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Setting file

 A text format configuration data file called " thilmera7.ini " is automatically generated and saved in the folder containing thilmera .
 Also, among the configuration data, data that should not be easily read (passwords, API keys, etc.) is stored in " thilmera7key.ini " in a proprietary format. (This is not a guarantee of confidentiality)
 The contents of the UAC launcher are saved in " thilmera7uac.ini " in a proprietary format. (This is not a guarantee of confidentiality)

 Each configuration file is saved in two generations, ini.bak and ini.bak2, rotated, and also copied to the ini_history folder as a history.
 These are backups in case the contents of the original configuration file are lost due to a system failure or hardware failure, or if the contents are in an unintended state. will be restored.
 Therefore, if you want to return to the initial state, the original settings will be restored unless you delete all .ini .ini.bak .ini.bak2.

 The number of days to save the history in the ini_history folder can be specified from "Others" in the settings, and can be used for manual rollback.

 The format of the configuration file is basically "option_name = data;", on/off is either on or off, numerical values ​​are enclosed in half-width alphanumeric values, and characters are enclosed in double quotes.
 Spaces and line feed codes other than those enclosed in double quotes are ignored, and default settings are applied to all items that are not specified.
 If you want to return only some of the settings to the defaults, just delete the relevant settings and the settings will become the defaults. Of course, if you delete the ini file itself, everything will return to default.

 During startup, you can import the settings file by pressing the F5 key, but currently it is assumed that you will be operating in the properties window, so I recommend using the load property settings button.
 Also, if you change the ini file while thilmera is running and take the step of terminating thilmera, the data that was running at the time of termination will be overwritten, so if you want to change it, do it while thilmera is stopped. Or, after changing it, load the property>settings.
 When starting the program for the first time or newly added items, it will not be added to the ini until you press "Save Settings" in the properties or close it once, so please do either of these before opening it.

Configuration file format

 There are six types of elements.

 On or off / On/off switch
 Integer / Set with half-width numbers
 Real number / Set with half-width numbers and decimal point dot
 "String" / String enclosed in double quotes
 "Number" / A number enclosed in double quotes that represents a large number.
 Keymap / Contents are described in bytes. Change not recommended.

 The contents of the ini file can basically be set on the property screen, but there are some ini files that can be set directly. (not recommended)

 Status_cpu_clock_fix / 1.0 = If you are using 1x and the real-time clock value deviates when overclocking, etc., you can adjust it by specifying 1.125 = (1.125x = 12.5% ​​increase).

thilmera7key.ini cannot be copied to another environment

 " thilmera7key.ini " is basically initialized when copied to another PC environment.
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