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DMTt7 [DiskMirroringTool - t7 (thilmera project)]

 This was included in 0b159 of thilmera7, and is an overhauled version of "DiskMirroringTool", a free software created by Mr. MERCURY that originally existed in 2001-2002.

 This software is a very easy-to-understand file-by-file mirroring tool that bundles multiple mirroring locations and settings into several profiles, and I have been one of its users for a long time.
Updates have been stopped after , and links to broken sources are published on the stopped site, and derivative software such as DiskMirroringTool UNICODE (DMTU) exists.

 However, I also tried using DMTU, which has a sentence that seems to be officially approved by this original DMT, but it recommends using an ini file from the registry, but using an ini file is fatal. The fundamental problem of slow operation had not been resolved.
 Also, the biggest drawback of the original DMT is that how to use the UI depends on the OS, so even if the copy itself is not occurring, it takes a considerable amount of time per item, and you only have to check thousands of files. The problem that it takes a lot of time is that DMTU follows the same specifications.

 In that case, I looked for a lot of good mirroring software other than DMT, but I couldn't find anything that suited me, and I was satisfied with the basic function itself with the original DMT.
 So, since I mainly use it personally and for work, I decided to tune it myself. So I pulled up the source material from an internet archive and started playing around with it personally, which is how I started making it.

 Well, the main focus of both was to fundamentally solve the heavy ini files that depend on the OS and the slowdown in file-by-file processing that was hindered by the OS-dependent UI, and both were able to produce satisfactory results.
  DMTt7 The ini file can be faster than the registry.
 We have also completely resolved the issue where the log gets slower as the log gets longer, which is also caused by the OS UI.

Differences from the original DMT

 Although there are many similarities with DMTU, the major differences from the original DMT are as follows. (The big difference with DMTU is■ Other than that●)

 ■ 32bit/64bit native.
 ■ Changed so that all drawing is controlled by itself. (Eliminating the bottleneck of the essential mirroring operation)
 ■ Switched the handling of ini files from OS-dependent to completely unique logic, making it faster than when using the registry.
 ■ Changed to copy all unselected projects when changing registry and ini files.

 ●Completely UNICODE. (Supports non-Japanese characters, etc., and supports long paths)
 ●Supports long names (260 characters > 32767) for both local and network drives (probably)
 ●Applying VISTA styles
 ●Color-coded tags for each type of processing
 ●Add check total number of bytes and transfer rate/second to results
 ●Change target bytes and total number of bytes to 64 bits
 ●Displays the number of checked items, number of processed items, and total number of bytes to be processed after completion.

 The following is an application of the request in the source archive.

 ●Changed to confirm when interrupted
 ●Fixed a bug where if you specify C*.* as a file processing target, all folders starting with C will be processed.

Migration from the original DMT

 In DMTt7, all settings are saved in a file called DMTt7 .ini, but if this file is missing, settings are restored from the registry of the original DMT.
After , you can restore it at any time by backing up DMTt7 .ini yourself, and you can reproduce the settings portable anywhere by copying DMTt7 .ini.

 The problem with the original and DMTU, which was that the operation became extremely slow due to the use of ini files, was solved by creating all the processing yourself, which is more reliable than using the registry. Because it is fast, DMTt7 only migrates the registry from the original and does not use the registry for anything else.

About copyright and sources

 The name and copyright of Mr. MERCURY, the original DMT author, are listed in this software (DMTt7).
 Copyright belongs to Mr. MERCURY and myself (Gakuto Matsumura:弦生ささと).
 In the original source data, there was no obligation to publish the modified source, especially regarding licenses, so there are many places where the original version is not preserved, and there is a lot of original know-how, so the source data The data will not be made public.
 The original source data (prior to my modifications) will be made available to the public (though if you search for it you will find the archive) if requested.
 Redistribution of DMTt7 is not permitted due to security considerations.
 Also, like thilmera, DMTt7 has a digital signature, so please never run anything that does not have a digital signature or is invalid.

About distribution of DMTt7

 DMTt7 is just a tool attached to thilmera, and there are currently no plans to distribute DMTt7 separately.
 This is also because DMTt7 was also designed to be updated with the update function of thilmera .
  thilmera can call DMTt7 from the main menu, and if it is running when updating thilmera, it is designed to send a stop request and wait for it to be stopped before it is updated.
You are free to move the folders  DMTt7 and use them separately for personal use, but redistribution is not permitted.
Please obtain the binary data including  DMTt7 from each distribution site of thilmera (listed in

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