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 If you want to uninstall it, check the steps below.

・Check if there are any shortcuts you created on the desktop or in the Start menu, and if there are, delete them.
・ thilmera or the shortcut folder generated by the updater, if there is " thilmera7 ", delete it.
If you have registered the startup services・ thilmera, select "Properties>Autostart Service>Delete UAC Startup Service".
・ thilmera will terminate if it is running.
・【If installed using msi】Select the msi used for installation or remove thilmera 7 from Add/Remove Programs. (This step is not necessary for versions other than the msi version)
Delete the folder where・ thilmera was extracted.

 It becomes.


 If the startup service registration function is being used and the main unit does not start, or if you want to uninstall without starting.
 Open a command prompt with administrator privileges and run the following command.

 sc stop "thilmera7 service"
  sc delete "thilmera7 service"

 After executing these two lines, please execute the uninstallation procedure again.

 thilmera does not perform any registration on the OS unless you use the service registration function or the old msi installer version.
 Therefore, you can basically delete it from your PC by deleting the extracted folder and shortcut.
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