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Developer & Signature: Gakuto Matsumura
Contact us:
What is thilmera ?
A system monitor that displays PC performance and status information in real time. Displays various information such as CPU, GPU, disk, memory, network and sound usage, operating rate, temperature, and process rankings. 「What is causing the current load and latency?」 「Is the bottleneck the CPU, GPU, or drive?」 「Where is the hottest area?」 Through 23 years of unique evolution, I offer a variety of functions and customizability that do not fit into a single genre. The audio visualizer "Sound Analyzer" can visualize all sounds on your PC in real time. You can also use the performance function 「stage1」 which can also be used for real-time streaming videos. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as enjoying watching the movement as a desktop accessory, or as a resident monitor to reduce the load and monitor the system 24 hours a day. The customizability is based on the developer's hobbies and the requests of users over the years, and if there are 1,000 users, the game will be able to be used in 1,000 different ways.
Since there are countless branches due to settings and hardware, it is impossible for a single developer to check all conditions. Please actively report and discuss any bugs, missing features, or requests. Even if you encounter an obvious bug, in most cases it is a problem that cannot be reproduced due to unmaintained functions or different environments and settings. Official forumAndDiscordThe developer always responds directly to all reports, but the content written elsewhere will not be communicated. Also, even if you unilaterally report that there is a problem, there are many cases in which the developer will not be able to reproduce the problem, so I would appreciate it if you would check the response and participate in the test.
Product independence
Development and management are carried out solely by the same individual throughout the entire period and are not influenced by any organization. Since I am developing it for personal use as a hobby and not for commercial purposes, there is no privacy collection or bundled software, so you can use it with confidence. All data that may be transmitted to the network and the conditions under which it occurs are fully described in the Privacy Policy.
Project cash flow
Project cash flowAs of now, this product is not aiming to become profitable quickly, and even if I count the developer's labor as unpaid, it has never been able to cover its expenses. This situation has been going on for 23 years, so I think it is unlikely that it will suddenly be replaced by a program that has no sincerity. Anyone can view the project's specific balance sheet by obtaining viewing privileges on the membership page. Although i am considering adding paid services, I currently have no plans to make existing features paid.
What functions does it have?
  • In addition to checking the current load status and health status, you can find out in real time what bottlenecks are causing the system load.
  • You can see at a glance which CPU, GPU, or disk is insufficient for your application.
  • A function that warns or shuts down when the temperature of each hardware exceeds a specified value.
  • Screenshot saving function. You can easily select a rectangle, cut and save the active window, and optionally share it on the web.
  • Manual and automatic memory purge function, and memory breaker function to avoid 100% memory.
  • Real-time report function for each process on the PC.
  • Video memory (VRAM) display.
  • Sound analyzer function that visualizes PC audio. (Real-time audio visualizer)
  • Includes DMTt7, which eliminates the speed bottleneck of DiskMirroringTool, a file mirror tool, and has a completely new UI.
  • Display of weather information. (API key required)
  • Monitor off keep function also effective for DisplayPort monitors.
  • The completely unique UI allows for excellent user customization and can also be enjoyed as a desktop accessory.
  • You can easily move the window and set it to temporarily hide the window by mouseover.
  • Equipped with multiple dedicated high-speed dot fonts. You can also use any Windows font.
  • It has wide compatibility from Windows XP to Windows 11.
  • It supports 39 language notations.
Who is making it?
 thilmera is a purely Japanese software designed, developed, operated, and maintained by the same person.
 Author name is " Gakuto Matsumura:弦生ささと ". The signature is "Gakuto Matsumura".
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We apologize for any update-related issues, but please download the updater from below, extract it to the folder containing thilmera7, and run it.
Official Updater
Issue2023/06/240b178 Rev.5:A package was being updated for several minutes that could not be started properly due to a resource mismatch.
If you are on version 0b178 Rev.5, please update using an updater.
Issue2022/10/270b171~0b175 Rev.2:The loading function of AMD-RAID may cause unstable operation in some environments. Please use 0b176 or later. Severity: Critical
Issue2022/06/160b174:There is a problem where the updater cannot be downloaded correctly. Please run the updater directly.
Issue2021/03/210b166~0b167 Rev.1:When updating the updater, old files are not deleted and replacement fails.
Solution: Delete the file 「 thilmera7.upd.old.exe 」.
Issue2020/12/310b166 Rev.2~0b166 Rev.3:A bug that freezes due to a stop request from a running updater. For more informationHere.
Issue2020/09/06~0b165 Rev.3:Due to a server upgrade, it is not possible to check for version updates or update from older OS (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2008).
Issue2020/08/140b165~0b165 Rev.1:A problem where updates are not executed correctly.
■ Beware of non-genuine packages
 thilmera is released as a zip file and is an official updater.All executable files are digitally signed with the inscription " Gakuto Matsumura ".
 Any other signature or if the signature is not valid. Never run unsigned files (publisher: unknown, etc.).
 In addition,There are no advertisements or bundled software installed in the thilmera distribution.
 If you would like to consider distributing this software,GuidelinesPlease take a look.

 Sites approved for distribution [○]: Vector,Madonomori(Madonomori), Free Software 100 (freesoft100), Softpedia, DIGITAL DIGEST, File Croco, MajorGeeks.Com

 Distribution prohibited site[×]: Softonic

■ Is the display strange?
 Most of the numbers cannot be obtained properly. If the display suddenly becomes strange, please refer to 「Display is strangePlease see 「.
■ Concerned about accessing the internet?
 All network access made by thilmera7 isAbout security and transmitted data」 is stated.
■ Link policy
 The top page and each page are link-free. Excessive access such as copying (uploading reprints), scraping, and bots is prohibited.
■Special Thanks!
 Gucchi@Kuroino(Illustrator/5th generation thil tan)
 OKU!(Illustrator/1st to 3rd generation thil tan)
 Choro(Server management from February 2011 to July 2016)
 Thomas(Illustrator/Illustration contribution of thil tan)
 hiyohiyo(I have been indebted to you for a long time/Crystal Dew World)

■ Official Account
Confirmation: As of 2023/05/09
@thilmera7 (main account)
@thilmera (Forum Notification Bot)
@thilmera7 en (currently unused)

 These accounts may one day suddenly become another third party due to Twitter's dormant account archiving and deletion policy announced in May 2023.
 The item displayed here is in the possession of the developer at the time of confirmation, but Twitter can no longer be relied upon to guarantee identity with the same address.
 I will at least maintain the main account as much as possible, but I feel that there is a risk in using the Twitter account as an official information source in the future, so I am considering whether there is a better idea.

[bluesky] (main account provisional setting)
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