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 This function cannot be used due to changes in specifications.
 However, currently it is possible to post bots to your own account using the free plan API.

 We plan to conduct a survey to determine whether there is strong demand for re-supporting status posting to Twitter (X) under the current specifications.
 0b156 or later
 Using the input API key (v1.1), you can post to Twitter and display the timeline without relying on external services.

 To obtain the four types of keys required for Twitter's API (v1.1), log in to Twitter and visit
 Next, create a consumer key by filling in the fields and pressing the button at the bottom, and then click 「Create my access token」 at the bottom of the next page to create the four types of keys for your account. You can get a complete set. (You need to register your phone number on Twitter for permission)

 Enter each key in the properties page Twitter and perform a post test. If successful, the tweeted page will be opened in the browser.
If you get an error such as number 32, you either made a mistake copying the key or the API key is invalid.

 If it exceeds the character limit of Twitter, it will be truncated at the bottom.
  Twitter The keys for the API are recorded in the thilmera7key.ini file and sent only to the Twitter server.

 The current Twitter has become a paid API, so functions other than posting with only one selected v1.1 API key cannot be used for free.
 v2 API keys are not supported.


 The Discord function will post the status text by entering the URL of Webhook . This URL will only be sent to the Discord server.


 0b174 and later
  Slack function will post the status text by entering the Incoming webhook URL. This URL will only be sent to the Slack server.
 ・Incoming webhook introduction reference


 0b179 preview (0b178 Rev.8 DEV33) or later
  Teams function will post the status text by entering the Incoming webhook URL. This URL will only be sent to the Teams server.
 ・Incoming webhook introduction reference

Send e-mail

 Email can be sent using SMTP (SSL/TLS) with a standard password.
 OAuth2 is not available.

 Please use the app password to use Gmail.

Posted item data

 The information for each element embedded in a status post is basically what is displayed in the main window. Or you must turn on the settings for which information is collected.
 Currently, target data embedded in status posts is not automatically collected regardless of settings.

Post text format

 Double-click the top field to edit, and a preview of the edited content will be displayed in the bottom field.

 Embedding parameters is<>Use the one enclosed in .

Compatibility table (0b171 and later)

time0Time (00:00.00)
time1Time (01-01 00:00)
time2Time (01 00:00)
time3Time (00:00)
time4Time (2000-01-01 00:00)
memPMemory usage(%)
cpuPCPU utilization rate (%)
cpuAPCPU utilization rate - Average (%)
cpuTCPU temperature
cpuATCPU temperature - average
gpuPGPU utilization rate (%)
gpuAPGPU utilization rate - Average (%)
gpuTGPU temperature
gpuATGPU temperature - average
diskLPDrive utilization (%)
diskLAPDrive utilization - Average (%)
diskTDrive temperature
diskATDrive Temperature - Average
motherTMotherboard temperature
motherATMotherboard temperature - average

Compatibility table (0b172 and later)

cpuCCPU clock (MHz)
cpuACCPU clock (MHz) - Average
cpuWCPU wattage (W)
cpuAWCPU Wattage (W) - Average
gpuCGPU clock (MHz)
gpuACGPU clock (MHz) - Average
gpuWGPU wattage (W)
gpuAWGPU Wattage (W) - Average
diskSPDrive usage (%)
diskSAPDrive usage - Average (%)
diskIoWDisk IO write (M/s)
diskIoAWDisk IO write (M/s) - Average
diskIoRDisk IO read (M/s)
diskIoARDisk IO read (M/s) - Average
netIoUNetwork IO upload (k/s)
netIoAUNetwork IO upload (k/s) - average
netIoDNetwork IO download (k/s)
netIoADNetwork IO download (k/s) - average

Compatibility table (0b174 and later)

diskC:SPC drive usage rate (%)
disk*:SP*Usage rate (%) of drive (specified between A-Z)

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