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 thilmera Opinions about・Impressions・Questions・Information can be sent using the form below.
 Please use the bulletin board as much as possible, except for cases where you need to attach files other than images or content that is not good to post on the bulletin board.

 Bulletin boards can attach images to both parent articles and replies. Also, since the administrator will be contacted by email when posting, the response speed will not change.
 Please use the bulletin board as much as possible to share information such as problems and requests.
 In addition, i will respond to inquiries without e-mail addresses on the bulletin board.

 Directly thilmera7 as attachments larger than 1MB will not be acceptedPlease send an email to
 However, gmail is not a media, and all binaries such as programs are rejected, so if you have an attached file, please use the mail form as much as possible.
 I will try to reply as soon as possible, but it may take some time due to the circumstances of the administrator.

 Manager: Gakuto Matsumura:弦生ささと

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