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Monitor off keep

 The conventional "monitor off" function, which puts the monitor into power-saving mode, had the problem that if the mouse moved even slightly after execution, the monitor would turn on and return at an unintended timing.

 Therefore, the monitor off keep function added from 0b163 maintains the monitor off until the Control key is pressed after execution.

 If you don't want to turn off the PC but want to turn off the monitor, you would normally turn it off using the monitor's power button, but if you are using multiple monitors with DisplayPort connected monitors, A so-called DisplayPort problem occurs in which the display position and size of windows etc. are all changed.

 As a solution to this problem, I aimed to put the device into power-saving mode at any time and return to it at any time, while maintaining the display state.

 We have confirmed that the display status is maintained even when using this function in a multi-monitor environment including DisplayPort on Windows 10.

 Please note that this function only works when "Monitor Off Keep" is executed from the menu or hotkey, so it will not affect the PC in any other state.
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