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#Release channel:0 DEV - Public Test
#Status: ch0 Testing and development in progress
#Version: 0b181 Rev.2 DEV16

If you find a problem, please actively report it below without thinking that it will be fixed because it is obvious, or that someone else will contact you anyway.
Basically, bugs that are tested and not immediately fixed are those that have not been confirmed in the developer's environment.

All inquiries to authorized support will be answered directly by the developer.
Official forum
Official Discord

Thank you.

----0b181 Rev.2 DEV28 / next core r2 / 2024/04/17:--------------------

Many of the main variables have been declared and memory allocation has been reorganized.
I tested it on two actual machines a day, but it is a test item, so if you find any problems, please report them.

The reorganization of the core has significantly improved the response and load of almost all operations.
The amount of memory used has also been reduced, although only partially.

Added experimental feature 「Remove removable media」.
See help for details

Languages ​​added after 0b182 (total 54)
Esperanto, Estonian, Georgian, Macedonian, Latvian, Kannada, Telugu, Persian, Nepali, Tamil, Malay, Icelandic, Bengali, Belarusian, Croatian

----0b181 Rev.2 DEV16 / Bonan tagon, lingvon esperanto / 2024/04/01:--------------------

During some tests.
I am starting an implementation test of the task scheduler method with automatic startup with administrator privileges.

Due to inconsistencies in update areas, i am having difficulty dealing with the problem of display garbles, especially in layered hardware drawing.

As a near-term plan, i am currently working on making the display of temporary folder mounts, logical drive IO, etc. to an implementation level.
Enumeration of connected speeds for USB works reasonably well in unit tests. However, it is unclear how long it will take to implement it.

----0b181 (Gen 0b180 v2) / 2024/02/24:--------------------
 ★ Highlight : 0b180 to 0b180 v2 (0b181)
  0b181 is the 2nd version of the 0b180 series that has been cumulatively refreshed after over 200 user test builds.
  ・ Thorough fixes for all reported bugs
   Thorough fixes and adjustments to all requests and bugs reported on the official forum after 0b180 release. (Excluding items to be reserved for next time)
   Mainly fixes GPU, VRAM, drive, window, multi-monitor, mouse action, etc.
  ・ Added graphical symbol display complete within the program. Improved visibility independent of display language and OS
  ・ Three types of Misaki fonts are officially added to the dot fonts.
  ・ Flag specifications are inherited when calling update from the main program. Specification options such as whether to create a shortcut

----ch0: 0b180 refresh D r22 DEV12,16,17,19,20,21 / 2024/02/13,2024/02/14,2024/02/15,2024/02/20,2024/02/22,2024/02/23:--------------------
DEV21 / preview 0b181 (Gen 0b180 v2)

Updated preliminary test on ch0 to DEV21.
The version after the next update will be 0b181, but the content will not be a new series, but version 2 of the 0b180 series.
 ○ Release to ch1 is scheduled for the evening of 2024/02/24


Fixed a bug where the date used for the history before the change in the configuration file moved to the "ini_history" folder referred to the value of 0 before storing the current time.
This bug is a fix for a problem that occurs in the current version ch1, so please be careful when backing up your settings, as there is no history of past settings that should remain.


A bug in DEV12 where the specification of a separate unit for network IO only was not specified correctly has been fixed in DEV16.

Preliminary test at ch0. and corrections in progress. I welcome any additional bug reports.

Suddenly, starting with this test version, I have experimentally implemented status posting to Bluesky.
The default ch1 doesn't have it yet.

----0b180 refresh D r22 DEV2 / 2024/02/06:--------------------
Preliminary test at ch0. I welcome any additional bug reports.

----0b180 refresh D r22 / 2024/01/30,2024/02/05:--------------------
Official release that includes fixes for some bugs addressed on the forum.

If you find a problem, please proactively report it, without thinking that it will be fixed because it's obvious, or that someone else will contact you anyway.
Basically, bugs that are tested and not immediately fixed are those that have not been confirmed in the developer's environment.

Thank you.

Revised headline:
 Display collapse due to old function 「Deco Cube」
 Logical drive instability
 VRAM root reorganization
 GPU legacy and support for some environments
 Partial ascending order setting for top processes
 Multiple precision calculation route
 Display/hide bug
 Taskbar range after returning from sleep
 Dealing with monitor changes, window corrections, cases where the best window aspect at the start is not applied, etc.

 Logical drive letter display switching
 Reversal of bar style 「horizontal reversal」
 Applying transparency of 「Software drawing+Window translucent」

 Fixed an issue where the temperature scaling from DXGI was an order of magnitude higher in the GPU Radeon route.

Additional headlines:
 ○ SMART Information Report
  ・ Added display of volume information that exists for each drive
  ・ Extended items that are generated independently and are different from the original CAtaSmart have been changed to have Ex notation.
 ○ Added a temporary troubleshooting item to the report that displays the status of OS performance counters.
 ○ Collect data with 「graph」 and 「tachometer」 regardless of GPU 「operation rate」 setting

Known issues pending in the 0b180 series:
 ・ Intel HD Graphics legacy (or all) temperature issue
 ・ An issue where the character frame becomes thicker under the condition of 「Software drawing+Layered+Dot font+Character frame+Magnification specification」
 ・ A core bug where the text frame is treated as a transparent pixel when the 「Software drawing+layered+background color is #000000+character frame」

Announcement history:

2024/01/21 (refresh C r21, r20, r19):
 Refreshed version of 0B180 C (R21) with fixes from many reports

 Intel Fixed missing GPU details route in Arc.

 We created a specification to call with a flag when updating from the program itself, and the latest version of the updater is 0.6.2023NS Rev.8.
 Updates from this version onwards include an option not to create shortcuts. Option to deploy all architectures is available.
 Emergency update due to resource corruption. Or not applicable for MS Store version.

 2024/01/15 21:58, 2024/01/16 01:41 JST

 Hotfix 1 and 2 have been applied to rev14, and the latest version is rev16.
 In response to reports that line spacing calculations and text display positions are distorted, I have made corrections and corrections to report settings and all settings that developers can confirm to match the previous version.

 2024/01/15 00:50, 2024/01/15 01:59 JST

[ch0 =DEV: Test Channel]
Advance release of rev14, which is scheduled to be the final stable version of the 0b180 series.
From rev13 to 14, there were no reports of any bugs, and the only changes were not fixes, but rather adjustments with almost no impact.
It is scheduled to be applied to the default channel from 22:00 to 23:00 today.

If you find a problem, please proactively report it, without thinking that it will be fixed because it's obvious, or that someone else will contact you anyway.
Basically, bugs that are tested and not immediately fixed are those that have not been confirmed in the developer's environment.

Thank you.

2024/01/02 to 2024/01/12:
[ch0 =DEV: Test Channel]
We have released rev13 in advance, which is scheduled to be the final stable version of the 0b180 series.
If there are no problems after the weekend, the default channel will be updated as is.

If you find a problem, please proactively report it, without thinking that it will be fixed because it's obvious, or that someone else will contact you anyway.
Basically, bugs that are tested and not immediately fixed are those that have not been confirmed in the developer's environment.

Thank you.

rev12 to rev13
  Intel Adjustment of problems found by Arc actual machine test
  Fixed a bug where the configuration was not reset correctly when changing the folder mount settings of a logical drive.
  Mainly fixes the issue where the route for Intel Arc does not start when AMD Radeon series ADL libraries coexist.
  Additional corrections to some display/hide issues
  Added experimental option to add candidates to network adapter detection
  Temporary maintenance of UAC launcher function
  Improvements in settings
  Dot font
   Officially added three types of dot fonts made by Misaki Font.
   Adjusting dot font output
   Software-drawn dot font new route test (setting required)

----0b180 Release / 2023/12/24 to 2023/12/30:--------------------
  hotfix 1 to 11
0b180 Rev.12 (maybe stable)

 Known defects
   Hardware drawing+A bug that causes deadlock in IO graph conditions. Fixed with hotfix11.
   Although it was possible to update the test code, the initial version check always failed.
   Additionally, in versions up to hotfix9 of Gen 0b180, it was reported that not_admin passed as a parameter to the old compatible executable file was not inherited correctly, and this has been fixed in hotfix10.
   If the cursor edge display setting was on, there was a bug where the position and size of the main window would disappear due to updates, etc.
   If you want to restore lost settings to before the occurrence, past settings files are located in the ini_history folder.
   If it is running, you can restore it by overwriting the current ini file and pressing "Load Settings" in the settings window.
   If it is not running, just overwrite it and then start it and it will be restored.

Version 0b180 / 2023/12/24 : Highlights
・ The file structure has been completely redesigned and integrated into a single program for each architecture. Separate part of the library into separate files and organize the root folder
・ Complete and challenging rewrite and rebuild including core parts
・ Elimination of MFC dependence
・ Enhanced completely self-made multiple precision calculations and created a display function for all digits in decimal notation with no upper limit. Values ​​that fit in 64 bits are bypassed to normal calculations, so the load is minimal.
・ Enhancement of original software drawing, which has the advantage of low load without using GPU, and start of transition to SIMD-aware configuration
・ Reworking and rebuilding window operations, user interfaces, and UI objects
・ In addition to re-supporting GPU Radeon, Intel Added support for Arc. Shift to content that takes into consideration multiple graphic boards and GPGPU
・ Implementation of update specifications in version Microsoft Store (will be applied from updates after this version)
・ Alpha testing of CDI-like fan-made GUI and development of original extensions
 Unique specifications map disks without drive letters, including folder mounted and unmounted disks, and some disk positions that cannot be determined.
 Unique interpretation and formatting of NVMe. (Supports multiple temperature sensors)
 Complete display up to each theoretical maximum in NVMe, and display in units of 1000 (SI prefix) and 1024 (binary prefix).
・ CDN caching of binary data streams for distribution from servers

■ help - New file structure Old offline version/full version

----[ch0 DEV : Public Test] 0b180 preview / 2023/06/26 to 2023/12/23:--------------------
[ch0 DEV : Public Test] [0b178 Rev.18000 DEV137 / 2023/12/17]
 The test version of the next version has many changes from the previous top level. A radical remake. Includes challenging new features.
 It has been impossible to update for a long time because the changes are too big, but I have finally reached the point where I can.
 From the end of November, I have started preliminary testing using the current ch0 =DEV.

 There are too many to write about, so first of all, please experience the new generation and report any problems.
 It also includes some bug fixes reported in the current release channel version.

・ Rebuilding the file structure (see help for details)
 ・ Consolidated into a single program file for each architecture
 ・ Addition of determination whether it is included in the target architecture when distributing or updating
 ・ Separate parts of the library as separate files
・ Many fundamental rewrites and rebuilds, including core parts
・ Eliminate content that depends on MFC
・ Completely self-made enhancement of multiple precision operations. All digits of numbers with no upper limit can be displayed in decimal notation. And the amount of calculation does not increase for numbers that fit in 64 bits.
・ Start of enhancement of software drawing
・ Begin the transition to a SIMD-aware configuration
・ Reconstruction of window user interface and UI objects
・ Reworked all window operations. Maximization support
・ Add Teams to status post
・ Uses OS standard system for image decoding
・ Shifted GPU information management and display to include content that takes into consideration the use of multiple graphics boards and GPGPUs.
・ Intel Arc information display support
・ Implementation of updated specifications in version Microsoft Store (preparation for the next version of this version)

・ Test version of CrystalDiskInfo-like GUI
 Development testing of functions that do not exist in the current original. Recruiting testers.
 The main difference is the unique mapping of drives and folder mounts.
 Unique interpretation and formatting of NVMe. (Supports multiple temperature sensors)
 Supports numbers with large numbers of digits and differences in units such as 1000 (SI prefix) and 1024 (binary prefix).
 The appearance of the special window's user interface is still preliminary.

・ Updater: Compatible with new specification layout
・ Server: CDN caching of distribution streams

Please test and report using the email address below. There is a high possibility that communication through other media will not be communicated.
Official forum
Official Discord

----0b178 / 2023/06/25:--------------------
 The current latest minor version is Rev.8.

■ 0b178 - Highlight
・ Completely redesigned UI (large-scale update)
 Improved usability.
 The first of a large-scale update aimed at improving understandability.
 The focus of these updates is to make it easier for non-specialist users to use and understand.
 In the future, i will begin to enhance the online help and plan to gradually add reference links.
 I am still accepting comments on the official forum or at Discord.
・ Brush up on sound analyzer system core weight reduction, etc.
・ Creating some missing hardware drawings
・ Improved the issue where there was a wait time when the program ended.
・ thilmera7key.ini Obfuscation and Export Features
・ Migrate OpenSSL from 1.1.1 series to 3.1.0

----2022/06/21, 2022/10/16:--------------------

【Important fix】
★ In 0b176, the old driver is no longer used by default for security reasons.
 If it is absolutely necessary, turn on "Allow use of old drivers" in the CPU settings. RyzenMaster driver is highly recommended.
★ 0b174 ~ 0b174 Fixed a fatal bug where the settings UI was corrupted and no longer displayed in offline mode of Rev.2.
★ For 0b174 to 0b174 Rev.1, if you have registered the N version that does not have an explicit offline parameter, there is an issue where the service will start in offline mode. In this case, please run the updater directly.
★ 0b174 has a bug that prevents the updater from being downloaded correctly. In this case, please run the updater directly.

■ help - Distribution channel (selecting and changing version) [2021/12/27]
■ help - XP・Does not start on Vista [2021/04/11]

 If you have any problems with the release, please contact the developer on the official website and participate in the test.
Official forum
Official Discord

 Please use the link below to request information such as regular announcements, development progress, and reports of bugs and countermeasures.
Bluesky -
Twitter(X) - @thilmera7
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Thank you for your continued support at thilmera project.

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