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Shortcuts and administrator privileges

 If you set the OS shortcut to "run with administrator privileges", even if you delete the shortcut, the program linked to by the shortcut may remain "run with administrator privileges".

 The current version of thilmera is a program that does not have a shield mark (requiring administrator privileges), so if there is a shield mark, the version is quite old, or the program has been given the "run with administrator privileges" setting from a shortcut.
 If this "Run as administrator" setting remains, create a shortcut to the program, open it in properties, and turn off the "Run as administrator" setting to remove it.

 Also, if you run thilmera externally with administrator privileges rather than elevating it to administrator privileges within thilmera, the execution source must not be a third-party program.
 In this case, from a security point of view, the program ends after confirmation when starting.
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