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 In WindowsXP, create a shortcut to any executable file in the program>startup folder.

 If you want to run it with non-admin privileges on Windows Vista or later, please add "not_admin" to the shortcut argument. (0b154 onwards)

 If you want to run it with administrator privileges on Windows Vista or later, you can do it automatically by using the "UAC Startup Service."
 Settings>Automatic startup service>UAC Startup service registration Click to register the startup service.

 If you manually update the version with this feature turned on, be sure to click Stop UAC startup service to interrupt the service, close thilmera, and overwrite it.
 Manual updates are not recommended if you are using the service feature.
 If you are concerned about security, please use automatic updates unless you are in an environment where you cannot connect to a network.

 If you have registered a startup service, you will need to delete the registration when uninstalling.
 Please refer to the uninstallation page for details.

Temporarily disabled (0b178 Rev.4 - MS Store version)

 In 0b178 Rev.4, this service registration feature is temporarily disabled in the MS Store version (Release Channel 3).
 This is planned to be migrated to Task Scheduler and will be supported next time.

Task scheduler expression

(This new specification is currently being tested)
The task scheduler method allows for more flexible handling than the old service registration.
In the past, even if you exited a program's GUI, the same program remained running as a service, making it difficult to move or overwrite the program.
In the new method, the boot source is the system, so everything will be terminated when the program is terminated.

Not compatible with non-admin privileges

It will not run as a user without administrator privileges.
If you have non-administrator privileges, please use the not admin shortcut on startup.

Notes on multi-user

When using multiple users, if you switch to a second or subsequent user while the first program is still running, an error will occur.
These problems will be displayed in the task scheduler as shown below.
An operator or administrator denied your request. (0x800710E0)

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