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Memory leak information

 [Cause] Obtaining GPU information in an environment with NVIDIA drivers 460.79 to 461.40.
 >[Solution] Use older NVIDIA drivers or use 466.11 or later drivers
・Memory leak does not occur with NVIDIA drivers 441.66 to 457.51. 460.79 to 461.40 is NG.
 If you want to try an older driver, 457.51 seems to be a good option.
 This will not affect the GPU's DXGI ON utilization rate.
 It has been fixed in 466.11.

 [Cause] Windows 10 - There are many problems with the December 2020 OS update, including CPU memory.
 >[Solution] The interim workaround for this issue is to uninstall the update program (KB4592438 in 2024,202H. KB4592449 in 1909,1903) or apply the January 2021 fix (not cumulative).
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