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Real time TCP - UDP Information

 You can divide the connection status of TCP and UDP into each process, and see in real time which processes are communicating with each other.

 The data displayed by this function is created during top process processing.
 You can now display the number of network connections for each process in [+ NET] under [Top Process CPU] or [Top Process NET], so if you see connections there but are curious about the contents, etc. There are several ways to use this report, such as using this report function.
 The report of this function is automatically updated in synchronization with the update of the top process, so it is possible to keep it open and monitor it.

 The UI for this report is available at7s.
 You can do the following with the UI.

・Left-click to open and close the contents of all processes.
・Left-click to open and close the contents of the specified process.
・Specify port filter

 Port filters are single numbers, such as 80, as of version 0b148. Or you can set a number in the range, such as 1-1024.
 To return to the state where nothing is specified, specify a blank field.
 If you specify this filter, only those ports whose local or remote port matches the specification will be displayed.
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