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#Release channel:3 MS1 - Old Microsoft Store
#Distribution: Microsoft Store
#Status: Released 0b181 Rev.2
#Version: never

Microsoft Store Edition - Official Help

----[!] This channel will not be updated--------------------

 Guidance on how to migrate to the new version

[Versions up to 0b178 Rev.8]
 To prevent malfunctions, the version "0b174" originally posted on Microsoft Store is fixed.
 It is treated as the latest version within the software and updates must be done manually.
 Please manually update to "0b181" or later. Updates will be made in later versions.

[Manual update: pattern 1]
 Find the folder where the program is located. In many environments it is located at thilmera7 under ProgramFiles on the main drive.
 [1] Copy the ini file in the folder to another location.
 [2] Execute uninstallation from the standard UI of the OS. Step [1] is important because the policy deletes all files.
 [3] Install again from Microsoft Store.
 [4] Stop the started main body program.
 [5] Overwrite the copied ini file in the original folder.
 (Caution: Please note that if you copy without exiting the program, the contents will be lost.)

[Manual update: pattern 2]
 [1] Find the following key in the program uninstallation information in the registry and delete it. (I will not run the uninstaller)
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] [SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall] [thilmera 7]
  This can also be done by running the following command from a command line with administrator privileges.
   reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\thilmera 7" /f
 [2] When you reopen Microsoft Store, the install button will return, so install from there.
 The settings will now be inherited and the version will be updated.
 If you want to uninstall after completing this process, run the program thilmera7.uninstall.x64.exe (x64/arm64) in the folder.

 The ARM64 version will be suspended because there is no environment in which to check its operation, and the verification result is unknown.

As of 2023/12/12 (Updated 2024/03/01,2024/03/02)

Version "0b181 Rev.2" has been released to the store version.
I am currently creating a summary of update information and status for the store.
We plan to begin replying to existing reviews in the store sometime next week.

I was planning to reply to past reviews in the store, but due to a problem on the store side, I am unable to view them.
We have confirmed via email as of 2024/03/03, but as of 2024/03/04 there has been no response and the problem has not been resolved.
Please wait.

2024/03/04 14:08 JST:
I received an email response saying that there is no problem with my account, and that it may be a temporary error with Partner Center.
I was then told to contact another location, but it appears that they require a separate business account creation.
At the moment, it looks like I have no choice but to wait.

We have begun preparations for the release of the 0b180 series "0b181 Rev.2" to the store, which is scheduled to support version updates in the store version in the future.

Fixes including some bugs that are currently being addressed on the forum have been made in advance to ch0.
The revisions are taking longer than planned, and the schedule is likely to be difficult for an official release within January.
The rescheduled Microsoft Store update will be approximately in mid-February.

Rev13, which is scheduled to be the final stable version of the 0b180 series, is currently being released in advance to the original distribution test channel. Released to the default channel of original distribution on the 14th.
If there are no reports of issues with this version, i will apply to the store for an update to the 0b180 series, which uses the second newly created version channel 「MS2」 for Microsoft Store.

Most of the documents and new specification packages for store application have been prepared.
If there are no issues after the release of the default channel, and if the store review goes well, i will probably release it sometime in January.

Starting with the 0b180 series, the store distribution version will not be as fast as the original distribution, but will be updated appropriately in a manner that complies with store policy.

----2023/12/17, 2023/12/24:--------------------
Using the original distribution route for today's update and the public test version, i am testing a provisional version that addresses the issue of not being able to update with version Microsoft Store.

From the next update, version 0b180, it will be possible to update to version Microsoft Store as well.
However, if you are using the currently distributed version, you will need to manually update to 0b180 or later.

The 0b180 series was officially released on 2023/12/24 with ch1. If no critical issues are reported with this version of the series, i will apply for an update to Microsoft Store.


Currently, the release above Microsoft Store is known to have a number of issues.

[1] When updating the fix for 0b178 Rev.1, which is known to have a major bug, the rules for Microsoft Store were changed, making it impossible to update, and the version with the problem could not be updated for a long time.
[2] Microsoft Store I noticed the low ratings and reviews above on June 29, 2023, when I was ready to apply for a version update.
 I don't usually see it at all and am not notified, so if you have any questions, please contact me on the forum or at Discord.

 Microsoft's explanation states that "win32 apps will be updated if they were previously installed," but it seems that they are not actually updated to the new version.
 The reason why Microsoft Store is not registered in the library even after installation is most likely because it is a win32 application in the first place.I am currently investigating, but it may be difficult to solve it technically.
 The package distributed with Microsoft Store prohibits upgrades that do not go through Microsoft Store, so i am currently considering what to do.

If you have any comments, issues, suggestions or information regarding these, please contact us on the forums or on Discord, not within Microsoft Store.
Official forum
Official Discord


■ 0b174 Rev.6
 Currently on Microsoft Store, I have updated from the first release "0b174" to the second release "0b174 Rev.6".
 When I asked Microsoft again, I was told that "win32 apps will be updated if they were previously installed," but they are not actually updated.


★ 【Important】0b174 to 0b174 In offline mode of Rev.2, a fatal problem has occurred where the settings UI is corrupted and not displayed.

■ 0b174 Release - Highlights
 ● Fixed a bug where hardware drawing could not be used in the ARM64 build version.
 ○ Calendar holidays to 181 regions and・types.
 ○ Added search function for setting items.
 ○ Changed the main window item names so that you can freely specify custom names.
 ○ Changed the ability to specify a custom name for the data share computer name.
 ● thilmera Fixed a bug where the process'network IO acquisition was not restarted correctly when restarted.
 ○ Remade and speeded up processing of configuration files and multilingual files.
 ○ AMD Ryzen Master Compatible with 2.9 specification changes.

 If you have any problems with the release, please contact the developer on the official website and participate in the test.
Official forum
Official Discord

 Please use the link below to request information such as regular announcements, development progress, reports of bugs and countermeasures, etc.
Bluesky -
Twitter(X) - @thilmera7
Patreon -

Thank you for your continued support at thilmera project.

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