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 F3 key or task tray icon, right click on window>Open as report.

 This window uses the function to list data with a large amount of information.
 Content can be static or dynamic, and static content will not update unless you run it again.

 Display items can be executed by clicking "Menu →" at the top right of the report window and selecting an item from the menu that opens.

 You must be running with administrator privileges to copy what is done in the report window to the clipboard.

 Enumerates top-level windows (not including child windows) that are open on the OS.

 Enumerates information about processes running on the OS.

 Lists information about services running on the OS.

 Lists information on resolutions that can be used by the OS.

 Displays detailed drive information.

 Lists information about drivers used by the OS.

 Executes memory purge (memory release) and displays the results.

 Displays information such as OS version and serial number.

 Displays detailed CPU information, temperature comparison with thilmera thermal network, and experience value information.

 Displays information available on the motherboard.

 A report that enumerates and updates all open IPs and ports of TCP and UDP (including IPv6) on a PC in real time for each process.

 A report that lists and updates more detailed process information on your PC.
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