or become unresponsive.
 Especially when the target is the C drive, there are cases where even the OS cannot be shut down.

 This phenomenon is often caused by reading to a bad cluster, which occurs mainly on SSDs.

 SSDs with NVMe get stuck at 100% utilization and no IO when the controller tries to read a bad cluster (physically corrupted storage) on demand.
 If you do not access the area again, it may be resolved by timeout if you leave it for a while, but if the file required by the OS is in a bad cluster, there are cases where control is not returned. There are many.

 A RAID controller with a cache, such asAMD-RAID, will have a particularly long time before this timeout and the IO will continue to be completely zero.

 The developer who wrote this has had this problem since he created the information acquisition program forAMD-RAID, suspected that the program he created was the cause, and changed the conditions on two PCs to isolate the cause. was doing.

 As a result, we found that this phenomenon still occurs even if the use ofAMD_RC2t7related is completely eliminated.

 Ultimately, I was able to confirm that "when I try to read a specific part of a specific file, it is 100% reproduced", and the bad cluster (access to the storage area with physical trouble) in the SSD is this It turned out to be the cause of the phenomenon.

Added below 2022/10/27:

 After that, I completely eliminated the problem drive, changed it from SSD toHDD, restarted the use ofAMD_RC2t7, and started testing. The issue has been reproduced.
 Apparently, apart from the problem of the drive, there seems to be a cause of unstable operation in some environments related toAMD_RC2t7as well.
 It's been more than 5 weeks since we started production testing with 0b6 Rev.1 of the experimental fixAMD_RC2t7after we became aware of this issue, and this issue has never occurred on 2 PCs. .

 For theAMD RAIDfunction ofAMD_RC2t7, please use the corresponding version 0b6 Rev.1 or later.

Version ofAMD_RC2t7known to have issues

・AMD_RC2t7: 0b1 to 0b6

Version ofAMD_RC2t7that resolved the issue

・AMD_RC2t7: 0b6 Rev.1 ~

Severity: Critical
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