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Hardware acceleration

 The main window hardware drawing mode, introduced in version 0b171, uses DirectX 11.
 This mode is turned off by default as of 0b171.

 Hardware rendering mode can be used in environments with DirectX 11 or later where a real device or hardware GPU can be used.

 In hardware drawing mode, OS fonts etc. can be displayed very clearly, improving visibility.
 Also, data bars have rounded corners by default, but this can be turned off in the settings.

 Stage 1 windows use hardware acceleration whenever possible, regardless of the main window's hardware drawing settings.

 In 0b171, drawing of dot fonts was particularly expensive, but this problem has been resolved in 0b172.

 In the future, i will basically proceed with development using hardware rendering mode as the standard verification target, but there are cases where hardware acceleration cannot be used, and even if it can be used, it will not necessarily be fast and lightweight. .
 Especially if hardware acceleration is being emulated (computations for the CPU to reproduce), the load will definitely increase.

 Even in the best environment, if the screen size is small, the overhead required for communication between the CPU and GPU may actually make it heavier.
 This is because thilmera's software drawing uses almost no API and is calculated on its own, whereas hardware drawing calls the existing DirectX API, which is an advantage gained by using the GPU. Overhead may outweigh this. That's the reason for the specifications.
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