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Online virtual currency information

 In 0b154, I created a function to display the current BTC price of each exchange: bitFlyer, zaif, coincheck, Quoine, BTCBOX, bitbank, kraken, binance ($), BitMEX ($), kraken ($), Quoine ($) Did.
 This feature uses public API.
 The numbers are not from the trading board, but from what is called a ticker.

 The standard setting is access once every 5 seconds, 12 times per minute. 60 times per 5 minutes.
 I don't think it has reached the frequency of being scolded, but I haven't checked all the API restrictions, so if you can't get your PC's IP address due to too many accesses, please change the interval seconds setting.

 The virtual currency function is a function that has never received any requests or opinions since it was created in 2018, but since it was featured in an article in January 2022, i am planning to perform maintenance for the first time in four years soon.
 I will not create a function to directly handle money.

 I don't know much about virtual currencies, so if someone says, 「I want this exchange to take over,」 I'll check to see if it's possible.

 Regarding information on currencies other than BTC, there is no limit, so i will only respond to requests for information.
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