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RyzenMaster Driver Recommendation

Starting with version 0b176, the use of older drivers is turned off by default for CPUs in the AMD Ryzen series.

Older drivers are known to have security issues, as in Windows 10 and later versions, kernel drivers signed by non-corporate entities can only be used if they were created before 2016 (it is unclear how long they will last). It was used knowingly.

Older drivers may be required for CPUs AMD and Ryzen and newer, and for Windows 10 and newer operating systems.
(OSs below Win10 that can use the 2021 version driver. Or in strange Win10/11 environments, that is used)

However, with the current version that can be obtained from the official AMD driver, I decided that it would be bad for users to unintentionally run an old driver, so starting with version 0b176, this has been turned off by default.

If you are aware of this problem and still wish to maintain the old state, please enable the "Allow use of old drivers" option.
Regarding this, I strongly recommend the mode via the AMD Ryzen Master driver. (japanese) (english)

Official CPU clock (Effective Clock)

By default, the clock derived from the Ryzen Master driver is Effective Clock, which is an official standard unique to AMD .
What you see in Task Manager etc. is the standard value, and Effective Clock is the internal net value.
For the Ryzen series CPU, the standard values ​​are basically fixed, but the Effective Clock varies greatly depending on the actual internal load.

Clock calculation when using a non- Ryzen Master driver obtains the division & multiplier of the old AMD CPU and becomes a value obtained by manipulating the standard clock (fixed value), so it is irrelevant to the actual internal clock number. It is accurate, and Effective Clock is closer to the official exact value.

For example, if you perform a load test using "CPU stress" at the bottom of the settings screen for thilmera, you will see that the Effective Clock increases.

v2.13.0.2908 VS v2.13.0.2915 SDK

As of 2024-03-23, the contents of the RyzenMaster v2.13.0.2915 SDK and the binaries returned by the latest release, v2.13.0.2908, are different.
Support for v2.13.0.2915 SDK is 0b182 Rev.2 DEV12 (2024-03-23) or later.
Prior to this, switching to the new spec would cause an internal crash due to a binary mismatch.

When the 2021 version driver works and when it doesn't work

The 2021 driver is cross-signed by a third-party organization called GlobalSign with a code signing certificate that was treated as a corporation due to the format of its operation, but it was originally called an EV code signing certificate., you will need something of a higher grade.

Therefore, the fact that the 2021 version driver cannot be used on Windows 10 or 11 is according to the specifications, and it is more mysterious that there is an environment where it can be used.
On the developer's current PC, it can be used on one side but not on the other.
I do not know why!
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