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Automatic update

 Starting with version 0b85, a unique update feature is introduced.
 When executed, thilmera downloads its own updater from the server and, if the digital signature is correct, exits and runs the updater.
 Updaters provide updates or user interfaces according to their respective modes.
 The unique updater checks whether the signature of all executable files is correct and has a mechanism to delete and stop if the signature is invalid.

 Checking for updates is performed when thilmera starts up and after 24 hours.

 When the update is finished, the thilmera that was in use will be automatically restarted.

 Update logs are output to the "thilmera7.log.update.txt" file.

 If you are unable to update for some reason, please download the updater from below, place it in the same folder, and run it.

 https, exe https, zip http, exe http, zip

Microsoft Store edition

 Updates to version Microsoft Store are dependent on Microsoft Store by policy.
  thilmera will not be updated internally, but version checking will occur as usual.

0b178 Update after Rev.4

 From 0b178 Rev.4 onwards, the default settings have been changed so that updates will not be performed automatically at startup.
 The update process at startup will transition to a confirmation form, where you must select "Yes".
 You can choose to skip this confirmation using the confirmation form or settings>Other. (Excluding the MS Store version as it is not relevant)
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