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Understand your PC's mood and bottlenecks

 PCs have various hardware and software factors such as load and standby time.
 My PC is kind of heavy! The app is kind of heavy! Even if the user thinks that the cause is in the computer, it is not clear to the user just by looking at the screen.

 thilmera If you encounter such a "heavy!", what ability is the most lacking in your computer?
 Computers now allow you to see what you are working on in real time.

 For example, when reading from an HDD, this drive is waiting for processing.
 For example, this program occupies the CPU.
 For example, it is difficult to run this program on a GPU.
 For example, a program you don't recognize is running.
 and so on.

 Which hardware, CPU, GPU, drive, or memory, is insufficient for the intended purpose?
 What are you doing on your computer right now that makes it heavy?
 What is the load and temperature on your computer right now?

 Let's take advantage of thilmera, which allows you to visually see the current mood and performance of your computer!
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