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Microsoft Store version

Version Microsoft Store is a unique release channel.
In this release channel, the project's original system of upgrades has been frozen to comply with the policy of Microsoft Store, and the update is scheduled for Microsoft Store .
However, on 2023/06/29, more than a year after the first release of the Store version, the developer realized that this update was inconsistent with the answer of Microsoft and was not actually done at all. It turned out to be unbearable.
As of 2023/06/29, i am considering how to deal with it, and have started dealing with it, including inquiries to Microsoft .

If you want to use this app in a normal state as soon as possible, please use the package running in the normal release channel from the project official.

Microsoft Store update is extremely slow

In this project, if there is a bug report or request from the user after the release, the original upgrade system of the project will be able to be updated immediately, but if there is a problem with the release version of Microsoft Store, the fix will be originally At the shortest, it will be 3 to 4 days after the delivery of the corrected version.
I will apply version Microsoft Store after judging that there will be no problem reports for a while, but at least it will be provided in a state far from the speed of the project's original update and emergency response.
In addition, Microsoft Store often changes the original policy and rules, so if you need to deal with it, the release version with the problem may not be updated for more than a month.

Microsoft Store Version Address for Problems, Reports, Consultations and Requests

Official forum
Official Discord
Official email form

The communication from the above is always transmitted to the developer.
It is difficult to check and respond to other methods.

Problem with version upgrade on Microsoft Store

Occurrence period: 2022/06/21 to now
Temporary action date: 2023/06/29 (Emergency measure to make the version notification the oldest and start the current console without moving to update)

When I first registered with Microsoft Store, I was told that the program distributed with Microsoft Store should not update the version by any means other than Microsoft Store, and at that time I was told that "Even win32 apps will not be updated if they were previously installed. ”, but it is not actually updated to the new version.

I didn't receive any notification, so it took me more than half a year to find out, but I confirmed a report on the review of Microsoft Store that "even if it is installed, it is not registered in the library" and "cannot be upgraded with Microsoft Store ".
When the developer himself confirmed, it is true that it is not added to the library even if it is installed, and after various investigations, none of the other win32 applications are added to the library.

Currently, if a user who installed from Microsoft Store wants to update the program, the only way is to manually uninstall the program, open Microsoft Store again and install it.
Moreover, this method erases all the saved data of various settings (due to the uninstall policy of Microsoft Store), so it is practically useless.

The developer didn't know about this fatal problem, and the main project is non-MS Store update function.
However, in reality, when you update the notification version, you can only open the store, so once the version is updated, you can no longer use it. I am appalled by the fact.

When I looked into what other win32 apps were doing, when the version of the win32 app registered in Microsoft Store was updated, a URL to download a different package than Microsoft Store was opened.
It is doubtful whether this means is in accordance with the policy of Microsoft Store, which strictly prohibits updates from other than Microsoft Store, but how should the win32 application in Microsoft Store provide a means of updating to the user? To be honest, I have no idea, so I am contacting Microsoft by e-mail.
"Regarding the update of the legacy app published on Microsoft Store, i will contact the related departments of the US headquarters with the status you provided to confirm the specifications and confirm whether the end user can update to the new version without uninstalling." (2023/07/04)
On July 28, 2023, I received a message that I have not received a reply from my home country. It seems that the push is being done.

In the answer on 2023/07/31,
"For Win 32 app products that are not universal apps, do not do app updates through Microsoft Store, but through in-app updates.
The developer has made it possible to update without uninstalling by in-app update.
Therefore, it is by design not to be listed in the library of the end user's store. ”
This is inconsistent with the first thing I heard in advance, ``The policy that packages installed from Microsoft Store must not be updated by any means other than the Store'', so I clarified that. I sent it to you.
Waiting for this reply.

Microsoft Store I can't find anything that can upgrade the version in the win32 app on Microsoft Store

thilmera doesn't seem to be the only problem, the store's win32 app probably won't be able to upgrade even if the version is updated.
Moreover, it is difficult for the developer to take any remedial measures because the policy prohibits updates from outside the store for those installed via the store.
Also, since there is a policy that everything installed from the Store, including settings, must be deleted when uninstalling, it is quite difficult to migrate to the original distribution channel.

Each version update date on Microsoft Store

2023/06/30 07:59 - 0b178 Rev.8
2023/05/02 21:12 - 0b178 Rev.1
2023/01/02 19:21 - 0b177 Rev.3
2022/10/26 17:10 - 0b176 Rev.1
2022/09/07 19:30 - 0b175 Rev.2
2022/07/05 20:53 - 0b174 Rev.8
2022/06/23 13:07 - 0b174 Rev.6
2022/06/16 16:45 - 0b174
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