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#Release channel:1 Original

---- 0b178 / 2023/04/29 - 2023/06/25: --------------------
 The latest version of the overall release is 0b178 Rev.8.

[0b178 Rev.5 / 2023/06/24]
 A package that could not be started due to a resource mismatch was eligible for update for several minutes. Sorry to trouble you, but please update by using the updater.

[0b178 to 0b178 Rev.2 / 2023/05/10]
 A bug that causes a deadlock and freezes mainly during window drawing interrupts.
 In addition, a small number of security vendors have confirmed that arm64 builds are falsely detected as malware.

[0b178 / 2023/04/29]
 Version 0b178 has been adjusted and updated from DEV2 to 35 (2023/01/08 to 2023/04/28) in the test channel as a Preview.
 Since there are so many changes, if you find any bugs, please contact us on the forum.

■ 0b178 - Highlight
・Completely redesigned UI (large-scale update)
 Improved usability.
 The first of a major update aimed at improving comprehensibility.
 The main focus of these updates is to bring it closer to being usable and understandable by non-technical users.
 In the future, i will start enhancing the online help and plan to add reference links in sequence.
 Comments are still welcome on the official forum or Discord .
・Brush up such as weight reduction of the core of the sound analyzer system
・Making some shortcomings of hardware drawing
・Improved that there was a waiting time at the end of the program
・thilmera7key.ini obfuscation and export functions
・Migrate OpenSSL from 1.1.1 series to 3.1.0

---- 0b177 / 2022/12/25~30: --------------------
 Version 0b177 has been adjusted and updated from DEV4 to 19 (2022/11/30 to 2022/12/24) on the test channel as a preview.
 Since there are so many changes, if you find any bugs, please contact us on the forum.

 The current latest minor version is Rev.3.

■ 0b177 - Highlight
 ・Reduced overall processing cost by improving frame waiting, synchronous processing, and unnecessary processing branching.
 ・Approximately 1.4 times faster by parallelizing the data collection unit. The load is almost the same and lighter than the past version.
 ・Complete separation of drawing part and data collection part
 ・Reduction of calculation cost by rearrangement of core parts
 ・Enhanced save function for screenshots
 ・Hyper-V Improved information gathering
 ・Added Efficiency Mode (EcoQoS) option
 ・0b176 and legacy bug fixes
 ・Apply per-monitor DPI (v2)

---- 2022/06/21, 2022/10/16: --------------------

【critical fix】
★ In 0b176, we changed the old driver so that it is not used in the standard settings for security reasons.
 If it is absolutely necessary, turn on "Allow use of older drivers" in CPU settings. We highly recommend using the RyzenMaster driver.
★ 0b174~0b174 Rev.2 offline mode, fixed the fatal bug that the setting UI was broken and not displayed.
★ 0b174-0b174 Rev.1 has a problem that it will start in offline mode if you register the N version without an explicit offline parameter. In this case, please run the updater directly.
★ 0b174 has a bug that prevents the updater from downloading properly. In this case, please run the updater directly.

■ Distribution channel (version selection and change) [2021/12/27]
■ XP・Does not start on Vista [2021/04/11]

---- Finally: --------------------
 If you have any problems with the release, please contact the developer on the official website and participate in the test.

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