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Introduction (installation)

 There are three types of thilmera : a ZIP file that is a traditional portable package, an installer version of the msi that was introduced from 0b148 to 0b167, and an updater and installer from 0b169.

 There are two ways to install thilmera .

・Downloaded from the official website ( or a software distribution site linked from it.ZIP filePlace it anywhere and expand it.

・Run thilmera7.upd.exe downloaded from the official website ( or the software distribution site linked from there, specify the installation location, and extract it.

 All distributed executable files are digitally signed with " Gakuto Matsumura ".
 Unsigned or signed with a different name is malicious software that uses thilmera, so please never run it.
  thilmera will not be installed with any other software.

 The updater and installer is named installer for easy understanding, but it only installs the necessary files under the specified folder and creates shortcuts for them.
 Unlike the msi version, it is not registered to the OS, so it does not use the registry at all.
 Regardless of whether you use ZIP or an updater, it is basically a portable type, not an installation type.

 Therefore, it does not appear in the OS uninstall list.

 Only when the startup service registration function is used will it be registered as a service on the OS.

 The MS Store distribution package is an OS registration type with an installer and an uninstaller.
 This package can be deleted from the OS's "Add or Remove Programs".
 However, since MS Store distribution packages are semi-supported, there will be delays in fixing and responding to defects.
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