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Exchange rate (APILayer)

Exchange rate (APILayer)

 0b176 Rev.1 and later uses APIAPILayerto display exchange rate information updated once every 3 hours.
 However, this API's server and network are very vulnerable and may frequently go down.

 Get the API key from below
 Select 「Free Plan」 and 「Signup」.

 Please note that if you check 「I agree to receive marketing communication,」 you will likely receive advertising emails. (You will receive emails even if you don't check them, so if you don't like that, please unsubscribe from "Unsubscribe")

 Copy and save the API key that is displayed after registration, and enter it in the settings.

 Select the currency you want to use as the standard, then turn on 「Exchange rate (APILayer)」.

Wait until the next update to change the base currency.

 This API has a limit of 250 updates per month, so it is designed to not be updated more than once every 3 hours.
 Even if you change the base currency since you first turned it on, you will need to wait until 3 hours after the next update.
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