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#Release channel:3 Microsoft Store
#Distribution: Microsoft Store

---- 2023/06/29: --------------------

Currently, the release above Microsoft Store is known to have many problems.

[1] When updating the fix for 0b178 Rev.1, which is known to have a major bug, the rule of Microsoft Store changed and it became impossible to update, and the version with the problem could not be updated for a long time.
[2] I noticed low ratings and reviews on Microsoft Store on June 29, 2023, when I was ready to apply for a version update.
 I don't usually see it at all and I don't get any notifications, so if you have anything, please contact me on the forum or Discord .

 Microsoft explained that "even win32 apps will be updated if they were installed before", but it seems that they are not actually updated to the new version.
 It is highly likely that the reason why it is not registered in the library of Microsoft Store even if it is installed is that it is a win32 application in the first place, and it is under investigation, but a technical solution may be difficult.
 The package distributed with Microsoft Store prohibits upgrading without going through Microsoft Store, so I'm considering what to do.

If you have any comments, issues, suggestions or information regarding these, please contact us on the forums or at Discord, not within Microsoft Store . (japanese) (english)

---- 2022/06/23: --------------------

■ 0b174 Rev.6

Now on Microsoft Store, we have updated from the first release "0b174" to the second release "0b174 Rev.6".
I asked Microsoft again and they said "even win32 apps will update if they were previously installed".

If you find that it is not updated correctly, please contact us below.

---- 2022/06/16-17: --------------------

★ 【IMPORTANT】In the offline mode of 0b174 to 0b174 Rev.2, there is a fatal bug that the setting UI is damaged and not displayed.

■ 0b174 release - highlights
 ● Fixed a bug that hardware drawing could not be used in ARM64 build version.
 ○ Calendar holidays to 181 regions・types.
 ○ Added search function for setting items.
 ○ Changed to be able to specify a free custom name for the item name of the main window.
 ○ Changed to be able to specify a custom name for the data share computer name.
 ● thilmera Fixed a bug where process network IO acquisition was not properly restarted when restarting.
 ○ Remade and speeded up the processing of configuration files and multilingual files.
 ○ AMD Ryzen Master Corresponds to the specification change of 2.9.

---- Finally: --------------------
 If you have any problems with the release, please contact the developer on the official website and participate in the test.

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Thank you for your continued support of thilmera project .

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