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  1. Confirmation when CPU temperature is not displayed
  2. If you can't get the CPU temperature or CPU wattage when you buy a new model, run "Report: CPU information" and check if there is a description of **** mode.
    If there is no description or if it is displayed as "Unknown", there is a high possibility that information acquisition will not work properly, so please copy the contents of the report and let us know.
    Ryzen of AMD on Windows 10 and above, Threadripper will most likely require the Ryzen Mater driver, either manually allowing older drivers to be used.
    The mode using the RyzenMaster driver over AMD is highly recommended.

  1. If you find a problem
  2. If you find problems, bugs, corrections, changes, or requests, please be sure to contact the official site forum (, the official mail form (, or the developer's email address. .
    Writing on the official Discord channel ( is also a good idea.
    Even if you write a bug report in a place other than the official place, it will not reach the developer first.
    thilmera is a complicated software that makes it extremely difficult for an individual to check all settings, so we appreciate your cooperation.

  1. Languages ​​other than Japanese are created by machine translation. Please refer to the Japanese version for accurate information.

[version 0b178 Rev.18000 DEV113 / preview next 0b180 / 2023/11/30]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-11-30 12:53:50UTC
0b178 Rev.18000 DEV113
2023-11-30 12:53:27UTC
0b178 Rev.18000 DEV113
2023-11-30 12:53:07UTC
0b178 Rev.18000 DEV113
2023-11-28 15:50:52UTC
2023-11-28 15:50:52UTC
2023-11-28 15:52:56UTC
2023-11-28 15:53:38UTC
2023-11-28 15:52:56UTC
2023-11-28 15:53:38UTC
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-11-29 15:37:59UTC
2023-11-29 16:38:05UTC
2023-11-29 15:22:23UTC
2023-11-29 15:37:49UTC
2023-11-29 16:37:54UTC
2023-11-29 15:22:46UTC
2023-11-30 14:24:20UTC
0b178 Rev.18000 DEV113

  1. 【Important】Consolidating programs and migrating to new file structure
  2. There is now only one newly integrated program for each architecture, and file naming has been updated.
    In the new file structure, the executable file name has changed.
    If you use the updater, the old configuration files will be replaced with startup files to maintain compatibility as necessary.
    However, manual updates using ZIP files require some required work and are intended for core users.
    Please refer to the online help for details.
  3. Migrated the development environment to Win11. From now on, the Win10 environment will be removed from constant testing and will be semi-supported.
  4. Core part
    1. Started transitioning to using SIMD for some character string processing and software drawing
    2. Start moving fixed strings that are duplicated in each executable file to a single resource
  5. Place the openssl binary as a DLL file and separate the modules. Changed to load only when necessary.
  6. Fixed a bug where characters were split without endings in some formatted string drawings.
  7. Corrected to use old values ​​when page file usage cannot be determined.
  8. If the original value of the average temperature becomes abnormal, unexpected behavior will occur, so the value of the average temperature handled as a whole is limited to between -273 and 273 degrees Celsius.
  9. Theory drive
    1. Changed to call update of drawing content when each setting is changed.
    2. Added display/hide settings for fixed drives, CD drives, and remote drives.
  10. In bps mode, which changes the amount of network IO transfer from bytes to bits, a unified calculation is now performed when drawing instead of correcting the original value.
  11. Report
    1. Adjusted the issue where previous data remained when switching from the menu
    2. Added an item to the memory description in system information so that you can see the model number etc.
    3. Refresh 「PCI device information」
    4. Temporarily create a 「GPU information」 report. NVIDIA, Radeon, Intel Additional experimental information for Arc
    5. Added 「Task Scheduler Execution Order List」
    6. Integrate 「SMBIOS」 into 「System Information」
  12. Changed so that if the CPU's "processor parking status display" starts off, the corresponding collection counter will not be registered until the setting is turned on.
  13. AMD Ryzen Master
    1. 2.12 System analysis and correction
    2. Added option to display core voltage (Voltage) as average or peak.
  14. GPU
    1. Completely reworked data slot handling, changing from a fixed length of up to 10 to variable length. Some of the settings still have a limit of 10.
    2. In order to match the GPGPU usage, the GPU display number has been changed to a serial number starting from 0, including mixed brands.
    3. Added serial number display to VRAM to match GPU
    4. The 「all cores」 option has been abolished and all cores are displayed by default. Changed to display/hide option for each slot
    5. DXGI Added option to display VRAM in the corresponding GPU information area when enabled.
    6. Added GPGPU item to node handling and changed the old CUDA and Compute system here. CUDA nodes cannot be checked with the latest driver
    7. Changed the number of columns in each node details to take into account the number of frames in the hide setting.
    8. DXGI It is difficult to understand the behavior of the setting being turned off when p mode is unavailable even for temporary reasons, so the setting is not changed and the processing is changed to the disabled flag.
    9. If you specify a percentage when getting Fan, try to get multiple Fans.
    10. Trial acquisition of PCIe generation and number of lanes
  15. GPU - AMD Radeon Graphics
    1. AMD -Start of actual machine confirmation of Radeon on CPU
    2. Refreshed acquisition relationships that had not been maintained for a long time, and addressed issues such as some information not being collected that was originally available.
    3. Addition of means to obtain performance information
    4. If there is a method that allows you to receive update data from the start log instead of each library inquiry, it will be changed to use that method.
      The value of "frame speed x update frame temperature" is used to specify the refresh interval.
      DXGI If p is disabled, behaves as legacy mode.
    5. Added option to not use new log update method
    6. AMD Added option to hide CPU integrated graphics, AMD Radeon Graphics
  16. GPU - Intel Arc
    1. Adding Intel Arc to supported GPU brands
    2. Removed forced display option for Intel
    3. Intel is displayed even if there is a GPU other than the original Intel. This option has been abolished. By default, Intel is displayed.
      Added option to hide Intel HD.
  17. Standard window - User interface
    1. In the core of window processing, movement, resizing, application of monitor DPI, and their drawing coordination are completely reconfigured.
    2. Since this is a complete rewrite, there may be major bugs due to the environment or omissions in confirmation.
    3. Adjusted title bar design. Added image icon format to title bar buttons
    4. Added option to hide window borders
    5. Changed so that "ATL+ENTER" can be used to toggle maximization in windows where maximization is enabled.
    6. Adjust border movement smoothly
    7. Changed most of the fixed values ​​that vary depending on the monitor's DPI to be cached when the DPI changes.
    8. Recreate DPI and position corrections for UI objects from the effects of changes
    9. Scroll bar design adjustment. Added option to choose from 4 different designs, from modern to classic.
    10. Adjust the overlapping of the window size movement area and scroll bar
  18. Fixed a route where the specified volume value was not passed correctly for screenshot sound effects, etc.
  19. Correct access privileges for remote drives and network addresses
  20. Added permission corrections in environments where network drives cannot be viewed or accessed with administrator privileges, and added on/off options for each.
    A function that attempts to correct cases where access to network storage is denied, such as where screenshots are saved.
    By default, both list display and file access corrections are on.
    This additional option also affects logical drive enumeration.
  21. Migration to MFC-independent content
  22. Changed the code that depends on the framework MFC to native.
    For descriptive purposes, you can write alternative classes yourself. However, ATL still exists today.
  23. Continuation of CrystalDiskInfo-like fan-made GUI
    1. Convert NVMe output and data collection on the expansion side into functions and generate them when updating data
    2. The report has also been changed so that it can produce the same output.
      The current report is different from the original CDI, so it has been written in parallel.
    3. Added option to specify NVMe temperature sensor number
    4. Composite and each sensor., and arbitrarily select the one to be adopted from among the average value and maximum value. Default is maximum value.
    5. Make the temperature display area a UI object and add full text display on mouseover.
    6. If there is a bit flag in the Endurance Group critical warning for NVMe rev1.4 or later, the status will be changed to BAD.
    7. [DEV12~35] t7ex extension: Changed the list of additional mount positions to be retrieved only from fixed drives. To solve cases where waiting time occurs and minimize the situation.
    8. [DEV12~35] t7ex extension: Fixed a bug where the specified empty data destination would crash depending on the environment when some NVMe data was missing.
    9. Added option to show/hide background images.
  24. [DEV ~ 35] A bug where the maximum IO value in the graph was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
  25. Fixed an issue where resource images could not be loaded from 32-bit programs.
  26. Updated icons for new configuration programs

[Updater 0.6.2023NS]
    1. Add the old configuration flag and architecture (target machine) metadata as additional information in the next package file.
      1. Executables marked as obsolete will be skipped if none are installed
      2. Executable files of different architectures when setting 「Current Architecture」 will be skipped if there is no installed one.
      3. If the updater is called from the main program and a file with the old configuration exists, it will switch to a mode that deploys all the old architectures.
    2. Organizing shortcuts and changing behavior
      1. If a shortcut that requires administrator privileges is found to be installed with non-administrator privileges, it will be restarted with administrator privileges.
      2. When running with admin privileges, organize shortcuts for both admin and non-admin privileges
      3. Shortcut generation for executable files that were not installed due to old files or different architectures will be skipped.
      4. Changed default setting to create shortcuts
      5. If the Program Files installation location is as follows, shortcut generation that includes non-administrative privilege parameters will be skipped because current specifications do not allow operation with non-administrative privileges.
      6. The shortcut generation folder name will be changed from "thilmera 7" to "thilmera 7 (Portable)". (If derived from 32bit version updater)
      7. This folder is not automatically deleted due to a conflict with the installer version or because the user may have created it manually.
    3. Core refresh. Compatible with the latest ini files, etc.

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV35 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/09/11]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-09-11 09:17:24UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV35
2023-09-11 09:15:39UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV35
2023-09-11 09:15:09UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV35
2023-09-11 09:16:20UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV35
2023-09-11 09:16:56UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV35
2023-09-11 09:18:03UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV35
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-09-11 09:33:21UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV35

  1. Core part
    1. [DEV33] Corrected a fundamental calculation error in the decimal output of home-made multiple precision.
    2. Confirm by verification and comparison that the output results at 128 bits or higher match the intended values.
  2. Continuation of CrystalDiskInfo-like fan-made GUI
    1. Switch to creating your own list of raw values ​​in NVMe

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV34 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/09/11]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-09-10 15:44:18UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV34
2023-09-10 15:43:07UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV34
2023-09-10 15:42:45UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV34
2023-09-10 15:43:34UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV34
2023-09-10 15:43:58UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV34
2023-09-10 15:44:43UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV34
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-09-10 15:50:35UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV34

  1. Continuation of CrystalDiskInfo-like fan-made GUI
    1. [DEV64] Fixed a bug where the total read of non-NVMe SSD was not displayed.

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV33 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/09/11]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-09-10 15:23:55UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV33
2023-09-10 15:22:47UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV33
2023-09-10 15:22:25UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV33
2023-09-10 15:23:13UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV33
2023-09-10 15:23:35UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV33
2023-09-10 15:24:23UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV33
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-09-10 15:28:44UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV33

  1. Core part
    1. When handling wide strings, some parts were changed to pure binary copying.
    2. Adjustments and templates for sorting. Reduce some load
    3. Completely self-made multiple precision calculation
      1. Both 1000 units and 1024 units can be calculated by outputting strings.
      2. All digits of numbers with no upper limit can be displayed in decimal notation.
      3. Adjustments such as calculations with 128 bit or more
      4. If the multi-length content is within 64 bits, the increase in calculation amount is almost cut by passing the conventional character output processing.
    4. Speed ​​up multilingual and fixed string processing by changing to a reference method that does not use functions
  2. [DEV12] Mouseover hide and shrink. Readjusted the display switching by mouse action for each combination of full screen non-display.
  3. We confirmed and fixed other problems, probably because hiding in full screen did not work properly due to DEV12.
    However, mouseover opacity in hardware drawing remains unresolved.
  4. [DEV16-17] Fixed a bug where some of the content that was previously displayed was not displayed on mouseover.
  5. Fixed freeze originating from 0b178
    1. Fixed an issue where there were still routes that caused deadlocks in the settings window, etc.
  6. Software drawing
    1. Adjustment of pixel composition calculations. Reduce some load
    2. Reorganization of many software drawing processes
    3. Correct the rich bar to the same gradation ratio as hardware drawing, inline it, and rebuild it.
    4. Changed the variables used for figure calculations including anti-aliasing from double (64bit) to float (32bit), which is equivalent to hardware drawing.
    5. Changed the calculation of continuous pixels in the 64-bit version from 32-bit width to 64-bit width as much as possible.
    6. Changed the entire initialization to a 64-bit wide loop and abolished the use of built-in functions.
    7. Corrected the sound analyzer display to be closer to the hardware drawing result (wave band is being adjusted)
    8. Changed to draw only the updated area on the screen in a mode that does not use transparency or layering (almost equivalent to controlling the updated area in hardware drawing)
    9. Fixed character width correction and improved DPI control
    10. Changed the layered character frame to be done when drawing dot fonts in the same way as hardware drawing.
  7. Fixed a bug where when restarting thilmera, the settings were loaded on the restart side before saving the current settings data.
  8. Settings window UI
    1. Clipping each area and readjusting areas that did not respond as intended to mouse operations
    2. Objectify area management
  9. Input UI subwindow
    1. Fixed a possibility of writing to the abandoned area when completing with a mouse click.
  10. Window UI title bar
    1. Reorganize window title bars as dedicated UI
    2. Clear separation of menu item areas and implementation of window maximization toggle by moving the window and double-clicking outside the area
    3. The width of the menu in the title bar part is now automatically adjusted, which solves the problem of display being cut off depending on the language.
  11. Report window
    1. Supports maximizing the window
    2. Testing fixed width correction with non-MONOSPACE fonts
    3. Added setting items to the font field of the settings window
  12. CPU report
    1. If you start a report without the driver loaded, an unknown error will occur because there is no data, so the driver will be loaded and called back the first time this report is opened.
    2. Determine and output the extended instruction set available to the CPU. Although the ARM system has been prepared, the route has not been created because it cannot be confirmed.
  13. Teams
    1. Temporarily added Teams to handle status posts.
    2. However, since this is basically impossible with a free account, the developer himself cannot confirm the operation. Semi-support handling.
  14. Format of mouseover display field
    1. Cut blank lines at the beginning and end, keep blank lines in the middle
    2. Line by line, text only. or change to allow mixed formatted text
  15. Continuation of CrystalDiskInfo-like fan-made GUI
    1. Added bar notation with formatted drawing in mouseover display for slot selection at the top
    2. Changed so that you can arbitrarily specify the color of each health status (GOOD=blue etc.)
    3. Changed background image drawing from API to proprietary calculation method to improve quality.
    4. Items such as total reading by NVMe are treated as a unique 196-bit format based on raw data, and changed to be able to identify up to the theoretical maximum value on NVMe data.
    5. Use fixed width correction for raw data display
  16. Changed the NVMe drive temperature to use the maximum value when multiple temperatures can be obtained.

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV27 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/13]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-13 10:02:16UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV27
2023-08-13 10:00:59UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV27
2023-08-13 10:00:35UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV27
2023-08-13 10:01:29UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV27
2023-08-13 10:01:55UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV27
2023-08-13 10:02:43UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV27
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-13 10:03:17UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV27

  1. Changed decoder of image file used for wallpaper to WIC
    1. Since it depends on WIC, it supports BMP, PNG, ICO, JPG, TIFF, GIF, WDP, JXR, DDS, DNG, WEBP, HEIF, AVIF, etc.
    2. Some are OS or extension dependent.
      Added a list output of compatible formats in the usage environment on the mouse over display of the wallpaper selection column.
  2. Unit notation of the core part
    1. Added full notation (GB, GiB, etc.) function for each of 1000 and 1024 data volume units
    2. Added automatic formatting for hours, minutes, and seconds
  3. The continuation of the CrystalDiskInfo style fan-made GUI
    1. Fixed a bug that stopped with an arithmetic error when the parameter of the volume size is 0
    2. Fixed a bug where drives that were not mounted anywhere were not displayed correctly
    3. Separating the process of generating content for display from the process of rendering
    4. Changed to write 1000 and 1024 of the data amount unit side by side.
    5. Adopted automatic unit format for time notation on mouseover display
    6. Changed so that display by mouse over is continued when redrawn due to data update.
    7. [DEV26] Additional information about thermal throttling has been removed for now, perhaps because it is implementation-dependent, or because it is reported that the setting value and operation do not match, and the data is even more confusing and meaningless.
    8. AMD _In the RC2 environment, there may be multiple RAID volumes linked to the drive, but it is difficult to identify, and there is no harm even if it appears, so it is adopted as it is.
    9. Replace the state judgment of each element with a code that prioritizes compatibility with the original (however, if the original is updated, the code level needs to be remaintained on its own, so accuracy cannot be guaranteed)
    10. Fixed the problem that the display collapses when DPI is changed.

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV26 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/09]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-08 15:19:51UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV26
2023-08-08 15:18:31UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV26
2023-08-08 15:18:10UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV26
2023-08-08 15:19:00UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV26
2023-08-08 15:19:29UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV26
2023-08-08 15:20:19UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV26
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-08 15:20:46UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV26

  1. The continuation of the CrystalDiskInfo style fan-made GUI
    1. Fixed a bug where the health status was not applied to the color of the drive selection UI
    2. [Not Adopted] Added acquisition of current setting values ​​for thermal throttling 1 and 2.
    3. Added additional information to thermal throttling mouseovers

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV25 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/08]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-07 15:21:34UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV25
2023-08-07 15:19:46UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV25
2023-08-07 15:19:16UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV25
2023-08-07 15:20:28UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV25
2023-08-07 15:21:06UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV25
2023-08-07 15:22:12UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV25
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-07 15:24:03UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV25

  1. Dealing with the case where additional display of mouse over is not updated under some conditions
  2. Fixed a bug that hidden windows are displayed when changing the screen resolution (DPI).
  3. For relatively new Radeon, change to give priority to new wattage when available, and deal with some cases where wattage is not displayed
  4. Continuation of the CrystalDiskInfo-style fan-made GUI: v20230808
    1. Fixed thermal throttling temperature reference incorrectly showing the same thing as another number
    2. Improved display speed by only creating object display contents when updating or switching data (however, the drive switch UI at the top is unorganized)
    3. Added usage and size display for all volumes of the target drive, including volumes not mounted anywhere, on mouseover in top drive switch UI

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV18 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/06]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-05 18:08:55UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV18
2023-08-05 18:07:48UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV18
2023-08-05 18:07:27UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV18
2023-08-05 18:08:14UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV18
2023-08-05 18:08:36UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV18
2023-08-05 18:09:19UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV18
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-05 18:09:50UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV18

  1. Continuation of the CrystalDiskInfo-style fan-made GUI: v20230806B
    1. Fixed a bug that information at mouseover does not remain or is not updated after switching

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV17 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/06]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-05 17:40:55UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV17
2023-08-05 17:39:49UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV17
2023-08-05 17:39:28UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV17
2023-08-05 17:40:14UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV17
2023-08-05 17:40:36UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV17
2023-08-05 17:41:19UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV17
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-05 17:48:03UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV17

  1. Continuation of the CrystalDiskInfo-style fan-made GUI: v20230806
    1. [DEV16] Fixed a bug that NVMe revision confirmation was wrong
    2. [DEV16] Fixed a bug that the label remains when switching the page to non-NVMe after NVMe
    3. Display automatic unit on mouseover in all writes and all reads
    4. Show serial number on mouseover

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV16 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/05]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-05 15:03:47UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV16
2023-08-05 15:02:19UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV16
2023-08-05 15:01:58UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV16
2023-08-05 15:02:43UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV16
2023-08-05 15:03:06UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV16
2023-08-05 15:04:10UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV16
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-05 15:11:24UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV16

  1. Changed the message that is displayed when hovering over an object so that even long sentences without breaks will fit correctly on the screen.
  2. Continuation of the CrystalDiskInfo-style fan-made GUI: v20230805
    1. Make each label element a UI object
    2. Changed to pop up the part that cannot be displayed by hovering the mouse over the drive letter field.
    3. Mouse over each disk to display the disk number, etc. I am sorting out the free space of the folder mount
    4. In NVMe, adjust the judgment that the display itself may be cut if the revision is not recognized
    5. Currently, some NVMe information that cannot be obtained with AMD _RC2 is turned off when CMD is AMD _RC2

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV15 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/03]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-03 15:35:16UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV15
2023-08-03 15:34:07UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV15
2023-08-03 15:33:45UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV15
2023-08-03 15:34:32UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV15
2023-08-03 15:34:57UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV15
2023-08-03 15:35:43UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV15
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-03 15:38:43UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV15

  1. Continuation of the CrystalDiskInfo-style fan-made GUI: v20230803B
    1. Fixed additional test items appearing on non-NVMe drives
    2. Temperature range for NVMe, composite to c:. Changed to indicate each sensor with 1: etc.

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV14 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/03]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-03 15:06:26UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV14
2023-08-03 15:04:59UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV14
2023-08-03 15:04:31UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV14
2023-08-03 15:05:33UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV14
2023-08-03 15:06:02UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV14
2023-08-03 15:06:57UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV14
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-03 15:07:51UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV14

  1. [DEV9-12] Fixed a bug that the MAX value of spectrogram was not drawn by software drawing.
  2. [DEV9-12] Fixed a bug that the service was not started correctly with the service auto start.
  3. Continuing the CrystalDiskInfo-style fan-made GUI: v20230803
    1. Formatted some additional NVMe test items

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV13 / preview next 0b179 / 2023/08/02]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-02 15:48:44UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV13
2023-08-02 15:47:38UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV13
2023-08-02 15:47:06UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV13
2023-08-02 15:48:03UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV13
2023-08-02 15:48:25UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV13
2023-08-02 15:49:08UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV13
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-02 15:50:03UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV13

  1. Fixed mountpoint buffer mismanagement in CDI-fanmadeGUI

[version 0b178 Rev.8 DEV12 / preview next 0b179 (DEV1~12) / 2023/08/02]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-08-02 15:05:26UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV12
2023-08-02 15:04:32UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV12
2023-08-02 15:04:11UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV12
2023-08-02 15:03:33UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV12
2023-08-02 15:05:01UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV12
2023-08-02 15:06:04UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV12
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-08-02 15:18:26UTC
0b178 Rev.8 DEV12

  1. Added option to not use legacy 3x5 font for tachometer in font settings
  2. Microsoft Store Improved the opening behavior and changed to be able to transition to the product page.
  3. I/O In the IO graph, the problem of the unit of the maximum value, adopting the process of unifying the core part as a fix
  4. Changed the AutoKMG flag in IO so that it can be set separately for disk and net
  5. Additional support for some motherboards
  6. Fixed a bug that the CPU clock display was not output correctly with some settings (under confirmation)
  7. Fixed a bug that the count of retry notation of version confirmation is not updated in some cases.
  8. Fixed an issue where manual version checking in offline mode caused traffic.
  9. Added setting to wait online at startup
  10. Disabled by default. If you specify a number of seconds, before checking the version at startup, check if the system is online and wait until it is online.
    Since this confirmation is an inquiry to the system, it does not generate specific traffic.
  11. Many rewrites and other adjustments including core parts
  12. When specifying the maximum value of the memory system of the top process, when the setting value is larger than each installed memory, the installed memory is changed to the maximum value.
  13. Fixed a bug that the settings window did not fit correctly on low resolution screens
  14. Changed to start without looping until creation is successful if an error occurs in registering the task tray icon for some reason.
  15. Hardware driver
    1. Change loading to asynchronous processing
    2. Changed the load retry timing from 500ms to about 2 minutes in double increments.
  16. Readjusted the opening and closing process of the main window, such as when clicking the task tray icon.
  17. Fixed a bug that the message window that should be opened from the setting window was not displayed
  18. Added option to collect thilmera internal thread information in top process system for testing purpose
  19. Disk mounted in a folder
    1. Added ability to relate which disks are located even if they are mounted in a folder
    2. Drive mount is traditional "C:". Notation of what is mounted in a folder as "C+"
  20. AMD-RAID
    1. Fixed a case where the driver version check passed the judgment by mistake under some conditions.
    2. Expression conditions did not pass the main check. And when it comes to a specific combination of sub-confirmation judgment level and irregularity.
      It does not affect environments where the AMD-RAID driver is not installed.
    3. Fixed a bug that released COM even if COM initialization failed in the sub version check called when the main driver check was NG.
  21. Report
    1. Corrected so that the displayed font is correctly applied to the font for the report window.
    2. Fixed an issue where setting the font of the report window did not give the correct width.
    3. TCP - UDP adjust process
    4. Tweaks and improvements to how process details are retrieved on the command line
    5. Fixed the command line being cut off when it doesn't fit in one line
  22. CrystalDiskInfo style fan-made GUI: v20230802
    1. Creation of test version of GUI for viewing drive status like CrystalDiskInfo and development test of functions that currently do not exist in CDI
      1. I'm currently creating a temporary test, so it's accurate enough to work for the time being.
      2. Languages ​​other than Japanese are automatically machine translated, so there are cases where the number of characters is exceeded and it is difficult to see.
      3. Part currently seeking confirmation
        1. Whether the drive doing the folder mount to the subfolder shows the correct path on the correct drive
        2. With NVMe, do you see two or more temperature fields on the left for a device that can originally take multiple temperatures?
        3. In NVMe, is there a case where anything other than 0 is displayed in the content starting with test at the bottom?

[version 0b178 Rev.8 / (0b179) / 2023/06/25]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-06-24 17:27:32UTC
0b178 Rev.8
2023-06-24 17:26:21UTC
0b178 Rev.8
2023-06-24 17:26:00UTC
0b178 Rev.8
2023-06-24 17:26:48UTC
0b178 Rev.8
2023-06-24 17:27:12UTC
0b178 Rev.8
2023-06-24 17:27:59UTC
0b178 Rev.8
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-06-24 17:43:35UTC
0b178 Rev.8

  1. Fixed an issue where the default labels for temperature graph and temperature color were incorrect.

[version 0b178 Rev.7 / Rev.5,6,7 / 2023/06/24]
Hash & Virus Check
2023-06-24 13:05:30UTC
0b178 Rev.7
2023-06-24 13:04:24UTC
0b178 Rev.7
2023-06-24 13:03:53UTC
0b178 Rev.7
2023-06-24 13:04:47UTC
0b178 Rev.7
2023-06-24 13:05:12UTC
0b178 Rev.7
2023-06-24 13:05:51UTC
0b178 Rev.7
2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
0b2 Rev.2
2023-06-24 13:56:56UTC
0b178 Rev.7

  1. Fixed a route where the hidden target temperature in the motherboard setting may not be excluded from the alert value.
  2. Fixed several causes of crashes with some settings in Sound Analyzer display
  3. Motherboard display and enable/disable arrangement
    1. Changed the setting for each item of the motherboard to the notation of whether it is valid or invalid.
    2. Added display/hide setting for overall temperature and overall fan in motherboard display area
    3. Even if all temperature items are disabled, it will not be judged as an error that data cannot be obtained.
    4. Fixed a bug that the original temperature value remains when the motherboard setting is turned off
  4. From 0b178 Rev.4, Discord of status post, Fixed a bug that Slick's URL confirmation did not work properly
  5. License definition updates
    1. Contents of COPYRIGHT have been reorganized due to insufficient definition of license contents for use within companies.
    2. Add an identification version to COPYRIGHT, and the latest official one applies to all versions including the past
    3. Added display of local identification version and server identification version in COPYRIGHT display part in software
  6. Fixed a bug where some file extension checks were incomplete
  7. Fixed a bug that input windows for numbers and strings were not displayed correctly when the window translucent setting was used.
  8. Status post
    1. Fixed that the default template sentence CPU uniform temperature was gpuAT. Existing settings will not be overwritten, so if cpuAT in the CPU line is gpuAT, please rewrite it.
    2. Fixed a bug that aggregated drive temperature for status post and status log was not correctly set to one overall temperature per cycle.
    3. Fixed a bug that the preview on the setting window was not displayed when the window was opened after the second time.
    4. Changed to output an error in the preview on the setting window when the data to be exported is not collected.
    5. Changed to exclude items for which data has not been collected in the judgment of trigger action from those that need to clear the conditions.
  9. Status post, status log
    1. Added a flag indicating whether or not each data collection item is currently collected, and changed not to output items that are no longer collected.
  10. User interface
  • Fixed a bug that click judgment of out-of-range objects occurs under certain conditions
      1. Added a setting to switch between old and new scrollbar width.
    1. Changed so that arbitrary names can be set for each item of temperature graph and temperature color.
    2. SMART
      1. Added option to display in drive letter order
      2. Sorting specifications are for 9 English letters from A to Z included in the drive letter. If they are the same, they are in CDI disc number order.
      3. Added a setting to reflect the health status of the drive in the background color
      4. Added an item to separately display the color list of drive health status
    3. Style temperature no decimal places
      1. Fixed a case where it was not an integer correctly
      2. Adjusted the number of characters to be secured when setting no decimal point
    4. CPU, GPU, Top process CPU, Top process GPU usage rate changed to be able to select integer only or decimal point.
    5. Added an option to display only the usage rate (percentage) in the memory system.
    6. Added option not to abbreviate element names in network IO even when portrait style is used.
    7. Added a setting to display only whole numbers without decimal places in the output of data fluctuation units (automatic change such as kilo, giga). For applications where you want to keep the amount of information compact
    8. Integrate character string generation of temperature system into the core part and unify management with real numbers
    9. Changed to call the updater as a UI when fatal problems such as missing resource files or inconsistent content occur.

    (preview DEV6~12 : 2023/06/11~2023/06/21)

    [version 0b178 Rev.4 / 2023/05/30]
    Hash & Virus Check
    2023-05-30 10:23:17UTC
    0b178 Rev.4
    2023-05-30 10:21:38UTC
    0b178 Rev.4
    2023-05-30 10:21:07UTC
    0b178 Rev.4
    2023-05-30 10:22:15UTC
    0b178 Rev.4
    2023-05-30 10:22:50UTC
    0b178 Rev.4
    2023-05-30 10:23:52UTC
    0b178 Rev.4
    2021-05-03 13:50:49UTC
    0b2 Rev.2
    2021-05-03 13:50:34UTC
    0b2 Rev.2
    2023-05-30 11:35:50UTC
    0b178 Rev.4

    1. Some core tweaks
      1. Changed to get permission only when executing memory purge function without specifying SeDebug permission normally.
      2. Adjust startup process
    2. Removed the ARM64 version of openssl code until the cause of the false positive was resolved. Email sending function in ARM64 version is suspended
    3. In 0b178, fixed the problem that drive temperature acquisition starts in the stopped state under some setting conditions.
    4. Changed some motherboard chips to reuse the temperature slot display frame to pick up as much as possible
    5. Added support models such as relatively new Intel CPU wattage
    6. Temporarily disable the service registration function in the distribution for MS Store. I plan to switch to Task Scheduler next time.
    7. In the setting of scroll delta by mouse wheel, in addition to standard and page unit, change so that it can be customized by specifying a specified value as delta (sliding width).
    8. Added confirmation form to update on launch
      1. Changed to display a confirmation form when an update is executed when the program is started.
      2. Form can be skipped by setting. Do not skip by default
      3. In the link to the version history, the specification for each version that will be supported in the future is added to the URL
      4. Generate a link to each hash and virus check result of the release build on the version history page on the official site side
    (preview DEV1~39 : 2023/05/13~2023/05/29)

    [version 0b178 Rev.3 / 2023/05/13]
    1. Fixed freezing from 0b178
      1. 【Important】Adjustment of two cases of exclusive control that cause deadlock in window display processing
      2. Adjusting software-drawn layered flags
    2. Top process IO,NetIO
      1. Fundamental solution to the problem that calculations in seconds are not displayed when updated in less than 1 second. Change calculation from integer to float
      2. Make the lower frame limit on the setting equal to others
    3. Addressed the problem that values ​​outside the design range could be set when numerical values ​​were entered in the update frame settings.
    4. In network IO, when using bps as the display unit, the highest value is not updated correctly, and an unintended reverse color occurs.
    5. Motherboard reacquisition adjustment (testing, unknown)
    [Updater & MS Store Installer]
      1. Fixed a bug that was judged to have failed to create a directory on the latest OS.

    [version 0b178 Rev.2 / 2023/05/03]
    1. 【Important】Fixed a bug in software drawing that stopped drawing when turning layered settings on or off or resizing while layered.
    2. 【IMPORTANT】There is a problem with software drawing on older OSes that uses semi-transparent windows, which causes malfunctions.
    3. Layered adjustments in software drawing
      1. Recreate group separate as a dedicated process that is not affected by layered settings, and remove unnecessary "no translucency calculation"
      2. As with hardware rendering, users no longer need to worry about specification constraints.
      3. Fixed some bugs such as not applying transparency when switching between layered and translucent windows
    4. Changed the "Make background color transparent" option so that it is not affected by whether the layered setting is on or off.
    5. Added division labels that were in the previous version to the left pane of the settings UI

    [version 0b178 Rev.1 / 2023/05/01]
    1. Fixed a bug where unintended breaks were drawn in the new UI switches, etc.
    2. Changed the minimum height of the settings window to 615px. Size compensation when the size of the window is larger than the work area of ​​the current monitor
    3. Explicitly disable taskbar icons in versions below Vista
    4. Group separate update
      1. Changed to turn on conditional layered when group separate is enabled at software drawing
      2. Added the option "Use layered without semi-transparency calculation" to the sub-setting of group separate. On by default
      3. If you're using group separates, this update will disable layered translucency, so check your group separate settings if you're unintended.

    [version 0b178 / 2023/04/29]
    1. Redesigned setting UI
      1. Renewal of UI design. Consolidation of all pages. Coordination of exclusive handling. Fixed some bugs
      2. The first layer group is made accordion style and the scroll position is corrected. Changed so that it can be called directly from the left pane
      3. Added link to open help for UI objects described in online help
      4. Adjusted the description so that it does not overlap the object and abolished the inversion color
      5. Show parent-child relationship options under certain settings only if the setting is on
      6. If one line of the description cannot be displayed, line breaks with commas or periods after a certain length
      7. Changed the menu and closing process at the top of the popup window when the mouse is down.
      8. Resize, maximize windows and splits. Save size. Default is minimum size
      9. Redesigned search box. Display magnifying glass characters (Windows 8.1 or later) and search words, and highlight during searching
      10. Corrected window ratio correction when moving between monitors with different DPI
      11. Fixed xy input window crash
      12. Added option to use rounded corners when drawing rectangles in UI
    2. Changed to skip GPUs with duplicate unique IDs because there is currently no way to obtain information on NVLINK (SLI) configured GPUs.
    3. Sound analyzer,stage1
      1. Some tweaks. Adjustment of signal waiting, thread creation, operation flag, etc.
      2. Updated master volume value even during silence without rendering. Reduce load by changing acquisition to callback
      3. Added mute status to volume display
      4. Fixed unintended wait time during "silent+input audio"
      5. Information such as the number of hertz of voice data is also described in the spectrum. Added option to show or not
      6. Fixed one crash cause
      7. Reviewed the specification of recreating a thread each time an internal restart was performed, and changed so that the restart would be completed on the same thread.
      8. Fixed a bug that the resource release was not called correctly when the sound analyzer setting was turned off.
      9. Temporarily added some device change notifications to log output
      10. Addressed an issue wherestage1could remain stuck after a long period of use
      11. Ended support for 32bit version due to update of development environment
    4. Sound analyzer channel room
      1. Corrected channel FR and C positions
      2. Fixed a bug that the display area disappears when silent
      3. 5. 1ch, 7. 1ch created line system drawings that were not created with hardware acceleration.
    5. Weather information
      1. Fixed a bug where error messages were not displayed correctly
      2. It turns out that API KEYs obtained after 2023 (exact date is unknown) can no longer obtain data including moon age.
      3. Switch to fill alternate data if possible
        However, in this case, UVI and Moon phase cannot be obtained.
    6. Reduce thread creation cost
    7. Some new motherboard information acquisition tests
    8. Changed the warning upper limit of 32bit process memory to 4097 (4GiB+1MiB) to deal with 4GB of 32bit applications.
    9. Changed to be able to specify a custom name for each temperature and fan on the motherboard.
    10. Fixed a bug that did not work as intended when the keep time 0 was specified.
    11. Changed to ignore device number 0 (not GPU core) of " Intel (R) HD Graphics" in GPU detection.
    12. Fixed a bug that was not reflected immediately when changing the topmost display (Topmost) of the window after startup
    13. An update related to socket communication, which is mainly used for data sharing. (Derived from modifications in other products)
    14. Hardware drawing
      1. Changed not to redraw when window position is moved.
      2. Changed so that "Semi-transparent window" and "Transparent background" can be selected even with hardware drawing.
    15. Improved program exit
      1. Addressed an issue where some cases would not exit properly on system shutdown
      2. A considerable amount of waiting time occurred at the end of the program. Adjusted the processing at the end of the top process related to greatly reduce the waiting time.
      3. Close message to the main window. and " ALT +F4" changed to initiate program exit
    16. Hyper-V Changed to display the total value in the background of each gauge without letters when it is not possible to secure a place to enumerate all CPU values.
    17. Countermeasures against the load of information acquisition of Recycle Bin
      1. Retrieval of trash information generates IO traffic every time, so the method is changed from polling to callback.
      2. Changed to update information from another thread only when there is a change in the trash directory.
    18. thilmera7key.ini
      1. Minor Obfuscation
      2. 【Caution Downgrading the】version will make the contents unreadable, so manual backup is recommended if you plan to downgrade.
      3. Export function
      4. Added a function to export the contents of thilmera7key.ini as a plain text file
    19. Fixed a bug that the supporter list in the menu was not displayed correctly when switching languages ​​or selecting some languages.
    20. Various links correspond to changing the English version URL of the official site (move to subdomain)
    21. Fixed the problem that screen shot saving (rectangular selection) is reduced by 1 dot vertically and horizontally.
    22. As a countermeasure against json decoding errors, changed to specify ".UTF8" for Win10 1803 or later as "en" for the internal locale regardless of the language specification.
    23. Changed the default volume of screenshot sound effects to 50%.
    24. Removed unsupported NVAPI library imports for x64 in ARM64 builds
    25. Changed to retry up to 3 times as an error when "no route" JSON or CDN arrival error HTML is returned at the exchange rate.
    26. Increased the number of retries from 3 to 30 when some communication errors are detected in weather and exchange. Mainly dealing with OS recovery, etc.
    27. Migrate OpenSSL from 1.1.1 series to 3.1.0. Added missing SNI information for some HTTPS access
    (preview DEV2~35 : 2023/01/08~2023/04/28)

    [version 0b177 Rev.3 / 2022/12/30]
    1. AMD Ryzen Master
      1. Ryzen Improved effective core judgment of EffectiveClock after 5000 series and corrected so that the number does not fluctuate. (AMD Ryzen Master Rev2.8 or later)

    [version 0b177 Rev.2 / 2022/12/30]
    1. Bug fix for 0b177
      1. In offline mode (thilmera7 n), bugs such as the date line being displayed due to the processing of items that do not exist in 7n have been fixed.
      2. Fixed a bug that under some conditions, the wait process ofstage1may not wait correctly and the load may be extremely high.
    2. Fixed a bug where some settings left the sound analyzer blank when there was no sound
    3. Changed to retry for 0.5 seconds to check whether the configuration file can be written at startup.
    4. Apply per-monitor DPI (v2)

    [version 0b177 Rev.1 / 2022/12/25]
    1. Fixed a bug that may not start in Vista64bit environment etc.
    2. Fixed a bug that some settings may continue to prevent acquisition data such as CPU temperature from being collected.

    [version 0b177 / 2022/12/25]
    1. Bug fix for 0b176
      1. Fixed a bug that about 10 commands such as DisplaySet were not executed correctly.
      2. Fixed a bug with generic text file loading where some color themes were not recognized
      3. Fixed a bug in hardware rendering where color changes were not applied to some sound analyzers.
      4. Fixed a bug that the display does not appear properly when the usage rate is 0%, etc. when the memory system is turned on or off.
    2. Fixing existing bugs
      1. "Borderless" setting did not have the intended result
      2. Adjusted the problem that the display area of ​​the sound analyzer disappears when the window width is expanded
      3. Each SMART description in the report did not refer to the intended string
      4. Fixed a bug that DXGI p does not return when the graphic device is recreated on NVIDIA
      5. Fixed malfunction of cropping of screenshot save (rectangle selection)
      6. Fixed a bug that the automatic memory purge function may be executed unintentionally.
    3. Frame wait processing
      1. Significantly changed the frame wait processing and added a high-precision timer with low-cost signal control. On by default. When turned off, old spec polling wait
      2. Fixed bug with async frame wait forstage1not going into intended frame calculation route
    4. Parallelize the data collection part of the display item
      1. Tightened and rearranged data collection and drawing calls to prevent data updates during unplanned drawing
      2. Parallelized the data collection part, greatly shortening the processing time. Slightly increased CPU load, but much lower load than past versions. Off can also be selected from the frame speed setting field
      3. The processing time during parallelization is reduced by approximately 1.4 times.
    5. Added an option to operate with EcoQoS (efficiency mode) in the "Frame and Speed" settings. (Windows 11 22H2 or later)
    6. EcoQoS (efficiency mode), which reduces power consumption, has the lowest priority, so it is less likely to be updated during high load.
    7. Adjustment of the core part
      1. Rebuild dynamic function definition data
      2. Reorder all global functions and variables
    8. Adjust processing when DisplaySet is changed
      1. Changed the position and size of the main window to be restored immediately.
      2. Changed exclusive processing when changing settings to four: main,stage1, settings, and reports.
    9. Changed the color setting so that it can be switched by the style of DisplaySet.
    10. Changed to return unspecified colors to default colors when changing the color theme.
    11. Adjustment of button UI design
    12. PNG ,Jpeg, BMP save
      1. (PNG ,Jpeg) Changed to automatically save in 8bit grayscale format when color is grayscale (RGB difference is less than threshold).
      2. (PNG ,Jpeg) Added option to specify delta for grayscale judgment. PNG ・JPEG compatible
      3. (PNG, Jpeg) PNG ・Added an option to automatically save the smaller output file size when both Jpeg is on. Save both if off
      4. (PNG ,Jpeg) PNG ・Changed to parallelize encoding in multi-thread when both Jpeg is on.
      5. (Jpeg) Added Arithmetic option. Off by default. Reduced output file size. Incompatible with older environments
      6. (Jpeg) Added option to select Discrete Cosine Transform. Default changed to 2 floats
      7. (PNG, BMP) Changed to automatically save in 8bit palette color format when the number of colors is 256 or less.
    13. Reduction of text UI processing
    14. Reduce creation of separate thread for getting PageFile size when possible
    15. Reduced draw updates for theoretical drives
    16. Moved " thilmera Process Priority" setting below "Frame and Speed"
    17. Top process
      1. Reduce processing when not all information is needed
        1. Get number of connections TCP, UDP
        2. Ordinal sort management for reports
      2. Reduced number of service enumeration calls
      3. Fixed a bug in cycle calculation mode where the process whose cycle time became 0 remained displayed without being updated.
      4. Adjusted the cause of loss during data collection and drawing update timing
    18. For items that do not require drawing or data collection in the settings, processing is lightened by not calling them themselves.
    19. Hyper-V Improved information gathering
      1. When starting the guest OS・Immediate response when stopping
      2. Fixed a bug that information with old CPU count was also counted.
      3. Unlimited display limit
      4. Added memory usage information display. However, it may not appear if the guest OS is old.
    20. Sound Analyzer - Spectrogram reconstruction in hardware drawing
      1. Change to double buffering to reduce load
      2. Cannot display block size, horizontal direction, etc.・Fix display collapse
    21. Reducing memory by dynamically allocating memory for the usage graph system
    22. Slightly lighten the IO graph system in hardware drawing
    23. Added graph display of fan speed of GPU and motherboard. Use a different coloring than the conventional one
    (preview DEV4~19 : 2022/11/30~2022/12/24)

    [version 0b176 Rev.1 / 2022/10/20]
    1. Fixed a bug that the number of digits is incorrect when the unit is 1000 or more in the automatic unit notation of 1000.
    2. Fixed a bug related to reading text files.
    3. Added function to display exchange rate derived fromAPILayer. Updated once every 3 hours. See the online help for how to use it.

    [version 0b176 / 2022/10/16]
    1. Changed so that the old driver is not used in the standard settings for security reasons.
    2. If it is absolutely necessary, turn on "Allow use of older drivers" in CPU settings.
      On Win10+ Ryzen it is highly recommended to use the RyzenMaster driver.
    3. Win11 (22H2) CPU usage rate is abnormally low.
      1. Added "22H2 coping mode" to compensate for corrupted information in CPU, CPU multi-core. Old mode if turned off by setting.
      2. Top process CPU added "cycle calculation mode". Probably the accuracy is improved even other than 22H2. Old mode if turned off by setting. Invalid for OS less than Windows7.
      (It seems that there are environments where it occurs even in Win10 etc. that is not 22H2)
    4. Added option "Group Separator" to create transparent areas between groups of items.
    5. AMD Ryzen Master Corresponds to 2.10.
    6. By acquiring CPU temperature with non- RyzenMaster, it corresponds to a part of Ryzen 5000 and 7000 series. (No actual machine test)
    7. Acquisition of CPU, CPU multicore supports multiple processor groups. (No actual machine test)
    8. Added trash information display.
    9. Changed to reduce the load by passing drawing when there is no change in the value to be displayed in items such as memory.
    10. Fixed a bug that the flag to redraw all items was turned on when both memory and COMMIT of the top process were displayed, causing unnecessary load.
    11. stage1
      1. Changed the border line (border line) so that it can be turned on and off from the menu.
      2. Added a setting to draw shadows that extend in the opposite direction.
      3. Fixed a bug that the response is delayed when playing from silence when there is no render.
    12. GPU
      1. Corrected that the amount of heat "TDP" was incorrectly written as "TPD".
      2. Changed to be able to select display/hide of each node in GPU details.
    13. Adjustment
      1. Read/write configuration
      2. Loop processing of all display items
      3. Part of font processing
    14. Sound analyzer
      1. Fixed display collapse due to reduced processing when silent.
      2. Changed to restore spectrogram contents when resources are rebuilt in hardware drawing.
    15. Dot font
      1. Make the buffer variable length. Expanded the supported size to 250x250.
      2. Added an option to specify the transparency of some symbols.
    16. Added Optimize and Progressive to JPEG save options. Default is on. Reduced output file size.
    17. Added compression level to save options in PNG. Default is 9, the highest level. Reduced output file size.
    18. Tweaked AMD RAID in SMART. (from AMD_RC2t7 0b6 Rev.1)
    19. Changed to wait for interruption of SMART acquisition process in progress when exiting the program.
    20. In SMART of the report, changed the operating hours to Hour and Year+Day+Hour.
    21. Fixed a bug that the supporter list display on the main menu and the URL link of Silver or higher did not work.
    22. Weather
      1. Fixed a bug that caused part of the weather information to collapse on the vertical and horizontal styles.
      2. Changed so that the height and number of elements before exiting are saved and the height does not change after restarting.
    23. Average value calculation
      1. Change the number of average samples to a variable buffer in time units.
      2. Added an option to the frame rate settings to specify the average number of samples in seconds. Default is 60 seconds.

    [version 0b175 Rev.2 / 2022/09/05]
    1. Weather
      1. Fixed that the shape of the moon phase was in the opposite direction.
      2. Changed the number of digits of temperature, rain, snow, uvi, and wind to a four-digit range from 0.01 to 9999.
      3. Corrects one digit in the case of a negative number and shapes it so that it fits in the number of digits.
    2. Adjusted the problem that the sound analyzer is completely blank when the window is updated in the processing reduction when silent (no audio data).

    [version 0b175 Rev.1 / 2022/09/04]
    1. Fixed to unify the standard value of character width with dot font when using dot font.

    [version 0b175 / 2022/09/03]
    1. 【IMPORTANT】0b172 Fixed a problem that frame calculation after Rev.8 may stop in waiting state, and rebuilt all thread waiting processing and time difference calculation.
    2. Changed not to display the fan rotation speed when the number of fans is returned as 0 with NVIDIA fanless. Judgment requires a relatively new driver.
    3. Changed to be able to calculate predicted wattage by manually specifying TDP (maximum heat dissipation) when wattage cannot be obtained such as old graphics board or Intel HD. Converted by 1.5 times the specified value.
    4. stage1
      1. Changed to be able to specify a dedicated color separately from the main body. If you want to match the body color as before, turn on the "inherit" setting.
      2. Added an option to frame the border using a border color.
    5. Changed the proxy judgment under Windows 8.1 to be adopted in order of system proxy information and IE proxy information.
    6. Fixed a problem on the server side when using a proxy that modifies HTML.
    7. Changed the size change of the main window so that it is reflected immediately without depending on the update speed of the main thread.
    8. Draw call from main window OS
      1. Dealing with infrequent deadlocks.
      2. Fixed that the data acquisition of CPU multi and system running time was not separated and the contents changed. The sound analyzer is left as it is because it emphasizes speed.
    9. FPS Fixed a bug where the option switching UI that does not calculate was disabled when specifying the frame speed.
    10. Fixed a bug that hardware drawing does not switch to layered after starting in non-layered state.
    11. Fixed a bug that the peak position of the data bar after that is shifted when the memory detail is turned on.
    12. Changed the disk IO utilization measurement to depend on the IO system frame update settings.
    13. Number of CPU threads
      1. CPU multi, CPU clock, EffectiveClock, Intel Changed the number of frames of core temperature and stress CPU to variable length.
      2. Support test for environments with 65 or more CPU threads. Looking for a tester.
    14. Added a setting to adopt the average value of the core temperature in the CPU temperature of Intel. For Legacy and Off, the maximum core temperature is taken.
    15. Disk IO, Network IO
      1. Changed to be able to specify the number of seconds for buffering (averaging raw values), which had a fixed value and an upper limit. The default is 3 seconds, almost the same as the original. Buffering can be disabled by specifying 0.
    16. Added @08x13, @09x16 to dot font. creator: Yukutoria, adjust: Developer
    17. Test to fix the problem that the display of OS font may disappear in hardware drawing.
    18. Fixed a bug that the physical memory percentage management was affected by the free space setting.
    19. Added the usage rate of 4 types of memory (physical, virtual, commit, page file) to the warning alert.
    20. Top process
      1. Changed the second value of memory to be the same as committed in the OS resource monitor.
      2. Added top process COMMIT, sorting by second number in memory.
      3. Added color inversion threshold and data bar parameter specification to memory, commit, and GPU memory.
      4. Fixed a bug that the process ID notation of the same process name may disappear inappropriately when the process with the same name ends.
    21. Added width adjustment and right alignment options to the calendar.
    22. Weather
      1. Added age of the moon, cloudiness, amount of UV rays, amount of rain, and amount of snow to the display information that can be selected when latitude and longitude are specified.
      2. Such as vertical style adjustment for the sunrise/sunset row of the weather.
      3. Added an option to display a moon phase diagram in the margin of the calendar.
    [Updater / 2022/07/10]
      1. Fixed a crash caused by a stack overrun that occurred in some environments.
      2. Under Win8.1, get the registry proxy information before the IE proxy information, and change it to adopt it if there is one.

    [version 0b174 Rev.8 / 2022/07/01]
    1. Fixed a bug that Web communication was judged to have failed inappropriately in rev7.

    [Updater / 2022/07/01]
      1. In, fixed the bug that the process does not end if the window is closed while UI is selected.
      2. Fixed a bug that web communication was judged to have failed inappropriately.

    [version 0b174 Rev.7 / 2022/07/01]
    1. Status post
      1. Added an option to limit the number of tweets. When the specified number of items or more is reached, the old items are deleted. Specify 0 for unlimited.
      2. Fixed a bug that on/off ofSlackcould not be set correctly.
    2. Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1p.
    3. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change the transparency of the background in layered software drawing.
    4. Adjusted the parameters of the "NVIDIA Memory, Video" gauge.
    5. Automatic on Windows 8.1 or later if proxy is not specified. Versions below 8.1 changed to use IE proxy information.
    6. Changed to use openssl route on Windows7 and below only when normal HTTPS communication fails. However, this route does not support proxies.
    [Updater / 2022/07/01]
      1. Proxy
        1. From, fixed a bug that proxy setting information of thilmera is not loaded before communication.
        2. Automatic on Windows 8.1 or later if proxy is not specified. Versions below 8.1 changed to use IE proxy information.

    [version 0b174 Rev.6 / 2022/06/21]
    1. Fixed a bug that reporting HDD SMART information would be an error in some environments.
    2. Added 1009 SMART descriptions.
    3. Changed to combine save and reference of duplicate strings in multilingual processing.
    4. Added option to disable all keymaps except hotkeys.
    5. Added the condition "PC utilization rate upper" to the trigger action.

    [version 0b174 Rev.5 / 2022/06/18]
    1. From 0b174, fixed a bug that some versions are not displayed in 2.8 or lower of AMD Ryzen Master.
    2. Fixed a bug that C0000013 error may be thrown when turning on a logical drive on an older OS.
    3. Fixed the problem that VRAM items etc. may be misaligned.

    [version 0b174 Rev.3-4 / 2022/06/17]
    1. 【IMPORTANT】Fixed a fatal bug where the setting UI was not displayed due to corruption in offline mode.
    2. Fixed display corruption of text in the license display frame on the setting screen.

    [version 0b174 Rev.2 / 2022/06/17]
    1. Fixed a problem that started in offline mode when registering the N version without an explicit offline parameter.
    2. Fixed VRAM percentage display corruption on non- DXGI.

    [version 0b174 Rev.1 / 2022/06/16]
    1. Fixed a bug that the updater was not loaded correctly in 0b173 Rev3.xx to 0b174 of the Original release channel.

    [version 0b174 / 2022/06/10]
    1. Fixed line breaks in network IO in portrait style.
    2. Fixed a bug that the translucent window did not work in the 32bit version.
    3. Hardware drawing
      1. Fixed a bug that 60fps speed is not available whenstage1is used in sync.
      2. Moved the drawing part to the screen out of exclusive processing. Changed the wait time of vertical synchronization so that it is not locked.
      3. Fixed a bug that hardware drawing could not be used in ARM64 build version.
    4. Introduction of new multi-language specifications (space saving, high speed).
    5. Added Hebrew to display language.
    6. Accelerated loading of configuration files.
    7. Consolidate version check requests into one to reduce traffic.
    8. Calendar holidays
      1. Reduce traffic by retrieving them all at once when requesting version confirmation.
      2. The national holiday data that was only available in Japan now supports・types of 181 regions. Default is Japan.
    9. Sound effect
      1. Changed to be able to specify an external .wav file for the sound of alerts, trigger actions, and screenshots.
    10. A completely self-made remake of the calculation algorithm for multiple precision variables. Adopting 128-bit length, it can be counted up to 340 trillion Yota with overwhelming space saving.
    11. Top process system
      1. Vertical style+Fixed a bug that line feed 1 changes the number of lines when it becomes blank.
    12. Status post
      1. Added utilization per logical drive.
      2. Slackcorresponds toIncoming Webhook.
    13. Fixed a bug in CSV output of logs that collected data for a longer period than originally specified.
    14. Fixed a bug that the maximum value of the bandwidth is not updated when the old method is selected in the network IO.
    15. Changed the weather region specification to a pop-up menu.
    16. Changed so that the dark theme is applied to the menu etc.
    17. Search for setting items
      1. Added search field. Items hit by the search are displayed with a red line guide on the left for each thread. Press search again to return.
      2. Created about 1,000 conversion tables that match uppercase and lowercase letters, hiragana and katakana.
    18. Input window of setting screen
      1. Changed so that it can be completed with the enter key to the input field in the child window of input 7 system excluding multiple lines.
      2. Changed to update the setting screen after input completion.
    19. UI update for settings window
      1. Created an indent function and adjusted the position of the parent element・child element as a whole.
      2. Added the setting to match the maximum width and the width of the character string to the size specification of the click button.
    20. Changed to be able to specify a free custom name for the item name of the main window.
    21. Changed mouse transparency to not force the layered setting to turn on.
    22. Changed to be able to specify a custom name for the data share computer name.
    23. AMD_RC2t7
      1. Desync and rebalance I/O.
      2. Extended SCSI and drive recognition range to 128.
      3. Expanded the acquisition size of RAID information to comply with
    24. thilmera Fixed a bug where process network IO acquisition was not properly resumed when restarting.
    25. Changed the old normal version to be completely offline and not to do any network access even without parameters.
    26. Added offline version build for ARM64 environment.
    27. AMD Ryzen Master Corresponds to the specification change of 2.9.
    [Updater / 2022/05/26]
      1. Added Hebrew to display language.
      2. Added silent mode. "/s"
      3. Add return code.
      4. Added "Extract to current folder".
    [Updater / 2022/04/24]
      1. Fixed a bug that a shortcut is always created even if there is no shortcut folder when requesting an update from the main unit.
      2. Changed the termination of the update target program from before selecting the UI to after selecting it when starting a single unit. Do not require administrator privileges and elevate them first.
      3. Supports color scheme in dark mode setting.
      4. Stop front view and add minimize and close buttons.
      5. A single executable file supports 34 multiple languages. Languages ​​other than those automatically selected can also be manually selected.
      6. Accelerated loading of configuration files.
      7. Consolidate version check requests into one to reduce traffic.

    [version 0b173 Rev.3 / 2022/04/08]
    1. Adjust synchronization timing.

    [version 0b173 Rev.2 / 2022/04/07]
    1. Fixed line breaks in disk IO list in portrait style.

    [version 0b173 Rev.1 / 2022/04/07]
    1. Fixed some pointer reference bugs in the settings window.

    [version 0b173 / 2022/04/07]
    1. 【IMPORTANT】Fixed a bug that items such as CPU temperature could not be enabled without setting to use the kernel driver, including new environments.
    2. 【IMPORTANT】Reset all frame rates and change 1 second set to default. It affects all users, so please readjust yourself.
    3. Added a function to display the amount of network transfer per process. Administrator rights required+Windows8 or later.
    4. Moved the number of frames per dot in the graph to the preset adjustment range for frame speed.
    5. Changed to be able to specify the volume (volume adjustment) percentage for each sound effect to be played.
    6. Sound analyzer stage 1
      1. Changed so that Fourier transform calculation of audio and drawing processing are not performed when there is no sound, reducing the load.
    7. SMART Fixed a bug that the setting value of interval (seconds) in advanced settings did not actually work.
    8. Changed so that insufficient securing of UI parts of setting window does not occur.
    9. Added exclusive processing to F5 refresh, setting loading, and display set switching to reduce the phenomenon that the display collapses.
    10. Added a setting that does not inherit the minimized state at the end.
    11. Added a setting to display the main window on the back.
    12. Added a setting that does not activate the main window when the task tray icon is clicked.
    13. Changed to activate the window when the setting window etc. is called again while it is open.
    14. Mainly for low refresh rate, when the window size is changed, the contents are redrawn without waiting for the next frame timing.
    15. Added an option to consider the taskbar when determining the mode to hide thilmera when using full screen.
    16. Added an option to specify the action when double-clicking the main window.
    17. Radeon
      1. Fixed a bug where the wattage numbers were incorrect in relatively new environments.
      2. Temp Off+Fixed bug where junction temperature was not updated with junction temperature on.
    18. Hardware drawing
      1. Fixed the fact that the background transparency was applied even if the layered setting was off.
      2. Fixed a bug that the background becomes transparent when the background color is #000000.
      3. Usage graph・Lightweight IO graph.
      4. Fixed a bug that unnecessary lines appear in process icons.

    [version 0b172 Rev.8 / 2022/03/28]
    1. 【IMPORTANT】Readjusted main window frame calculations
      1. Fixed a bug in 0b166 Rev.1 or later, when the specified time was exceeded once, such as at startup, the correct frame time was not calculated after that.
      2. Fixed a bug that processing such as temperature and top process often did not start at the timing that matched the original target frame.
      3. This change speeds up frames significantly with standard settings.
        1. If you are concerned about it, please adjust the frame time settings or use the added setting "Fixed Time Wait".
        2. Since the frame speed itself will be faster, the load will be higher than before with the same settings.
    2. 【Important】Fixed a bug that subthreads of the same type would not be called after being terminated once.
    3. Added setting not to display CPU temperature in CPU main line. For applications such as temperature color only.
    4. Fixed a bug that the display collapses when the temperature color is divided into two in some settings.

    [version 0b172 Rev.7 / 2022/03/27]
    1. Fixed a bug that the code under development was mixed.

    [version 0b172 Rev.6 / 2022/03/27]
    1. 【IMPORTANT】Fixed a problem that incorrect values ​​were displayed for traffic counters and NET speed due to mistakes in some 64bit function calls.
    2. Since there is no problem with the cumulative data itself, this fix will return the displayed value to its original value.
    3. Added setting not to display decimal point of temperature for space saving.
    4. Changed to maintain the display state of the setting window etc. when the program is restarted.
    5. Adjust line breaks for NET speed in portrait style.
    6. Addressed cases where older updates would result in incorrect drive health comparison values.
    7. If your system has ARM64 architecture, 32bit programs will now launch ARM64 native versions.
      1. Fixed a bug that was not automatically restarted due to exclusive processing when starting from the updater and updating the updater itself.
      2. If the system is ARM64 architecture, it will boot ARM64 native version.

    [version 0b172 Rev.5 / 2022/03/23]
    1. Fixed a bug that keymap information including hotkeys was lost.
    2. To restore, copy the contents starting from "key_map=" to the end of the current ini file in the backup in the ini_history folder.
      If it starts with "key_map=;", it will be the data after it has disappeared, so please look for the one without a semicolon at the beginning.
    3. Added a "News Letter" button to the settings window to manually display important notices.
    4. Minor code fixes throughout.

    [version 0b172 Rev.4 / 2022/03/21]
    1. Changed some motherboards to initialize and reload when they cannot be acquired after waking from sleep.

    [version 0b172 Rev.3 / 2022/03/20]
    1. 【Important】Fixed program crash when changing monitor and taskbar settings.
    2. Fixed a bug that did not follow correctly when switching the dark theme of the OS.

    [version 0b172 Rev.2 / 2022/03/20]
    1. Dot font+OS font readjustment
      1. Readjust the width and left/right of OS fonts for both hardware rendering and software rendering.
      2. Changed not to consume 2 characters if the OS font fits in the width of the dot font.
    2. Calendar color inversion adjustment.
    3. Added a supplementary description to the trigger action "PC operating rate under".

    [version 0b172 Rev.1 / 2022/03/19]
    1. Software Drawing+Fixed a bug that double-byte characters were not displayed correctly when combining dot fonts.

    [version 0b172 / 2022/03/19]
    1. Hardware drawing
      1. Fixed a bug that the group line was not displayed.
      2. Fixed a bug that crashes depending on the timing of handling the top process icon.
      3. Completely changed the logic for displaying dot fonts, greatly reducing the load.
      4. Supports alpha blending of dot fonts.
      5. Fixed not displaying the background color for the temperature color.
      6. Fixed a bug that fatal display collapse occurs when there is a frame with no change.
      7. Applying transparency in wallpaper wrap mode.
      8. Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash due to hardware device loss.
    2. Software drawing
      1. Fixed color order when flippingGYR.
    3. The previously specified values ​​are adopted for the settings changed by DisplaySet when the version is updated.
    4. Changed many settings from single to individual DisplaySets.
    5. Added right alignment setting to normal style.
    6. Added a mode to arrange the time and calendar on the left and right.
    7. Lightening the behavior of the settings window.
    8. Changed not to reverse color when the logical drive type is CD.
    9. SMART In the information list, changed the initial HDD to be displayed as HDD, SSD, NVMe respectively.
    10. Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1n.
    11. GPU
      1. DXGI -Completely reconstructed data collection for P. Solved the problem that the overall utilization rate was momentarily abnormally high.
      2. Added column number specification in GPU details.
      3. Fixed typo in GPU tachometer.
      4. Fixed a bug that multiple Radeon graphics boards may not be recognized.
      5. Fixed a bug that the second and subsequent graphic boards were not displayed in GPU details.
      6. In Radeon, the temperature is derived from DXGI. Fixed that the average temperature was derived from ADL.
      7. Added option to display junction temperature on Radeon.
      8. Fixed display collapse when only GPU temperature is turned on.
      9. Fixed a bug that GPU and VRAM were displayed incorrectly on old OS where DXGI was not available.
      10. Fixed a bug where VRAM usage was not consistent with Task Manager.
    12. Added display of GPU node types used by processes in Top Process GPU. (DXGI -P mode required)
    13. Fixed a bug that the alert temperature of the motherboard Nuboton system may not match the displayed value.
    14. Added SMBIOS information to report.
    15. AMD Ryzen Master mode
      1. Added a mode to get the hardware information of the CPU from the AMD Ryzen Master driver by the regular procedure.
      2. Installation of AMD Ryzen Master (Rev2.8 or later) is required. RyzenMaster SDK not covered.
        Supports CPU temperature, CPU clock (Effective) and CPU wattage.
      3. Added a function to display the Effective Clock of each core in this mode.
      4. Added information to CPU info in reports when in this mode.
      5. In this mode the old driver (2008) will not be loaded. (strongly recommended)
    16. AMD_RC2
      1. Fixed a bug that subsequent identification stops when there is a missing number in PhysicalDrive.
      2. Fixed a bug that information cannot be obtained after resuming from sleep or hibernation.
      3. Fixed a bug that the driver version check mistakenly identified future major updates as old.
      4. Fixed a bug that the language environment where the version separator is a comma is not loaded.
      5. Changed to judge SATA HDD, SATA SSD, NVMe in the drive whose speed is unknown (N/A) within the known range.
      6. AMD Minimize the possibility of destabilizing the driver if _RC2 is not terminated properly due to a crash, etc.
    17. Stage 1
      1. Added Circle 1B to display style.
      2. Added vertical display to straight 1.
      3. Added the upper limit specification of the number of spectrums.
    18. Changed physical memory details text to column display.
    19. Fixed that the physical memory graph was not displayed when it became a large size.
    20. Added a setting to automatically adjust the light/dark theme to match your system. On by default.
    21. Dark theme color adjustment.
    22. BMP output for dot font
      1. Added guide underlining and margin filling.
      2. Correction of misalignment.
      3. Fixed a bug that correct characters are not output when the lower case setting is off.
      4. Added 3 dot fonts from the community. (Recruitment at any time)
    23. Alert
      1. Changed to enumerate all warning items when multiple alerts occur.
      2. Changed to re-notify when the number or location of alert conditions changes.
    24. Temperature warning shutdown
      1. Fixed so that when returning from suspend or hibernation, if the disable flag is released, it will be reactivated as in the beginning.
    25. Status post
      1. Change mail sending to the same handling as Twitter, Discord .
      2. Post to all targets that are turned on when posting is performed.
      3. Added "Send warning" and "Post only when warned" to settings. Triggered by alert settings, etc.
      4. Changed to notify that shutdown will be performed in addition to the warning target when shutting down due to an alert.
      5. Added 8 sets (16 items) of items that can be output. See help.
    26. Status log
      1. Generating time-dependent averages on a minute-by-minute basis.
      2. Changed average calculation from integers to real numbers where possible.
      3. Average collection and calculation overhaul.
      4. Added CSV output function for status log. On by default.
    27. Trigger action
      1. Create an action function that is triggered by PC conditions using the average value of the status log.
      2. Added each enable/disable setting to the main menu.
    28. Offline Dedicated 7n Edition
      1. thilmera7.exe or thilmera7_64.exe without the offline parameter will now boot7s.
    29. Building for ARM64 native version thilmera7s64arm .

    [version 0b171 Rev.14 / 2022/01/07]
    1. 【Important】Exception handling for socket-related crash factors.
    2. 【Important】Fixed a bug that caused a crash when Web data acquisition failed under certain conditions.
    3. Tool window
    4. Added a setting for a problem that appears on all virtual desktops.
      If it is on, it will be displayed on all virtual desktops. (It is unknown whether the behavior is intended by the OS)
      When off, it is displayed individually like a normal window.
    5. Sound analyzer
      1. Fixed that the spectrum was not updated from rev12.
      2. Rearranged the display of each display item.
      3. Implementation of circle 1 and sparkle on the main window in hardware drawing.
      4. Fixed a bug that the display was disturbed when the number of samples was less than a certain number in Circle 2.
    6. Tachometer
      1. Implemented display in hardware drawing.
      2. Added GPU tachometer.
    7. Added latitude and longitude specification in weather acquisition.
    8. In the settings of thilmera7 and thilmera7_64, added a notation that it can be used with [7s] where there are restrictions on functions.
    9. Added a setting that does not limit the number of characters in the process name for variable width fonts in the top process system.
    10. Added WRAP to the wallpaper display pattern setting.
    11. SNTP Time synchronization
      1. Added an item to the settings that allows you to specify the tolerance in milliseconds that is not corrected.
      2. Changed to "pass+-10ms under" because "no set" in the notation is misunderstood as an error.

    [version 0b171 Rev.13 / 2022/01/04]
    1. 【IMPORTANT】 DXGI -Removed high severity crash factors in P.

    [version 0b171 Rev.12 / 2022/01/03]
    1. Fixed display bug in landscape style.
    2. Removed two crash factors when rebooting and when starting with administrator privileges.
    3. Numeric notation for hardware drawing
      1. Changed the thickness of characters 0-9 from HEAVY to BOLD.
      2. You can now specify a selection that does not make 0-9 characters bold.
    4. Changed to be able to specify magnification 1 to 4 for dot font.
    5. Fixed the problem that some OS fonts in the drawing of the old software have the garbage of the next character.
    6. Changed to allow dot font BMP for edit and custom.
    7. Added the ability to export the font in use as a BMP file for dot fonts.

    [version 0b171 Rev.11 / 2022/01/02]
    1. Fixed a bug that NVMe information in AMD-RAID was not updated properly after starting.
    2. Predictive fix 2 for infrequent crashes.

    [version 0b171 Rev.10 / 2022/01/01]
    1. Adjustment of the core parts. (Response to infrequent crashes in some environments)
    2. Fixed to be able to post to Discord from OS before Windows7.
    3. Added CPU wattage acquisition → Intel Rocket Lake, Alder Lake
    4. Added SSL/TLS password authentication mode to the mail sending function.

    [version 0b171 Rev.9 / 2021/12/30]
    1. Corresponds to the specification change ofWebhookof Discord. (2019-2021)

    [version 0b171 Rev.8 / 2021/12/29]
    1. Fixed a bug that the string input form in settings did not accept more characters than the width of the form.
    2. DXGI -Expected response for potential crash factors in P.

    [version 0b171 Rev.7 / 2021/12/29]
    1. Fixed a bug that dot fonts drawn by software would draw inappropriately outside the range.

    [version 0b171 Rev.6 / 2021/12/29]
    1. Fixed the problem that the updater fails to check the signature of 64bit programs on old OS and treats them as illegal.
      1. Changed to display the current distribution version of each channel in the selection.

    [version 0b171 Rev.5 / 2021/12/28]
    1. Hardware drawing
      1. Fixed a bug that OS fonts are not displayed properly when dot fonts and OS fonts are mixed.
      2. Fixed a bug that the wallpaper specification was not stable, and a bug that the wallpaper option setting was not enabled correctly.
    2. Software drawing
      1. Fixed a bug that character width calculation may become strange.
      1. Fixed a bug that unnecessary \ thilmera7 was displayed at the end of the folder in update mode.
      2. Fixed a problem that failed to get the common directory when running in new installation mode with administrator privileges.

    [version 0b171 Rev.4 / 2021/12/28]
    1. Portrait style
      1. Fixed a bug that right-aligned strings in some settings were not aligned as intended.
      2. In hardware rendering OS fonts, support display in character unit width when fixed width is off.

    [version 0b171 Rev.3 / 2021/12/27]
    1. Fixed a bug in reading dot font headers.

    [version 0b171 Rev.2 / 2021/12/27]
    1. Fixed a bug that freezes with some vertical style settings.

    [version 0b171 Rev.1 / 2021/12/27]
    1. Fixed a bug that NVIDIA or ATI overall Usage is inconsistent when old DXGI is off and DXGI -P is on.

    [version 0b171 / 2021/12/27]
    1. Fixed a bug that information was not updated correctly when the drive letter was changed.
    2. I/O Fixed a bug that bar logarithm option was not applied in portrait style.
    3. Fixed a bug that sending and receiving was not displayed correctly in the old option of network I/O.
    4. Fixed a bug that opened multiple pages for the amount of time you clicked when opening a supporter's URL.
    5. Migrate development environment to VS2022. Moved 64bit version to C++20 compliant. Restructuring of almost all core code.
    6. Other time v2
      1. Updated time options.
      2. Automatic detection of daylight saving time. (Includes about 50 years of data as a stand-alone)
      3. S = Standard (Standard), D = Daylight (Daylight) are displayed at the end if daylight saving time exists.
      4. Any name can be specified for each time.
    7. Network IO
      1. Changed to truncate when the calculation result of the amount of transfer larger than the bandwidth.
      2. Updated the method of adapter detection and data acquisition on Vista and later. Old specs for XP or old mode.
      3. Improved numerical accuracy.
    8. Completed each color setting in the property window to improve the appearance and operability of the UI.
    9. Sound Analyzer・Stage 1
      1. Changed to release all resources instead of moving to idle state when setting is turned off.
      2. With this, when the input system setting is turned off, the microphone use flag is made inactive.
      3. Variables were changed from 64bit type to 32bit type due to compatibility between real number calculation and hardware acceleration.
      4. Added Logarithmic Correction setting for Hertz to Spectrum.
      5. The Bechet curve was used to round the tip of the graph.
    10. Added wallpaper function to stage 1 hardware mode.
    11. Handling offline mode
      1. Changed to retry version check up to 15 times every minute from startup.
      2. If the above fails, or if offline is explicitly specified in the command, network access is not performed.
      3. If [7s] is in offline mode, it will switch to [7n].
      4. Changed the offline and retry display lines to be displayed in the title bar if possible.
      5. Hide network related items in offline mode.
    12. Changed the operation of DisplaySet on the property screen to be performed in each menu.
    13. Added a function to flip if there is a problem with the status (health) for each drive.
    14. Fixed a bug thatstage1icon is created when task tray rebuild is called from OS.
    15. Reconstruction of simple firewall related and fixed a bug that could not allow all in the last line of setting.
    16. Changed to move icons, dot fonts, and voice data to packages and use them from there.
    17. Added 11 display languages.
    18. Reduced memory allocation for language list. Fixed a bug that may freeze when changing languages.
    19. Changed the method that handles Json data to a low-load one.
    20. Screenshot
      1. Changed to create PNG used for upload in memory.
      2. Pressing the ESC key while in a mode such as blackout will now properly return to the previous option.
    21. Fixed a bug that the icon data in the package file was upside down.
    22. Addressed the problem that the task tray icon could not be created and sometimes freezes.
    23. Added list of backers and links to main menu.
    24. Built-in the function to stringize the numerical value of the dynamic unit in the string processing body.
    25. Fixed a bug that 0 padding after the decimal point of a small real number may not be correct in some character conversions.
    26. Added available motherboards.
    27. Added a new method of acquiring GPU operation rate, DXGI -P for Windows 10-1803 or later.
    28. SMART
      1. Added a setting to display in reverse color when the drive condition is bad.
      2. SMART Detailed information in the report.
      3. Added condition threshold setting.
      4. Added an item to specify the interval in seconds to refetch SMART.
      5. Changed to be able to set some of the setting items derived from AtaSmart.
      6. Added "No WakeUp" setting that does not generate IO for hibernating drives.
    29. SMART - RaidCore (AMD RaidXpart2)
      1. SMART Development of original function to get SMART information of SATA,NVMe on AMD-RAID with driver or later.
    30. SNTP Time adjustment
      1. Transfer time count accuracy to 100ns. The entire process has been brushed up to improve accuracy.
      2. Changed not to set the time if the time difference of the final result is less than 10ms or more than 24h.
      3. Changed the time difference result display to 6 digits after the decimal point in seconds.
      4. Provisional measures for the year 2036 problem (until 2104)
    31. Re-supported by changing the reference of the weather display to OpenWeatherMap. See help for usage.
    32. Changed to be able to select version from 3 channels
      1. Refer to the old channel up to the old 0b170, and eventually lead to 1ch.
    33. Main window hardware acceleration・alpha test
      1. Create each process dedicated to hardware drawing.
      2. Changed width and position calculations for non-dot fonts from integers to reals. Numbers are highlighted in bold to improve visibility.
      3. The rounded corners of the data bar are selectable.
      1. Virus check of supporter URL link
      2. It is not good if the supporter URL becomes a malicious site, so the virustotal API always performs a virus check of the registered URL.
        URL links with even one verdict of "suspicious" or "malicious" are automatically invalidated.
      1. Moved versions to 3 distribution channels
      2. Transition to install or update UI when running directly.

    [version 0b170 Rev.1 / 2021/07/24]
    1. Fixed a bug that acquisition does not return when turning on and off with the number of objects and queue.
    2. Fixed a bug that the drawing of the process icon is broken when displaying in small characters.
    3. Fixed a bug that NVIDIA's automatic return repeats reloading in the Optimus environment.

    [version 0b170 / 2021/07/23]
    1. Using machine translation, the number of languages ​​that can be displayed on the program has been reduced from 2 to 24.
    2. 1-dot correction of lower gauge and character of IO graph.
    3. 0b169 Rev.4 or later, fixed the problem that the display is broken when setting the wallpaper.
    4. I/O bar
      1. Added mode without logarithm.
      2. Moved reset max button to style item.
      3. The upper and lower limits of the gauge can now be specified for network and disk respectively.
      4. The high tension threshold has been abolished by moving to the gauge lower limit setting.
    5. Positional correction when bar type is below characters.
    6. Fixed a bug that the GPU utilization rate was 0 for status posts and icons.
    7. CPU clock
      1. Added a mode to display core averages.
      2. Changed the MA mode, which calculates the variable clock from the clock difference, to the old specification.
      3. Added route to calculate variable clock from scale factor and base clock.
    8. Compensation when the window does not fit on the monitor
      1. Changed to fit the important notification window within 3/4 of the screen.
      2. Changed to fit property and report window in the screen.
    9. Screenshot rectangle selection
      1. [7s] Added ability to copy the resulting image to the clipboard.
      2. Added a function to fill in the red border.
      3. Added trimming (margin cut) function.
      4. Other tweaks.
    10. Separate temperature display settings for CPU and CPU multi.
    11. SMART Automatic Reacquisition Options for Drives
      1. Added a setting to reacquire when there is a change in the drive letter on the OS.
    12. Automatic return when updating NVIDIA drivers.
    13. Added height specification for Sound Analyzer channel.
    14. Changed to adjust the left alignment position of the time according to the number of displayed characters.
    15. Add actions such as number input by clicking on the numeric card in the UI.
    16. UI scroll
      1. Added actions to PageUp/Down, Home, and End keys
      2. (If there is a specification in the keymap, that will be given priority.)
      3. Specifies the scroll delta type. Added page units.
      4. Added page-by-page move behavior for clicking outside the drag range of the scrollbar.
      5. Adjusted the behavior of the up and down keystrokes.
    17. Fixed not displaying some error messages in Yahoo Weather.

    [version 0b169 Rev.7 / 2021/05/27]
    1. Fixed a bug that hotkeys are not registered correctly at startup.

    [version 0b169 Rev.6 / 2021/05/27]
    1. thilmera7 . Fixed a bug that the contents of key.ini were misidentified as another environment and initialized.
    2. If it has disappeared, please restore it from the history in the ini_backup folder.

    [version 0b169 Rev.4-5 / 2021/05/27]
    1. Fixed a bug in the calculation of the maximum number of display characters.
    2. Reorganization of calculations for characters, bars, graph heights, OS font widths, division widths, etc.
      1. Equivalent to monospace font and fixed width.
      2. Completely without gaps by specifying 0 between lines.
      3. ・Rearrangement of handling of line feed code with and without portrait style.
      4. Fixed vertical style no longer applying line breaks on lines that don't contain bars.
      5. Fixed a bug that automatic width treats the maximum number when the width is slightly less than the maximum number of items.
    3. Added setting of split display to theoretical drive.
    4. Added margin specification for split display to margin settings.
    5. Added a function to reset each window position to the main menu.
    6. Added language selection and saving of selected language settings.
    7. NET Speed, NET Fixed profile settings not being saved when not Set0.
    8. Fixed the rectangle selection screen shot that the selection area is 1 dot smaller than specified.
    9. 0b169 Rev.2 or later, fixed the display target item of GPU details was not correct.
    10. Fixed a bug that crashes under certain conditions in the memory allocation routine.

    [version 0b169 Rev.3 / 2021/05/10]
    1. Correction of unification of right-aligned display of split display.
    2. Fixed a bug that the second IO lamp is not displayed in portrait style.

    [version 0b169 Rev.2 / 2021/05/10]
    1. Display core number, temperature, CPU magnification, parking in CPU multi.・Hide selection.
    2. Added graph display to GPU details.
    3. CPU Multi, CPU Details, GPU Details
      1. Specify the number of columns. Default 0 is auto width by character width.
      2. Addition of percentage integer or second decimal place choices.
      3. Unify the numerical value to the right-aligned display in the frame.
    4. Properties Load Settings button
      1. Changed to apply only the setting contents without resetting the initial value when loading the setting.
      2. Changed to reset when the font is different.
    5. Added option to hide percentage in drive usage.
    6. Appropriate on/off of CPU utilization, temperature, clock and wattage respectively.
    7. Portrait style
      1. Fixed the problem that the split display is broken when the width is not fixed.
      2. Abolished automatic character count on/off.
      3. Target bar position at line break 1, gauge display without split, and correction of line spacing correction.
    8. Fixed network high tension threshold not working.
    9. Sublock
      1. Fixed a problem that caused problems such as position fixing.
      2. Changed to a specification that simply fixes the target monitor and locks movement between monitors.
    10. Adjusted 1 extra dot under the graph display and 1 dot missing in some types of bars.
    11. Adjusted the height of the property text box to an unintended size.
    12. Fixed a bug that the date of other time display was not output correctly.
    13. Fixed a bug that the display of Radeon series is always inverted color.

    [version 0b169 Rev.1 / 2021/05/06]
    1. Fixed two bugs where CPU multi was not displayed correctly.
    2. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when processing strings under certain conditions.
    3. When correcting the height of each bar type of 0b169, corrected the access ramp up to the same as the original specification.
    4. Readjustment of bar display in portrait style.

    [version 0b169 / 2021/05/05]
    1. Fixed display bug
      1. DXGI for Radeon.
      2. Utilization rate of CPU multi.
      3. Intel CPU temperature in CPU multi.
      4. Process uptime.
      5. Hyper-V character duplication and justification.
      6. Some visual glitches in the properties window.
    2. HDD Fixed problem with temperature drive letter recognition.
    3. Changed the number of columns of CPU multi to automatic control by the number of characters and width.
    4. Tested some motherboards.
    5. Improved the problem that items are not displayed when thilmera is started when NVIDIA's GPU is off.
    6. Fixed a bug that did not load the appropriate driver without rebooting when the new driver was not available.
    7. Fixed a bug that sound analyzer freezes when switching target devices without rendering.
    8. Fixed report window
      1. At 0b168, the end of the hexadecimal notation in the report is not displayed.
      2. It was difficult to operate the real-time report UI.
      3. A bug that caused line breaks at inappropriate places in some reports.
      4. The target font for character width calculation was not specified correctly.
    9. Improved ini format parsing routines
      1. Allow disabled characters = and ;
      2. Fixed the default value being overwritten to 0 if the contents were empty.
      3. Line break・Maintain tab code.
    10. [7s] Added specifications that allow you to arbitrarily specify the format of status posts such as Twitter, Discord .
    11. Restructured average calculation to separate main and status posts.
    12. Height correction for each bar type, rebuilding all display items including bars.
    13. Changed compression algorithm to lzma.
    14. Reduced the standard memory consumption of thilmera to about half.
    15. Fixed a problem that does not work on XP/Vista due to certificate expiration.
    [*DMTt7 version 0b2 Rev.2]
      1. Moved the development environment to VS2019 and fixed some problems and vulnerabilities.
      2. Moved to new signature.
      3. Adjusted the wheel scroll unit was too large.
    [*t7updater 6.0.0]
      1. Changed the development environment to VS2019 and migrated to the new signature.
      2. Changed not to pre-write a non-existing file and test it.
      3. Changed not to overwrite files that do not need to be updated.
      4. Changed compression algorithm to lzma.
      5. New folder expansion mode
        1. thilmera To new folder expansion mode when executed in a folder without .
        2. Specify the deployment destination.
        3. Added a function to automatically create shortcuts by selection on Vista or later.
      6. From now on msi type installer will be abolished and replaced with t7updater. (Because it cannot support multiple languages)

    [version 0b168 / 2021/04/11]
    1. Toggle digital signature
      1. The last build of the old digital signature plus the new switching signature
      2. The same binary program files are included. (test.*.exe)
    2. Fixed a bug that crashes at the time of decision in some of the number input forms.
    3. Fixed the display collapse of the about page of the property.
    4. GPU
      1. GPU-related readjustments, such as utilization calculations.
      2. Fixed a calculation bug with multiple devices.
      3. Re-aligned GPU details classification to show only hits in nodes.
      4. Refine percentages when there is room in the GPU details width.
      5. Windows 10 1803 or later, temperature, fan, voltage acquisition independent of NVIDIA and Radeon drivers.
    5. Uptime of Hyper-V
      1. Changed to display only the total number of cores when there is not enough space to enumerate them.
      2. Refine percentages when width allows.
    6. Sound Analyzer・Stage 1
      1. Added old mode options that don't write master volume corrections to the spectrum.
    7. Fixed the bar position of the network list when displayed vertically.
    8. Date display
      1. Fixed a bug that the bottom part is missing in extremely small size.
      2. Added on/off of toggle display such as Capslock.
      3. Added setting for left alignment of time.
    9. Added an option to wait a specified number of seconds for the network connection to be ready on boot.
    10. Added an option to display the operating rate etc. with the taskbar icon.
    11. History saving of configuration files
      1. Changed to save a duplicate as history in the ini_history folder when the settings are saved.
      2. Added a setting to specify the history retention period in days from "Setting 1" → "Other". Default is 14 days.
    12. Changed almost all time counts from 32bit 1ms to 64bit 100ns.
    13. AMD Zen3 Cezanne (Ryzen 5000 series APU) temperature acquisition supported.
    14. Building a 2021 version of the driver
      1. Changed to automatically load 2013 and 2008 when not available, as the new ones don't work in all environments.
      2. Automate and consolidate driver selection and remove Win10/ AMD and force SHA1 options.

    [version 0b167 Rev.7 / 2021/03/23]
    1. Fixed a bug that freezes when the message window is called on the property screen.
    2. Fixed bugs such as 32bit process ghosts remaining when 32bit is started on 64bitOS.
    3. Changed not to request elevation when restarting from non-admin privileges.

    [*t7updater 5.0.17]
      1. Fixed write wait bug.
      2. Changed to try to rename if the file is locked when actually writing after confirmation.

    [version 0b167 Rev.6 / 2021/03/23]
    1. Fixed a bug of host name resolution in the environment where IPv6 is prioritized.

    [version 0b167 Rev.5 / 2021/03/22]
    1. Fixed a bug that the slot is batting depending on the environment when building the DXGI mode of the GPU.
    2. DXGI Fixed a bug that GPU details are displayed incorrectly when GPU display is turned off.
    3. Fixed host name resolution bug after 0b167.
    4. Abolished NetIO lightening because it would make calculations strange.
    5. Fixed a bug that the window size ofstage1was not applied when changing the display set.
    6. Adjusted property screen to 800x600 base.

    [version 0b167 Rev.4 / 2021/03/21]
    1. Fixed bugs such as display of GPU utilization and VRAM-D.

    [version 0b167 Rev.3 / 2021/03/21]
    1. Fixed a bug where sound analyzer lags when there is no sound when there is no render.

    [version 0b167 Rev.2 / 2021/03/21]
    1. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when obtaining information on HDD depending on the environment.
    2. Fixed icons not static when icon minigraph Omoto setting is off.
    3. Fixed the problem that the initial display position collapses when fixed at the bottom in a multi-display environment installed above and below.
    4. End of thilmera ・Fixed the problem that the old window display after stopping remains for a while when restarting.
    5. Fixed a bug that the old one continues to remain and fails to replace when updating the updater.
    6. Fixed a bug that specified display order was not applied to the intended target.
    7. Fixed not drawing the borderline before the last visible item.
    8. Fixed the bug of -49 degrees offset flag in Win10/ AMD mode+ Ryzen system.
    9. Improvement of stop responding and drawing collapse of property screen.
    10. Improved hostname resolution after 0b167.
      1. Improved connection errors such as SNTP in some cases.
      2. This change allows the hostname to be used in the description of thilmera7allow.ini as well.
    11. AMD -18h (Hygon) 19h (Zen3) wattage display.
    12. Changed to use 64bit before judging the startup source if the 32bit program is not running as a service at startup.
      1. Fixed a bug related to service handling.
      2. Fixed a problem that does not work as intended when some executable files are not updated.
      3. Fixed a bug that the old one continues to remain and fails to replace when updating the updater.

    [version 0b167 Rev.1 / 2021/03/19]
    1. Fixed startup bug on 32bitOS.

    [version 0b167 / 2021/03/19]
    1. Moved the development environment to VS2019 and fixed some problems and vulnerabilities.
    2. Main stream migration to Win10/64bit and deprecation of 32bit.
      1. Subsequent 32bit versions will be versions whose main purpose is to maintain compatibility with older OSes.
      2. If the 32bit version is started on a 64bit OS, the same 64bit version will be used.
      3. If7sis launched offline, it will now use 7n.
    3. Updated jpeg library to 9d.
    4. Sound Analyzer, Stage 1
      1. Changed calculation base from float (32bit) to double (64bit).
      2. Fixed negative waveform data not being calculated correctly.
      3. Corrected erroneous response on the spectrum due to mixed discontinuous waveforms.
      4. Equalize the amount of sequential data and improve the problem that the frequency is periodically disturbed.
      5. Added setting spectral resolution level by accumulation.
      6. Automatic reset when audio device enters/stops exclusive mode.
      7. Fixed the problem that the shape of circle 1 protruded outside the drawing range.
      8. Adjusted the spectrum not responding when the master volume of the playback device is lowered.
      9. Added a function to cut low frequencies below the specified Hz.
    5. Sound analyzer
      1. Expanded the range of scale letters and added the specification of A=440 to 442Hz.
      2. [7s] Added decibel reference mode to channel gain.
    6. Stage 1
      1. [64bit] Hardware acceleration implementation by DirectX11 (Direct2D).
      2. [64bit/DX] Waveform display mode, circle 2 added.
      3. [64bit/DX] Added horizontal straight spectrum display mode and straight 1. Center line and underline are selectable.
      4. Make hardware acceleration standard and change the default setting of FPS to 30.
      5. Added an option to pin the window to the back so that it doesn't accidentally come to the fore while streaming.
      6. SOUND PRESSURE・Added the main gradation (text color → bar color) to the coloring of the slide.
      7. Always show stats like audio hertz, resolution, FPS . Or add a setting not to display.
      8. [64bit/DX/7s] Added high speed mode without asynchronous wait time.
      9. [7s] Added mouse transparency settings for frontmost display and layered.
    7. Improved drawing handling when showing, hiding, resizing and abandoning windows.
    8. Fixed the problem that Windows 7 cannot be started from a network drive with administrator privileges.
    9. Fixed drawing bugs.
      1. SNTP Time setting, process icon, task tray icon, NumLock of time column, blinking cursor end display,
      2. Collapsed mode with mouseover hidden, reorganization of all other mouse actions
    10. Freeze/crash fixes.
      1. Exclusive mode playback with sound analyzer, when loading/switching display language, startup service when OS starts
    11. Changed the number of frames in the average calculation of disk IO and network IO to the time ratio.
    12. It was found that the system-wide disk IO counter in disk IO alone causes a high load, and the acquisition method has been completely changed.
    13. Since the commit calculation in virtual memory is inaccurate, we added a new item to display the commit charge and migrated to it.
    14. Data sharing function
      1. Complete remake. Changed the specification to transfer the window display itself.
      2. Hide with right click. To restore the display, select from the main menu>Share display.
      3. Firewall
      4. According to the description of thilmera7allow.ini, access permission・is specified by IPv4 and CIDR.
        Specify the number of simultaneous connections per IP.
        A setting that denies connections from IPs that have problems with the negotiation content for a certain period of time.
        A setting that rejects new connections from IPs with which connections have been established for a certain period of time.
        Setting to extend denial time when accessing from IP during denial time.
        Specifying a connection password.
    15. Change the font on Windows10 1809 or later to BIZ UDGothic.
    16. GPU
      1. Fixed a bug that the operating rate may appear lower than it actually is. (total・processes)
      2. Windows10 1803 or later, added detailed display divided into 7 categories: 3D, Video Decode, Video Encode, Copy, Cuda, VR, Other.
    17. Process list
      1. Fixed a bug where service names were no longer linked.
      2. Process handle requests for GPU acquisition purposes exclude service processes and known system processes for security reasons.
    18. Monitor off keep
      1. Changed the monitor off command from always command to command only when sensed.
      2. Added an option to unkeep if the cursor is not moving when the monitor is turned on.
    19. Specification change of update
      1. Abolition of the setting that does not check the presence or absence of the update version and the setting that automatically updates when the update is confirmed during startup.
      2. Changed to check the version at startup and update if there is an update.
      3. The default version check and update behavior during startup is the same as before.
    20. Rearranged behavior with command line. Elevate, and continue parameters on reboot.
    21. Added dark theme to standard window colors.
    22. Added speed presets to the menu.
    23. Json parser speed improvement.
    24. Improved that the utilization rate display of Hyper-V did not consider virtual multi-core.
    25. Enabled to check whether the service is running or not when running with non-administrator privileges.
    26. I/O Added a setting to reset the total value on startup.
    27. AMD Zen3 (Ryzen 5xxx) Get CPU temperature.
    28. Win10/ AMD mode+ Ryzen series supports -49 degree offset flag.
    29. [7s] Win10/ AMD mode+ Ryzen support to get CCD (die) temperature.
    30. Arrangement of report-related and CPU-hardware-related processing.
    31. Added "PCI Device Information" to report.

    [*t7updater 5.0.10]
      1. Moved the development environment to VS2019 and fixed some problems and vulnerabilities.
      2. Changed to automatically elevate the updater to administrator privileges when the updater is running with non-administrator privileges.
        1. A service for a program that should be closed is running.
        2. The program to be closed is running with administrator privileges.

    [version 0b166 Rev.7-8 / 2021/01/03]
    1. Fixed a bug that drawing is not refreshed in some vertical style modes.

    [version 0b166 Rev.6 / 2021/01/03]
    1. Fixed a monthly calculation bug in the calendar.

    [version 0b166 Rev.5 / 2021/01/03]
    1. Fixed a bug that the drawing collapsed.
      1. Multiline items in landscape style
      2. Hyper-V items
      3. When specifying layered and transparent wallpaper
      4. When making the background color transparent
      5. Old+flashing icon with memory off
      6. Blinking colorful bar with some settings
    2. Fixed a bug that the calendar was not updated at 0:00 local time.
    3. Display CPU details in one line when the width is 48 characters or more.
    4. HDD Added a setting to hide the name (model name) in the temperature list display.

    [version 0b166 Rev.4 / 2020/12/31]
    1. Fixed a bug that freezes on close request from updater.

    [version 0b166 Rev.3 / 2020/12/31]
    1. Fixed bugs in NVIDIA's video utilization and changed NVIDIA's video utilization in 64bit to encoder/decoder.
    2. Fixed a bug of screenshot (Rectangular selection).

    [version 0b166 Rev.2 / 2020/12/31]
    1. Bug fix for 0b166.
      1. Fixed bugs such as not being able to minimize under some conditions after changing the mouse action.
      2. Fixed a bug that resets every frame when temperature color is turned on.
      3. Ryzen (17h) was restored to be able to apply 50 degree offset.
      4. Fixed a bug that the setting screen does not transition when changing DisplaySet.
    2. Fixed a bug when displaying/resizing the window.
    3. Reduced the problem that the display position of the saved window may collapse.
    4. Fixed a bug that some units were displayed with wrong digits in unit 1000 mode.
    5. Fixed a bug that the check state of the main menu may not match the setting.
    6. Improved minimal update system for items introduced in 0b166.

    [version 0b166 Rev.1 / 2020/12/30]
    1. Bug fix for 0b166.
      1. Fixed a deadlock problem with some operations on properties.
      2. Fixed an issue where thread synchronization of data acquisition caused uneven window drawing intervals.
      3. Fixed a bug that the calculation of real-time CPU clock and magnification is not enabled.
    2. Readjusted showing/hiding windows by mouse actions.
    3. Changed frame wait time calculation process.

    [version 0b166 / 2020/12/29]
    1. Changed to reconnect 3 times every 5 seconds when weather acquisition fails.
    2. Fixed a bug in 0b165 where the utilization text for some GPUs and drives was not updated.
    3. Changed the height of the report window so that it does not exceed the screen size.
    4. Fixed a bug that the "Exit" keymap did not work with hotkeys.
    5. Enabled to use JPEG format for wallpaper.
    6. Sleep to hibernation. Renamed Standby to Suspend and applied Force/No Force setting.
    7. Double-click the DisplaySet button to edit the mouseover string.
    8. Synchronization of update frames for various numerical values.
    9. Added 5 types of update frame frequency specification and moved to "Frame rate". Set the recommended value when presetting.
    10. Improved overall processing speed centering on drawing. Introduced anti-aliasing calculation processing for some drawing.
    11. Fixed some crash causes.
    12. Changed to draw only when updating the display contents for each item.
    13. Limited character frame detection when layered to non-antialiased characters only.
    14. Introduced OpenSSL1.1.1i for web communication on old OS.
    15. Sound analyzer
      1. By brushing up the whole and synchronizing threads, the display is smoother and has a shorter delay.
      2. Fixed a bug that the wave band display collapses when the volume is increased.
      3. Unify band graph color calculation to floating point.
      4. Add Circle 1 and Sparkle.
      5. Changed device selection from numeric to text list.
      6. Changed the volume specification to the range of 0.010 to 3.000 times.
    16. Audio visualization decoration for live streams - Stage 1
    17. Circle 1, Circle 1 Side, and Sparkle are made independent of the Sound Analyzer for livestream and other uses.
      Basically, it is assumed to be used with "Window Capture+Chrome Key" or "Screen Capture+Layered" such as OBS.
    [*DMTt7 version 0b2 Rev.1]
      1. Changed to display network drives in folder selection.

    [version 0b165 Rev.3 / 2020/08/16]
    1. In 0b165, fixed that the transfer amount display of network I/O was incorrect.
    2. Reduced display language mixing of properties.

    [version 0b165 Rev.2 / 2020/08/15]
    1. Fixed a bug in 0b165 that did not start correctly when updating.

    [version 0b165 Rev.1 / 2020/08/15]
    1. Fixed a bug that the numerical value is not updated when the graph of I/O is OFF with 0b165 disk and net.
    2. Changed to be able to specify the memory text update frequency in the style. (default 20 frames)
    3. Added a setting to specify 5 types of presets in the frame speed item for users who are concerned about load.

    [version 0b165 / 2020/08/14]
    1. Fixed a memory leak in Sound Analyzer when changing devices.
    2. Fixed a bug that the menu etc. may freeze when executing monitor off.
    3. Fixed a bug that monitor off keep may not be maintained correctly.
    4. Correspondence to the specification of the OS that the network drive of the HDD cannot be seen if it is started with the administrator authority on Vista or later.
    5. Removed old logical drive display list and local and remote options. Removable and CDROM are also displayed. After that, use individual ON/OFF.
    6. Fixed Style Lock settings not being saved.
    7. Apply fonts etc. to the style system of the display set.
    8. Completely abolished thermal network.
    9. Compatible with some of the newer motherboards.
    10. Added display ON/OFF setting for each item of motherboard.
    11. Added ON/OFF of frontmost display to the main menu.
    12. Arranged the itemized pages of the property window and summarized them in setting 1.
    13. Each window other than properties also supports DPI.
    14. Supports DPI changes due to movement between monitors.
    15. Changed not to reopen the process handle that could not be opened in the top process system.
    16. Changed to be able to specify the text update frequency of Usage and I/O in the style.
    [*DMTt7 version 0b2]
      1. Fixed a bug that display collapses when folder settings are deleted.
      2. Fixed Edit Folder Settings not opening when double-clicking list.
      3. Changed to be English notation in environments other than Japanese.

    [version 0b164 Rev.1 / 2020/06/10]
    1. Fixed wrong power consumption (wattage) units on some Radeon.
    2. Corrected so that the normal and SA of the task tray icon can be displayed arbitrarily.
    3. Changed so that display on/off of each information of GPU can be set.

    [version 0b164 / 2020/06/09]
    1. Added NVIDIA's new acquisition method to the 64-bit version, and changed to prioritize it if available.
    2. As long as the OS, board, and drivers are not old, NVIDIA's wattage can now be obtained with the 64bit version.
      %TDP (ratio of power consumption to maximum power) may be displayed even in other environments.
    3. Added display of power consumption (wattage) on some Radeon.
    4. Added display of power consumption (wattage) to CPU AMD - Ryzen and later and part of Intel . On by default.
    5. Changed the clock multiplier to be hidden by default because the CPU display items have increased.
    6. Changed to be able to update the display of two icons, normal and sound analyzer, in the task tray icon.

    [version 0b163 Rev.1 / 2020/06/03]
    1. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when getting information about the new Radeon.
    2. Excluded because calling the function added in NVIDIA's 0b163 may cause fatal problems.

    [version 0b163 / 2020/06/02]
    1. Supports acquisition of new Radeon information.
    2. Added a monitor off keep function (execution type) as a means of avoiding DisplayPort problems.
    3. This function has nothing to do with affecting the PC unless "Keep monitor off" is executed.
    4. Added display of %TDP (% of TDP) in NVIDIA power consumption. Quadro/Tesla may have wattage.

    [version 0b162 Rev.6 / 2020/04/25]
    1. Fixed a bug that SERVER_NOT_FOUND balloon appears when starting without network connection.
    2. Fixed a bug where date item settings were not saved correctly by DisplaySet.
    3. Fixed some description bugs in portrait style.
    4. Deactivated the register and start button as there is no functionality available for service startup on XP.

    [version 0b162 Rev.5 / 2020/04/22]
    1. Fixed that the rest of the old UI was broken in 0b162 Rev.3.

    [version 0b162 Rev.4 / 2020/04/22]
    1. Fixed broken mascot thumbnails at low DPI.

    [version 0b162 Rev.3 / 2020/04/22]
    1. Fixed CH Graph in Sound Analyzer.
    2. Fixed a bug that the display item setting of Hyper-V was missing.
    3. Applied to display items where some Display Set did not apply.
    4. Deleted the position information of objects that became unnecessary at the time of the old UI.

    [version 0b162 Rev.2 / 2020/04/14]
    1. In 0b162, since the CPU parameter was multiplied by 10, the CPU multi, ICON graph, ICON Tip, and GPU values ​​were incorrect.
    2. Fixed a bug in 0b162 where memory related options stopped working.
    3. Fixed outdated numerical display of logical drives.
    4. The old default SNTP server is extremely unstable, so if the old default SNTP server is set, it will automatically change.
    5. Changed the application of 32x32 icon display from 16 dots or more per line to 32 dots or more in process icon display.

    [version 0b162 Rev.1 / 2020/04/13]
    1. Fixed crash when using 0b162 on XP.

    [version 0b162 / 2020/04/12]
    1. Changed the configuration from 0b160 series and changed the compilation environment to VC2015 again. If you had any problems last time, please let me know.
    2. Expanded M/G selection of logical drive display to Byte/k/M/G/T. Addition of comma display processing for 64-bit numeric values.
    3. Added "Save Screenshot (thilmera Main Window)" to save screenshot from main menu.
    4. Added the option of "split I/O series in two on one line" in portrait style.
    5. Fixed a bug where real-time reports were no longer updating automatically.
    6. 7sChanged to be able to reuse the frame by resetting the registration that has passed more than 30 days since the last access in license management.
    7. 7sChanged to display the remaining days in the main window when the remaining days of the license are 31 days or less when the license is valid.
    8. Changed the internal data structure of Display Set to allow copy of Set.
    9. Changed so that the bottom space can be specified in dot units for each order specification.
    10. Adjust the number of decimal places. Percentage system has two digits. SUM system is 1 digit. In the size system, 4 or more integers = 0 digits, 3 digits = 1 digit, 2 digits or less = 2 digits.
    11. Fixed a route that may shift when full-width characters and half-width characters are mixed due to truncation of the number of characters.
    12. Changed all routes with multi-byte characters in file paths to Unicode.
    13. Fixed a bug that the display of the property window collapsed at high DPI.
    14. Changed to display 32x32 icon for high DPI when process icon display range exceeds 16 pixels.
    15. Fixed a bug in the top process system that caused other processes that created crash reports to remain as ghosts.
    16. Added Active Lamp display for Wave Band and Spectrogram in Sound Analyzer. Cleaned up and classed and fixed cause of peep breakage. Load reduction.
    17. Major update of updater and change of distribution package format
      1. The download size has been cut in half.
      2. In Windows 10, there are many cases where progress messages are not understood, so change to window type.
      3. 7u, 7us and 7up all rolled into one.

    [version 0b161 / 2019/11/03]
    1. I decided that the cause of the 0b160 series not working or malfunctioning depending on the environment could not be solved with the development environment VC2015, so I returned the development environment to the previous one and ported all the changes.
    2. Changed so that the execution YES/NO window can be opened when there is an update from the version information of the main menu and the version information of the properties, because automatic updates cannot be performed when the OS is turned off.

    [version 0b160 Rev.1 / 2019/10/28]
    1. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using an old configuration file with nonexistent dot fonts.

    [version 0b160 / 2019/10/24]
    1. Change the compilation environment to VC2015. JPEG 9c, PNG 1.6.37, updated to zlib 1.2.11.
    2. Compatible with Ryzen model 10h series, 30h series, and 70h series temperature acquisition. (Ryzen 2000, 3000)
    3. Addressed an OS bug that caused the display to shrink when DPI was set to 100% on a 4k monitor. and DPI awareness in multi-monitor environments.
    4. HDD Changed temperature to be able to get temperature and information such as NVMe correctly.
    5. HDD Changed temperature to display percentage when SSD lifetime is available.
    6. Fixed a case where some operation rate information and fan information were not displayed on Radeon series.
    7. Fixed the old kernel bar remaining when it is blank in the top process system.
    8. Fixed a bug that memory compression was not displayed in the memory bar on Windows 10.
    9. Fixed target user setting for startup by service not to affect elevation on reboot or boot.
    10. Fixed that the second and subsequent process IDs with the same name were not displayed in the top process display.
    11. Changed to display the process ID of the first process when there are two or more with the same name in the top process display.
    12. Changed so that the process ID display disappears when the same name becomes one in the top process display.
    13. Fixed a bug that sometimes crashes depending on the timing when opening a real-time report.
    14. Changed the report window for real-time report to draw in the main thread.
    15. Added display/hide settings for each drive in the logical disk view.

    [version 0b159 Rev.1 / 2019/06/01]
    1. Radeon system, including 19.5.1 or later, rearranged GPU acquisition management of ADL. Fixed cases where it was not displayed properly or was not displayed.

    [version 0b159 / 2019/05/31]
    1. Fixed bugs such as not updating the graph when turning off the whole and turning on only List and ListGraph in Disk IO.
    2. Changed the sound analyzer so that an error flag is set separately when an error occurs forever such as access denied or no device.
    3. If you want to restore the display by plugging in a physical device, please use the restart menu.
    4. Changed graph interval correction by line pitch. If it is 1 or more, it works as it is, and even if it is set to 0, the specification is changed to leave a 1-dot margin only at the top and bottom of the graph.
    5. In various ".ini" configuration files, if for some reason the content is empty or the file itself does not exist, ".ini.bak", ".ini.bak2" will be automatically traced back to the one with content. Changed to load.
    6. Changed Japanese history option for date display from h to r because the era name has changed.
    7. Fixed a bug that the message box "f" for debugging appeared when drawing some floating point characters.
    8. Fixed a bug that the top process system was not displayed on XP.
    9. Fixed a bug that the CPU usage rate of the old specific process display was not displayed.
    10. GDI+introduced in 0b157 was found to always leak memory even if HDC was specified, even if the drawing of GDI+was not used. .
    11. Changed to automatically turn off DXGI mode when failing to get GPU operation rate in DXGI mode on Windows 10.
    12. Changed the default reference source of CPU utilization from PDH to NtQuery. Graph application of kernel time.
    13. Changed the default reference source of CPU multi-operation rate from PDH to NtQuery. Displaying kernel times and applying them to graphs.
    14. Changed the reference source of the top process system from PDH to NtQuery, and reduced the weight including the related ones. Changed to display kernel time.
    15. Changed to try to acquire overdrive N, 6, 5 in order to deal with the problem that GPU related is not displayed in Radeon series 19.5.1 or later.
    16. Includes version 0b1 Beta of mirroring tool, DMTt7. Launchable from the main menu. Also available as a single unit. See help or readme for details.

    [version 0b158 Rev.2 / 2019/03/25]
    1. 0b157 or later, fixed a memory leak bug every time a color change occurred.
    2. Wallpaper, dot font, file specification related to color theme
      1. Fixed a bug that the operation becomes unstable when a normal file with the set name does not exist in each.
      2. Fixed a bug that caused reset attempts to loop when completely empty was specified for each.
    3. In the drive, when disk I/O top is turned off+disk I/O accumulated top is turned on, the acquisition does not run and blanks are generated.
    4. In the sound analyzer, the error 0x80070005 (ACCESS DENIED) always appears depending on the environment, so change the display setting to off in the case of that error.
    5. Fixed a bug that CapsUnlock may not work well.

    [version 0b158 Rev.1 / 2019/03/05]
    1. Fixed a bug that the main window displayed on the sub monitor returns to the main monitor in some cases.
    2. Fixed target monitor judgment of position correction.
    3. Changed so that the main body does not exceed the vertical width of the monitor displaying the main window.
    4. In 0b158, fixed the problem that most of the screen was displayed outside the screen when starting with remote desktop etc.
    5. In some environments, fixed the bug that the operation rate is not displayed in non- DXGI mode of Radeon series and improved the accuracy of obtaining the operation rate in non- DXGI.
    6. Fixed the condition (weather) of the day was not displayed on Yahoo Weather.
    7. AMD family15h model7Xh temperature acquisition test (untested).

    [version 0b158 / 2019/03/02]
    1. Since yahooapis, which was used for Yahoo Weather, stopped its service, we changed to support the new specification that uses API keys. See Help "Regional Temperature and Weather" for usage.
    2. Fixed a bug that the display collapses when there are two or more network profiles.
    3. Fixed a bug that the reference value of the alert is not the usage rate but the free rate when displaying the free space in the theoretical drive display.
    4. Changed to fit above the display instead of below it when the vertical width is wider than the display.
    5. Possibly fixed a bug that may crash when taking a screenshot of rectangular selection.
    6. Changed the contents of " thilmera7key.ini ", which is the storage destination of passwords and API keys, so that it will not be loaded into thilmera when copied to a PC with a different computer name.

    [version 0b157 Rev.1 / 2018/12/17]
    1. Dealing with the problem that occurred to those who were normal until now due to the problem of flying outside the screen with polygonal multi-monitors, which was done in 0b157.
    2. Fixed AMD+50°C and-49°C options not working correctly in 0b157.
    3. Fixed the problem that the motherboard and AUX temperature may be inconsistent in the normal version.
    4. Applied S version license specification update.

    [version 0b157 / 2018/12/06]
    1. Added a setting to perform anti-aliasing on the CPU tachometer.
    2. Added tachometer to network I/O.
    3. Changed the maximum value of the IO system from the maximum value in the graph to the past maximum value, and changed to use logarithm for ratio calculation. You can reset the maximum value from the properties.
    4. Ryzen Ryzen 2xxx series of AMD +Add option to-49 because the temperature is+50℃ higher. However, even if it is adjustable, please report if the temperature is+50°C higher.
    5. Ryzen Ryzen of AMD Changed the offset from 50 to 49 because the temperature of the 2xxx system is likely to be 49°C difference instead of 50°C difference.
    6. Fixed a bug that the setting file cannot be written when the HDD etc. is under high load, and it may not start.
    7. Fixed some security vulnerabilities.

    [version 0b156 Rev.2 / 2018/10/23]
    1. Fixed a bug that the automatic unit display used for top process, IO speed, etc. was all treated as 1000 units.
    2. Fixed a bug that a large blank space is created with a specific setting.
    3. Fixed a bug that prevented the proxy from handling the case without a password
    4. Ryzen Create an offset route for Threadripper 2*** system and adjust the display temperature.

    [version 0b156 Rev.1 / 2018/10/17]
    1. In 0b156, fixed the problem that occurred in Radeon (AMD /ATI) environment.

    [version 0b156 / 2018/10/16]
    1. Greatly adjusted the UI design of the setting screen.
    2. Overflow countermeasures for character string processing (2)
    3. Fixed a bug that some memory is broken when the top process system is on.
    4. Fixed the problem that malfunction occurs when combining R off and unit G in CPU clock.
    5. Changed to copy the old style report to the clipboard only when the clipboard button is pressed instead of when it is displayed.
    6. Changed the process to open the site to refer to the English version URL in the case of environments other than Japanese.
    7. Disk I/O Changed so that display/hide can be selected for each logical drive in the list.
    8. Net I/O Changed to be able to select display/hide for each network device in the list.
    9. Added the following to the motherboard information on a trial basis. However, it has not been tested except for NCT6795D.
    10. IT8731F, IT8732F, IT8733F, IT8622E, IT8786E, IT8790E, IT8792E, NCT6792D, NCT6793D, NCT6795D, NCT6796D
    11. Sound analyzer
      1. Fixed the problem that the last data before silence remains as an afterimage when notRender is on.
      2. Changed to turn off the setting because loop processing occurs when the device is not found.
    12. Fixed a bug that the directory containing\nis specified in the configuration file and disappears as a newline code.
    13. Ryzen Fixed a bug that displayed 50 degrees higher on 2700X.
    14. Adjustment of http, https request processing.
    15. Changed so that the set of display items can be saved between 0 and 9 and can be switched arbitrarily. Default and take over of old version is number 0.
    16. Changed to write to thilmera7key.ini the contents of the setting file that should not be easily read.
    17. Twitter API
      1. A function to periodically tweet the usage rate and temperature. (7s)
      2. Ability to view your own timeline. (7s)
    18. A function that usesWebhookof Discord to periodically post the usage rate and temperature. (thilmera7s)
    19. Use Yahoo Weather to display the temperature and weather for your zip code area.
    20. Added Bittrex, Yobit, Btc-Alpha, CRYPTOPIA to virtual currency BTC.
    21. Changed to apply the total value when the top process GPU is running, in response to the problem that the GPU operation rate of DXGI mode cannot be obtained due to updating in some environments of Windows 10.
    22. Changed to be able to select descending order or ascending order in the order of top processes.

    [version 0b155 Rev.1 / 2018/05/13]
    1. Fixed a bug that the heap is broken when the data length is exactly the number of allocated memory when handling character strings. (Important fix)
    2. The BIOS information acquisition method added in 0b155 causes problems such as crashes depending on the environment, so all acquisition is changed to another means.
    3. Overflow countermeasures for character string processing (1)
    4. Fixed a bug that the real-time setting of the CPU clock could not be turned off on the property screen of the normal version.
    5. Icon off+Fixed the problem that the height of 16 dots is maintained even if the icon is not displayed when the Keep on combination is set.
    6. From 0b155, fixed the problem that the storage of each drive display non-display setting of HDD temperature becomes strange.
    7. (Because it cannot be restored, it is all ON when changed from 0b155. When changed from 0b154 or earlier, it remains as it is.)
    8. From 0b154, fixed the problem that the drive name was interrupted in the state and property screen that is not the HDD temperature list display.
    9. Fixed a bug that the settings may not be loaded correctly depending on the timing when reading the setting file.
    10. Improved the automatic line feed of HDD and motherboard.

    [version 0b155 / 2018/05/11]
    1. From 0b154, fixed the problem that the working directory is not the location of the main body of thilmera but the location of the OS etc. during startup depending on the environment, and the behavior may be strange (it will not start).
    2. From 0b154, fix heap corruption bug in old report. Other, some internal processing changes.
    3. CPU real-time clock
      1. All acquisition methods, calculation methods renewed, and open to the normal version.
      2. From fixed AMD to 100Mhz, to the magnification notation based on the External Clock (derived from BIOS) (the new method is the value of reverse calculation).
      3. Corresponds to Ryzen
    4. Old report
      1. Text body processing, window enumeration, HDD, system device, CPU information to Unicode.
      2. Added information output such as External Clock to CPU information. Added information output such as BIOS to system information.
    5. Change UAC launcher to Unicode.
    6. Changed the offset of AMD - Ryzen considering the second generation (2700X only 10 degrees for the second generation)
    7. Keep icon height and fine tune line spacing.
    8. Added traffic counter (total number of bytes communicated in a specific period (unit: 1000)). For reference of WiMAX communication volume for 3 days.

    [version 0b154 Rev.2 / 2018/05/02]
    1. Since 0b154, the argument reference was still Ansi, so it crashed.
    2. Changed to be able to select whether to keep the height when the line height is less than the icon.

    [version 0b154 Rev.1 / 2018/05/02]
    1. Fixed the problem that the display value of process GPU was 10 times from 0b154.

    [version 0b154 / 2018/05/01]
    1. Changed all programs so that they can be started even with non-administrator privileges, and finished the Lite version.
      1. With non-administrative privileges, as much functionality as possible within the privileges. All functions are available with administrator privileges.
        If you want to run with non-administrator privileges, you can cancel UAC or add "not_admin" to the startup argument to skip administrator privilege confirmation UAC.
        If the configuration file cannot be written with non-administrator privileges because the main unit exists under Program Files, etc., it will end with an error.
    2. From 0b153, fixed the problem that 0 is increasing from the top to the SUM saved value of the disk list.
    3. From 0b153, corrected the GR bar color was broken.
    4. From 0b151, fixed the problem that the temperature graph+2SIDE was half drawn.
    5. Disk IO
      1. Fixed the problem that four types of IO, IO graph, list IO, list IO graph could not be set arbitrarily.
      2. IO and graph off>Fixed the problem that some display did not return when turned on.
    6. Top process system
      1. In the icon display, changed to correct the height when the icon cannot be displayed due to insufficient character height.
      2. Changed everything from acquisition to display to Unicode.
    7. Change data share to Unicode (data from previous version will be Connect False)
    8. Added memory (in use) graph display.
    9. Migration of the entire program to Unicode, with some exceptions. Unicode configuration files. Some internal processing changes.
    10. Fixed the problem that there are blank lines depending on the width of the HDD (smart) display, and changed not to add HDD : at the beginning of the second and subsequent lines.
    11. Added a function to display the current price of each virtual currency BTC exchange to the network.
    12. Fixed problems such as memory leak of HTTPS communication and changed to operate in parallel.
    13. Sound analyzer
      1. Fixed the problem that striped patterns (grooves where the waveform does not rise) appear mainly when viewed in the spectrogram display.
      2. Changed to be able to specify the upper limit of the hertz band in kilo units (1khz-20khz).
      3. Changed the number of elements from fixed to 100 to take the number of elements of "window width or height".
        1. As a result, the calculation of the original is aggregated by the number of dots displayed, and it is changed to virtually stepless.
      4. Improved median calculation.
      5. Nearly accurate scale for each hertz number, position display from A0 to C8 (@440Hz). 20-20k position display.
      6. Fixed the problem that the hertz band shifts due to the WAIT value of thilmera.
      7. Changed to calculate according to the size when reducing to less than the number of elements. (especially improvement of low band, etc.)
      8. High-speed processing has become possible, so in environments with a large amount of data such as 192khz, the upper limit of truncating when it is too late has been abolished.
      9. Improved channel accuracy.
      10. Spectrogram+Added mode to display Spectrum at the same time.
      11. Changed the upper limit of Height from 300 to 2000.
      12. Changed so that SA can be used for the task tray icon even in the normal version.

    [version 0b153 Rev.4 / 2018/04/05]
    1. Sound analyzer
      1. Significant improvement in processing speed, etc.
      2. Changed the display range to display in the range of about 50-3000Hz band.
      3. Fixed a problem that crashes in some environments from 0b153 (~Rev.3).
      4. 0b153 Rev.3 fixed the problem that sound analyzer IN was referring to OUT.

    [version 0b153 Rev.3 / 2018/04/02]
    1. With the sound analyzer, we reviewed the calculation that the gauge was difficult to rise as the range became higher.
    2. Lighter overall processing.
    3. From 0b153, when the CPU operating rate is turned off, an exception occurs and the subsequent display stops.

    [version 0b153 Rev.2 / 2018/04/02]
    1. Fix for 0b153 issue
      1. If you hide the mouseover while using the sound analyzer, the size will change and it will blink.
      2. Network adapter names are truncated.
      3. Motherboard information does not load correctly.

    [version 0b153 Rev.1 / 2018/04/01]
    1. From 0b153, fixed the bug that dot font specification becomes invalid when Fixed is off.
    2. Changed some Intel CPUs to exclude those with a clock multiplier of 255 from the average.

    [version 0b153 / 2018/04/01]
    1. Added icon display function to top process system and real-time report.
    2. Uncheck the process>icon if you don't want it to appear in the top processes.
    3. Even when OS fonts are used, changed to use alphabets from memory cache contents.
    4. Fixed a bug that characters are missing when using OS fonts and starting in a minimized state.
    5. From 0b152, fix the problem that the decimal point of the kilometer display of the drive information becomes 0.
    6. From 0b152, fixed the problem that switching color theme was not applied properly.
    7. From 0b151, there was a problem with the CPU reference of the icon graph, and the display was not correct.
    8. From 0b148, fixed the problem that "OVER LANG LINES" message appears due to a bug in display language processing.
    9. Changed so that window movement does not occur when mouse over is opaque and mouse transparency is on.
    10. Fixed a bug that the background color was not switched when used in layered.
    11. Added an option to make right-click minimize temporary until the cursor moves out of the window after minimizing.
    12. Reduced load by turning off almost all drawing calculations when minimized or hidden. (Approx. 40% load reduction)
    13. Added cumulative disk I/O to top processes.
    14. System process disk I/O Addressed an issue that was slowing down.
    15. Changed to automatically adjust the window width when using large fonts in real-time reports.
    16. Many code adjustments and counter Unicode conversion mainly for 64bit. Support for different language environments Part 2.
    17. The number of cores in the CPU information report may be inaccurate with recent CPUs, so the data acquisition source has been changed.
    18. Fixed the problem that the channel is treated as silence when the Sound Analyzer Channel is off and CH Graph is on.
    19. Changed bar PEAK reset from 5 seconds cycle to a specified number of seconds from each peak.
    20. In Disk IO, change the % display of disk time to adopt the highest value of the whole or the highest value of each logical drive unit, and to display which drive is most used.
    21. Added CPU support for real-time CPU clock. However, unconfirmed> Intel i7 series 5xxx 6xxx 7xxx. Not at this time> AMD Ryzen
    22. Addressed an issue where something like security software such as Avast would always cause a false positive once due to file size reduction.

    [version 0b152 / 2018/02/28]
    1. Added various and layered power options to keymaps and hotkey commands.
    2. Improved loading speed of configuration files.
    3. Added delay option in cursor edge display. A setting that only appears when hovering over an edge for a specified number of frames.
    4. Changed the cursor end display so that you can choose from 19 types of points that respond to the cursor.
    5. Fixed that changing HDD temperature in 0b150 had no effect on turning on/off the original usb setting.
    6. Fixed the problem that the drive list was not displayed on the setting drive screen from 0b150.
    7. Fixed a bug that sometimes crashes when moving the width of the screen from 0b151.
    8. Added a setting to temporarily switch to normal display on mouse over when translucent window or layered.
    9. Fixed the problem of bar display of drive information exceeding 10TB.

    [version 0b151 Rev.2 / 2018/02/03]
    1. From 0b151, fixed a bug that crashes immediately after startup in some environments.
    2. When using Win10/ AMD, the driver may not be overwritten while it is in use by another process. Changed not to issue an error message in case of error 32.
    3. Fixed missing CPU bar peak display. Fixed a bug that the CPU graph may be drawn beyond the height.

    [version 0b151 Rev.1 / 2018/02/02]
    1. Fixed a bug that some Fahrenheit settings were not applied.
    2. Fixed the problem that the graph display of the temperature graph was broken from 0b151.
    3. From 0b151, fixed memory corruption when resizing Sound Analyzer Spectrogram.
    4. From 0b151, fixed the problem that division by 0 occurred in SLI environment with multiple GPUs.
    5. (Currently DXGI needs to be turned off for the second and subsequent measurements in the SLI environment)

    [version 0b151 / 2018/02/01]
    1. Added a mode to force older drivers to get temperatures of AMD - Ryzen on Windows 10. However, due to known vulnerabilities,
    2. There are issues that reduce security while in use. Use with caution.
    3. IO graph, unidirectional from the bottom>Added style "2SIDE" to display bidirectionally from the top and bottom. Default designation.
    4. Changed IO graph to do seamless horizontal alpha blending.
    5. In particular, when increasing the height of the graph, the problem that thin lines moved and the shape was difficult to understand was resolved.
      Changed to reduce the increased load by caching the calculation results while the maximum value of the graph does not change.
      Fixed one heap corruption bug.
    6. Alpha-blend the border of the CPU system graph in the vertical direction. Computation caching and lightening.
    7. Cache the final color of the Sound Analyzer Spectrogram.
    8. Adjusted handling of variable strings and text display.
    9. Changed to save the enable/disable setting of the entire hotkey.
    10. Fixed the problem that the operation rate of some environments was not taken in DXGI mode of GPU.
    11. Added style to change temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
    12. Added style to change data units from 1024 (binary prefix) to 1000 (SI prefix).

    [version 0b150 / 2017/12/31]
    1. Fixed residual bugs from 0b148 adjustment.
    2. Fixed a bug that the language file is inconsistent in ANSI mode, and if the number of startups is large, garbage will eventually accumulate and cause an error that the number of lines is over.
    3. Changed the property screen so that it automatically adjusts its size according to DPI, and supports high DPI.
    4. Replaced the acquisition routine of HDD temperature information (SMART). Intel Supports RAID and some NVMe. Updated the HDD information in the report.
    5. Added "Report: Real-time process details" to display process details in the report.
    6. Along with this, removed "process list" and "module list" which were not maintained.
      The new report addresses the problem that 32-bit modules could not be enumerated on 64-bit thilmera.
      Display of execution command line. Display of cumulative I/O counts.
    7. Nuvoton NCT610X, NCT6791D. ITE IT8628E.
    8. Added Fintek F71869A, F71868, F71889, F71806F, F71805, F71808A.
      Changed the first motherboard information (Temp0 or SYSTIN temperature) so that it can be seen in the normal version.
    9. Set the number of hotkeys that can be set to 32. Increased mouse hooks to 24. Fixed a bug in the setting target due to duplication of the same key.
    10. Added a setting whether to use the result of DXGI for the VRAM number. Turn off NVIDIA library reference.
    11. Added a function to display the CPU time (total kernel time+user time) and elapsed time from the start of the process to the top process CPU.
    12. Fixed a bug that jumps to a different monitor at startup, such as fixing the bottom right.
    13. Fixed a bug that the numerical value becomes 0 when the number of frames is set to 1 in the IO graph.
    14. Fixed a bug that the top process system did not work on XP.

    [version 0b149 / 2017/11/30]
    1. Fixed residual bugs from 0b148 adjustment.
      1. Temperature graph+Fixed the problem that the graph color did not change in GR.
      2. Fixed vertical display of no page file total and memory detail text.
      3. Fixed a bug that the date is wrong when displaying 24h in world time.
    2. Added NVIDIA+ Intel HD independent and fixed display settings for NVIDIA's Optimus.
    3. VRAM
      1. Changed to display VRAM in DXGI mode in the environment of Windows8 or later (4G or more is recognized as DXGI).
      2. Changed sVram maximum value to adopt the setting value derived from the adapter. However, the used value may exceed the maximum value.
    4. Added weekly and monthly units to IO total value reset. Changed so that thilmera does not need to be running when it crosses midnight.
    5. Added a temperature color setting that changes the color of each temperature to the place of the temperature graph.
    6. Changed so that even if you move the cursor for a short time after clicking the monitor power off, it will turn off again.
    7. The main menu in the task tray has been shortened and organized. Fold screenshots and versions.
    8. "Monitor power off" has been moved to "Power Options". " HDD SMART Target Reacquisition" moved to the property screen.
    9. Sound analyzer
      1. Added a setting to set the direction of travel to the Spectrogram.
      2. Added Ch Room to the s version, which visually indicates which position of the surround speakers is louder.
      3. Changed the accuracy of the band so that it responds correctly even in 5.1ch and 7.1ch environments.
      4. Apply AutoPEAK to channels as well.
      5. Fixed a bug that does not display well when using AutoPeak at some hertz numbers.
      6. Fixed a bug that may not be displayed when switching devices when AutoPEAK or notRender is on.
      7. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash when changing speaker surround settings.
    10. Added GPU memory (VRAM) usage order to top processes.
    11. Added setting to display only temperature on GPU.
    12. DiskI/O
      1. Changed so that it can be recognized as a target even if the drive is turned on and off in the middle of USB etc.
      2. Changed the IO of the top process system to display two of writing and reading respectively. (Lite is obsolete due to authority issues)
    13. Calculation weight reduction for IO graph processing.
    14. Added bottom left fix.
    15. Added 8 mouse operations (relative movement) to hotkey settings.
    16. Added a function to enable/disable the hotkey itself to the task tray menu.
    17. Changed TCP - UDP reports to display the host name of the line where the cursor is placed. (IPv4 only)

    [version 0b148 Rev.1 / 2017/11/01]
    1. Temporary solution to the problem that CPU temperature etc. could not be obtained on Windows 10 after updating 0b148. (AMD Ryzen and Windows 10 is currently not possible)
    2. Fixed a problem that caused display collapse due to the number of digits when displaying fixed units on DiskIO and NetworkIO.
    3. SNTP Added a setting that normally does not display the result display frame similar to 0b148 and earlier in the time adjustment result display.

    [version 0b148 / 2017/10/31]
    1. While maintaining the shape of the standard number of characters (34 characters) so far, by widening the width, the number of characters that can be displayed at that time is calculated,
    2. Changed to automatically adjust the display position and title.
      If you want the old display regardless of size, turn off the font setting "Automatic adjustment of text amount".
    3. Added a Spectrogram-like mode to the Sound Analyzer. Increased accuracy of non-S version.
    4. GYRFixed an issue where colors conflicted with bar settings. Increased channel accuracy. The new standard CH Gain is 25%.
    5. AMD Ryzen Support to get CPU temperature in the current model. I have organized the temperature relationship of the AMD series, so please report any problems.
    6. Enumerate and update all open IPs and ports of TCP and UDP (including IPv6) on your PC in real time
    7. Added "Reports: Real Time TCP - UDP Information". In the s version, it is possible to specify opening and closing for each process and narrowing down by port.
    8. Fixed a bug that the numerical value may become strange when using the adjustment limit etc. in the CPU system graph.
    9. In the IO graph, fixed the problem that the Max value on the right of the graph becomes strange when the speed exceeds 2G.
    10. Added additional display option "Temperature" to disk IO and logical drive display.
    11. Changed to respond to mouse wheel operations on property pages, report pages, and text UI.
    12. Changed to record the difference between the overall GPU usage rate and the total usage rate of each process as (Other) in the process GPU.
    13. Added 4k mode for dot fonts that treats everything as 2x2 blocks. Added font @7x9 @7x9s @7x9p. Centering of double-byte character display in dot character width.
    14. Set the color of blue-cyan-green-yellow-red to the default (0) ofGYR. OldGYRis number 1 to 4.
    15. The lite version supports VRAM display and GPU usage in DXGI mode.
    16. Changed the display of the number of connections from TCP only to TCP + UDP (including v6) when using the top process system in network IO.
    17. Added display of TCP establishment number and UDP use number of process unit in top process NET of s version.
    18. NET Fundamentally changed the source of speed display data. If you want to display the old specification, set Old or turn off network IO.
    19. Changed the system language detection method and fixed an issue where it did not switch to English mode as intended.
    20. Changed all strings in menus and properties to Unicode.
      Fixed a bug in handling language files and completely redone the translation of English notation.
      Click Language: in the menu to switch between English and Japanese.
    21. Deprecated old features gadget link and folder backup. The backup function will be considered in a different form in the future.
    22. Some minor display changes.
    23. Lightening and speeding up some operations. Reorganization of the drawing system.
    24. Added installer type distribution format.

    [version 0b147 Rev.1 / 2017/09/30]
    1. Fixed a bug in 0b147 that crashes due to heap corruption when using the bps network IO graph.
    2. If this problem does not start, please update to Rev.1 using thilmera7

    [version 0b147 / 2017/09/30]
    1. Added a function to upload to the server and share when selecting a rectangle of a screenshot. See help.
    2. Fixed the problem that the kernel ratio is not known when FullR is reversed on the CPU.
    3. Fixed the problem that a large amount of loop processing may occur and stop when the subtraction related to kernel time becomes negative for some reason.
    4. Fixed the problem that it may freeze for tens of seconds when the value exceeds the unintended range in the IO graph, etc.
    5. Acceleration of the processing part that performs detailed and large-scale calculations.
    6. Changed to flat while inheriting UI design such as properties. Rethink the color scheme.
    7. By making the property screen itself scrollable as a page and expanding the range, we started to organize the parts that have become complicated due to the addition of functions. Tweaked UI colors.
    8. Fixed a bug that when selecting a rectangle in a screenshot, if you right-click to close after selecting BLACK FILL, the next rectangle selection will be blank.
    9. Added a setting to fix the width to the maximum of the current display.
    10. When the OS stops during disk writing due to some problem, the ini file disappears, so two of ini.bak ini.bak2
    11. 1 time before the file. Changed to rename the ini file two times before from the current file and keep it.
    12. The channel bar of the sound analyzer has been redesigned as a unique drawing. Set chBar to default setting.
    13. Added 3 types to GYR color. 0-3 conventional, 4-7 GR style, 8-11 high and low color fixed.
      Changed so that the sound analyzer is displayed even in the light version.
    14. AddedGYRcolor blend to color settings to use gradation of set color instead of primary color for GYR color.

    [version 0b146 / 2017/08/01]
    1. Fixed the problem that the inversion width was in units of lines when color inversion of FullR occurred in CPU multi.
    2. Fixed the problem that the numerical value before memory compression is used as the usage amount in the Windows 10 environment where the memory is 0b144 or later and the top process system is on.
    3. Fixed an issue where screen shots were not processed properly when the monitor placement resulted in a fractional range.
    4. I/O Graph Fixed a bug that real-time graph display was not displayed when 10 frames were turned off. I/O Changed so that the graph can be determined arbitrarily within 1 to 32 frames.
    5. Fixed a bug that the display remained in the top process GPU when the use of the GPU ended and the process remained.
    6. If you click the task tray icon when the cursor end display is on, change the display retention of thilmera to ON-OFF. Enabled by toggle in settings.
    7. Added CapsUnlock function to keep CapsLock unlocked. The setting is the details tab of the property.
    8. Changed to be able to register a service by passing "regist_service" as the first argument on the command line. Changed to be able to delete a service by passing "remove_service" as the first argument.
    9. Changed the background of the pop-up description on the property screen from color inversion to solid color.
    10. Changed the CPU utilization bar to show kernels in mem-modified color. Old specification with setting Kernel off.
    11. Adjusting the sound analyzer. In addition to converting some calculations to assembler, various calculation contents have been readjusted to improve display contents and significantly reduce speed and weight.

    [version 0b145 / 2017/06/01]
    1. Fixed a bug that a handle leak occurs when the startup service is left on the lock screen at startup.
    2. Fixed a bug that the area to be reversed by FullR setting was not correct in landscape style.
    3. Fixed the problem that the disc I/O top was aligned to the left in portrait style.
    4. Fixed a bug that the hotkey main::minimize (minimize and restore) did not work.
    5. Fixed 0b144 with incorrect color placement when using styleGYR.
    6. Created four color modes for styleGYRbar and soundGYR.
    7. Fixed an issue where only top process IO could not be displayed.
    8. Fixed a bug that disk IO was not displayed correctly when only the list graph was turned on.
    9. When using the maximum height, if there are multiple monitors on top and bottom, change it so that it fits the height of the currently displayed monitor instead of all the heights.
    10. Fixed position correction to work correctly with non-rectangular multi-monitors.
    11. Fixed a bug that it is not restored when combining the maximum height or the fit state and the reduced mode with mouseover hidden.

    [version 0b144 / 2017/05/01]
    1. In the startup service function, changed to operate correctly when using remote desktop.
    2. In Windows 10, the amount of Memory Compression is displayed in gray when memory details and top processes are used.
    3. Change of top process system
      1. Recreate the stock formula. Supports large-scale environments such as VPS where the process ID exceeds 65535.
      2. Fixed a bug that the number of lines setting may not work.
      3. When enabled, if the cumulative value of Private Bytes of all processes is higher than the total memory usage value, change to apply the higher value. For virtual hosts such as VPS. For VPS, it is recommended to turn off for details.
      4. When enabled and the acquired value of the CPU operation rate is 0, the cumulative value of the process operation rate is used. For VPS etc.
      5. Changed the update frequency to be specified in seconds instead of a fixed multiple of frames.
    4. Memory breaker
    5. Fixed a bug that was not working properly in the 0b143 release.
      Changed the service clone function so that it can be executed even in the normal version. When the service is running, the memory breaker is on the service clone
        Fixed so that it works as a single operation (problem of closing multiple at the same time due to the number of thilmera activations).
    6. Changed to display even if there is only basic render in GPU system.
    7. Disk I/O
      1. Changed usage from Disk Time to 100 - Idle Time.
      2. When FullR is off, the usage rate is displayed as an average value of 20 times (standard 1 second). Maximum value 20 times when ON.
    8. Correction of 0b143 fixed the problem that the maximum value at the right end of the IO graph was 1/10.
    9. Reduced drawing load.

    [version 0b143 / 2017/04/02]
    1. DXGI calculation mode for GPU utilization
    2. Changed update frequency from 1/20 frame to every frame. NVIDIA/AMD/IntelHD all applicable.
      Changed to calculate only the first node. Synchronize the rounding method with the CPU. Improved graphs. Reconciliation of issues above 100%.
      Change to default settings. If you want to use the old specification, turn off GPU option DXGI.
    3. Memory breaker function. Kill the process with the highest memory usage when the physical memory exceeds the specified percentage.
    4. Fixed a bug that when the top process system exceeds about 130 total processes, there is a problem with the memory secured by the function and it stops.
    5. Fixed a bug that lower right fixation and upper right fixation were not applied when position correction was turned off.
    6. Fixed an issue where the maximum height was not affected by the "Taskbar" setting.
    7. Fixed a bug that garbled characters still occurred due to rounding of characters.
    8. Some fixes for bar style line display.
    9. Added 20 times average to CPU (GPU) smooth.
    10. I/O Smooth animation of genealogy graphs.
    11. Added individual line number specification for top process MEM. Added option (old) to adopt WorkingSet for memory value.
    12. Added memory controller = memory clock and video engine = video clock with NVIDIA clock acquisition.
    13. Speeding up some operations. Minor bug fix. Lightweight floating point calculations.

    [version 0b142 / 2017/03/05]
    1. Added DXGI calculation mode to GPU utilization. In addition to weight reduction, AMD's library usage rate is inaccurate.
    2. Added a setting to exclude the taskbar in Position Correction, Position Fit, and Fixed System.
    3. Fixed a bug where the top process GPU was not updated when the top process was off.
    4. Fixed a case where the usage amount was calculated excessively even if it was the same for the process of the top process GPU.

    [version 0b141 / 2017/03/01]
    1. Added a function to display the GPU usage rate and GPU memory usage for each process in the top process system.
    2. Correction of misalignment of long character strings in the top process system.
    3. Fixed a bug that the lower right fixation and upper right fixation may not work well, and the problem that it is not corrected correctly when it is attached to the bottom.
    4. Fixed an operational issue where layered could not be turned off when shrink mode was on.
    5. Changed window height in shrink mode with mouseover hidden. Use of reduction mode with lower right fixed or in close contact with the bottom.
    6. Changed the first memory of the top process system from Working Set to Private Bytes. If you want to display more than 4GB, please use the 64bit version.
    7. Speeding up some operations.

    [version 0b140 / 2017/02/01]
    1. Adjusted sound analyzer calculations. Bandwidth and range readjustment. Changed update synchronization method.
    2. Without the cap before attenuation. (Applies only to calculations when AutoPEAK is off)
      Insufficient processing time thilmera Changed from overall frame rate drop to skip (display after 2nd frame if not in time).
      Fixed the blank on the right edge.
    3. Changed the character display of wallpaper and color in settings to be rounded to 20 characters.
    4. Changed the rounding of character strings in the settings so that it is adjusted when Japanese 2 bytes are at the boundary.
    5. Fixed that the left and right parts of the style line were strange after changing 0b139.
    6. Fixed a bug that when saving to the clipboard (image), the screenshot system could not be called if the contents of the clipboard were not an image.
    7. Application of GR andGYRwhen displaying detailed memory.
    8. Fixed the problem that the number of digits was not equal to the non-abbreviation in some sentences abbreviation.
    9. Fixed an issue where FullR was not filling the correct range for multiple lines in portrait style display.
    10. Fixed an issue where bmp backgrounds and rich bars+GYRwere not displayed properly.
    11. Changed the maximum number of drawing dots per dot character from 99 to 333.
    12. Add simple double @05x07s4k @05x08s4k @06x08s4k @06x09s4k for 4K which is double of full HD to dot characters.

    [version 0b139 Rev.2 / 2017/01/01]
    1. Layered ERROR 87 occurs when switching the mouseover hidden "reduced mode" while using a translucent window
    2. Fixed bug to continue.

    [version 0b139 Rev.1 / 2017/01/01]
    1. Option Auto Ref (seconds specified, automatic return from shrinking, 0 specified is invalid) and
    2. Added Row (number of rows displayed when zooming out per group).
      Fixed the problem that one line was not displayed correctly when characters were large in reduced mode.

    [version 0b139 / 2017/01/01]
    1. Added "shrink mode" to hide mouseover.
    2. A layered-only mode that transitions to a reduced state when the mouse is over, and returns to the original state when the cursor is placed over the reduced portion.
    3. Changed so that display/hide can be selected (up to 20 items) for each physical drive of HDD temperature.
    4. Fixed a bug that screenshots could not be captured correctly when there were sub-displays on the left and top in a multi-display configuration.
    5. Minor tweaks to garbled endings in Top Phlosses.
    6. Fixed where to get max VRAM for NVIDIA.
    7. Fixed a bug that NVIDIA's fan control did not reset the change occurrence flag when turning the setting on and off.
    8. Changed to display the number as 2 digits when there are CPUs with 10 or more threads in CPU multi.
    9. Added horizontal flip of bar to style.
    10. Changed to be able to specify the alpha value of the background in layered.

    [version 0b138 Rev.3 / 2016/10/04]
    1. Fixed releasing in test build mode. Hmm.

    [version 0b138 Rev.2 / 2016/10/04]
    1. Hyper-V Fixed the problem that monitoring did not work on Windows 10 etc.
    2. Fixed the problem that the guest OS startup and shutdown were not properly reflected in the display.
    3. VRAM
    4. Fixed a bug that sVram could not be set on Windows10.
      If it can be taken from NVIDIA instead of DXGI, change to give priority to that value. (Compatible with numbers over 4GB on Windows7)
      Lightweight operation.

    [version 0b138 Rev.1 / 2016/10/02]
    1. Fixed releasing in test build mode.

    [version 0b138 / 2016/10/02]
    1. Sound analyzer
    2. Weight reduction due to arithmetic changes.
      When using 7.1ch, etc., the high range becomes almost unresponsive compared to 2ch, so the calculation method was reconfigured to greatly improve accuracy.
    3. Weight reduction and accuracy improvement of the top process system.
    4. Added a mode to put a character frame on the layered.
    5. Added Hyper-V CPU & Net to show CPU usage and network traffic of Hyper-V guest OS.

    [version 0b137 Rev.1 / 2016/09/23]
    1. Sound analyzer
    2. Fixed a problem that bug band occurred in some environments, display collapsed, and processing became heavy.
      Fixed a bug that the band display of Sound IN was cut off in the middle.
    3. Fixed an issue where the hidden movie player would appear when it was intended to be hidden.

    [version 0b137 / 2016/09/22]
    1. Sound analyzer
    2. Significantly fixed the narrow mid-bass range and sluggish response.
      Added Smooth setting. Default is 2. A gauge of moments where the smaller the more pure. A large number causes a slow decline.
      Auto PEAK adjustment.
      Fixed a bug that the gauge may remain even after silence.
      Re-fixed the problem that the band gauge shifts from 44.1khz to 192khz. (from 0b136)
      Changed to display Hertz number.
      Purely increased weight reduction of processing and unification of CH sources.
      (Due to the new range, Windows-derived noise may be displayed at the left end in silence, but this is not a problem.)
    3. Change the width of the calendar seamlessly.
    4. Fixed that day of the week setting jp was not valid for dot character, and applied to calendar.
    5. Fixed a bug that the display of some properties collapsed when displaying in portrait style.
    6. Fixed the gap between the process name and the process name when the CPU usage rate of the top process in portrait style display is two digits or more.
    7. Screenshot (active window)
    8. Fixed that the vertical scroll bar such as Command Prompt and PowerShell was not trimmed properly.
      Correction 2 of the black margin when the trimming range is out of the screen.
      Fixed a typo in the description of the crop settings in properties.
    9. Fixed improper residuals in group lines.

    [version 0b136 Rev.2 / 2016/09/13]
    1. 0b136 sound analyzer change, loop occurs in a specific environment, CPU load reaches MAX
    2. Fixed bugs that could occur.

    [version 0b136 Rev.1 / 2016/09/12]
    1. Fixed a bug that screen shots are not saved with JPEG turned off except for S version.
    2. Fixed a bug that is not saved when ActiveT is turned off.
      Changed standard quality from 50 to 70.

    [version 0b136 / 2016/09/12]
    1. Added screenshot save (rectangular selection).
    2. Cut and save any image on the screen.
      Right click or ESC key to cancel. Left click and drag the selection to the lower right or upper left.
      Pressing the CTRL key during selection aligns the cursor position if there is a close window range in 10px units.
      thilmera When screenshot saving is ON, CTRL + PrintScreen
      Screenshot saving starts.
      It can also be used as a key action.
      There is a setting to display a preview after the rectangular selection to confirm saving.
      The preview has a BLACK FILL function that fills a part of the image with black.
    3. Fixed screenshot save (active (Alt+ PrintScreen)).
    4. Added screen shot save(acvite) to key actions (equivalent to Alt+ PrintScreen).
      Added setting to force normal thilmera screenshot to active window.
      Fixed most of the issues with white space on windows acquired on Windows 10.
      Changed to cut only the client area (excluding the title bar and borders) as much as possible.
      Added setting to turn off this feature. However, Windows 10 has disadvantages such as margins.
      Fixed a bug that a black area is created when the active window is out of the screen.
    5. General fix for saving screenshots.
    6. Added a setting to temporarily hide the thilmera main window when taking screenshots. (unless thilmera is the foreground)
      Fixed the lack of judgment whether the main window is foreground or not.
      Fixed a critical issue that caused a large memory leak when saving (existing bug, not new).
      JPEG Added save function. The quality can be specified for the S version.
      Changed so that the name of the save file can be entered as a pattern.
        The embedded format is$y$m$d$hhours$iminutes $s seconds$wimage size
      A shutter sound is added. If you want to turn it off, change the setting Sound.
    7. Added function to save clipboard image. (Excluding LITE version)
    8. Changed mouseover hiding, screenshot saving, and mouse transparency to check type in the main menu.
    9. Add screenshot save and mouse transparency to key actions.
    10. A bar representation of CPU utilization by calculating per CPU unit of the top processes.
    11. Fixed an issue where the Sound Analyzer was not consistently measuring accurately.
    12. Bandwidth readjustment.
      Added a new mode Auto PEAK that adjusts the maximum range of the band.
    13. Fixed an issue where an empty registry remains when exiting using Gadget Link.
    14. Fixed a potential source of chronic memory leaks.

    [version 0b135 / 2016/08/21]
    1. Fix for program crash.
    2. Dealing with the problem of the function that the program stops with an exception when the number of characters exceeds in the character string processing.
      Exception handling on most main threads.
    3. Fixed a bug that 0b134 did not apply the text color of the calendar.
    4. Adjust the width and line pitch of the calendar.
      Changed to get holiday data from the server.
    5. Added upper left fixed as a setting for tablets.
    6. Removed debug text showing the updater path when updating.
    7. Fixed a bug that updater fails to start.

    [version 0b134 Rev.3 / 2016/08/12]
    1. Fixed a bug that crashes in disk IO display after 0b134 update in XP environment.
    2. Since the main unit does not start this time, create a dedicated single updater.
    3. Changed the behavior when targeting a screenshot window to cut from the screen instead of the DC of the window.
    4. This solves the problem of black windows, but it will reflect if there is a window covering it.
      Is it a specification in Windows 10, there is a margin.
    5. Fixed a bug that the information in the balloon display in the alert was applied only for the first time and remained.

    [version 0b134 Rev.2 / 2016/08/11]
    1. 0b134 Rev.1 test code not deleted fix.

    [version 0b134 Rev.1 / 2016/08/11]
    1. 0b134By fixing a bug in screenshots when scaling, due to incomplete acquisition of unsupported sizes when scaling
    2. Changed so that windows other than unsupported windows at scaling return to normal for the problem that extra areas are created.
      Unsupported when scaling Right and bottom margins of windows are unsupported.
    3. Added English expression mode EN that arranges dates in the order of (day of the week) month name day, year.

    [version 0b134 / 2016/08/11]
    1. Declaration of DPI scaling. Various problems occur due to being affected by scaling, so changed to not be affected.
    2. Fixed screenshot bug when scaling.
    3. Changed to display the load % of the logical drive for each drive I/O.
    4. On disk I/O, added FullR setting to invert colors when load time reaches 100%.
    5. Added FullR setting to invert color when process load is over 100% per core.
    6. Added FullR setting to invert colors when CPU and GPU loads are above 100%.
    7. Fixed a bug that the temperature alert was displayed only for a moment even if the balloon was set.
    8. Changed to display what temperature is the target in the balloon display.
    9. Fixed the problem that the whole screen could not be captured due to DPI scaling.
    10. Fixed a bug that IO total value reset could not be done more than once.
    11. Fixed a bug that the percentage of the tip display in the task tray becomes strange when the total amount and usage of memory is very high.
    12. On Windows7, assuming that the OS has not been updated (2949927, 3033929), added the setting of SHA1 enforcement of the driver.
    13. Also changed to try to register the SHA1 driver when the SHA256 driver registration fails on Windows7.
      Correspondence to some environment where CPU temperature is not displayed by 0b133.
      However, the use of this function is only a remedy, so it is recommended to support SHA256 by updating.
      Not relevant for Windows 8 or later.

    [version 0b133 Rev.2 / 2016/07/08]
    1. Fixed a bug that the setting item without frame disappeared.

    [version 0b133 Rev.1 / 2016/07/08]
    1. Fixed a bug that PNG reading in 64bit is not performed properly.

    [version 0b133 / 2016/07/08]
    1. Fixed a bug that the magnitude judgment of High Tension of network I/O was reversed.
    2. Changed the threshold number of bytes of High Tension of network I/O to refer to the set value HighTT.
    3. Fixed KeepLamp not being handled correctly when High Tension is on.
      Changed so that HighTT value setting can be specified by text box input.
    4. HDD Added display/hide setting for average temperature.
    5. 0b132 (2016/07/02) Fixed an updater that failed to update if the service was registered with the normal edition.
    6. An automatic update retry after 07/02/2016 will automatically resolve this issue.
    7. Fixed alpha blending problem when using wallpaper.
    8. Added a mode Stretch that expands and contracts the wallpaper according to the screen size.
    9. Changed to be able to use PNG format images for wallpaper.
    10. Fixed size (fixed screen size to wallpaper image size) and alpha mask (adopted wallpaper image alpha value) added to wallpaper settings.
    11. Added setting for wallpaper image enlargement (1-1000%).
    ▲ Changed to force layered when using transparent background color.
    1. Added blending mode after wallpaper. Composite mode that draws only in the background color, the alpha value of that part refers to the wallpaper, and the rest is 100% (text, bar and graph) and 0% (background color).
    2. Added left, right, top, bottom margin settings.
    3. Changed so that the left and right width can be adjusted even when the wallpaper is alpha masked. Tweaked mouse position determination.
    4. Added a setting to turn off the background color of bars, etc.
    5. Added mouse following to hotkeys. A function to switch the window of thilmera to mouse tracking temporarily. Temporarily front view.
    6. Added change topmost window to hotkey. Toggle front view.
    7. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to select functions directly from the hotkey setting screen.
    8. Added no bar background and line 2 to the style bar. Added color theme for line 2 to color theme.
    9. Floppy>Added per-physical drive alert temperature settings to drives. Up to 20 cases.
    10. The setting is valid only when the temperature alert is turned on, and is determined separately from the HDD temperature.
      Changed to display what is the target in the window when a temperature alert occurs.
    11. Fixed a bug that many group lines appear when CPU multi graph is turned off while CPU multi graph is on.
    12. Fixed a bug that the computer name disappeared when sharing data in the normal version.
    13. If you use the restart function of thilmera with data share reception turned on, binding fails due to port duplication,
    14. Fixed a bug that may cause extreme CPU load.
    15. Changed the use of digital signature SHA256 driver from Windows8 or later to Windows7 or later.
    16. If the CPU temperature is not displayed in Windows 7 as a result, please apply the OS update.

    [version 0b132 / 2016/06/30]
    1. Intel Get TjMax, which is the temperature reference for models 0x4X 0x5X and later.
    2. Rich the access bar of the IO graph when setting the rich bar.
    3. Added "IO Total Value Reset" to the menu. Manual means of resetting the IO sum (Sum).
    4. Added Lamp1 setting to display only the access lamp even when the graph is displayed in disk and network IO.
    5. Fixed virtual memory bar display and percentage calculation being reversed.
    6. Fixed a bug that the new license was not recognized unless you entered it twice (server side).
    7. Create an auto-update gump. Added a button to display the update history of the official site other than YES/NO.
    △ Described executable file name and its description in readme.html.

    [version 0b131 Rev.1 / 2016/05/19]
    1. AMD Fixed a bug that the GPU setting of 50°C was not saved.
    2. Fixed a bug that after changing the mouseover hiding of 0b131, it will be displayed when the cursor moves the window position while it is hidden.
    3. Fixed a bug that the display and non-display became strange when the cursor end display and mouse over non-display were combined.
    4. Changed to log information such as time, object, temperature, etc. to thilmera _alert.log when various alerts occur in the alert warning display.

    [version 0b131 / 2016/05/16]
    1. Added UAC Startup Service function to normal edition (thilmera7.exe, thilmera7_64.exe).
    2. Changed so that mouse over invisible and mouse transparent coexist.
    3. As a result, when the mouseover is hidden, appropriate processing can be performed even when thilmera is covered by the drag destination,
      Reduces distractions on desktop work.
    4. Changed graph height from 10/20 switching to 8-100 adjustment.
    5. Synchronize GPU usage with temperature graph.
    6. Fixed disc I/O listbar color in GR mode.
    7. Fixed a bug that IO data between PCs was not displayed correctly due to the change of 0b130.
    8. And fixed the problem that 2 spread bars at the time of graph display were not reproduced at the transfer destination.
    9. Fixed a bug that the used value and free value of virtual memory were reversed from 0b130.
    10. From 0b130, fixed the problem that the unit of M and G is wrong in k, M, G setting of page file and virtual memory.
    11. Fixed the progress speed of NVIDIA's GPU utilization graph to be synchronized with CPU utilization etc.
    12. Temporary fix for the bug that the CPU hold was not displayed well in some Windows 7 environments.
    13. Non-English speaking languages ​​such as German (Japanese is not included) remain unchanged.
    14. Temporary fix for the problem that it can not be started on the second and subsequent sign-ins due to the past fix of startup on Windows 10.

    [version 0b130 Rev.2 / 2016/05/11]
    1. Fixed animation precision loss due to Rev.1.

    [version 0b130 Rev.1 / 2016/05/11]
    1. Less load.

    [version 0b130 / 2016/05/11]
    1. Changed the lamp (lighting) of disk I/O and network I/O to maintain 10 frames.
    2. If the old native is good, turn off the property Keep Lump setting.
    3. Added AMD 50℃ to the property as adjustment of 50℃ standard for CPU and GPU temperature in AMD series APU (A10-xxxx etc.).
    4. Changed to be able to specify the gain of the channel for the band of the sound analyzer as a percentage. Default 50.
    5. Changed so that the display of used capacity and free capacity can be switched in the memory system.
    6. Changed the notation of "only used value of memory system" to "no total value" (The setting conditions at the time of update are the same)
      If you turn on the free space value in the memory system, the free space is displayed instead of the used space.
    7. Left and right of the main window. And the window width adjustment part at the bottom of the report window is difficult to understand, so change the cursor to a double arrow cursor.
    8. List display of disk I/O, graph display for each list. And added setting to show only those in use.
    9. Corrected that multiple GPUs and IO/Sum in landscape style display mode are in the same frame.
    10. Network I/O reported that Windows 2000 and some XP doesn't get the new network IO.
    11. Therefore, when updating to 0b130, reset the old method selection old of network I/O once.
      New since VISTA. XP and earlier default to old.

    [version 0b129 Rev.1-2 / 2016/04/01]
    1. Fixed a bug that some processes may not be displayed in 0b129.

    [version 0b129 / 2016/04/01]
    1. Fixed dot font @05x08s @06x08s New @06x09 @06x09s
    2. AMD Fixed the problem that when using graphics with APU, loading etc. are not displayed when the acquired temperature is 0 or less.

    1. Change process display
    Change process ID display.
      【Before change】Display process ID only for SVCHOST
      【After change】Display the process ID if there are two or more processes with the same name.

    Changed to display by service name. (Example: SVCHOST→(appinfo:1234))
      【Before change】SVCHOST:Displayed by process ID
      【changed to】if there is a service name (service name). If one process has multiple services (service name: process ID)

    Changed from UPPERCASE only to UPPERCASE.
    Load reduction by changing acquisition timing of wow64 (32-bit).
    Fixed a bug that process names containing double-byte characters may be garbled at the end due to length truncation.

    1. Change dot character display
    Changed to follow the OS font when double-byte characters (such as Japanese) exist when displaying dot characters.
      Unlike L-digi, this does not match the line height with the OS font, and has a complementary role of dot character display.
      Mainly in the process display.

    ▲ Full-width and process case resolution change dot character display to default setting (on update to 0b129 and new)

    [version 0b128 / 2016/03/21]
    1. Position correction of alphanumeric characters (centering) when non-dot characters (OS font drawing) are fixed width.
    2. However, note that turning off the dot character display is very expensive.
    3. Added dot font @08x13A.bmp (new font, large anti-aliased type)

    1. Fixed duplication of dot character acquisition area.
    2. Changed the transfer limit of data sharing between PCs from 1kb to 64kb.
    3. Fixed a bug that network I/O (new) displayed incorrect transfer amount when NetIO lightening was turned on.
    4. Fixed a bug that network I/O (new) failed to match old and new compatibility of some adapters.
    5. Changed Sound Analyzer to not wait forever for release if part of the device is occupied at initialization.

    [version 0b127 Rev.5 / 2016/03/18]
    1. Fixed a bug that the display after acquiring the network I/O was not displayed under certain conditions.

    [version 0b127 Rev.4 / 2016/03/18]
    1. Changed hardware used bar area to gray stain in physical memory details.
    2. Fixed misalignment of bars when displaying disk I/O without graphs.
    3. Fixed 0 and O discrimination in @06x08.bmp.
    4. 0b127 Rev.2 or later thilmera7s or thilmera7s64 terminates abnormally when starting without a configuration file (.ini).
    5. Fixed the cause of the problem.

    [version 0b127 Rev.3 / 2016/03/16]
    1. Changed auto update from console to icon and log text output.
    2. Added auto start option. Automatic start of update when new version is detected. Default is off.
    3. Fixed the problem that restarting (inside the program) becomes strange after deleting the service under certain conditions.
    4. Fixed a bug that the date Tuesday was changed to Te due to an editing error.

    [version 0b127 Rev.2 / 2016/03/14]
    1. Improved WMI memory leak issue.

    [version 0b127 Rev.1 / 2016/03/12]
    1. Changed so that the old style display of the task tray icon can be selected.

    [version 0b127 / 2016/03/11]
    1. Changed network I/O to a completely different acquisition method. The use of the old specification is switched with the property. Load reduction.
    2. Renewal of the task tray icon. Also changed the tip information.
    3. Improved that the CPU usage rate of the top process could not be measured over 100% (25% for 4 cores, 12.5% ​​for 8 cores).
    4. Make physical memory display similar to resource monitor. Added 2 kinds of ON/OFF of detail display. Added two color definitions.
    5. Added ON/OFF of detailed display to display C1 C2 C3 (power saving) and DPC in CPU display.
    6. Added setting to reset I/O sum of disk and net at 0:00. Network boot reset removed due to conflict.
    7. Fixed the behavior when changing only 1 by increasing or decreasing the scrl (scroll bar) of UI, and when changing 1 or more of ud (display order, etc.).
    8. Fixed a bug that the top process MEM, disk I/O top was not updated properly when the top process was off.
      1. Reduced the reference load when the process of the top process system is not updated.
    9. Some fixes.

    [version 0b126 Rev.1 / 2016/02/29]
    1. Fixed a bug that 0b125 or later can not be started on Windows Server OS without wlanapi.

    [version 0b126 / 2016/02/29]
    1. Sound analyzer
    2. Seamless median gauge display (s).
      Sensing device changes. No need for proper initialization and auto-full setting (high load). Fixed an issue when restarting the capture.
      Fixed a bug that the frame update is slow until you press the OK button when stopping due to an error.
      Changed the error (three types) when switching the sound device on the driver side instead of the OS to log output only.
      ERROR Fixed a bug that error loops when _NOT_FOUND.
      Keep your device list up to date.
      Alpha gradation of normal and GR gauge display.
      Change channel output to maximum.
    3. Added digital signature verification to the self-diagnosis step for all executables.
    4. Added digital signature confirmation to the updater during automatic update and to the check process of the main unit after update.
    5. Fixed a bug that loading was not displayed correctly in multiple GPU environments in NVIDIA mode.
    6. Address some heavy processing.
    7. Fixed some low-level bugs.

    [version 0b125 / 2016/02/24]
    1. Sound analyzer
    2. Changed callback and REC to be able to operate simultaneously. Changed Magnitude+to be able to set separately.
      Change the band display from the average value of each channel to the absolute value (need to readjust Magnitude by yourself)
      Display Multimedia and Communication in the device list.
      Smart display of channels, etc.
      Fixed behavior when selecting a device with no output.
    〇(s) Added a function to list WiFi access points and radio wave quality.
    1. Display standby area in focus color in bar of physical memory display.
    2. Changed the maximum value of the bar from the record high value to the maximum value of the graph range for disk and network IO when displaying the graph.
    3. Removed 4 kinds of unnecessary libraries (mfc.dll, atl.dll, atl2.dll, dxgi.dll) from update.
    4. Make some DLLs static. part of weight reduction. XP operation confirmation.
    〇 Because the GPU display load is high, review the update frequency and set it to 1 second by default. (The number of objects and the queue are also updated on a 1 second basis)
    1. Fixed a bug that VRAM may not be displayed properly on Windows 10.
    △ A function to delete files that are no longer needed in automatic updates.
    △ Changed to retry for 5 minutes when writing is temporarily disabled due to security such as OS in automatic update.

    [version 0b124 / 2016/02/21]
    1. Fully synchronized Acquisition of Sound Analyzer. Less load and smoother display.
    2. Re-correction of bug fix items of Sound Analyzer 0b123 Rev1-4 and bug fix when there are many device names.

    [version 0b123 Rev.4 / 2016/02/20]
    1. Recreated the notRender manual setting in Sound Analyzer.
    2. Turn off if noise occurs. Turn it on if you experience looping sounds (a phenomenon in which the last sound loops when there is no audio playback at all).

    [version 0b123 Rev.3 / 2016/02/18]
    1. Sound analyzer bug fix 3

    [version 0b123 Rev.2 / 2016/02/18]
    1. Due to the change in Sound Analyzer Rev.1, there is a problem that a loop sound occurs on Windows 7, and for the time being 7 and earlier have silent playback.
    2. After 8, branch without silent playback.
      Please report any problems.
    3. Fix 2 for Sound Analyzer's device occupation problem.

    [version 0b123 Rev.1 / 2016/02/18]
    1. Correspondence to the problem that noise occurs in the sound analyzer depending on the environment (Windows 10, etc.).
      1. This change may cause looping sounds to reappear, so please report any bugs.
    2. In the sound analyzer, when part of the device is occupied, it stops at the acquisition stage,
      1. Fixed to work with exclusive exclusion.
    3. Expand Magnitude+slider to 3000 in sound analyzer.
      1. Fixed the problem that crashes depending on the environment when displaying a specific device name. Other minor fixes.
    4. Fixed the point that the contents of the description of some properties do not match the operation.

    [version 0b123 / 2016/02/17]
    1. If thilmera, which is not displayed when switching desktop users, is running, change the process to hibernate to reduce the load on the system.
    2. Added N VE option to GPU display (display of Nvidia's video engine and memory control).
    3. Changed the average value of 10 times to the output because the load difference of RADEON (ATI) may be too large among the GPU display.
    4. Fixed a bug in multiple precision Sum display, where division processing becomes extremely heavy when it comes to a specific number.
    5. Fixed a bug that when the cursor edge display is hidden, it remains displayed when the screen is displayed on the whole screen and returned.

    [version 0b122 / 2015/08/10]
    1. Fixed a bug that s system startup did not work on Windows 10.
    2. +MEM display in top process. Alternatively, if the top process MEM is displayed, change it so that an alert warning will be issued when the memory of the 32bit application exceeds a certain level.
    3. Changed not to display the peak when the value is 0 or the maximum value in the peak display of each bar.

    [version 0b121 Rev.1 / 2015/08/06]
    1. Fix 2 of the problem that the display is interrupted between the system operating time display and the sound analyzer.
    2. Fixed a mistake in updating the language file of the peak setting of each bar

    [version 0b121 / 2015/08/05]
    1. Changed to display *32 for 32bit applications in the top process system.
    2. Added a setting to display the peak of each bar for 5 seconds. Standard setting. If you want to turn it off property>style>with PEAK.
    3. Fixed a bug that the display collapses when splitting to 2 when displaying an odd number on the temperature graph.
    4. Create an empty text file to prevent empty folders from being deleted by other tools.
    5. Fixed a bug in the report window where the color of the message was invisible when the contents were copied to the clipboard when displayed.
    6. Fixed the problem that it becomes difficult to operate the property screen etc. when the frame rate of the window is lowered.
    7. Fixed that the kernel rate may be displayed below 0% when the CPU load is high.

    [version 0b120 Rev.3 / 2014/10/03]
    1. (s) Abolish ad cut because it tampered with the hosts file, which is not very good from a security point of view.
    2. SNTP Since there was a report that "", which was the default at the beginning of time adjustment, caused problems,
    3. Fixed to change to the new default "" or "" if the setting is "".

    [version 0b120 Rev.2 / 2014/09/20]
    1. It is stopped from a security point of view as an error message of parent process check when starting editions other than lite
    2. Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed that the check failed when running from a third party.

    [version 0b120 & Rev.1 / 2014/09/15]
    1. Added thilmera7_64 and thilmera7s64 for 64bit Native and DLL. The weight of processing on a 64-bit OS is reduced by about 40% (our ratio)
    2. If you are using the S version and want to switch the startup to the 64bit version, register and delete instead of starting/stopping the service.
      Please re-register on s64.
    3. Fixed PNG failing to save in thilmera7s64.
    4. In Sound Analyzer REC, fixed the problem that the display becomes fatally strange when displaying Channel when it is a monaural channel.
    5. Fixed an issue where standing width would be reduced when using group lines.
    6. Set character size to 12 in Sound Analyzer device list. Fix window width.

    [version 0b119 Rev.1 / 2014/09/07]
    1. Fixed a bug that the top process of 0b119 fix was not displayed if it was an extension other than .EXE.

    [version 0b119 / 2014/09/01]
    1. Fixed an issue that caused application crashes due to heap corruption in some environments4.
    2. Top process fixes and page faults, reducing the amount of processing.

    [version 0b118 Rev.3 / 2014/08/20]
    1. Fixed a bug in 0b118 Rev.1-2 that crashes when there are many sound devices.
    2. Possibly fixed the long-neglected problem that the property screen may become black or the characters may disappear.

    [version 0b118 Rev.2 / 2014/08/20]
    1. Simultaneous use of Sound Analyzer playback and recording causes a howling-like decrease in the gauge,
    2. Changed not to use at the same time.

    [version 0b118 Rev.1 / 2014/08/20]
    1. Sound Analyzer's playback (Callback) side still needs to render silent playback, so it's back. Fixed noise.
    2. Create a device number designation on the recording (Recorder) side.
      Added enumeration of recognized sound device numbers and friendly names to sound page of properties.

    [version 0b118 / 2014/08/20]
    1. Added setting to Sound Analyzer to pick up default for recording (Recorder) in addition to traditional playback (Callback).
    2. Fix test 3 for the problem that the application crashes due to heap corruption in some environments.
    3. Corrected that the operation rate bar was displayed even when only the temperature was displayed in the CPU display.
    4. Changed to be able to display the maximum value from 1.0 to 0.1 at the time of GB display in the logical drive display.

    [version 0b117 / 2014/07/30]
    1. Changed the status_drives_view in the ini file so that you can select the drives you want to display in the logical drive display.
    2. Fixed a bug that some character positions in the property are shifted when the font size is increased while the font setting is Fixed.
    3. Fixed a setting mistake of the route that is not displayed when only the top process MEM is turned on in the top process.
    4. Review compilation optimization. It should be a little faster, but the PDH library is heavy, so it's not that effective.

    [version 0b116 Rev.1 / 2014/07/20]
    1. Fixed a bug that the route that the heap was broken when the download failed with the HTTP request was left.

    [version 0b116 / 2014/07/18]
    1. Test change of INTEL model 3E and 45, 46 to i7auto judgment.
    2. (s) Added IT8781F, IT8782F, IT8783F, IT8603E, IT8620E, IT8623E to motherboard recognition.
    3. Fixed a bug that the volume on / off setting of the sound analyzer was not saved.
    4. As a countermeasure for the driver that may be in exclusive mode when the OS is started, it is set to wait for 1 second and automatically restart in exclusive mode.
      Test release with render stopped. Please let me know if this update causes any crackling or noise in the sound.
    5. Fixed a bug that the window position becomes strange when there is excessive display while using the maximum height.
    6. Changed the variable bar display of Disk I/O and Net I/O in the graph display to keep the maximum value continuously during startup.

    [version 0b115 Rev.1 / 2014/07/07]
    1. PNG Fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to save a screenshot of an active window with a specific width when saving was enabled.

    [version 0b115 / 2014/06/11]
    1. Found and fixed a bug where two sound analyzer capture threads were running.
    2. Also, if it is turned off, the thread will not remain and it will be stopped.
    3. Added Reset option to net I/O cumulative value. If on, the accumulated value is reset at startup.
    4. (s) AMD / Implemented ATI (Radeon) fan control (untested) for the time being.

    [version 0b114 Rev.2 / 2014/05/29]
    1. AMD Supports temperature acquisition for model 30h series of family 15h.

    [version 0b114 Rev.1b / 2014/05/25]
    1. Changed so that update confirmation is displayed when clicking the update balloon display.

    [version 0b114 Rev.1 / 2014/05/25]
    1. (s) Changed NVIDIA fan control (100% manual) to manual only when the GPU temperature exceeds a certain threshold (threshold).

    [version 0b114 / 2014/05/24]
    1. Shape Top-Process. Changed ProcessMEM to display both Working Set and Virtual Size.
    2. (s) Created NVIDIA fan control (100% manual) as a test function.

    [version 0b113 / 2014/05/17]
    1. Fixed a bug that the pending status was not displayed well after multi-language measures for PDH acquisition.
    2. A method that does not use PdhEnumObjects is adopted due to a mysterious bug. The waiting time at startup has been greatly reduced.
    3. Added a RESET button to the upper right of the display order. When pressed, everything is initialized to 50.

    [version 0b112 Rev.1 / 2014/05/17]
    1. Fixed a bug that the GPU temperature average is cleared to 0 in an environment where the ATL driver is installed and not in use.
    2. A small security update.

    [version 0b112 / 2014/05/04]
    1. Changed to be able to set a threshold for memory purge. Purge only processes with memory usage above the threshold. See online help for details.
    2. HDD Set to refer to BE (vendor proprietary information) if there is no information for C2 (HDA temperature) in temperature. The types of HDD that can acquire temperature have increased.

    [version 0b111 Rev.1 / 2014/04/18]
    1. Since the acquisition method of PDH changed in 0b111 was not supported by the OS before XP, it was changed to acquire by the conventional method in the version before XP. High urgency.

    [version 0b111 / 2014/04/17]
    1. Fixed the problem that PDH could not be acquired in the environment such as Deutsch (German). Multi-Language 3.
    2. Updated signature to SHA2 (SHA256). Since the driver is not compatible with the OS, Windows 7 and below are conventional.
    3. 8 or later changed to SHA256 driver signature. This is because SHA1 will be deprecated on January 1, 2016.

    [version 0b110 / 2014/04/10]
    1. The content of the SMART information in the report is also available in English.

    [version 0b109 Rev.1 / 2014/04/05]
    1. Corrected that the time zone display and time display were out of sync when changing the date display.

    [version 0b109 / 2014/04/02]
    1. Changed to display Windows experience value in cpu_info of report.
    2. Changed the default display of hdd temperature to be displayed in ABC order (with exceptions if there are multiple partitions).
    3. Added setting to show process and disk queue length.
    4. When scrolling the property window, press left or up on the keyboard to decrease it, and press right or down to increase it.
    5. Added an option to display the Japanese calendar in the date display.
    6. Fixed a bug that the report window keeps appearing when you press Manual Memory Purge that cannot be executed in the Lite version.
    7. Fixed a bug that the OS may become unstable when the window width is expanded beyond the maximum screen width.
    8. Changed the name to "Power Options" because it was pointed out that the display "down" of the shutdown system was not very appropriate.

    [version 0b108 / 2014/03/10]
    1. Fixed a bug where the sum display would be extremely overloaded when it reached a specific value. High urgency.

    [version 0b107 Rev.3 / 2014/02/22]
    1. Fixed memory leak in WMI requests.

    [version 0b107 Rev.2 / 2014/02/22]
    1. In PageFile, with the recommended setting (variable size), which is the default setting for Vista migration, the maximum value obtained only at startup is inappropriate.
    2. Changed to get the maximum size of the page file every minute in another thread.
    3. Fixed a bug that could very rarely cause a freeze when operating at over 192khz 24bit due to buffer handling in the sound analyzer.

    [version 0b107 Rev.1 / 2014/01/14]
    1. Due to the handling of the buffer in the sound analyzer, when operating at 192khz 24bit, the acquisition time cannot keep up and the data becomes strange.
    2. Changed to discard data when it exceeds 12000 samples.

    [version 0b107 / 2014/01/07]
    1. Fixing bugs in buffer handling in Sound Analyzer. Correspondence to problems such as flatness when operating at 192khz 24bit.
    2. (44.1khz 16bit that does not appear in general CD sound quality)
      As a manifestation situation, when running in a 192khz 24bit environment on Win8, all data becomes flat and does not move. or CPU usage becomes MAX, etc.
      It occurs during long-term operation.
      I haven't done a long-term operation test, but I messed up halfway with 0b106 Rev.4, so I'm unconfirmed as an emergency measure, but I'm going to make a provisional release.

    [version 0b106 Rev.4 / 2014/01/07]
    1. Existing i7auto_mode test for 4th generation i7 series, i4xxx.
    2. (s) Corrected the fact that the division of the final calculation was one digit different in G units of 10h, 12h, 14h, and 15h of AMD of the real time clock.
      1. As the notation method in the same core, the display after the decimal point was redundant, so it was changed to the notation up to the first.
      2. Fixed a bug that the display becomes strange when all cores are specified.
    3. In the cpu__info of the report, the higher number of cores and threads of Intel was used, which caused misunderstanding.
    4. When using AutoKMG in portrait style mode, the display was jerky due to automatic indentation of byte spaces.
      1. Only in vertical style mode, the byte unit is supported by adding B display.

    [version 0b106 Rev.3 / 2013/12/21]
    1. Fixed a bug that may cause abnormal termination due to manual memory purge.
    2. Fixed the problem that the average display remains even if the CPU temperature is turned off.
    3. Fixed a bug that the automatic update sentence was not multilingual.
    4. Changed to be able to switch between English and Japanese in the updater. Confirmed that the update is possible with Germany settings.

    [version 0b106 Rev.2 / 2013/12/19]
    1. Fixed a bug that caused abnormal termination when the window was hidden by changing the sound analyzer.

    [version 0b106 Rev.1 / 2013/12/19]
    1. Changed Sound Analyzer's SQRT calculation to calculate SQRT after multiplying length by π, instead of multiplying length by π after SQRT.
      1. GYRAdded bar mode and made it default.

    [version 0b106 / 2013/12/19]
    1. Created language folder as part of language integration adjustment. Below is "Japanese.ini" as a file with a name corresponding to the language setting of the OS,
      1. Create English notation "_default.ini" when it does not correspond to them. See the online help (Multi-Language) for details.
      2. 7en and 7ens merged into 7,7sby language integration. English can also be written in lite.
      3. Changed default font name from "MS Gothic" to "MS Gothic". (Measures against garbled characters due to the environment)
      4. Changed not to initially display the simple wizard if the OS language is not Japanese. (Measures against garbled characters due to the environment)
    2. Changed so that you can select 5 patterns of conversion in addition to the conventional one in the sound analyzer.
    3. I/O When gr and gyr bars are selected at 2nd flag bar (when graph is ON), the bottom bar color is also changed to conform to the mode.
    4. HDD Changed to display enumerated temperature instead of minimum and maximum value at default display, and changed to include drive letter.
      1. In addition, list display+Changed so that only temperature can be selected for displaying each line.
    5. Separating GPU display with space and slash, omitting RPM and Mhz display.
    6. Move the sound analyzer volume to the bottom position of the group. Changed magnitude to scroll bar and abolished minus.
    7. Added version notation to title of task menu icon.
    8. Fixed a design mistake where the side margin corrected the left and right top but did not create a bottom margin.
    9. The user time of the CPU was calculated backward and showed Kernel time, but the graph showed user time, which was corrected and unified to Kernel.
      1. Also, once it is turned on, the problem that the display does not disappear even if it is turned off has been fixed.
    10. Fixed a bug that CPU's avg does not disappear even if it is turned off once it is turned on.
    11. Fixed a bug that logoff in the popup menu was restart.
    12. Fixed that it did not work well if the startup user was not specified when restarting the program.
    13. Added version notation to title of task menu icon.
    14. (s) Changed so that all users are subject to activation if not set as service targets.
    15. Changed the character code of readme.version.txt from ANSI to UNICODE. (Characters were garbled in an environment other than the Japanese setting of the OS)

    [version 0b105 / 2013/11/07]
    1. Changed CoInitialize and CoUninitialize inside the DLL of atl and atl2 to be done in the main thread of the body instead of inside the DLL. (One of the causes of abnormal termination. It is unknown whether it will be stabilized)
    2. Changed to open version.txt in notepad instead of the default program when updating.
    3. Added option to enumerate profile names for network.
    4. Added option to enumerate line speed and connection status for network.
    5. The flag bar of I/O was divided into two vertically, and the upper part was the ratio bar, and the lower part was the flag bar. This change takes effect when the graph is turned on.
    6. Changed top process related memory acquisition from Private Bytes to Working Set.
    7. Added "Restart Program" to the popup menu.
    8. Fixed to apply magnitude± correction to channel output in Sound Analyzer.+Changed to be able to select magintude± up to 190 (20 times).
    9. Added channel time series graph setting to sound analyzer.
    10. Changed to be able to label the time zone by setting it in the ini file.
    11. Changed 2line and 4line to 2split and 4split because the expression is not appropriate.
    12. Fixed a bug that freezes when the gauge shows the highest value when using the gyr bar.
    13. Fixed a bug that the misc tab of the English version was not changed and it was terminated abnormally when selected.

    [version 0b104 Rev.2 / 2013/10/27]
    1. GYRFixed an issue where turning off the rich bar when it was on caused a bug.
    2. Changed display order priority default to 50. (applies only to new customers)

    [version 0b104 Rev.1 / 2013/10/26]
    1. Changed to return to the original detection target for the problem that malfunction occurs when detecting objects other than fixed and remote of logical drives.

    [version 0b104 / 2013/10/26]
    1. Style - AddedGYR(green-yellow-red) to BAR TYPE. This is a color gradation with position, not a change in GR value.
    2. Added a link to the official site and version information to the pop-up menu.
    3. Added no type option to hide the drive type in the logical drive display. Changed to display USB memory etc.
    4. However, because GetLogicalDrives doesn't retrieve remote drives on Windows Vista,
      Currently, it seems that the remote drive cannot be displayed in Vista or later.
    5. Changed to give WS_EX_NOACTIVATE flag when mouse transparency is turned on.
    6. Fixed a bug that Sound Analyzer could not support 4ch.
    7. Fixed invalid data (unobtained) being displayed with strange numbers as contents of [Temp Range] in cpu_info of the report.

    [version 0b103 Rev.4 / 2013/09/29]
    1. Added an option to hide the CPU operating rate for the purpose of displaying it only in CPU multi.
    2. Added an option to display only used values ​​in various memory displays.
    3. Changed maximum WAIT to 1 second.

    [version 0b103 Rev.3 / 2013/09/23]
    1. Changed to display only the temperature when the CPU operating rate is turned off with the CPU temperature turned on.

    [version 0b103 Rev.2 / 2013/09/19]
    1. Fixed a bug that if the average display of GPU temperature is not turned on, garbage data is mixed in the one-line display of HDD temperature, and in the worst case, it ends abnormally.

    [version 0b103 Rev.1 / 2013/09/18]
    1. In the sound analyzer, along with fixing the bug that the initial device acquisition did not work well, notRender does not cause memory leaks, so
    2. Removed option out of necessity. Changed Render to start normally.
    3. Changed the HDD temperature to be treated as 0 even in the list display with a numerical value of 127 degrees or more.

    [version 0b103 / 2013/09/17]
    1. (s) Added Service Clone Run (β). The online manual "Service Clone Run" must be read.
    2. Added auto full setting for Sound Analyzer, which caused a critical memory leak when using some devices such as USB with dozens of inputs and outputs.
    3. When auto full is off, existing devices are not searched, so memory leaks can be suppressed, but if you change an existing device, it will not change unless you restart thilmera.
    4. Changed to ignore the numerical value when the HDD temperature is 127 degrees or more.
    5. >Added the DISK usage rate to the detailed alert warning display in conjunction with the theoretical drive list. Alert when any drive reaches the specified utilization.
    6. Fixed the problem that the temperature warning power OFF did not work.
    7. Fixed a bug that may cause abnormal termination when displaying page files in the lite version between 0b102 and 0b102 Rev.3.

    [version 0b102 Rev.3 / 2013/09/13]
    1. Failed to fix sound analyzer. Send back.

    [version 0b102 Rev.2 / 2013/09/13]
    1. Removed Render of Sound Analyzer to make it lighter.
    2. Fixed a bug that severe memory leaks may occur in the sound analyzer depending on the environment.

    [version 0b102 Rev.1 / 2013/09/12]
    1. Disk I/O Changed to increase the number of lines in the top ranking display.
    2. Network I/O Fixed a bug that the network card list in the properties with network on displayed the contents of the first line regardless of how many lines there were.
    3. Fixed ATI not showing average temperature. Added average temperature display to HDD single line display.
    4. Added on/off of mouse transparency to the popup menu.
    5. (s) Removed IRC output function.

    [version 0b102 / 2013/09/11]
    1. Added an option to display the average value at thilmera startup in the temperature of CPU and GPU.
    2. Changed to display CPU utilization to the first decimal place.
    3. (s) Changed the startup service so that it can monitor sessions and start normally even with remote desktop.

    [version 0b101 / 2013/09/08]
    1. I/O Changed to display the network card list on the property network page when the network is turned on.
    2. I/O Changed to remove the indentation of bars and align them at the same position as normal bars.
    3. Changed io_net_labels* in the ini file so that you can enter labels for net list display.
    4. (s) Changed status_mother_label* in the ini file so that a label can be entered in the mother: output.
    5. (s) In the startup service, changed to try to start by judging from two places at logon.
    6. thilmera Fixed a bug that caused a process termination exception to occur and freeze due to improper COM processing inside atl.

    [version 0b100 Rev.1 / 2013/09/07]
    1. Fixed the problem that the display of the core clock number is 1000 times different depending on the card when OD6 is prioritized with ATI.

    [version 0b100 / 2013/09/06]
    1. Changed to be able to switch between 1-start and 0-start in CPU multi.
    2. Changed SNTP default for Japanese edition to
    3. Added error check and OD6 try on ATI (Radeon) series.
    4. Added Nfan%, a setting to prioritize fans in % instead of RPM in NVIDIA. Normalize fan % display.

    [version 0b99 / 2013/08/05]
    1. Ended support for Windows95, 98, ME, NT4.0 due to compiler change. 2000, XP continued.
    2. Fixed a bug in 0b98 that sometimes crashes when the proxy is turned on.
    3. Fixed a bug in 0b98 that caused heap corruption and abnormal termination when connection to failed.
    4. Fixed a bug that the number of TCP connections is not displayed in some environments.

    [version 0b98 / 2013/07/28]
    1. Accumulation (Sum) is less than 1000 digits. Changed to be able to continue saving the unit up to 308 times of division by 1024. (8 times = yottabyte) As a result, the Sum system will not be reset each time it is started.
    2. Note that each drive in list is stored in alphabetical order with A as 0, not in enumeration order.
      It seems that there are users who have different ways of using these settings, so please cooperate with your opinions on the bulletin board.
    3. For the memory leak of the top process that was only reduced, we succeeded in almost eliminating the increase by changing to closing the entire query instead of releasing individual counters.
    4. Changed the circular buffer of HTTP requests to be released when it is no longer needed.
    5. Fixed a bug where sum (Sum) was not adding the exact 1000ms average.

    [version 0b97 / 2013/07/26]
    1. Changed readme to online help and fixed outdated descriptions.
    2. Corrected the problem that memory notation such as top process and top process MEM became negative when it exceeded about 2G.
    3. Exclude .part in differential backup mirror.
    4. (s) Added 1 ad cut.
    5. (s) Compatible with AMD 12h (3xxFxx (Llano)) real time clock.
    6. Fixed a bug that the display order of the temperature graph is not saved.

    [version 0b96 Rev.2b / 2013/07/17]
    1. Fixed a bug that the English versions of en and ens were updated automatically even if they were the latest version due to an update error.

    [version 0b96 Rev.2 / 2013/07/12]
    1. 40% alpha value reduction in graph display when CPU multi is suspended. Added hold display setting to CPU page of properties.
    2. Added 2 lines to the temperature graph.
    3. Fixed the bug that debugging starts when AMD 12h is displayed as a clock in the previous delivery.

    [version 0b96 Rev.1 / 2013/07/10]
    1. Fixed a bug in getting the pending state of CPU multi. Also, when a hold is acquired, it is changed to P or blank so that the characters after it are not rattling.
    2. Added interval setting (in minutes) to standard operation mode of automatic memory purge.

    [version 0b96 / 2013/07/09]
    1. Added 04x05 04x06 05x06 to dot characters.
    2. Changed so that the P display that indicates the pending state appears on the CPU multi. Cores with P after % are flagged as pending. (Windows7 or later)
    3. Added time setting mode to automatic memory purge.
    4. Changed the color input field from BBGGRR to RRGGBB. However, the ini file adopts BBGGRR used in the language as it is. (Because existing custom settings cannot be changed)
    5. (s) Supports AMD core real-time clock of 15h (6xxFxx). 12h(3xxFxx) Llano is currently under investigation.
    6. (s) Deleted one address from the exclusion that some web functions (such as posting on YouTube) do not work in ad cut. Added 1 item.

    [version 0b95 / 2013/05/21]
    1. The sound analyzer gauge summary has been renewed. Reduce the wasted right area and expand the low to midrange. 44100khz 16bit was the premise, but it corresponds to all hertz and bit playback. 4.0.
    2. Moved properties to sound and added GR mode. Solid gauge from green to red.
      Changed to be able to specify the height of the gauge. Change SQRT mode to default. Changed the restricted version from 16 lines (1/6) to 12 lines (1/8) due to the expansion of the reaction area.
      Fixed wrong channel output in restricted mode.
    3. Added High Tension to network settings. A mode that does not blink the bar when accessing 10240 bytes or less.
    4. Added SumList to disk IO. Valid only when displaying a list.
    5. The effect is unknown, VlrtualLock was specified for the buffer of the sound analyzer.
    △ Fixed the old state where the letter display position of the drive was shifted by 1 square.
    1. As a temporary workaround for the bug, I provided multiple flag check points in the StressCPU function.
    2. Fixed that the Sum calculation was not calculated in seconds, but was calculated less by the frame gap.

    [version 0b94 Rev.2 / 2013/05/13]
    1. Added monitor power off, other shutdown and lock, sleep system to the right-click menu.
    2. Although the effect is unknown, VlrtualLock was specified for variables and graphs exceeding 1000 bytes.
    3. Changed the top flow process from a two-time loop acquisition of start-wait-finish to a one-time loop of waiting-finish once at the first time when it fluctuates.
    4. It should have been a smooth and accurate data with half the load.
    5. Fixed a problem that the number of CPUs was not counted when using CPU Multi with CPU utilization turned off.
    6. Fixed a bug that temperature warning sound settings were not saved.

    [version 0b94 Rev.1 / 2013/05/04]
    1. Fixed a bug that caused abnormal termination after returning from sleep in NVIDIA mode with VRAM display.
    2. Changed to ignore the warning window that error 6 occurs when it is layered when waking from sleep.
    3. In Sound Analyzer, change CPU FULL (CPU exceeded error that occurs at high load) to thilmera _was.log instead of dialog message.

    [version 0b94 / 2013/04/28]
    1. Changed to try to get the percentage in the case of a card that can't get the RPM at the NVIDIA fan speed.
    2. Added Sleep and StandyBy modes for temperature warning power off.
    3. Added+MEM to top processes. Added display of memory amount to CPU usage ranking.
    4. Added temperature graph display.
    5. Added tachometer display to CPU usage.
    6. Property-Added Minimize on startup to window. Setting to start up in the minimized state regardless of the state at the end.
    △ Changed to right align percent and memory according to default number of characters in top process when not in portrait style.
    1. Fixed a bug that the startup in the minimized state could not be maintained due to translucent window processing.
    2. Fixed motherboard temperature not being applied to temperature warning system variable, AUX.

    [version 0b93 / 2013/04/19]
    1. Add top process MEM to process. Ability to view the top 5 memory usage.
    2. Added Sum to I/O series. Show total.
    3. Changed to get from WMI (M unit) when the acquisition by PDH is 0 in the page file display.
    4. Changed AutoKMG from maximum G display to maximum T display with the introduction of Sum.kMGChanged to display to the first decimal place in T.
    5. Changed rich graph from 100-50 gradation to 100-0 gradation.
    6. (s) Added the ability to change the order of execution line numbers, set the wait time after execution, and set runtime parameters in the UAC Launcher.
    7. Also, change to start the startup setting even when running directly instead of service start.
      Changed to show parameters in UAC launcher menu. Changed to be reflected immediately when executing file or parameter setting.

    [version 0b92 Rev.2 / 2013/04/13]
    1. In the page file display, change the maximum value to check the file size from the page file address instead of from Win32_PageFile.

    [version 0b92 Rev.1 / 2013/04/12]
    1. Fixed high urgency crash in WMI request trying to release a NULL element if there was no requested data.

    [version 0b92 / 2013/04/12]
    1. In the page file display, the page file maximum value is the old commit maximum value-Instead of the error-prone number of the physical memory maximum value,
    2. Changed to adapt the numerical value totaling the file size of the page file by WMI. The usage rate uses the page Usage of PDH.
      I believe this has allowed me to accurately measure the total amount of memory pushed into the physical HDD.
      For Commit, change the setting to virtual memory instead of page file. For those who want to see the commit value, see here.
    3. Property-Add group line to style. A mode that adds lines in groups that are the same as the display order. as you like.

    [version 0b91 Rev.5 / 2013/04/08]
    1. Changed to self-start after automatic update. However, the caller is 0b91 Rev.5 or later.

    [version 0b91 Rev.4 / 2013/04/06]
    1. Changed - of auto sound analyzer to -1 and changed to be able to specify device number from 0 to 50.
    2. Changed calculation of summing bars from (SQRT+8)/8 to EXP/30. Changed magnitude calculation in SQRT mode from SQRT(M)*0.3 to SQRT(M*0.3).
    3. (s) Fixed width of gadget. Support for sound analyzer again.
    4. Lowercase support for dot font @03x05, @05x07, @05x07s, @05x08, @05x08s.

    [version 0b91 Rev.3 / 2013/04/06]
    1. Corresponds to the lowercase notation of dot fonts, lowering the cache for drawing dot fonts to the upper limit of 100 dots. There are currently two support for lowercase characters: @06x08 and @06x08s.
    2. Tweaked I/O flag bar position to center.
    3. Fixed a bug that the code failed to build the lite version when changing 0b89 Rev.2, and only the lite version was not updated.
    4. Update the updater and package with automatic update (Ver.2).
    5. Changed to check whether all files can be opened for writing before starting to overwrite files.

    [version 0b91 Rev.2 / 2013/04/06]
    1. Style-Inverted the bar color of the remaining notebook power supply and changed it to 0% red to 100% green in the bar type GR.
    2. Memory-Added kmg setting to video memory (VRAM).
    3. Added chBar setting to Sound Analyzer. Mode for bar display of channels. Added SQRT settings. A mode that applies SQRT to the magnitude of analysis.
    4. Added type selection to layered. type 0 is still the default. type 1 reduces the transparency of background color 2 to the same as 1.
    5. It seems that the change to display the day of the week in Japanese in the Japanese version other than the dot font is not fixed, so add the option jp and fix it only when it is on and non-dot font.

    [version 0b91 Rev.1 / 2013/04/05]
    1. Style-Changed the CPU graph to change from green to red depending on the usage rate when bar type GR is selected.
    2. Fixed a bug that the number of clocks was not displayed correctly in some environments after 0b89 with GPU-N.
    3. Fixed line spacing setting when USER- TIME (kernel time) in CPU graph is turned on.

    [version 0b91 / 2013/04/04]
    1. A 16-line limited edition sound analyzer is installed in all editions except the lite version. The core part of analysis is the same as the S version. The S version is 100 lines.
    2. Changed WRITE and UP from text color to bar color in graph. READ and DOWN remain focus color. Changed flag bar from bar color to text color 50%.
    3. Added AutoKMG setting to disk and network I/O . When turned on, in byte units, 1023 and above are K, 1023K and above are M, and 1023M and above are G.
    4. (s) Fixed a high urgency bug that caused the vertical width to exceed 1 million dots when starting up by selecting an unused number in the sound analyzer.
    5. Fixes such as corrections when removing sound related.

    [version 0b90 Rev.1 / 2013/04/03]
    1. Fixed that OS font failed to set transparency in layered.

    [version 0b90 / 2013/04/03]
    1. (s) Sound Analyzer 3.0. Changed to be able to select magnitude correction from -0.9 to 5.0 times.
    2. Speed ​​up layered calculations. Lowered the transparency of background color 2.
    3. Correct line spacing. Changed so that line-pitch can be selected up to -2. Style-Added line correction (line spacing correction) to bar type lines.
    4. Property-Added Window Colored(Old) to color. Old color settings dependent window settings. If you don't like white, please use it.
    5. Added a field to enter RRGGBB text on the color setting window screen.
    6. Changed not to display each fan or clock when GPU-N cannot be obtained.
    7. (s) Increased the internal information of the sound analyzer to 100 lines. When it becomes 1 line or less, it becomes solid display.
    8. Changed landscape style setting to 1 to 20 selection.
    9. Fixed a buffer overflow bug in HTTP requests on proxies.
    10. Also solved the problem that the update did not work properly when passing through a proxy due to a processing problem at the time of transfer.
    11. Fixed a bug that the dot font indicating RGB content may not be visible due to the effect of variable size on the color setting window screen.
    12. Fixed that en and ens were also written in kanji for the day of the week.
    13. (s) Changed the service termination at automatic update after all files are ready.

    [version 0b89 Rev.2 / 2013/03/31]
    1. Changed to fix the horizontal style display frame to the number specified by line. The default number is 2. 2 to 20 can be specified.
    2. I/O Changed the background color of the graph Max value to 2.
    3. Inherit the power OFF setting of the temperature warning display and create a temperature warning power OFF item. Shutdown is performed by specifying a temperature different from the temperature warning display.
    4. (s) Changed the mail function to include test, periodic, alert, and shutdown messages in the mail.
    5. Corrected that the pitch was added twice inside and outside the character display when specifying the line pitch.
    6. Fixed that it was not reflected well when switching directly from layered setting to other transparent window setting.
    7. Fixed that the number of objects was broken in landscape style.
    8. Moved WWW proxy usage from property-details to property-network.

    [version 0b89 Rev.1 / 2013/03/31]
    1. I/O Added the setting " I/O Graph Max value" to the property-style due to the opinion that the graph shows how much the maximum value is.
    2. On by default. The top is Write or UP, and the bottom is Read or Down.
    3. Added rich graph to property-style. Set as default. If you remove the rich graph, it becomes a conventional solid graph.
    4. Property-Changed the selection number of the top process of the process from switch selection to 1 unit of 1 to 100.
    5. Enabled to input the correction value in the "status_cpu_clock_fix" item in the ini file. If the display value is always deviated due to overclocking, etc., please enter the magnification.
    6. In the date display, changed to display the day of the week in kanji if dot character display is not used.
    7. Fixed a bug that caused an abnormal termination at the part of alpha recalculation when switching between hidden and layered. Fixed other error messages.
    8. Fixed a bug that the background color may become strange when switching to Layered.
    9. Fixed a bug where drawing was not restarted properly when layered was turned off.
    10. Fixed a mysterious margin of line pitch under the date display.

    [version 0b89 / 2013/03/30]
    1. Properties-Added layered window (specify translucency in 3 levels: text, background, etc. @default+Rich Bar+Layered and cool).
    2. Property-Add rich bar to style bar type. Set as default. If you remove the rich bar, it becomes a conventional solid bar.
    3. The usage frequency % (busy rate) of disk I/O fluctuates too much and is difficult to see, so changed to display the maximum value of the cache 20 times.
    4. Fixed to change to off if mouse transparency is on when mouseover hidden is set.
    5. Of the no frames, the one that can only be used with background transparency has been deleted and combined into one. If you used no frame for background transparency, please set no frame again.

    [version 0b88 Rev.2 / 2013/03/30]
    1. Fixed a bug where translucent windows stopped working.

    [version 0b88 Rev.1 / 2013/03/30]
    1. In GPU info, Intel Fixed GPU graph not showing in HD display mode.
    2. Fixed two types of dot fonts. Added 2 types.
    3. Changed to open version information in text format after automatic update is completed.

    [version 0b88 / 2013/03/30]
    1. Drastically changed the check method for the problem that services start up and double-click in Explorer do not start.
    2. Solved the bug of dependency that DXGI mode of VRAM could not be loaded on Windows8 (some Windows7).
    3. Changed to display the GPU usage rate by DXGI mode in the case of only Intel HD with neither NVIDIA/ATI in GPU information, and in the case of Windows7 or later.
    4. Changed report memory_purge to display all file names of successful processes even after VISTA.
    5. Font-When line-pitch is set to 2 or less, the graph system is covered. When the next graph is 1 or less, all 2 dots are added.
    6. Fixed that the date display may cover the item below when line-pitch is set to 0.
    7. Fixed a bug that when clicking the server address setting of SNTP in properties, update check was started instead of address input.
    8. Changed to restart the service after the update if the service is registered in the auto update.

    [version 0b87 Rev.2 / 2013/03/28]
    1. Property-Fixed a bug that details could not be selected.

    [version 0b87 Rev.1 / 2013/03/28]
    1. Changed to be able to specify the priority of the display order. Property-Specified in display order. The smaller number is displayed on top, and if there are multiple numbers with the same number, the default order.
    2. On Windows2000, fixed that the check of the administrator privilege did not go well.

    [version 0b87 / 2013/03/27]
    1. Added video memory (VRAM) display to Properties-Memory. DXGI Mode and normal mode. See About VRAM display for details.
    2. Added I/0 graph 10 frame setting to property-style. When turned off, it changes to 1 frame unit update.
    3. Changed to display a reply box asking whether it is up-to-date or not in manual update check. If a new version is found, change the judgment box whether to move to the update as it is.
    4. Fixed a bug that could cause multiple automatic update preparation threads to start.
    5. Fixed a bug where one of the settings without borders was not displayed in the properties window. Fixed checkbox position too close to button.
    6. (s) In automatic update, fixed the message that the service could not be stopped while stopping the service, and changed it to stop if the service failed to stop.
    7. In the automatic update, the updater that ended normally does not disappear unless the enter key is pressed, but changed to automatically end after 5 seconds.

    [version 0b86 Rev.4 / 2013/03/24]
    1. Fixed a bug in automatic update, when the version was new after the last check, the requested version and the latest version were different, and the update did not proceed normally.
    2. In automatic update, change to disappear that updater remains after update.

    [version 0b86 Rev.3 / 2013/03/24]
    1. Restored cpu-smooth setting by request.
    2. Added automatic update check on/off setting and manual update check button to about.
    3. When updating from 0b86 or earlier to 0b86 Rev.3 or later, if the dot character was used with the old setting and m BMP off, specify @03x05.bmp and change to maintain the size.
    4. Fixed that the new default dot character display was not 06x08. (However, 05x07 if the previous settings are retained)
    5. Fixed an update mistake that dot font BMP of @03x05.bmp was not included in the release version.
    6. Fixed that the disk IO bar display was misaligned in vertical style display mode.
    7. Fixed a bug that the usage rate of the second and subsequent GPUs was not displayed well in NVIDIA's GPU usage rate.

    [version 0b86 Rev.2 / 2013/03/23]
    1. In the automatic update, the screen freezes during downloading, and changed to display "Update Execute" during execution.
    2. Added Graph 20 to Properties-Style. Option to change the graph from 10 to 20 dots.
    3. Since there is no problem with DIB operation, change the CPU system graph to a semi-transparent solid on the premise of DIB.
    4. Added BPM and Mhz notation to the left of the GPU NVIDIA display.
    5. Fixed that the simple setting wizard was displayed twice.
    6. Fixed a bug that ATI could not be acquired properly when NVIDIA and ATI were stuck at the same time.
    7. Corrected that kmg of the memory display system was fixed to M on the left side.
    8. Fixed that information acquisition other than temperature was released as off for debugging on NVIDIA system.

    [version 0b86 Rev.1 / 2013/03/22]
    1. The property window is being rebuilt separately for each genre.
    2. Fixed a high urgency bug that could cause an abnormal termination due to a logic error that divides the total 0 times at startup when CPU temperature and GPU temperature are turned on.
    3. Fixed a bug that an unobtained function was called and abnormal termination occurred when snapshot of the report changed in 0b85 was executed while the PSH library was not loaded at all.

    [version 0b86 / 2013/03/22]
    1. Acquire SeDebug privilege with memory purge. It also supports processes such as service systems, and is almost completely compatible with empty.exe *.
    2. Changed so that proxy can be used in automatic update.
    3. Fixed colors other than the main window by treating them separately instead of depending on the color specification.
    4. Added a function to display some information of systeminfo as a report.
    5. Changed to display the executable file name when a call executable file error at startup (executed from other than Explorer or shortcut) is displayed.
    6. Also changed to display what caused the startup error in other cases.
    △ Among the default settings, the items that have almost no need to be fixed are fixed, and the setting items are organized.
    △ HDD Changed the default temperature display to off, because there are some environments where it becomes unstable.
    1. Fixed the display of the number of objects collapsing when in portrait display mode.
    2. Net, if TCP v4 does not exist, it crashes when trying to get TCP v4.
    3. HDD Reverted temperature acquisition to state 0b84 as it can cause serious errors.
    △ Added 8 color themes in OKU!'s post.

    [version 0b85 / 2013/03/17]
    1. Equipped with automatic update function. Changed old update notice to automatic update. Updater (digitally signed) and package (proprietary format) are verified by sum check.
    2. Added 1 minute automatic memory purge and manual memory purge on report. (It is a different function from the so-called memory cleaner that does not force HDD ejection or high load at all)
    3. Changed to display the number of TCP connections at the top if it is not bps display in network IO.
    4. Changed Disk IO to display disk time in battle.
    5. Added an object count item that shows totals for processes, threads, and handles.
    6. Merge the process memory feature into the report process_snapshot.
    7. The disk IO and network IO graphs are translucent processed and changed to a bar of 1 unit per 10 frames. (DIB mode required)
    8. (s) Installed a scroll bar to change the volume ratio in the sound analyzer. If the sound is too small to respond, move it to the right and treat it as 1.1 to 10 times the value.
    9. Background image+In DIB mode, changed the bar background, sound analyzer background, and title attribute to be translucent in addition to the graph. Set the background image to the coordinates including the title.
    10. Changed the default bar to be variable at half the font size instead of fixed at 4 dots.
    △ Set the font size to 12. Non-default dot font. Change default width to 256. Changed default bar color. @default.infupdate.
    ▲ Increase the number of characters in the default notation by plus one character.
    1. (s) The thread mode of process 5 is limited to process units only, because updating is not actually successful. (due to bug where PdhEnumObjectItems are not updated)
    2. Fixed bug where version check was not sensitive to revisions.
    3. Fixed a bug that no frame may not work well. Fixed a bug that unnatural dots remain at the top and bottom of the title when the background is replaced.
    4. Fixed a bug that some functions do not draw the last dot due to DIB buffer overflow countermeasures.
    5. Fixed display 1 dot above the original location when using fonts.
    6. Changed temperature average buffer from 1M to 2k to reduce page faults. Changed CPU collection timing to 1/20.
    7. HDD Reduced Other Delta for temperature acquisition from 4 to 1.
    8. Fixed net I/O memory acquisition method.
    9. Changed process 5 and process I/O to update the query only when there are changes. As a result, the amount of memory, which was constantly fluctuating, stabilizes. 7x reduction in page faults.
    10. (s) Changed the cycle of the motherboard acquisition routine from 1 second to 5 seconds to fix the bug that was running even when the motherboard was off and to reduce Other Delta.

    [version 0b84 / 2013/03/03]
    1. ALT +Changed to take a screenshot of only the active window in Pring Screen. S version png is also supported.
    2. FixedkMGin virt not responding.
    3. (s) Added support for analyzers other than 2ch in 5. 1ch and 7. 1ch in Sound Analyzer.
    4. Adjust the sensitivity and set it to pick up a clearer range. Separated so that the highest value is easy to understand. Version 2.1.
    5. (s) Changed the sound analyzer part of the gadget to 40.

    [version 0b83 Rev.4 / 2013/02/28]
    1. The old page display (virtual memory-physical memory value can be a negative number) is reset as virt and changed to be able to select the display. The setting name is tentatively displayed in virtual memory.

    [version 0b83 Rev.3 / 2013/02/27]
    1. Minor security updates.

    [version 0b83 Rev.2 / 2013/02/26]
    1. Fixed a bug that occurs when the PDH library is turned off.
    2. On the page, if the PDH library is turned off, the usage is calculated negative (can be a negative number). Calculated from the Paging File percentage if PDH is on. In case of C, commit value regardless of PDH.
    3. Fixed the problem that the original display is not performed normally when the PDH library is turned on and off.

    [version 0b83 Rev.1 / 2013/02/26]
    1. (s) Added option to display sound analyzer channel and analysis part in one line.
    2. Changed to get a real number instead of an integer in the method of calculating from the percentage of the Paging File when displaying the page file uncommitted (default).
    △ Added thilmera nBlue color theme in OKU!'s post.

    [version 0b83 / 2013/02/21]
    1. (s) Changed the calculation method of the sound analyzer, refinement, to 32 bars. Change to gradation. It became Sound Analyzer 2.
    2. (s) Changed the sound analyzer part of the gadget to 32.

    [version 0b82 Rev.2 / 2013/02/19]
    1. Dealing with DIB that may fall illegally 2.
    2. Changed to calculate from the Paging File percentage when displaying the page file uncommitted (default). 100 levels instead of actual values.
    3. In the case of the C option, pure commit numbers are displayed as before.
    4. (s) A little addition to the ad cut. Changed so that it can be written even if virus software etc. makes the file read-only, and designates the file as read-only after the change.
    5. (s) Fixed a bug that sound analyzer crashes when a sound device is added via USB after startup.
    6. Cut the load when connecting many devices with Sound Analyzer. Fixed a bug that may cause noise or missing sound.

    [version 0b82 Rev.1 / 2013/01/31]
    1. Correspondence test for DIB that may be illegally dropped.
    2. Fixed bug where daylight saving time check was not recorded in settings.

    [version 0b82 / 2013/01/13]
    1. NVIDIA fan and clock display.
    2. Deco: Added alpha horizontal lines. Only for DIB drawing mode.
    3. Set DIB drawing mode to default. Automatically change to on when updating. (Higher speed and semi-transparent rendering enabled)

    [version 0b81 Rev.2 / 2013/01/09]
    1. Changed so that the report display font can be specified separately.

    [version 0b81 Rev.1 / 2013/01/05]
    1. (S) Modified the IT87 series fan acquired from the motherboard so that if data below 0 or above 10000 is detected, it will be treated as invalid data.
    2. Fixed display instability when displaying all GPU cores on ATI systems.

    [version 0b81 / 2013/01/03]
    1. (S) Added motherboard information acquisition function.
    2. Fixed a bug that the display becomes strange when NVIDIA and ATI are mixed at all GPU cores.
    3. Changed driver name and access number.

    [version 0b80 Rev.1 / 2012/12/29]
    1. In the average temperature calculation of the CPU and GPU, averaging up to 1 megabytes for each drawing is meaninglessly burdening, so separate the average calculation and only accumulate, and take the average when displaying the report. change to.

    [version 0b80 / 2012/12/28]
    1. Added graph display to GPU.
    2. Added 4line to CPU multi. Change CPU1: in the display to C1:.
    3. Changed to collect average temperature of CPU and GPU. It shows up in cpu__info in the report. If the thermal network is enabled, the average value of participating users can also be displayed at the same time.
    4. Quadrupled the upper limit of the scroll bar that changes the width of items in landscape style display mode.

    [version 0b79 Rev.1 / 2012/11/17]
    1. Fixed incorrect setting of time zone UTC-4:30 and -3.

    [version 0b79 / 2012/11/16]
    1. Fixed a bug that may not start in hidden mode when restarting, probably because two wnd_main_show were written.
    (Server) Changed the version information of thilmera from manual description to information periodically checked on Vector site.
    1. Compare the version check of thilmera with a numerical value with 100 for the primary version and 1 for Rev, not when the version string is different,
      1. Changed to show balloons only for new ones.
    2. If you start other than lite without administrator privileges, which is not the original specification, malfunction will occur, so change to check and exit if inappropriate.
    3. Added time zone to Basic 2. Simultaneous display of up to 5 times calculated with time difference in UTC. I have considered various things, but daylight saving time is manual.

    [version 0b78 / 2012/09/21]
    1. Added voice ON/OFF when balloon is displayed.
    2. Added voice ON/OFF at temperature warning.
    3. Changed to display the percentage of remaining battery power even during AC.
    4. ALT + Fixed to prevent unintended disappearance due to F4 key operation in the main window.
    5. Changed the font of the report window to conform to the font specification of the main window.
    6. Changed to display- >Clipboard Copy! when the report is successfully copied to the clipboard when the report is obtained in the report window.
    7. Reduced the abnormal termination problem related to exception handling that occurred when closing the window in DIB mode. One month of continuous use clear.
    △ Added Dark Pink and Light Pink color themes as per Sakano Yuki1's post.

    [version 0b77 / 2012/07/24]
    1. Changed driver part. The danger of privileged instruction modification operations by unauthorized programs has been eliminated.
    2. Changed to digitally sign all releases and libraries.
    3. Fixed a bug that the report window could not be moved.
    4. In the IO top process, change to empty display if it was 0.
    5. Change to 0 display in case of negative value in page.

    [version 0b76 Rev.1 / 2012/07/17]
    1. Fixed a high-urgency error that crashed due to memory reacquisition when multiple HTTP requests were made.

    [version 0b76 / 2012/07/13]
    1. Changed to send GPU experience value of CPU including "with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics". (thermal network)
    2. In anti-aliasing BMP, the dot character algorithm is partially improved, and the non-anti-aliasing order is reduced to 2. Anti-aliasing has also been slightly lightened.
    3. Corrected that % was interrupted in A5x12m.bmp of antialiasing BMP.
    4. Changed to output GPU name in cpu_info of report. However, when both NVIDIA and ATI exist, ATI is overwritten and displayed.
    5. Changed to detect ATI even if NVIDIA board is detected. If both exist, both are displayed. The display order is NVIDIA and ATI.

    [version 0b75 / 2012/07/02]
    1. BMP dot character font supports anti-aliasing. A5x12m.bmp and A6x13o.bmp are available as standard. However, it can only be used in DIB drawing mode.
    2. It is also possible to set the 5th item in the simple setting wizard.

    [version 0b74 Rev.1 / 2012/06/17]
    1. Added movie player hide and position correction to 6 items as a solution to common troubles in the simple setting wizard.
    2. (s) Fixed a bug that the license update notification window from one month ago disappears when the focus is lost.
    3. (s) Changed to get a new license date if the license has already expired. (which required deleting the lic file)

    [version 0b74 / 2012/05/25]
    1. Set to start a total of 10 simple setting wizards at the first startup without an ini file and from the setting wizard in the task tray menu.
    2. Changed to check the latest version information every 12 hours. If you do not want to check, turn off the item update_check in the ini file.
    3. Fixed a bug that the balloon icon disappears when touched.
    4. Changed to allow vulnerability in startup in Lite version.

    [version 0b73 / 2012/05/22]
    1. 100Fxx 200Fxx 300Fxx 400Fxx 600Fxx of AMD changed to display one decimal place for temperature.
    2. Tried to get temperature upper limit and real time clock on i5, i7 3xxx of Intel.
    3. Fixed a bug that the font may not be the one specified when using normal fonts or when switching to XP mode on Windows 7.
    4. Changed to display "---" when C mode is not set in the state where the numerical value becomes negative when C option is not used (page file unused PC, etc.).
    5. (s) Fixed the problem that the Date header information (sent date and time) was not included in the contents of the status mail sending function.

    [version 0b72 / 2012/05/07]
    1. (s) Equipped with status mail sending function. Two types of transmission are set: constant transmission (selectable from 1 hour to 24 hours) and transmission at alert.
    2. I don't know how to get DTS support for AMD 12h 14h 15h, so I turned it on. I changed the fundamentally wrong route and tried to get 12h 14h 15h core temperature.
    3. In Net IO, if there is no interface at initial startup and initial on, change to wait for the appearance of the interface with a dummy display of net: offline.
    4. However, it is recognized only when 0 to 1, but not when N to N is changed. In addition, the interface will not be updated unless the PDH library is down once.
      Due to a bug in the library, depending on the environment, only the initial startup is recognized.
    5. 0x00000001 (STOP error) occurs at startup with sound analyzer.

    [version 0b71 / 2012/04/19]
    1. Restore item page. Added option C. The new view will be commit-physical memory. If C is on, switch to commit value display.
    2. Fixed a bug that the window returns to the upper left after switching users or locking with default settings on Windows 7, etc.

    [version 0b70 Rev.3 / 2012/04/08]
    1. Added a mode that adopts the first data instead of the average of all in the i7 series 2xxx variable multiplier. On by default.
    2. Since the item page is not a page file but a commit, the setting name is displayed in virtual memory. Changed display to cmt.

    [version 0b70 Rev.2 / 2012/04/04]
    1. Fixed a boot vulnerability.

    [version 0b70 Rev.1 / 2012/03/20]
    1. "Reduced" the problem that text disappears when the size of the report window is changed in Windows 7, etc. No complete fix.

    [version 0b70 / 2012/03/20]
    1. Changed to display in/out with task tray icon when network IO is on.
    2. Added a mode to display free space/total capacity in drive display. Changed to display to the first decimal place when displaying G.
    3. Fixed a bug that text disappears when the size of the report window is changed in Windows 7, etc. (Failed)
    4. Fixed a bug that caused abnormal termination if backup_src etc. did not exist correctly.
    5. Added a mechanism to check whether the file is normal. Changed not to start if it is not normal.

    [version 0b69 Rev.3 / 2012/01/22]
    1. Changed the file search function to deal with a fatal bug that makes the OS unstable if the differential backup mirror continues to run.

    [version 0b69 Rev.2 / 2012/01/21]
    1. Fixed a fatal bug that caused the OS to become unstable if the differential backup mirror had a serious drawback in memory acquisition and continued execution.

    [version 0b69 Rev.1 / 2012/01/21]
    1. Changed to add ". thilmera bak" to the backup file name in the differential backup mirror function. (Important change)
    2. Changed to be able to set the same folder as backup source and destination. Create backup_self folder.

    [version 0b69 / 2012/01/17]
    1. Added differential backup mirror function. File mirroring per update in seconds.
    2. (s) Changed to correctly acquire the volume value changed when there is no sound when notRender.
    3. (s) Fixed a crash bug when audio devices with drivers that do not use WASAPI or ASIO are used.
    4. (s) Fixed a problem with proxy authentication address.
    5. Added vertical width fix that fixes the size to fill the work area.
    6. Make the day cool with the calendar. Changed to display Sunday in red and Saturday in blue.

    [version 0b68 / 2011/12/25]
    1. Changed to be able to set the screen shot save destination to any folder (other PC in the intranet is also possible).

    [version 0b67 Rev.4 / 2011/11/30]
    1. Intel Fixed a problem with the upper limit temperature setting of some stepping in Family 6 F (2).
    2. If the temperature setting of Intel is compatible, the cpu__info report will be changed to be displayed as some mode.

    [version 0b67 Rev.3 / 2011/11/28]
    1. Changed screenshot saving to be available from macros, and added items to the popup menu.
    2. Intel Fixed that the upper limit temperature setting of some stepping was wrong in Family 6 F.

    [version 0b67 Rev.2 / 2011/11/14]
    1. Changed to display "net:bps" in bps display mode in network display.
    2. (s) Sound Analyzer
      1. Added notRender option for the problem that silent playback of loop sound bug countermeasure causes white noise.
      2. Only the background is displayed when exclusive playback is being performed. Changed to make the volume unknown.

    [version 0b67 Rev.1 / 2011/10/13]
    1. Displaying CD-ROM in the drive display causes many problems, so it is returned to non-display.

    [version 0b67 / 2011/10/12]
    1. Added a mode to display variable fonts in fixed length and made it the default. Character spacing can be adjusted from 0 to 9.
    2. Added a setting to display by bps (bit % second) calculation in network IO.
    3. Changed to display CD-ROM in the drive display.
    4. Fixed a bug that turned on the CPU temperature and all cores when PDH was not used.
    5. When CPU multi is off, 2line is grayed out. Timely Net Lightening bps List grayed out.

    [version 0b66 Rev.3 / 2011/10/08]
    1. Correction 2: Improper termination due to division by 0 occurs when the memory is less than 1G when the G unit is used.

    [version 0b66 Rev.2 / 2011/10/07]
    1. Corrected an illegal termination due to division by 0 when the memory is less than 1G when the unit is set to G.

    [version 0b66 Rev.1 / 2011/10/02]
    1. Added output list display for each network adapter. Changed to ignore tunnels and isatap in addition to loopbacks.

    [version 0b66 / 2011/09/17]
    1. (s) Changed to be able to select save in PNG format when saving screenshots. (on by default)
    2. (s) Addition of ad cut function in the form of editing the hosts file
    3. SNTP Changed not to set the time as a burst error when the presented time stamps are far apart for some reason.

    [version 0b65 Rev.3 / 2011/09/01]
    1. (s) Fixed a bug that sum check error occurs when there is no HwMonTray.

    [version 0b65 Rev.2 / 2011/08/19]
    1. Fixed the bottom right, change the screen edge judgment to the work area (excluding the taskbar) instead of the screen.
    2. (s) Added HwMonTray 1.7 to sumcheck.
    3. thilmera Fixed a bug that temperature net could not be turned on and off.

    [version 0b65 Rev.1 / 2011/07/26]
    1. Fixed a bug that the acquired value is incorrect when the screen size is smaller than when it was started.
    2. By turning on the lower right fixation, if you touch the right or bottom, change it so that it will be maintained even if the resolution changes.

    [version 0b65 / 2011/07/20]
    1. In data sharing, change the alert on the sending side to respond in the same way on the receiving side.
    2. (s) Changed the sound analyzer vol display to display MUTE when muted.

    [version 0b64 Rev.4 / 2011/07/10]
    1. (s) Fixed a bug that process acquisition freezes when T switch is turned on.

    [version 0b64 Rev.3 / 2011/07/08]
    1. (s) In some environments, the S version default setting process (thread unit acquisition) may be heavy and rattling, so set a switch called T to change it so that it can be turned on and off.
      1. There is no problem with the author XP machine, but with 7 machines, it seems that it will freeze for a moment when specifying the acquisition of the thread.

    [version 0b64 Rev.2b / 2011/07/05]
    1. Changed process priority not to be realtime while using Stress CPU.
    2. Corresponding to the problem that the DLL could not be started due to the problem event BEX: c0000417 in some environments.

    [version 0b64 Rev.2 / 2011/07/03]
    1. In Stress CPU, when the process priority of thilmera is set to realtime, the PC freezes.
    2. 0b64 or later, there is a bug in memory acquisition when connecting to the network, and the problem that it may end abnormally has been fixed.
    3. Changed thilmera7 mfc, thilmera7 alt to be able to start without runtime.

    [version 0b64 Rev.1 / 2011/07/02]
    1. (s) Fixed a bug that the thread of the same name process could not be selected correctly in the display of multiple core support in Top Process 5.
    2. Changed so that discoloration does not turn gray even if CPU2layer is turned off.

    [version 0b64 / 2011/06/29]
    1. (s) Changed the display of more detailed numerical values ​​in Top Process 5 so that normal numerical values ​​can be obtained even when using multiple cores. The normal version acquires up to 100% per process.
    2. (s) Changed the check box R to the right of the CPU clock so that you can set whether to use variable clock recalculation.
    3. Added Stress CPU to Basic 2. When in use, all core utilization is almost full. This setting is not saved when turned on.

    [version 0b63 / 2011/06/27]
    1. In the core temperature display of Intel, acquired all that was displayed only half or 16/24 at all cores (up to 32 cores)

    [version 0b62 Rev.4 / 2011/06/27]
    1. Fixed IO top display so that it can be displayed normally even with numbers over 2000MB/s.

    [version 0b62 Rev.3 / 2011/06/27]
    1. 0b55 or later, thilmera fixed the problem that thilmera can only start the service on the OS after Explorer has been shut down for some reason.
    2. Corrected to be able to display values ​​of 2000MB/s or more correctly in Disk and Network. It's 64-bit signed, so you should be able to go up to about 9200 petabytes.

    [version 0b62 Rev.2 / 2011/06/20]
    1. Added no frame setting for normal display (not transparent background) to display setting-DISPLAY.
    2. (s) Changed to display each magnification of variable multiplier when Intel clock value acquisition after 1A is displayed when CPU multi is displayed.

    [version 0b62 Rev.1 / 2011/06/19]
    1. thilmera Fixed a bug that all temperatures were not displayed when CPU multi display was started when a single unit was started.
    2. (s) Changed to adopt not only variable multiplier No. 1 but all average values ​​as the current value when obtaining clock values ​​after 1A of Intel.

    [version 0b62 / 2011/06/01]
    1. Added landscape style display mode. It is also possible to reduce the width by turning off the position correction and shifting it to the right of the screen.
    2. (s) As a response to the problem that the sound analyzer stops with an error due to CPU usage when many sound devices are connected.
    3. Changed to play by shifting by 5 ms.

    [version 0b61 Rev.1b / 2011/05/07]
    1. (s) Changed to restart silent playback at 0 packets in the loop sound correction of Sound Analyzer.

    [version 0b61 Rev.1 / 2011/05/05]
    1. (s) Fixed critical memory leak in Sound Analyzer.
    2. (s) Fixed a bug that service registration could not be done successfully with 0b61.

    [version 0b61 / 2011/05/05]
    1. (s) Sound Analyzer
      1. Fixed a bug that loop sound occurs at the end of audio.
      2. Fixed a bug that the maximum value of all devices was applied to the number of channels in the channel display.
      3. Added a setting to fix the device number 0-9 in addition to the default of automatically detecting the device that is emitting sound.
      4. Added a setting to display the master volume of the selected device.
    2. (s) Gadget
      1. Fixed a bug that bar display is treated as 10% when it is 100%.
      2. Fixed the unnatural height of the 2nd dot and above of the sound analyzer. Correction of overall position.
    3. Changed to share the value of GPU and CPU experience index in the thermal network on Vista or later.
    4. Changed to copy the contents to .ini.bak before saving due to the problem that the contents of the ini file disappears when saving the settings.
    5. Added "Open Screenshot Folder" to the right-click menu.

    [version 0b60 / 2011/04/23]
    1. (s) Sound Analyzer
      1. Added output for each ch. Compatible with 2ch, 2. 1ch, 4ch, 5. 1ch, 7. 1ch . Change the gadget according to the update.
      2. Only LR or front LR is displayed in the analysis part. Other outputs are indicated by ch.
      3. It can be used to check the audio output of the decoder for media playback.
    2. Fixed a bug that the display freezes on Win7, etc., when you alternately click Translucent Window and Make Background Color Transparent.

    [version 0b59 Rev.1 / 2011/04/20]
    1. Proxy password input and display to *. Changed the ini password storage string to a simple reversible conversion.

    [version 0b59 / 2011/04/17]
    1. Added proxy (including authentication) connection route in license authentication and thermal net.
    2. Added thilmera7 lite which does not require administrator privileges and can be started normally.

    [version 0b58 Rev.3 / 2011/04/10]
    1. Fixed a fatal bug that new setting files were not created after changing 0b57.

    [version 0b58 Rev.2 / 2011/04/09]
    1. (s) Fixed a bug that the gadget stops after about 54 minutes. Make sure to uninstall the old gadget and install the new one.
    2. (s) Changed to be able to display the sound analyzer in the gadget.
    3. (s) Changed to select and display the output device from which the sound is coming out in the sound analyzer, not just the default output. Fixed a bug that may cause abnormal termination when targeting digital output.
    4. (s) Changed the UAC launcher so that links and text can be executed with administrator privileges.
    5. (s) Changed to be able to set execution to keys such as hotkeys in UAC launcher.
    6. Changed so that when a report is executed, the contents are entered in the clipboard and can be copied and pasted.

    [version 0b58 Rev.1 / 2011/04/04]
    1. (s) Activation Update.

    [version 0b58 / 2011/04/04]
    1. (s) Added UAC startup & launcher function. In addition to being able to start a program that requires elevation at once, it is also possible to automatically start with thilmera at startup and logon by specifying a flag.

    [version 0b57 Rev.1 / 2011/04/01]
    1. (s) Sound Analyzer Edit. Change to 16 lines. Sleep time correction. FFT change.

    [version 0b57 / 2011/03/31]
    1. (s) Added Sound Analyzer (test version).
    2. (s) Added a hotkey function to pass strings set in the ini file to LimeChat2. Rewrite the ini file for the character content to be sent.
    3. (s) Added stopping and starting services. Changed the system to register the user to be activated, and changed it so that the user to be activated when registering the service can be selected.
    4. All versions are equipped with a CPU temperature acquisition function as standard. Ended official support for HWMonitor linkage of CPU temperature.
    5. Fixed a bug 2 that may be saved with the setting of startup on with minimized at the end.

    [version 0b56 Rev.1 / 2011/03/22]
    1. (s) Supports PhenomII dynamic clock display.
    2. (s) Completely fixed the problem that UAC startup may not start depending on the timing.
    3. Fixed a bug that the icon graph is not created when starting with minimized.
    4. Fixed a bug that may be saved with the setting of startup on by minimizing when exiting.

    [version 0b56 / 2011/03/20]
    1. (s) Added gadget link. thilmera Gadget v1 created.
    2. (s) Built-in WinRing0.
    3. (s) Improved the problem that UAC startup may not start depending on the timing.
    4. If the main window disappears when exiting, change it to start with it disappearing when restarting.
    5. Added semi-transparent window, background transparency, and mouseover non-display ON/OFF to the keymap (& hotkey).
    6. In the process display system, when displaying m BMP characters, the display is distorted when 0x7F (part of Japanese etc.) is mixed in the character string.

    [version 0b55 Rev.1 / 2011/03/11]
    1. (s) Added 15 minute trial mode.
    2. (s) Fixed lic file writing error.
    3. thilmera Switch to child 2 (SD) image.
    4. Even if the highest disk usage rate process is 1k or less, the number is displayed & the process ID of svchost is displayed.
    5. Changed to be able to display only this process without displaying the process top 5 in the maximum disk usage process display.
    6. Fixed the problem that a memory access error occurred when an empty line was inserted in the character display core routine.

    [version 0b55 / 2011/03/07]
    1. (s) Added service registration function for UAC startup.
    2. (s) Changed to terminate the process started by thilmera when finished.
    3. (s) Added md5 checksum for HWMonTray 1.6 without digital signature. HWMonitor launched from there has a digital signature, so it is unchecked.
    4. (s) Real-time mode (WinRing0) for clock display, compatible with some i7 series cores.
    5. Added a function to display the disk usage top 1 in the top process. 0 items are changed to be blank.
    6. Changed to be able to connect by computer name in Data Share.
    7. ALT+TAB Changed so that thilmera does not appear in the list.
    8. Changed so that CPU multi can be reproduced on the server side.
    9. Changed to hide movie player even if the top window is full screen regardless of the name.
    10. thilmera Added thermal network. Transfer and share CPU and GPU temperature to The data sent is only the name and model number of the CPU and GPU, and the temperature.
    11. M BMP Edited the font'C to look like °C.
    12. Fixed fatal collapse of READ/SEND display when receiving normal display on vertically long display server.

    [version 0b54 / 2011/02/07]
    1. Added enum services to reports. Output all running services in process ID order.
    2. Changed to display the process ID number of svchost in the top process 5 display. You can identify running services by checking against rep:enum service.

    [version 0b53 Rev.4 / 2011/02/06]
    1. Fixed a bug that some data display collapses when receiving server is turned on and vertical style display is turned on in data sharing between PCs.
    2. Changed to separate the PC information with a line in data sharing between PCs.

    [version 0b53 Rev.3 / 2011/02/02]
    1. Fixed a bug in data sharing between PCs where the data was not sent correctly if the dot character in the text was turned off on the data sending side.
    2. Organized the display of the process list. Fixed a bug that process display was not reflected in data share.

    [version 0b53 Rev.2 / 2011/01/30]
    1. Fixed the bug that the background of the graph was longer by 1 dot on the right, and the bug that the line of the disk and net graph was 1 dot shorter.
    2. Fixed a bug that fractions protrude depending on the value of 100% of the gauge.
    3. Corrected the content of 100 levels of color in GR mode.

    [version 0b53 Rev.1 / 2011/01/30]
    1. Fixed a bug that stopped display information remains when thilmera on the sending side is terminated in data sharing between PCs.
    2. Fixed a bug that the color of GR mode was fixed to green, and changed to 100 levels of color control.
    3. Fixed a bug that the graph is not displayed normally when turning off the 2 layer of the CPU graph in DIB drawing mode.

    [version 0b53 / 2011/01/29]
    1. Data sharing between PCs supports gauge display. However, it is not compatible with 0b52. All thilmera should be updated to 0b53.

    [version 0b52 Rev.2 / 2011/01/29]
    1. Changed the display order to CPU CPU multi-process GPU MOTHER.
    2. Changed the display number of top process 5 to be selectable from 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 99. Change status_process5line in ini if ​​you want to change more details. but up to 100.

    [version 0b52 Rev.1 / 2011/01/28]
    1. Changed to be able to set whether to display when the cursor is moved to the edge of the screen when the window is hidden by the cursor edge display item.

    [version 0b52 / 2011/01/21]
    1. Added data sharing function between PCs. By setting up a server at thilmera A and entering the IP of the PC at thilmera A and sending data from thilmera B and C,
    2. thilmera Multiple data can be displayed on A. (characters only)

    [version 0b51 / 2011/01/19]
    1. Changed to write 4 kinds of temperature logs to thilmera _temp_log(time).txt when shutting down due to temperature.
    2. Changed the ini file item shut_down_interval to be able to set the number of seconds until shutdown.
    3. Fixed a bug that the cursor end display when hidden returns to the display state when passing through the window part.

    [version 0b50 Rev.1 / 2011/01/19]
    1. Changed to target all the edges of the screen in the case of multi-screen at the cursor screen edge when the window is not displayed.
    2. Changed from 0%, 30%, 50%, 75%, 100% changes to 0%, 21%, 41%, 62%, 82% color changes in GR mode.

    [version 0b50 / 2011/01/17]
    1. Changed so that when the window is hidden and the cursor is moved to the edge of the screen, it will be temporarily displayed.
    2. Added a power OFF function to the alert. Shutdown 2 minutes will start with an audible warning under alert conditions. (Administrator authority required)
    3. Added GR mode to color bar. Percentages are from green to red in 5 steps. Reads are green and writes are red.

    [version 0b49 / 2011/01/04]
    1. Changed to display temperature next to each percentage of CPU multi when both CPU multi and CPU all cores are on or TMPIN0-9 mode.
    2. In CPU temperature, when CPU temperature is selected from TMPINx, change to select the original core temperature and the higher one.
    3. Fixed a bug that CPU temperature acquisition is treated as TMPIN0 mode at startup.

    [version 0b48 Rev.4 / 2010/12/24]
    1. Added a setting to select and get CPU temperature from TMPINx in CPU temperature. (selected number TMPIN is excluded from motherboard temperature reference)
    2. Added a mode to display 2 cores in 1 line in CPU multi.
    3. Fixed a bug that blank lines are created in CPU multi mode in portrait mode.

    [version 0b48 Rev.3 / 2010/12/09]
    1. Added line feed 1 setting to portrait display mode.
    2. Added the List setting that displays the contents of each logical drive to the disk IO display.

    [version 0b48 Rev.2 / 2010/10/24]
    1. Added a setting to display the date from 0 to 24 hours instead of AM, PM.

    [version 0b48 Rev.1 / 2010/10/21]
    1. Cut as many characters as possible. It is further abbreviated in portrait mode.
    2. Fixed drive display not being spread in portrait mode.

    [version 0b48 / 2010/10/12]
    1. Added screenshot save function.
    2. Fixed the position of the bar.

    [version 0b47 Rev.1 / 2010/10/11]
    1. Fixed that the graph width of multi-CPU display was strange and the width was not corrected when resizing. Fixed not aligning right side.
    2. Changed not to try to start multiple times when HwMonTray.exe is already started.

    [version 0b47 / 2010/10/10]
    1. Further speed up fill function for DIB drawing. Added a more concise dot function for dot characters.
    2. Changed the graph background to be semi-transparent when a background image is specified in DIB drawing mode.
    3. Fixed the problem that WinRing0's all core temperature display was displayed horizontally in portrait mode and the screen flickered.
    4. Fixed a bug that the display of the property screen collapses when DIB drawing mode is turned on when non-DIB drawing mode is started.

    [version 0b46 / 2010/10/04]
    1. Adopted PatBlt for drawing as much as possible. Added DIB drawing mode.
    2. Fixed misalignment of bar height when using m BMP.
    3. Fixed the problem that dot fonts cannot create fonts with more than 15 dots.

    [version 0b45 / 2010/09/30]
    1. Change m5x7 to m BMP for multi size. Changed so that the target can be selected from BMP in the dotfont folder.

    [version 0b44 Rev.1 / 2010/09/29]
    1. Fixed a bug that the internal function subStr may fail to get memory because null was not specified as the initial value.

    [version 0b44 / 2010/09/24]
    1. Added dot_font_m(5x7) mode to dot character display. The baseline BMP is editable.
    2. Added HDD SMART Target Reacquisition to the right-click menu.
    3. Built-in HDD Changed to automatically initialize without restarting after switching USB settings in temperature acquisition.

    [version 0b43 / 2010/09/15]
    1. Fixed HDD temperature not picking up all HDD temperature in hwm mode.
    2. Built-in HDD Changed to try to get temperature even if GET_VERSION and Enable SMART are not successful.
    3. Built-in HDD Changed to display the drive letter when displaying the temperature list.
    4. Built-in HDD Added a setting to acquire some USB-connected HDDs in temperature acquisition. (requires thilmera reboot after checking)
    5. In disk IO, added a mode that adopts a high number compared to reading and writing including cache reading (default)
    6. Restore cpu_info of report only for CPUID part.
    7. Fixed a bug that crashes illegally when a variable name exceeding 40 characters is given in the ini file.

    [version 0b42 Rev.1 / 2010/09/04]
    1. Changed to ignore when Loopback is included in the network adapter name.
    2. Changed not to get information other than 0 in temperature acquisition.

    [version 0b42 / 2010/08/22]
    1. Changed not to use IPHLPAPI to get network adapter name.

    [version 0b41 Rev.4 / 2010/08/20]
    1. Changed all ATI core displays to detect valid IDs every time they are updated periodically.
    2. Changed ATI's utilization rate display to every frame instead of regular update.
    3. Changed to enable all core display setting in NVIDIA.

    [version 0b41 Rev.3 / 2010/08/17]
    1. Changed not to display the same ID more than once in all core display of ATI.

    [version 0b41 Rev.2 / 2010/08/13]
    1. Changed ATI's all cores display so that it doesn't show what it can't get.

    [version 0b41 Rev.1 / 2010/08/09]
    1. Added CPUTIN to get CPU temperature.
    2. HDD Added setting to get temperature from HWMonitor.

    [version 0b41 / 2010/07/16]
    1. It corresponds to the GPU operating rate display of NVIDIA system again. (Thanks to gpu-z author W1zzard for answering the NDA question.)

    [version 0b40 Rev.2 / 2010/07/02]
    1. Fixed memory-related bars shifting when using large numbers.

    [version 0b40 Rev.1 / 2010/06/29]
    1. Added "temp_auxtin_disable" value in the config ini file for environments where AUXTIN values ​​are erratic.
      1. By rewriting this to on, the AUXTIN value will be ignored.

    [version 0b40 / 2010/06/17]
    1. Added a mode that displays only numeric characters in font characters in the dot character display mode.
    2. Added a setting to make the mouse operation transparent to the windows below in semi-transparent display. Specify 100% if you want only transparency and do not want it to be translucent.

    [version 0b39 / 2010/06/16]
    × Supports NVIDIA system GPU operating rate display. ■Returning for confirmation■
    1. Fixed that the back light of disk and network was only on the first line in portrait display.

    [version 0b38 / 2010/06/11]
    1. Added a setting to use non-PDH CPU acquisition even when PDH is used.
    2. Changed so that multi-cores in portrait display are arranged vertically instead of horizontally.
    3. Changed to delete the performance counter invalid registry at startup.
    4. Fixed a bug that non-PDH CPU acquisition did not work on 64bit OS.
    5. Fixed a bug that abnormal termination occurs when PDH use is set to off while displaying process top 5.

    [version 0b37 Rev.2 / 2010/06/10]
    1. Added a setting to always reset to the top every time to solve the problem that the frontmost window overlaps thilmera.

    [version 0b37 Rev.1 / 2010/06/02]
    1. Just in case, changed to perform exception handling by inserting __try ~ __except in relation to strlen.

    [version 0b37 / 2010/06/02]
    1. Fixed an abnormal termination caused by strlen.

    [version 0b36 / 2010/05/30]
    1. Added portrait style display mode.

    [version 0b35 Rev.1 / 2010/05/25]
    1. If the dot character display is on when you change the font settings, change so that the selection dialog whether to set it to off appears.

    [version 0b35 / 2010/05/21]
    1. Added a function to notify with an alarm sound, reverse flashing, and balloon when the temperature of CPU, HDD, GPU, and mother reaches each specified value.

    [version 0b34 Rev.4 / 2010/05/05]
    1. If the motherboard is managed by a thermal diode and the standard temperature cannot be obtained, use the DIODE value or the THRM value, whichever is higher, as the CPU temperature.
      1. Changed to adopt AMBIENT or THRM value as mother value.

    [version 0b34 Rev.3 / 2010/05/04]
    1. Fixed a bug that crashes when the window size is too small.
    2. Changed to adopt the THRM value instead when the temperature control is ACPI control and the core temperature cannot be obtained.

    [version 0b34 Rev.2 / 2010/04/30]
    1. Changed process 5 percentage acquisition to 3 times finer.
    2. Changed to wait until the task tray icon is successfully created due to the problem that the task tray icon is not created because the task schedule starts too early.

    [version 0b34 Rev.1 / 2010/04/08]
    1. Fixed a bug in process 5 that newly added processes were not recognized after the first acquisition.

    [version 0b34 / 2010/04/03]
    1. Added a function to display the top 5 processes by CPU usage. (updated once every 50 frames)
    2. Added "Winamp" to movie player hidden settings.

    [version 0b33 Rev.3 / 2010/03/30]
    1. Added movie player hidden setting. For "WMP Skin", "WMPlayer", "GomPlayer".

    [version 0b33 Rev.2 / 2010/03/29]
    1. Fixed a bug that crashes when trying to display a drive with a capacity of 1G or less in the drive display.
    2. Fixed the old version information displayed in properties.

    [version 0b33 Rev.1 / 2010/03/25]
    1. Fixed the cause of abnormal crash when turning on the drive display after starting with local etc. turned off.

    [version 0b33 / 10/03/22]
    1. Added a function to display motherboard temperature and fan speed using HwMonTray.
    2. Fixed a bug that the display remains as it is even if the CPU temperature display is turned off at non-WinRing0.

    [version 0b32 / 2010/03/21]
    1. Switch to CPU temperature display using HwMonTray. WinRing0 not supported.
    2. Fixed so that the width of the top edge can be changed by increasing the side margin.

    [version 0b31 Rev.2 / 2010/03/19]
    1. Fixed a bug that the fan rotation speed was not displayed correctly on ATI systems.
    2. Added local/remote display settings and update cycle setting to 10 minutes (72000frames) for drive display. 1 second (20frame) update if low speed setting is not used.

    [version 0b31 Rev.1 / 2010/03/12]
    1. Changed the function to get the network adapter name on XP or later, and dealt with the problem that it may not be able to get it when double-byte characters are mixed.
    2. Changed so that the fan rotation speed comes out in the ATI system.

    [version 0b31 / 2010/02/18]
    1. Eliminates what was thought to be PDH lag. Fixed so that the display will not be jerky even if a large CPU usage rate fluctuation occurs. Removed unnecessary PDH-specific threads.
    2. thilmera Fixed a bug that the process and thread priority selection buttons were stuck.
    3. Fixed a bug that the calendar display was not displayed when the end of the month was other than the 31st.
    4. Corrected so that characters do not overlap even if 4-core multi-CPU is displayed with default width. (Theoretical 8 cores such as i7 have to be corrected)

    [version 0b30 Rev.1 / 2010/02/12]
    1. On Windows 7, when network IO is turned on, the problem that the CPU usage rate rises significantly, added a lightening setting to update once every 5 frames.

    [version 0b30 / 2010/02/11]
    1. Added time adjustment function by SNTP.

    [version 0b29 / 2010/02/07 / version 0.14.2100]
    1. Supports display of GPU operating rate and clock on ATI Radeon HD chips.
    2. Changed to be able to save and change color themes freely.
    3. A machine-translated English version is enclosed. An English version is enclosed in the machine translation.
    4. HDD Fixed a bug where thermal shutdown did not work properly.

    [version 0b28 Rev.5 / 2010/01/22 / version 0.14.0850]
    1. Added calendar view. If you continue with the ini file, you can assign it to the K key by restoring the keymap to default.

    [version 0b28 Rev.4 / 2010/01/21 / version 0.14.0800]
    1. Added a mode that does not display the frame by making the background color transparent.
    2. Since most people are using the CPU temperature display, I changed to distribute WinRing0 in an unfolded state.

    [version 0b28 Rev.3 / 2010/01/21 / version 0.14.0650]
    1. Added a mode to display the temperature of all cores in the CPU temperature display.
    △ Intel Corrected the temperature upper limit of 8000 ~ of some Xeon and Quad by 5 degrees.

    [version 0b28 Rev.2 / 2010/01/21 / version 0.14.0570]
    1. Fixed a bug that the network transfer rate could not be obtained with the network card whose name contains the characters # * \.
    2. Corrected 12:00 noon from 12 AM to 00 PM.

    [version 0b28 Rev.1 / 2010/01/20 / version 0.14.0500]
    1. Fixed the problem that the process remains even if it is terminated in VISTA, and it may not be able to start again unless it is forcibly deleted. (Change the method of termination)
    2. Fixed a bug that the display becomes strange when using transparent and translucent background colors at the same time.
    3. Changed not to require a restart to make the background color transparent. Changed so that the background of properties etc. is not transparent.

    [version 0b28 / 2010/01/18 / version 0.14.0100]
    1. Added setting to make background color 1 transparent. Reboot required to adapt. thilmera auto reboot selectable.
    2. Changed to be able to specify and display the background image from BMP in the wallpaper folder.
    3. Added a setting to use multiple colors in the background bar and a colorful bar.
    4. Changed to display only those whose capacity can be acquired in the list display of theoretical drives.
    5. Changed to display the capacity of the network drive. (However, it is necessary to open once with Explorer etc. and establish a connection)
      The acquisition of all drive lists is updated once every 20 frames, and the contents are updated once per frame.
    6. Changed so that various numerical values ​​can be displayed in k (1,024 units), M (1,048,576 units), and G (1,073,741,824 units). 1 unit can be selected for net IO.
    7. AMD TurionX2 TL-60 tyler(0x60F8*)+Fixed not to correct 21 degrees.
    8. Changed to get the Multiplier of some CPUs of Intel and recalculate the number of clocks in the CPU clock.
    △ Intel Corrected the upper temperature limit of Atom. Intel Core Duo E4400, E4500, E4600 corrected by 15 degrees.

    [version 0b27 Rev.3 / 2009/12/13 / version 0.13.1300]
    1. Changed to read SMART on 4 maps and read the first hit drive map when IDEDeviceMap is 0 in HDD temperature acquisition.
    2. Added an item to display the system uptime.

    [version 0b27 Rev.2 / 2009/12/08 / version 0.13.1200]
    1. Fixed a bug that when resizing the window, if the display position was in the upper left, it would not expand to a certain width.
    2. Changed to be able to resize by dragging the left edge of window resize.

    [version 0b27 Rev.1 / 2009/11/17 / version 0.13.1002]
    1. The virtual memory of the display item was excluded from the display item because the content was different from the original intention and it was meaningless to display.

    [version 0b27 / 2009/11/01 / version 0.13.1000]
    1. Modified so that temperature acquisition works on 64bit OS with NVIDIA graphics board.

    [version 0b26 Rev.3 / 2009/10/21 / version 0.13.0612]
    1. Changed the scale to 0.002 to 0.02 because the number could not be obtained when the frame was set to 0.001 seconds with the default setting of PDH threads turned on.
    2. Added a button to read the configuration file in the property window.

    [version 0b26 Rev.2 / 2009/10/19 / version 0.13.0611]
    1. Added a setting "sub-lock" as a countermeasure for the case where the display position shifts when another monitor becomes full screen on the sub-display.

    [version 0b26 Rev.1 / 2009/10/16 / version 0.13.0535]
    1. Fixed a bug that only the last core can be obtained when multi-core temperature is obtained with XP etc. in cpu_info of the report. (main window has been addressed in 0b26)

    [version 0b26 / 2009/10/14 / version 0.13.0530]
    1. Fixed the problem that HDD temperature acquisition (SMART) did not work on Vista64bit and Win7 (64bit). At the same time, eliminate the cause of CPU full in Win7 (64bit).
    2. Added test button for HDD system forced shutdown.
    3. Added a function to display all the SMART information of the HDD in the report window. However, since the specifications are not well known, it is impractical to display the actual value.
    4. Change HDD default to single line display. Added list display checkbox.
    5. Changed to monitor the temperature and control the power without displaying when the power is turned off even if the HDD is not displayed when shutting down the HDD.
    6. Added a function to display the clock speed of the CPU in real time.
    7. GPU temperature display supports ATI graphic boards.
    8. Multi-display support for position correction and position fit. Changed the position correction to the whole, and changed the position fit to fit each monitor. (2k or 98 or later)
    9. Added a function to temporarily hide the window on mouseover.
    10. Fixed a bug that only the temperature of the last core can be obtained with the multi-core made by Intel.
    11. Changed to display the total number of IO of all valid adapters by acquiring up to 100 network IO adapters.
    12. In the disk IO and network IO graphs, the 2 layers of READ are changed to the focus color, and the usage frequency is changed to the transfer speed graph (variable).
    13. Changed to return to the screen if the window appears outside the screen when position correction is turned on.
    14. Changed the power OFF temperature setting of HDD to 40 degrees.
    15. In the initial settings, turn off cpu multi and change the initial width from 480 to 168.
    16. Changed to indicate that the number of dots is specified instead of point, because the font specification was the number of dots and not the point.
    17. The process priority of the main unit can be set and saved. Changed default from NORMAL to HIGH. Adapted thread priority to WinMain as well.
    18. Added an item to display the remaining power of the system.
    19. Moved PDH information collection to a low-priority thread, and added a setting to display the previous result if collection is too late.
    20. Fixed a bug that thilmera does not release normally when saving settings and using WinRing0 when the power is off.
    21. Fixed a bug that the task tray icon does not return when Explorer is restarted.
    22. Fixed a bug that the screen width of the primary display is not exceeded when the window width is changed on the sub display with the position correction turned off.
    23. When changing the window width, dragging beyond the left side of the window caused an illegal drop. Changed to cancel the correction if the specified window width is negative.
    24. Fixed a bug that the toolbar standard menu may appear frequently by right-clicking the task tray icon.
    25. Changed the size of the properties window to modify the display contents.
    26. Confirmed normal operation with Windows7RC. Changed name from thilmera pro to thilmera 7. The setting is inherited by renaming the ini file name to thilmera7.ini.

    [version 0b25 / build:25 / 2009/08/05 / base 0.11.2000 / pro 0.05.2400]
    1. Added a function to forcibly shut down the system when the HDD temperature exceeds a certain level.
    2. (pro) Changed the usage frequency graph of Disk i/o byte/sec and Network i/o byte/sec to be divided into upper and lower parts. Also fixed an issue where the average display was still incorrect.

    [version 0b24 / build:24 / 2009/08/04 / base 0.11.0600 / pro 0.05.2000]
    1. Fixed the problem that the contents of HDD temperature and operating time were not updated.
    2. (pro) Fixed the problem that the second item (READ) was not displayed correctly in the usage frequency graph of Disk i/o byte/sec and Network i/o byte/sec.

    [version 0b23 / build:23 / 2009/07/31 / base 0.11.0000 / pro 0.05.1800]
    1. Added display function of HDD temperature, operating time and model name using S.M.A.R.T.
    2. (pro) Added usage frequency graph display to Disk i/o byte/sec and Network i/o byte/sec. It is only the frequency of use and not a gauge of the amount of transfer.
    3. Changed so that the display switching of smart and gpu of new functions, and disk and net of pro setting can be assigned to keys.
    4. Fixed disappearing transparency config button in build19.

    [version 0b22 / build:22 / 2009/07/29 / base 0.10.4060 / pro 0.05.1200]
    1. (pro) Fixed a bug that Deinitialize of WinRing0 was not called correctly when exiting.
    2. (pro) Fixed TjMax value to 105 for some quads such as Intel in CPU temperature.
    3. (pro) Changed WinRing0 library load status so that 0 is displayed on the left when loaded normally.
    4. (pro) Added action to display CPU info in report window. (using WinRing0)
    5. Added item to display GPU temperature only when using NVIDIA graphics board.
    6. Since the processing is uselessly heavy, the acquisition of CPU temperature and GPU temperature is changed to once every 20 frames (once per second by default).

    [version 0b21 / build:21 / 2009/07/24 / base 0.10.4052 / pro 0.05.1000]
    1. (pro) Added CPU temperature display function for Intel and AMD with DTS using WinRing0.

    [version 0b20 / build:20 / 2009/07/22 / base 0.10.4051 / pro 0.05.0053]
    1. Fixed the possibility that the new API was written in the form of statically calling the 2G memory in build17, and it might not start on the 9x OS.

    [version 0b19 / build:19 / 2009/07/13,2009/07/20 / base 0.10.4050 / pro 0.05.0050]
    1. (pro) Changed to output disk read/write in bytes/sec and display the average of 50 samples.
    2. Changed IP communication display, which had no real meaning, to be displayed in bytes/second and to average 50 samples.
      Works on Windows 2000 or higher (version 5.0 or higher).
    3. Added position fit. When turned ON, it fits when approaching the edge of the screen excluding the taskbar.
    4. Changed so that when right-click minimization is turned off, a menu will appear instead of closing the program.
    5. Fixed a bug that the setting does not remain in the ini file when the OS is shut down without terminating the application.
    6. Fixed that the display of property position correction and width change was reversed.
    7. Fixed that the disk read/write bar display was reversed. (b)
    8. Corrected the bug in the problem that the calculation becomes strange on 8 cores in CPU Usage at non-PDH. (c)

    [version 0b18 / build:18 / 2009/07/12 / base 0.10.4010 / pro 0.05.0031]
    1. Fixed an issue where memory information such as physical memory could not be displayed correctly when it was 2GB or more.
    2. Works on Windows 2000 or higher (version 5.0 or higher).

    [version 0b17 / build:17 / 2006/01/01 / base 0.10.4000 / pro 0.05.0030]
    1. (2003 version rebuild)
    2. Cwnd, cgrp, cg3c Minor fixes.
    3. Slightly changed the graphic of the icon graph in the task tray. Changed to update only when there is a change in the content.
    4. Changed to display the percentage of memory and CPU when the cursor overlaps the task tray icon.
    5. Organize the color table. Added color settings for links in text.
    6. (property) Improved color settings interface.
    7. Fixed the problem that the font different from the specified one may be displayed for a moment when the main window is displayed.
    8. Fixed a bug that the display of the CPU graph becomes strange when the width of the main window is changed.
    9. (property) Fixed a bug that red and blue numbers were displayed in reverse in RGB display.
    10. Changed to display NUM and CAPS lock status in the date display line.
    11. Change the setting at initial startup to dot character display, CPU graph to 2 layers, etc.

    [version 0b16 / 2002/07/12 / base 0.10.3000 / pro 0.05.0020]
    1. (property)(exe)(report) Rework internal processing. Select, slider, etc. changed to cg3.
    2. As with cg3text introduced earlier, these perform input judgment for each frame,
      It is a type that draws only when there is a change in the display content, and since the update cycle is kept constant,
      The CPU load is reduced compared to the old type where a check is entered each time the cursor moves.
    3. (property) Change key setting interface to cg3text.
    4. (focmes) Correspond to cg3 messages by changing the font and arranging the structure.
    5. Fixed a bug that changes were not applied to the text color of the main window in the color setting.

    [version 0b15 / 2002/07/08 / base 0.10.1500 / pro 0.05.0010]
    1. Fixed a bug in the previous version (build:14) that when you select "focmes-window" in the property, the display is disturbed and the mouse operation is not accepted.
    2. Fixed handling when dragging the cursor. Improved the problem that the scroll bar was difficult to operate.
    3. In double activation prevention, when the already activated window is hidden, it returned to send a command to change to visible state.
    4. (cg3text) Added processing to adjust underline.
    5. (report) Changed the part of "select >>" so that the window does not move.
    6. (property) Changed to display only FPS because the FPS unit slider is not very meaningful.
    7. Fixed a bug that some keys do not respond in key judgment.
    8. Fixed a bug that crashes in bar calculation when the width of the main window is extremely small.
    9. Fixed a bug that can not be canceled without selecting the menu that opens from the upper left of the window.
    10. (property/about) Fixed a memory leak bug when redisplaying the window.

    [version 0b14 / 2002/07/02 / base 0.10.0700 / pro 0.05.0000]
    1. Added a setting to make the main window translucent. Valid only for Win2k or later.
    2. Added report display function. For details, refer to "readme.txt / How to operate and set / Report window".
    3. (report) Added enumeration of display modes currently available on the system.
    4. (report) Added a function to list up processes on Win9x. It can be obtained partially in Win2k system, but not in WinNT.
    5. (pro/report) Moved enumeration of system device drivers from real-time display to report display items. No change in key command ID.
    6. The color of the title bar makes it possible to determine whether a window is a target for receiving key input.
    7. The same menu as the task tray icon can be opened by clicking the icon on the upper left of the property window.
    8. (pro/pdh) Added an item to display the number of packets sent and received on the IP network.
    9. (pro/pdh) Added an item to show the number of bytes read and written to the physical disk per second.
    10. (pro/provess view) Added a function to minimize, restore, redraw, bring to the front, etc. for the target window to the execution tool window.
    11. More reliable handle object related releases.
    12. Integrated routines for adjusting the space of strings and converting numbers to characters.
    13. Tidy up font management.
    14. Ported and arranged a part of cg3 of G15CORE(*1). Used in version information, report windows, etc.
    15. Ported str format of G15CORE(*1). Used in version information.
    16. Significantly changed the main loop. Correct handling of dynamic initialization and destruction along with destructuring
    17. (pro) Change the pro version configuration file to " thilmera _pro.ini".
    18. Fixed the problem that drawing using "Pie" of figure is broken on Win9x.
    19. (pro/pdh/cpu) Fixed a bug that the CPU operating rate is not obtained when PDH is used, if the PDH library is turned on and off repeatedly.

    *1: A unique Java applet from the site " sPherTia ". cg3 was created for processing and drawing such as scroll bars, text tidying, and image calculation. The str format is a data format for recording character strings based on Unicode-16LE.

    [version 0b13 / 2002/06/13 / base 0.08.0000 / pro 0.04.4100]
    1. Organize each window processing, color management, etc. Slightly reduced memory usage.
    2. Major renovation of the property window.
    3. Added setting to display title and attribute display. Set as default.
    4. Added side margin setting.
    5. Added a slider to set the update speed in FPS units when F correction is enabled.
    6. Added a setting to select how to display item descriptions. In addition to the conventional status bar display, added pop-up display and separate window display functions.
    7. Show popup by default.
    8. Show version in title bar of properties window.
    9. (cpu graph) Added setting to display numbers and pure values ​​after smooth processing.
    10. (cpu smooth) Default to 10 times average.
    11. (pro) Added buffer size setting in process list. When the buffer runs out, it will be added for each specified size.
    12. Resize each buffer of process view module enumeration and system device driver enumeration based on the size information obtained when it was acquired last time,
      I made it a structure to acquire everything from the next time. Reduced memory usage.
    13. (pro/provess view) Wrap long window names.
    14. Added setting to exclude (pro/process view/foreground) thilmera from target.
    15. Added a function to set the current target as the class name search target when setting this.
    16. (pro/cpu multi) Fixed a bug that it is not displayed when only "cpu multi" is enabled for CPU.
    (readme.txt) Improved and integrated the contents of "readme.txt" for the light version and the pro version.

    [version 0b12 / 2002/06/02 / base 0.06.8000 / pro 0.04.0000]
    1. (pro) Added settings to display the elapsed time of the process, CPU usage rate of two systems, the number of handles, and the number of threads in the process view. (requires PDH)
    2. (pro) The setting of CPU smooth and double average is applied to all CPU operating rates "cpu-user time", "cpu-multi" and "process view-performance".
    3. (pro) Added a setting to display additional graphs in the utilization rate display for each processor.
    4. (pro) Changed to get the process ID only when the window handle is different from the previous one in the process view.
    5. (pro) PSAPI library also switched to explicit linking. It is opened when not using functions that require PSAPI.
    6. (pro) Improved management of all DLLs so that it can be started on Win9x systems. However, in Win9x system, only the functions equivalent to the normal version can be used at present.
    7. The initialization for acquiring the information of the theoretical drive is not performed until the display setting of the theoretical drive is enabled.
    8. Added 25% limit to CPU smooth and 10, 50, 100 times average settings.
    9. Changed the setting item "CPU graph 2 times average" to affect all CPU display. Change the name to "Average CPU results twice".
    10. All CPU graph caches are reserved only when used.
    11. Changed not to respond to the cursor when the item cannot be set in the property or when the original setting is not valid.
    12. Moved the window position correction and window width change settings to the advanced settings page.

    [version 0b11 / 2002/05/28 / base 0.06.4000 / pro 0.03.2000]
    1. (pro) Added a function to display the utilization rate of each processor. (test)
    2. (pro) Added a PDH counter only when it is used, and released it when it is no longer needed.
    3. (pro) Changed the process list to get the name only from the process handle instead of getting the module of the process.
    4. Reworked all item position calculations. Fixed the problem that the position of the CPU graph etc. is shifted when the font size is changed.
    5. Fixed an issue where the item selection display would persist when the cursor moved out of the window. However, when used on Win95, it remains as before.
    6. Fixed wrong link between cyan and yellow in icon color selection.
    7. Added a setting to display item strings with 3x5 dot characters, with some exceptions.
    8. With this setting, characters are drawn in "Polyline" strokes instead of fonts. Parts other than half-width alphanumeric characters may be used,
      The font setting is applied even if the setting is enabled.
    9. Added a function to calculate and correct the time taken to process one frame in the update speed setting. Set to default.
    10. Even if system resources and DLLs such as Pro version PDH are loaded once, they are released when they are no longer needed.
    11. The usage status of each DLL is displayed on the upper left of the main window.

    [version 0b10 / 2002/05/20 / base 0.06.0000 / pro 0.03.0200]
    1. (pro) Added setting to use PDH library for performance acquisition. Since the PDH library calls many libraries at the same time, instead of implicit linking,
    2. It is made to be loaded only when it is used. However, once the library is loaded, the module will not be released until the program ends.
    3. (pro) Added a setting to display the UserTime of the processor on the CPU graph in the performance acquisition using PDH.
    4. Fixed the problem that transparent specified part becomes gray when icon color 2 is specified other than black in Win9x system.
    5. Added function to display system resources.
    6. Significantly improved property graphics.
    7. Modified to work with Win95, but the display of the theoretical drive is disabled in versions before OSR2. (Pro version continues to be dedicated to NT system)
    8. Unified window management. Changed to use all windows with the same window class.
    9. Switched from searching for the same window name until now to prevent double activation to judgment by mutex.

    [version 0b9 / 2002/04/15 / base 0.05.3000 / pro 0.02.8900]
    1. (pro) Changed the window to specify the class name of the process view.
    2. (pro) Create a window to perform operations such as "Empty WorkingSet ". It can be displayed from F2 or the icon menu.
    3. (pro) Added the ability to change the priority of processes covered by the process view and the ability to terminate them to the Run tool window and commands.
    4. (pro) Add target switching of process view to command.
    5. Fixed a bug that was not applied when the topmost display attribute of the window was changed from the property setting.
    6. Changed to remember the position of the property window.
    7. Enabled to close the window by clicking the upper right of the window such as properties.
    8. All virtual keys can be freely assigned commands.
    9. Added ability to use hotkeys. Like virtual keys, commands can now be assigned.
    10. Added setting of all keys to property.
    11. Added an item to set the color of the icon side.

    [version 0b8 / 2002/04/09 / base 0.04.5000 / pro 0.02.2100]
    1. (pro) Changed to learn the module name only when the process ID of the line is different from the last time in the process list.
    2. (pro) Added the function to hang "Empty WorkingSet " on all processes with F7. You can also send from properties.
    3. A successful process will have an "@" to the right of the memory in the process list for 50 frames.
      Security prevents it from being sent to processes that do not have access privileges.
    4. (pro) In the process view, when the class name was specified, the window was searched every time, but if the target was already found, it will not be searched until the target is invalid.
    5. (pro) In the process view, added the ability to specify the class name, set the frequency of searching again if the target is not found, and display the enumeration of the modules used by the process.
    6. (pro) Changed to display not only the class name of the window but also the title name in the process view. Added display of page fault count.
    7. Added enumeration of valid theoretical drives. In the case of fixed drives, the capacity is displayed in real time. (hidden by default)
    8. Added thread priority settings and settings to change the spacing between items.
    9. Changed so that ON/OFF of displayed items can be set by key input. You can check the assigned key in "key input" of "readme.txt" or property window.
    10. Made it possible to minimize the main window with the space key regardless of the right-click minimize setting.
    11. Changed the format to insert a comma every three digits in physical, virtual, and page numbers.
    12. Added an item to select 4 types of color themes in the color settings. The default width is increased by 16 dots.
    13. Fixed refresh handling when window height is changed.
    14. Fixed a bug that crashes in division when bar remainder calculation is less than the maximum value of the bar.
    15. Fixed color change not changing CPU graph color until reboot.

    [version 0b7 / 2002/04/05 / base 0.03.6800 / pro 0.01.0400]
    1. (pro) test version. The load on the CPU is large because of the functional test.
    2. (pro) Enumeration of all running processes.
    3. (pro) Enumeration of used system device drivers.
    4. (pro) Display process information for foreground window or window with class name "notepad".
    5. (pro) Added the above three settings to the property.
    6. Fixed a bug that when the height of the window is lower than the default, if you attach it to the bottom of the screen and close it, it will move to fit within the screen at the default height when you start it.
    7. Also greatly improved the properties window. Setting items are displayed on several pages.
    8. Added a setting to turn off the correction function that prevents the window from going out of the screen
    9. Added bar type selection. Added a form that displays a bar on the entire character background and an old line form.
    10. Changed the main screen bar to the same shape as the icon bar (X-Rate Y-Remainder).
    11. Added a function to change the width by dragging the right edge and its setting.
    12. Added color and font settings.
    13. Added day of week to date display.

    [version 0b6 / 0.03.0000 / 2002/03/28]
    1. Added a function to get the CPU operating rate in NT system.
    2. Enabled to display the history of the CPU utilization rate in a graph.
    3. A graph of physical memory and a small CPU utilization rate can be displayed with an icon in the task tray. Screen updates are synchronized with the main window.
    4. The height of the window is automatically changed according to the contents to be displayed.
    5. Significantly changed the display of the property window.
    6. Added setting items for display of CPU graph, variable color of graph, use of icon mini graph. Enabled to set the update speed in the bar.
    7. A smooth processing function for the CPU operating rate has been added, and the calculation method can be selected.
    8. Since it is confusing, change the extension of the setting save file from ".txt" to ".ini".

    [version 0b5 / 0.01.4000 / 2001/03/12]
    1. Adjusted to a complete task tray type.
    2. Fixed various properties.

    [version 0b4 / 0.01.3000 / 2001/03/10]
    1. Classify and unify the basics of windows. The internal processing has been greatly remodeled. Fixed properties window flickering.
    2. Add icon to task tray.
    3. Removed unnecessary leading 0. Fixed various properties.

    [version 0b3 / 0.01.2000 / 2001/03/08]
    1. Added CPU operating rate display (Win95/98 only)
    2. Added an option to minimize without quitting when right-clicking.
    3. Eliminate memory load setting because it is confusing.
    4. You can now open properties from the system menu. Change the property to open in a child window.
    5. Changed the time display to MM/DD Hour:Minute.Second.
    6. Fixed the numerical value to 8 digits and the percentage to 3 digits.

    [version 0b2 / 0.01.1000 / 2001/03/07]
    1. Made it possible to trace even if the mouse moves out of the window when moving the window by dragging the mouse.
    2. Prevented the window from going out of the screen due to movement or setting mistake.
    3. You can switch the window's topmost display attribute by double-clicking on the left.
    4. Fixed that the font size and color were not applied when importing the setting file of F5.
    5. Added a parameter bar to the status display.
    6. If the window is the frontmost display, T is displayed in the upper left.
    7. Create property. It is possible to set display, non-display, and increase/decrease of update speed.

    [version 0b1 / 0.01.0000 / 2001/02/24]
    1. Created to remember C++for the time being. Ignore practicality for now.

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