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thil tan (mascot)

 Approximately eight years later, in 2009, a mascot illustration was drawn by an old friend OKU! On thilmera , which started in February 2001.
 The current mascot, official name thil tan (determined by OKU! From the questionnaire results) is the 5th generation illustration.
 It was at the end of 2017 that he was supposed to draw the 4th generation illustration, but there was no prospect of finishing it due to PC trouble of OKU !, and three years later, he offered it to "Gucchi @ Kuroi" in Coconala and finally released it. I was able to do it.

 Also, in July 2017, Mr. Thomas drew a donated illustration at the forum.

 Here, i will introduce the images of successive thil tan (former: thilmera child (provisional)), explanation of the times, and download of distribution wallpaper.

 April 2020
/ 0b162 ~
/ thil tan 5th generation illustration
/ Distribution wallpaper (4k) download
/ Illustrator:Gucchi @ Kuroi no

 End of 2017
/ thil tan 4th generation illustration settings
/ Illustrator:OKU!

 July 2017
/ thilmera Child (provisional) donated illustration
/ Distribution wallpaper (FullHD) download
/ Illustrator:Thomas

 March 2013
/ 0b84 Rev.1 ~ 0b161
/ thilmera Child (provisional) third generation illustration
/ Distribution wallpaper (FullHD) download
/ Illustrator:OKU!

 March 2011
/ 0b55 Rev.1 ~ 0b84
/ thilmera Child (provisional) second generation illustration
/ Illustrator:OKU!

 October 2009
/ 0b38? ~ 0b55
/ thilmera Child (provisional) first generation illustration
/ Illustrator:OKU!

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