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CPU temperature

 thilmera7 has a CPU temperature acquisition function as a standard function. If you encounter a problem such as not being able to control the CPU temperature, please send the information to the forum along with the CPU information in the report.
 Some CPUs cannot display the temperature. If DTS is marked as × in the CPU information in the report, the CPU itself does not have a temperature sensor to begin with.
 For AMD CPUs such as older APUs, turn on AMD50℃ and adjust.

 Access uses drivers with proprietary digital signatures.
 Administrator privileges are required for Windows Vista and later operating systems.
 It will not be displayed if you are not running with administrator privileges.
 Cannot be used in the ARM version because there is no driver.

Windows 10 + AMD Ryzen Does not work on CPU

 There is no problem with the Intel CPU as the acquisition specifications have been unified for new models recently, but with the AMD series (AMD, Hygon), when a new family or model appears, the acquisition method changes and it may be necessary to make adjustments. Most of them are.
 !AMD E20If this error occurs, it may be an unknown new CPU.

 !AMD E-1 !AMD E2013 The reason for this is that older drivers, which are undesirable for security reasons, are no longer automatically used.
 If the 2021 version driver is available, it will be used, so it will not be displayed like this.
 However, this 2021 version driver is often rejected on Win10 or later. (The reason is that an EV signature by a corporation that has been individually approved by Microsoft is now required.)
If you get the error 2013 and cannot install RyzenMaster for some reason, please turn on "Allow use of old driver", understanding that this increases the security risk.

AMD CPU compatibility table


 Family 15h

Compatible with 0b160

 Family 17h Model 01h, 08h, 11h, 18h, 31h, 60h
  Zen, Zen+

 Family 17h Model 71h
  Zen2 Matisse: Ryzen 3500, 3500X, 3600, 3600X, 3600XT, 3700X, 3800X, 3800XT, 3900, 3900X, 3900XT, 3950X

Compatible with 0b167

 Family 19h Model 21h
  Zen3 Vermeer: ​​ Ryzen 5600X, 5800, 5800X, 5900, 5900X, 5950X
  Tested and verified: Ryzen 9 5900X

Compatible with 0b168

 Family 19h Model 4Xh
  Zen3 Rembrandt

 Family 19h Model 50h
  Zen3 Cezanne: Ryzen 5400U, 5450U, 5600U, 5650U, 5600H, 5800U, 5850U, 5800H, 5800HS, 5900HS, 5900HX, 5980HS, 5980HX

Core Unlocker

 On AMD series CPUs, if you enable the setting (Core Unlocker) that changes Athlon (Phenom) X3 to X4 in the BIOS, the sensor will not work. It seems that even genuine 4-core products cannot be monitored if these are enabled in the BIOS.
 EC Firmware Selection [Normal] (*Hybrid is NG)
 Unleashing Mode [Disable](*Enable is NG)
It should be something like .

Number of temperature cores of Intel

 Some people may think that even if you select all CPU temperatures, only half of the temperature will be displayed on an i7 such as Intel, but i3 and i5 have 4 logical cores with 2 physical cores, and i7 has 4 physical cores. There are many logical cores of 4 and 8.
 Therefore, in most cases, the i7 series only has half the number of temperature sensors displayed on the CPU, and this is not a bug.
 Displaying all core temperatures is a function that enumerates as many as possible, and does not necessarily indicate the temperature of the corresponding core.

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