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XP・Does not start on Vista

 The code signing certificate used was GlobalSign until 0b168, but since then it has been changed to Certum.
 The signature of this code signing certificate cannot be verified because the root certificate (indicating the certificate authority) is not provided as standard on older OSes.
 Therefore, it is necessary to manually import the following root certificate into the OS as "Trusted Root Certification Authorities".

 readme/RootCertificate1-CTNCA.crt *XP,Vista
 readme/RootCertificate2-CTNCA2.cer *Newly required after 2023/12/20 (XP, Vista)

 Users of older OSes should check the content at their own discretion and import it manually.

 The common name of the signature has been " Gakuto Matsumura " since its inception in 2011.
 If you have any other signature, invalid signature, or no signature, please do not do so.

 0b178 Rev.18000 Up to DEV141 is the old certificate (Certum 2021-03-30). After that, the new certificate (Certum 2023-12-20) will be used.
 The updater is the old certificate up to 0.6.2023NS Rev.7. After that, it will be a new certificate.

 From the 0b180 generation, the official distribution and content of additional root certificates required for legacy OSs below Windows 7 are as follows.

 Certum Trusted Network Certification Authority
  Serial No: 0444C0
  Valid: Oct 22 13:07:37 2008 to Dec 31 13:07:37 2029 GMT
  Download: https http https http

 Certum Trusted Network CA 2 (Cross-certificate Certum Trusted Network CA and Certum Trusted Network CA 2)
  Serial No: 1bb58f252adf23004928c9ae3d7eed27
  Valid: 2021-05-31 06:43:06 to 2029-09-17 06:43:06 GMT
  Download: https http https http

 Although I could not find a set of certificates that are required for XP and Vista and have been confirmed to work, I have confirmed that the ones listed above are the ones that apply.
 You can also refer to the list of URLs below. 2024/01/03 (2023/12/27)

 * (Certum Root certificates)


 2021/03/30 to 2023/12/20: Serial=320ecb25a9f40f94e2ce1a26cb379df0
  Certum Trusted Network CA / Certum Code Signing CA SHA2 / Gakuto Matsumura

 2023/12/20 to 2026/12/19: Serial=365877e22d0d5d8f28c61308533f2c3f
  Certum Trusted Network CA / Certum Trusted Network CA 2 / Certum Code Signing 2021 CA / Gakuto Matsumura
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