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Window operation

 The window position can be moved by dragging the center part of the main window with the left mouse button.
 The settings window etc. is the black part at the top.

 Close the settings window by right-clicking, left-clicking the button on the top right, or pressing the ESC key.

 There are various ways to erase the main window, but the most basic method is to press the SPACE key.
 Also, by turning on mouse-over hiding, the mouse will disappear temporarily when it covers the main window.
 By combining translucent windows, layering, and mouse transparency, you can perform operations below while the window is displayed.

 If you set these mouse transparency or mouse over settings, you will only be able to operate them from the main popup menu that appears by right-clicking the task tray icon, so please be careful when setting them.

 The width of the window can be changed by dragging the right or left edge of the main window with the left button while "Change window width" is ON.
 The height of the window is automatically changed, so basically it cannot be changed.

 You can change the setting of the top display by "Bring window to top" or double left-click on the main window. If T is displayed in the attribute display, it is in the topmost display state.
 If you turn on the cursor edge display, when you move the cursor to the edge of the screen when the window is hidden, the cursor will be temporarily displayed.

 To display the settings screen, press the F1 key, right-click the main window, or right-click the task tray icon to open properties.
 When you hover over an item on the settings screen, a brief explanation will be displayed.

 When 「Hide Movie Player」 is turned on, it will be hidden if the first window is equal to or larger than the screen size.
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