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Microsoft Store edition

The article is currently being edited. Please wait for a while. (2024/03/01)

Microsoft Store Edition overview

The version distributed under Microsoft Store is a special release package.
Since it's a win32 native app, it won't be listed in the store app library.

The big difference is that the original version is portable, and support and updates are immediate.
The Microsoft Store version is an installation type, and the correspondence itself is the same on the official forum and Discord, but it takes quite a while to update the release package.

The official forum and Discord are always answered directly by the developer himself, but the reviews in Microsoft Store are checked infrequently when he has time, so it may take several months for a response.

Emergency measures that lasted until 2024-03-01 (under editing)

This content was also added to the newsletter on December 12, 2023.

Caution: This channel will not notify you of the latest version
 The latest version of the notification for this channel is anchored to the value of the version originally posted on Microsoft Store .
 This does not mean that there are no new products, but because the specifications cannot be updated from the store side, this is an emergency measure to prevent malfunctions.
 Therefore, the latest version advertised is not the original version.
  2024/03/01: Latest version: 0b181 Rev.2

Caution: Versions will not be updated on this channel
 This channel is known to not be updated, and as per the specifications of Microsoft Store, it will not be updated.

 Microsoft Store Regarding the policy and release information above, it was discovered after more than a year that this program, which is a win32 native application, was supposed to be updated but was not actually updated.
 As a way to resolve this, I introduced a function in version 0b181 that allows updates to be made in a manner that is compliant with store policy and has been confirmed by Microsoft Store .

Tips: How to manually obtain updates from the store 1
 Find the folder where the program is located. In many environments it is located at thilmera7 under ProgramFiles on the main drive.
 [1] Back up the ini file in the folder to any location.
 [2] Uninstall from the standard UI of the OS. Step [1] is important because the store policy deletes everything, including configuration files.
 [3] Install again from Microsoft Store .
 [4] Stop the program, copy the manually backed up ini file to the folder and overwrite it. Please note that if you copy without exiting the program and then exiting the program, the overwritten content will be lost.

Tips: How to manually obtain updates from the store 2
 [1] Find the following key in the program uninstallation information in the registry and delete it. (I will not run the uninstaller)
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] [SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall] [thilmera 7]
  This can also be done by running the following command from a command line with administrator privileges.
   reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\thilmera 7" /f
 [2] When you reopen Microsoft Store, the install button will return, so install from there.
 [3] The version will be updated with the settings inherited. (What the developer envisioned)
 If you want to uninstall after completing this process, run the program thilmera7.uninstall.x64.exe (x64/arm64) in the folder.

As of 2023/12/12 (Updated 2024/03/01)

In this release channel, the project's native upgrade system was intentionally disabled to comply with Microsoft Store's policies, and from the answers from the store side, it was created with the assumption that updates would come from the Microsoft Store side. I did.
However, more than a year later, on 2023/06/29, the developer realized that this update was inconsistent with the answer of Microsoft and had not been done at all, and it was not in a state that could be used. It turns out that
As of 2023/06/29, i am considering how to deal with it and have started contacting Microsoft .As of 2023/08/22, I have decided what to do, but the scale of the update in 0b180 preview was too large. I haven't started yet.

I would like to apologize to the users who found out about this software from Microsoft Store for the great inconvenience caused for nearly two years.

If you want to use this app in a normal state as soon as possible, please use the project's official package that runs on the normal release channel.
Please refer to the tips above for how to update from older versions up to 0b178 of Microsoft Store .

Microsoft Store version update is extremely slow

In this project, if a fix is ​​issued based on a bug report or request from a user after release, the project's original upgrade system will be able to be updated immediately, but if there is a problem with the release version of Microsoft Store, the fix will be It will be at least 3 to 4 days after the revised version is distributed.
I will apply for the Microsoft Store version with the assumption that there will be no problem reports for a while, but at least it will be provided in a state that is far from the original speed of updates and emergency response of the project.
In addition, the main policies and rules of Microsoft Store are often changed, so if it becomes necessary to take action, the problematic release version may not be updated for more than a month.

Microsoft Store Address for problems, reports, consultations, and requests in version Microsoft Store

Official forum
Official Discord
Official email form

All communications from above will be passed on to the developer.
It is difficult to confirm and respond using other methods.

Issues I'm having with version upgrades on Microsoft Store

Period of occurrence: 2022/06/21 to present
Date of provisional fix: 2023/06/29 (Emergency measure to set the version notification to the oldest version so that the current console can be started without moving to update)

When you first register with Microsoft Store, you will be told that programs distributed with Microsoft Store should not be updated to their versions by any means other than Microsoft Store, and at that time you will be told that 「Even win32 apps will be updated if they were previously installed.」 」, but it is not actually updated to a new version.

I didn't receive any notifications, so more than half a year later, I found out that there were reports in the review of Microsoft Store that 「It is not registered in the library even after installation」 and 「 Microsoft Store cannot be upgraded.」
The developer himself confirmed that even if it was installed, it was not added to the library, and I tried various things, but none of the other win32 apps were added to the library.

Currently, if a user who installed Microsoft Store wants to update the program, the only way to do so is to manually uninstall the program, open Microsoft Store again, and install it.
Moreover, this method also erases all saved data of various settings (due to Microsoft Store's uninstall policy), making it virtually useless.

The developer was not aware of this fatal problem, and since the main purpose of the project is the non-MS Store update function, Microsoft Store believed Microsoft and updated the version notified.
However, in reality, the store only opens when the notification version is updated, so once the version is updated, it becomes unusable, which has been a joke for a year. I am appalled by this fact.

When I investigated what other win32 apps were doing, I found that if the version of the win32 app registered to Microsoft Store was updated, it would open a URL to download a package different from Microsoft Store .
It is questionable whether this method complies with the policy of Microsoft Store, which strictly prohibits updates from sources other than Microsoft Store, but I wonder how win32 applications on Microsoft Store should be provided with a means of updating to users. To be honest, I have no idea, so I'm emailing Microsoft to inquire.
「Regarding the update of the legacy app published in Microsoft Store, i will inform the relevant departments at our US headquarters about the situation you presented and confirm the specifications and whether end users can update to the new version without uninstalling.」 (2023/07/04)
On July 28, 2023, I received a message that I had not received a reply from my home country yet. It seems like they are pushing it.

In the answer on 2023/07/31,
「For Win 32 app products that are not universal apps, app updates are not performed through Microsoft Store, but through in-app updates.
The developer has made it possible to update the app without uninstalling it through in-app updates.
Therefore, it is by design that it will not be listed in the library of the end user's store. 」
The answer I received is contradictory to what I was told in advance: "The policy is that packages installed from Microsoft Store should not be updated by any means other than the Store," so I would like to clarify that. I sent it to you asking for it.
I'll be waiting for a reply to this.

Microsoft Store Each version update date above

2023/02/29-03/01? - 0b181 Rev.2
2023/06/30 07:59 - 0b178 Rev.8
2023/05/02 21:12 - 0b178 Rev.1 (fatal bug)
2023/01/02 19:21 - 0b177 Rev.3
2022/10/26 17:10 - 0b176 Rev.1
2022/09/07 19:30 - 0b175 Rev.2
2022/07/05 20:53 - 0b174 Rev.8 (fatal bug)
2022/06/23 13:07 - 0b174 Rev.6 (fatal bug)
2022/06/16 16:45 - 0b174 (fatal bug)

Microsoft Store Time series list above

2024/03/01: 0b181 updated.
2024/02/28: Requested modification to match MSStore's current policy and update of store distribution version.
2024/02/24: Released 0b181, the cumulative refresh version of 0b180, in the original distribution, with all bug reports and requests on the official forums completed, except for items that were deferred for the next release.
2023/12/24: Released 0b180 to original distribution. Daily initiation of response and remediation of reports.
2023/12/17: The pre-release of the 0b180 series, which is equipped with update functions in the MSStore version, is distributed on the original distribution DEV channel.
2023/08/22: Continued communication with MSStore and finally got an answer on how to update in compliance with policy.
2023/06/29: After checking the content of the review, I realized that there was a problem with the release and update, and announced that I were aware of the problem in important notices. Started emailing questions about updates to MSStore.
2022/12/16: A review is written informing us that there is a problem with updating the MSStore version. However, the developer discovered it six months later.
2022/06/16: First release of MSStore version.
2022/05/31: Started applying to MSStore.
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