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I want to change the widthYou can adjust the width of the window by dragging the left and right edges of the main window.
I can't get the settingsRight click on the main window → Settings or left click+Press the F1 key (default setting).
Or right-click the icon in the task tray and select Settings to open the window.
I can't see the text because it's too smallChange the font in settings to a larger one. If you have a 4k monitor, you may want to use the 4k option.
Most strings are displayed as [■ LANGUAGE ERROR ■]
The resource file 「 thilmera7dat.t7p 」 file is not in the same folder. Or broken. Or it may happen if the versions are different.
To resolve the issue, please re-download and re-install using an updater.
Memory leak on VistaWindows Vista without SP - An official announcement has been made that the OS library "PDH.DLL" leaks memory in SP1, so please install SP2 or later.
CPU temperature no longer changes. Or suddenly became --'C →See CPU temperature
GPU temperature does not appear. or --'C becomes →See GPU information
I displayed it on the sub display, but after restarting it returns to the main monitorIn a multi-monitor environment, if the graphics card controller has a function to fix the monitor on which the program is started, please adjust it.
If the problem is with the thilmera settings, turn on 「Sublock」. Or additionally try turning off "Position Correction".
Cannot be operated after using mouseover hideRight-click the task tray icon and click Hide Mouseover OFF.
Main window moves back to top leftTry turning off position correction in properties.
Text overlaps the top edgeSettings>Please try increasing the side margin value of the window.
Stays in WAIT on mother displayThe motherboard display function is a semi-supported function.
It is not compatible with anything other than the 4 major motherboards.
What temperature is aux?aux in the temperature color or temperature graph is grouped with temperatures not included in the CPU, GPU, and drives (other), but currently it is the temperature of the motherboard.

AUX temperature refers to the highest motherboard temperature.

Motherboard temperatures are not properly adjusted for each environment, so incorrect temperatures may be mixed.
Additionally, there are motherboards that pick up the CPU temperature, such as CPUIN, so the user needs to enable or disable each slot (if disabled, the temperature will no longer be aggregated) depending on the environment.
When changing the font, the number of digits in the numerical value changes each time. thilmera is created assuming a fixed width font.
When using OS fonts, most of them are variable width fonts, so if you use variable fonts, please check "Fixed width".
Font becomes horizontalIf you specify a font that starts with @, the font will be displayed rotated 90 degrees.
This is a normal specification of OS fonts, so it can be resolved by choosing a font that does not have @ at the beginning.
Memory leak (increased memory usage)If you are using gdipp, please set it to be excluded.
If you continue to leak memory when you are not using gdipp etc., please contact us on the forum etc.
WSA_*_ERROR 80070490If 80070490 (E_PROP_ID_UNSUPPORTED) appears with WSA_*_ ERROR while using the Sound Analyzer, it seems to be fixed by applying the following fix.
WSA_*_ERROR 80070008 8007000EThe reason why 80070008 and 8007000E keep appearing on WSA_*_ ERROR while using the Sound Analyzer is often due to lack of maintenance and insufficient memory on the PC.
Please try to free up some physical memory.
Notepad opens when you start it.When creating a shortcut for thilmera on startup, etc., you may have copied it instead of creating a shortcut.
Please check the shortcuts.
Window is whitePlease try using the "Dark theme" that "applies color to all windows" from the color settings.
If you place it at the bottom right on a multi-screen, the x of the display position will be negative.Try turning on fix to bottom right in settings.
The page file display value does not move from 0 Unlike the virtual file value display of similar tools, the page file display of thilmera displays the usage rate of the swap file of the physical HDD.
In the memory details display, if the standby (blue by default) bar is not all the way to the right, everything is being processed in memory.
There is no change even if I press all cores on AMD CPU.AMD temperature acquisition is only single.
The number of GPUs displayed is twice as large.It seems that some recent ADL (Catalyst) are able to recognize NVIDIA cards.
Therefore, if you have both the AMD and NVIDIA drivers installed, or if you have installed the AMD driver at one time, you may experience the same problem being displayed in two locations.
In the former case, nothing can be done, but in the latter case, it can be avoided by completely deleting the AMD DLLs (atiadlxx.dll,atiadlxy.dll).
thilmera cannot be started from launcher etc.Due to security concerns, it cannot be run with administrator privileges from a third party.
I want to update, but I can't overwrite the file.If the file cannot be overwritten due to security issues, check the file's properties>Security tab for ownership.
Also, if an auto-start service is running or the thilmera main unit is running, it is a specification of the OS that it cannot be overwritten unless these services are terminated.
We recommend using the automatic update function for updates.
I want to use an older version thilmera touches on a very sensitive area in terms of security due to its nature.
Versions that are not the latest versions have security holes and vulnerabilities, and continued use may cause fatal damage to the OS.
Therefore, if you have updated the version and think that the previous version was better, please write a request on the forum to reproduce the version, function, display, etc.
We try to make new versions as compatible as possible.
thilmera For the sake of all users and your own computer, please update to the latest version.
What does the number in parentheses to the right of CPU temperature mean?CPU temperature checkbox>Average temperature value displayed when average is on.
In the CPU information of the report
average temp of this cpu = 47'C freq: 2048
This is the content, and the meaning is that in the above case, the average temperature value for 2048 seconds is 47 degrees. It means that · · ·
Partial startup/does not restart after copying to another PCIf you select "Register as UAC startup target" in Auto Start Service, the name of the user currently logged on to the PC will be registered as a target for startup or restart.
If you copy the ini file to a PC with a different user name in this state, it will not start up when changing to administrator privileges at startup or when pressing the restart button.
This problem will be resolved by selecting 「UAC Startup All Targets」.
You can also resolve this by deleting the startup_users line in the ini file.
What do the two numbers in Top Process MEM represent?In the case of top process MEM, the size on the right-aligned left side is the size on physical memory. The size on the right includes virtual memory.
The numbers to the right after 0b175 are the "commit" numbers in the OS resource monitor.
Drive does not exist 0xC0000013 error It has been reported that when you refer to SMART information and there are some USB drives, this error message is displayed on the OS.
If you encounter this error, restarting your thilmera with the option 「No WakeUp」 turned on may help.
After updating to 0b171 or later, some of the logical drives became inverted colors of red and white.In versions 0b171 and later, a health determination equivalent to the CrystalDiskInfo core has been added.
White and red indicates that the drive has been determined to be unhealthy.

「I understand that there is a problem with the drive, and I want to make it disappear.」
In that case,
「Settings>Drive> SMART List」
The "abnormal state" of the corresponding drive is 3. Or please set it to 4.
Crashes when converting characters with IMESince the OS is damaged, please refer to "Display is strange" and repair the OS.
Network I/O has become 0Network>Please check whether the network device list in the drive list is set to HIDE.
If it is unintentionally set to HIDE, left-click to switch to SHOW.
I want to exclude it from " ALT+TAB ".
I want to prevent it from being displayed on all virtual desktops.
If you turn on "Tool Window" in the window settings, it will not be displayed on " ALT+TAB " but will be displayed on all virtual desktops.
If it is turned off, it will be displayed in " ALT+TAB ", but only one virtual desktop will be displayed.
Won't go to sleepIf you are using a sound analyzer, turning on "No Render" may help.
Whether this behavior occurs depends on your sound driver.
I want to see information about each core of the CPU.Settings → CPU → Turn on CPU multi-core (CPU multi).
Ryzen CPU, CPU temperature is E2013Starting with 0b176, the use of older drivers is turned off by default due to security concerns.
If you are aware of this problem and want to continue as before, please turn on "Allow use of older drivers".
RyzenMaster driver is highly recommended.
RyzenMaster Driver, CPU clock does not match task managerBy default, the clock derived from the Ryzen Master driver is Effective Clock, which is an official standard unique to AMD .
For more information, please see the 「 RyzenMaster driver recommended」 page.
DisplayPort monitor changes position when powered off「Sub-lock」 on. Or additionally try turning off "Position Correction".
How can I check whether I am running the full version or the offline version?If the main window attribute information is valid, THILMERA 7 S will be displayed on the left, and if offline, THILMERA 7 N will be displayed.
If the attribute information is not valid, the offline version always displays thilmera is offline in reverse color.
I want to start the offline version (old normal version) directlyIf the installer or updater created a shortcut, start from the one with (offline) at the end.
If the shortcut is not generated, thilmera7.exe in a 32-bit environment. AMD thilmera7_64.exe for 64 environment. If you are using an ARM64 environment, create a shortcut to thilmera7_64arm.exe and add offline to the parameters.
The reason these steps are necessary is that when I made it completely freeware in 2022, existing users registered the program as a service and could not delete it, so although I left it as an offline version, it is currently used by7s. This is because it is designed with the premise that it will be used.
Offline mode will be integrated into7sin the future.

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