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Save screenshot

 The screenshot save function of thilmera does not capture the screen, but directly extracts data equivalent to a bitmap from the bottom part of the screen where it is drawn and writes it to a file.

 Therefore, the CPU load is extremely low, making it suitable for acquiring images during high processing times, such as saving images during games.
 In particular, there are no problems such as a wait cursor appearing on the screenshot.

 It can also be used from the task tray menu, etc., but if you enable "Screenshot save (PrintScreen) key ON", the Print Screen key will be used as a hotkey to copy to a file.
 At this time, the image is not copied to the clipboard, which the original Print Screen does.

 If you are having trouble copying images to the clipboard, or if you want to save using any key, you can add a screenshot function to any key using hotkeys in the settings.
 If you are using hotkeys, there is no problem in using the standard screenshot save key even if it is turned off.

 CTRL + Print Screen key takes a screenshot in rectangular selection mode.
 Rectangular selection mode allows you to cut, fill in black, frame with red, trim, etc., and copy the contents to the clipboard or save it to a file. You can upload it to the server and share it.

 Functions such as JPEG quality specification of screenshots, PNG saving, and copying to the clipboard had some restrictions in versions before 0b180, but all functions can be used in 0b180 Rev12 and later.
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