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Local temperature and weather information

 Yahooapis at 0b156 ended its service on January 3, 2019.
 Yahoo Weather - API at 0b158 will be discontinued in 2021.

 The current weather information acquisition has been changed to use the free API of OpenWeatherMap, which was introduced in 0b171.

 To obtain the API, you need to register as a user below.

 Enter Username, Entry email, Password, Repeat Paqssword,
  "I am 16 years old and over"
  "I agree with Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions of sale and Websites terms and conditions of use"
Check and reCAPTCHA and press Create Account.

 An email will be sent to you, so open the confirmation URL included.

 Once completed, you will receive an email with an API key, so make a note of this API key.
 API Key is mentioned above, there is no need to go out of your way to see the content as long as you receive it via email.

 Enter the contents of this API Key in Settings>Network>OpenWeather(TM)>API Key.
 To search by postal code, select the code of the country where you want to see the weather from Country Code, and enter the postal code (with hyphens) in Zip-Code. (not recommended)
 When searching by latitude and longitude, leave the postal code field blank and enter the latitude and longitude. You can input what you get from Google Maps etc. (Recommendation)
 * From 0b175, more detailed content can be displayed if latitude and longitude are specified.

 Once the input is complete, click Reload to start loading.

 In addition,API Key may not be available for around 1 hour after being issued. The site may ask you for the purpose of use, but since it is for personal and non-commercial use and will only be viewed by you, there is no need to do anything beyond the above.

 By the way, it has been several years since I registered, but I have not received any advertisements or other emails from OpenWeatherMap .

Each item

humHumidity (%)
popRainy percent(%)
cloudCloudy ratio (%)
uviUV index
rain1hPrecipitation (mm) (per hour)
rainPrecipitation (mm)
snow1hSnowfall amount (mm) (per hour)
snowSnowfall amount (mm)
windWind speed (m/s)
*hPaAtmospheric pressure

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